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'Life is unfair, Life sucks, Life is the ultimate embarrassment, Life does nothing but cause pain and humiliation, Life should come with a refund policy.' These are the thoughts of Zoë Plummer.

'Fine I can deal, I'm mature, sensible and in control. Oh Screw it!' Zoë shook her head in self-loathing, stamped her foot for emphasis and screwed up her face. A quick look in the mirror and she fell back laughing on the bed she looked like monkey having convulsions. Her head fell back, her shoulders shook. Zoë had to grab her stomach to try and stop the pain, but she couldn't stop laughing.

Hearing the laughter Lulu and Seth poked their heads into the room, as a consequence noticed Zoë looking like she was going to pee her pants. Safe in the knowledge she wouldn't attack they entered her room. Their faces a picture of confusion and intrigue.

Zoë looked at them helplessly and kept laughing, gasping for breath.

"That's it I think she's finally cracked it." Lulu announced to Seth. Nodding solemnly Seth added "Yep, definitely hysterical."

"Guys, I'm, not hys-terical." Zoë puffed out finally stopping her laughter, but couldn't find the strength to sit up. "I'm just releasing some tension, I've built up in the last couple of weeks." Her brother and sister exchanged looks and nodded, Seth obviously the ringleader in the duo, inquired "So does this mean, No more moping around the house making it look untidy?" Zoë' mouth gaped open in irritation, picked up her pillow and attacked "Seth Plummer, you take that back." Punctuating each word with a hit over his head. "Lulu, help get weapons." He yelled trying to dodge Zoë and grab another pillow, lunging he tackled Zoë to the ground and coped a pillow in the back of the head from Lulu. Turning around he mock glared at her "This is WAR!" he declared taking off after her. Squealing Lulu ran towards the door but not before two pillows hit both of them, spinning around Zoë was grinning innocently at them, they charged her, Lulu and Zoë landed on the bed, Seth bounced and landed on the floor. All three burst out laughing and that was how Shane and Peter found them a while later rolling around laughing at each other.

"Is this a private party, or can we join?" Shane asked leaning on the doorjamb with Peter peering around his leg. All three looked up at him from their positions on the bed and floor, Seth was the first to speak "I don't think your training would of prepared you for this."

"Oh yeah, well not a lot you know. I was trained for combat and this looks like a battlefield." Shane added surveying the rumpled bed and pillows thrown in abandon all around the room and the disheveled appearance of the three of them they looked like wounded soldiers.

"Still Lieutenant Wolfe, are you sure you can handle the pressure of the Sethinator?"

Lulu giggled "The Sethinator. That's silly." During this exchange Zoë hadn't said a word, she was sitting upright on the bed knees pulled up to her chest avoiding looking at Shane. After their exchange in the kitchen yesterday she wasn't up to talking to him yet, that's what started this 'War' in the first place. She had to laugh at herself or risk crying.

"Obviously we need to talk." Zoë glanced up at Shane as he spoke she wasn't sure if she wanted to hear what he had to say, but then again she had come down here to talk to him. She just didn't know what she wanted to say or if she actually wanted Shane to talk back. Still watching him Zoë decided he would make a good poker player but then again he was trained to show no expression, no feelings. She wondered if he had feelings but she thought maybe that was a bit harsh. "Okay Lieutenant, What do we need to talk about?" Zoë decided ignorance might be better in this case.

"C'mon Zoë, don't play dumb. Things haven't been right the last two weeks." Shane said. Well avoidance clearly wasn't going to cut it. Nervously twirling her hair around her finger Zoë cleared her throat. "Your right Lieutenant Wolfe, "Things" have been odd."

"Zo, we haven't had a conversation in two weeks, I have an inkling the others might just pick up on that."

"Very observant of you Lieutenant. Lulu and Seth have already picked up on it, I caught Seth spying on me in the library yesterday and he said that they noticed we had both seemed sad lately and that they were on a mission it fix it." Giving a small smile Zoë shook her head "Lieutenant, I'm not sure exactly what is going on here."

Shane looking uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was taking answered with "Nothing, Zoë, Nothing is going on here." Feeling confused by his answer Zoë raised an eyebrow "If nothings going on why do we need to talk, and why do Lulu and Seth think there's something wrong? And you just said we haven't had a conversation in ages." Watching him Zoë noticed emotions cross his face but too fast for her to recognize. "Well Lieutenant?" Zoë couldn't resist pushing just that bit harder, she didn't want to be the only one feeling things she shouldn't, she didn't want to be the only who had missed talking, smiling and laughing. "Lieutenant, this wouldn't have anything to do with sun baking would it?" Zoë probed "when you were 'checking the perimeter'?" Zoë continued.

'Shit' was the only thought in Shane's mind, how was he going to explain this one? How to reply in a satisfying manner for Zoë and not give anything away? 'Holy Shit, Help!' He was starting to sweat this was harder than being under interrogation by rebels. "Zoë I need you to understand that I was only checking the perimeter, I was in no way looking at you sun baking." He croaked out.

"Really, then why when I spotted you 'checking the perimeter' you did an about face and disappeared so I couldn't see you. Then when I came inside you looked through me and we haven't spoken since that day. Please tell me." She pursued.

"Hmm, well I thought you might have been uncomfortable."

"Bull, I was sun baking I doubt I would have been uncomfortable if I was out there in the first place." She rebutted. "Cut the crap Shane, you wanted to talk so talk." Zoë had never been this forceful in her life, it was like she was on a power trip, and she felt like wonder woman.

"Fine, you want the truth Little One. I was looking at you." Shane closed his eyes in dismay 'Did I just say that?' Zoë eyes widen and she didn't say anything for a while an unnerving silence descended on the kitchen.

"Well, you were looking. Um, right so why?"

"It doesn't matter why I was looking, I just was."

"No, it matters why you were looking." Zoë countered leaning forward ready to hear his answer "Because you were nearly naked ok! That's why I was looking you were in the backyard Damn Near Naked!" Shane yelled Zoë gasped and looked closely at Shane he looked troubled. "I was not NAKED!" Zoë shouted back.

"Yes you were! I couldn't help looking you're an attractive girl who wasn't wearing any clothes."

"I was wearing my bikini, and I'm not a girl." Zoë huffed.

"You're a GIRL, a young, immature, irrational girl." Shane roared. Zoë drew in a deep breath, tightened her jaw a murderous look appearing on her face "If I'm all that, Why were you perving on me?"

"I was not perving!"

"It was without my permission it was perving!" She reiterated.

"Fine have it your way!" Shane glared across the kitchen island at her noticing the look of hatred on her face, but also the pain in her eyes. Immediately feeling contrite for saying the things he had and how he said them, Shane moved around the bench and reached for Zoë. Seeing him coming at her Zoë jumped up "You're an asshole! I hope you know that, I can't believe I could think I actually liked you. You're a bastard!" and with that final accusation Zoë fled.

Coming back to reality Zoë realized that they were all staring at her, it seems while lost in her reverie Zoë had began rocking back and forth whimpering. Looking at each of them in turn her gaze locked with Shane and she could see concern, sorrow and regret etched on his face. 'So the Navy SEAL, has feelings.' Zoë thought to herself 'Good maybe he can feel pain, just like me.' Zoë decided she needed to snap out of this stupor. Hopping off her bed, climbing over Seth she announced she was going to have a shower and then she was going out.

"Zoë, where are you going?" Asked Shane. Not looking in his direction she replied

"Out!" and kept walking.

"Where out?" Shane demanded. She turned to look at him from the bathroom door,

"You know what Lieutenant, its none of your business." And slammed the door. Shane just shook his head. "I thought Zoë was happy now." Whispered Lulu to Seth. "Yeah me too." Seth whispered back. Only now it seemed she was worse than before and angry to boot and it was all directed at Shane.

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