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Written in the Stars (if you have a better play on title let me know...)
By Gilmoregirl1979 (the reigning Quote Queen)

Rating: PG-13

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Summary/ The Q: What if LL hooked up when they first met? A bonafied woulda What if things had moved … a touch more quickly…?

Chapter 1:
She Makes An Impression

(Stars Hollow, 1996 ... with an ish)

Sometimes Luke Danes really hated the food service business. The way people eat, how picky certain people were with their "on the side" Sally Albright mentality, not to mention open mouth eaters or poor tippers, or annoying families taking over three tables. Other times he really loved it. Nice people, when Taylor wasn't around. He got to cook, which he was really good at, and most importantly he got to work right were his dad did.

Today was So-So with his affection for "the biz". It was only Lunch, and it was crowded with Ben in the kitchen, and Luke on the front lines to tend to the hungry mob.

"OH MY GOD, I NEED COFFEE!" some one shouted above the noise.

Luke turned in the direction of the young woman who had just entered the diner. She saw him with the Coffee Pot, and she headed straight for him. "You, with the pot, load me up?"

"Are you sure that's wise?" hyped up as she was, who knows what she might do with more of this crap in her system.

"You don't understand, I'm having a bad day, I've had the day of days, this is the worst day ever, this is like Stock market crash bad, the day the music died bad."

"The day is not even over yet," Luke countered.

"Please, don't mess with me," she narrowed her eyes to prove how serious she was.

"Look, there were other people who were in here before you," Luke observed.

"But I'm the one closest to you now?"

"Order up," Ben called.

Luke tried to get away from her but this crazy woman followed, "Where are you going?" loyally following wherever the coffee pot went.

Luke returned the coffee pot to the machine, "I'm serving my customers, who have been waiting a lot longer than you."

Still on his trail, the coffee addict deduced, "But if you had just given me coffee when I asked for it, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I would have already been served, you would have one less customer to worry about, and I wouldn't be following you around like this."

Luke was picking up the plates from the pass through and nearly dropped them when he bummed into her behind the counter. "Customers are not aloud behind the counter," He growled.

"I'm not a customer yet, I haven't gotten my order."

"Get on the other side of my counter and stop following me." Luke set the plates in front of their respective consumers.

"Give me my coffee and I won't have to follow you around."

Luke finally had to tell this person, "You are being annoying."

She only smiled, "Yes, I know, I excel at it," happy that he had noticed.

With his thumb gesturing toward the counter, Luke commanded, "Sit down, shut up, I'll get to you when I get to you."

This young woman narrowed her eyes, "That, my friend, is coming out of your tip." She reluctantly sat at the counter. While Luke handled his other orders and customers, he was purposefully avoiding the annoying young woman.

"Can I be helped now?" she whined, after only five minutes of his avoidance.

"No," as he dropped off a tuna melt to the gentleman next to her.

"How do you make any money like this?" and when Luke walked away, he over heard her ask the gentleman with the tuna melt for a section of his paper. Good, Luke thought, she'll read the damn paper and leave me alone.

Luke went behind the counter again to get some extra napkins for a lady whose kid had made a mess of him self with his ketchup, and suddenly there was a tapping on his arm. Luke looked up to see the young woman asking him "Hey, when's your birthday?"

It was the first time Luke had gotten a real good look at her. Without the desperate frenzy of servitude, he could finally see that she was, for lack of a better word, beautiful. The first thing that struck him was her bright blue eyes and dark curls. Luke realized he should say something and he couldn't stop himself from disclosing "uuhh Nov 6th?"

"Thanks" was all she said, and went back to her paper.

The spell now broken Luke shook his head to be rid of its effects, and went back to his duties. A few minutes later Luke was behind the counter again and the woman got his attention, this time he approached her almost shy, and inwardly cursing his rude behavior toward her before.

"I have something for you" she said with a smile, and she handed him a scrap bit of paper she had torn from the newspaper she had been reading.

The paper was Luke's horoscope for the day, and under Scorpio, the beautiful woman had written "You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away." Luke had to grin at how clever and determined she was for the simple brown sludge he served, merely because it was a common beverage the people wanted. With what little courage he could muster, he began to stare those blue eyes down, determined not to blink, put a mug in front of her and poured out her desired pick-me-up for her bad day. She looked even more beautiful victorious as she sipped her winnings.

DAMN, that is one exceptional cup of coffee. I may have to marry him. Another customer stole his attention, and she noticed the coffee serving baseball cap guy left the horoscope on the counter, so the Coffee Fiend saved the scrap from being discarded. When she finished her coffee fix, she made it a point to hand the scrap to the baseball-capped guy again when she paid. "Hey, you might want to hang on to this, put it your wallet, carry it around," she shrugged her shoulders, "one day it may bring you good luck," and with that the mystery woman was gone.

It already has, Luke couldn't help but smile at the small bit of paper in his fingers, and he did as instructed. Luke tucked the paper into a small pocket of his dad's old leather wallet. Then Luke went into the kitchen, "Hey Ben I'll take over cooking," he longed for the monotonous routine of flipping and frying, something he did automatically so he could focus on her, focus on the scrap burning a hole in his wallet.

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