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Bright Future

On the morning of the wedding, Mia took a break from the preparations to deliver a note to Luke at the diner. After quickly reading its contents, Luke went directly to the Crap Shack, wondering why his presence was requested. Using his key, he opened the door and walked in with a hand over his eyes, as to not see any bridal clothes or the bride before the wedding. Spending so many hours here he now had the lay out memorized and was surprised at how quiet the house was on a busy morning like their wedding.

"Umm hello?" he called into the stillness.

"In here," Rory's voice called back to him.

Luke took the instinctive steps to his new daughter's room, "Rory?"

Rory giggled at him, "Mom's not here, you can take your hand away."

Now feeling somewhat stupid, he did as he was told and saw Rory sitting on her bed in her room, her hair all done up with flowers woven in it and her dress was blue and perfect.

"What's up?" he asked as if it was any other day.


"Yeah?" he sat down beside her.

"I know you really love mom."

"Yes I do," he smiled at her observation. "I hope you know I love you too."

"I know," she nodded, "and, well, the feeling is mutual."

"Okay?" Luke smiled.

"Luke …"

"Yes Rory?"

"Since…technically by law you are my father …do you think…it would be alright if … maybe one day… I called you … dad?" she asked hesitantly, her puppy eyes shining up at him with hope.

"If you want to, that would make me very happy," he could barely get out through his swell of emotions.

Rory hugged Luke around his middle, "You are going to be a great dad, well, you already are."

"Thanks." Smiling, he hugged the girl that was now his adopted daughter and kissed the top of her head, hoping not to disturb any of her flowers.

"I love you, Luke."

"I love you too, Rory."

Rory took a deep breath to hold back happy tears, "Okay, let's get you two crazy kids hitched," with an enormous amount of excitement and she hopped off her bed, to get her bouquet from her desk.

Not that Luke was nervous, but he had to ask, "Umm where is your mom? I thought she'd be getting ready?"

"Oh, I wanted to talk to you so mom used me as misdirection…"

"What?" Luke's stomach dropped, as he feared that Lorelai had changed her mind.

"While you came here, it got you away from the diner long enough to sneak her into Patty's without you seeing her or the dress. Miss Patty's is her prep room since its closer to the square but its right across from you and the diner…and you couldn't see her… so…"

Luke laughed at the attention to detail, "Let's go."


Miss Patty offered her dance studio for Lorelai to use as a dressing/waiting room for the ceremony in the square. Mia and Carly had successfully snuck her in when the signal that Luke was well on his way down the street to the house came in the form of Kirk, running down the street yelling Patty's name, Patty merely rolled her eyes at Kirk's lack of discretion. Mia and Carly were now running about, as the wedding planners, giving attention to all the final details and putting out fires as things arose, so all Lorelai had to worry about was actually getting married.

Lorelai was excited but nervous. It was ridiculous, all she had to do was stand around and look beautiful, and for all of the countless weddings she had run at the Inn, this was probably the least stressful job to have on the big day. Even so, she paced around the small studio in her dress, then fearing it would snag on something she immediately sat down again, but then unable to sit still Lorelai rose and took a turn about the small studio again. She would pick up her bouquet and practice holding it; then when she realized how she was nervously fidgeting with it she would put it down as to not uproot the flowers from their base. She would examine herself in the mirror, looking for flaws, wondering if her constant putting on and taking off the dress had loosened any of her meticulously placed beads on the bodice. She stared at her image wondering if she chose the right veil, if she should have worn her hair down instead of in a bun with loose strands streaming down the sides of her face. She was briefly terrified Luke would hate the dress and not marry her until she got a new one. It's just nerves; calm down… all you have to say is 'I do'… just walk up the aisle and say 'I do'. Well, not during that 'if anyone sees just cause why these two should not be joined…' OH God, what if someone sees just cause…what if Christopher shows up… or Emily shows up and causes a scene? Or Judge Garland takes back the adoption! OH GOD… what if some crazy lady in a moo-moo shows up claiming to be bearing Luke's child

Lorelai was startled when Miss Patty's side door opened and sunlight came streaming in. All Lorelai could see for a moment was a silhouette of a man in a tux. "Luke, you can't see me. It's bad luck," she said almost starting to panic, then when her eyes adjusted the mystery man closed the door again, she saw it was Richard Gilmore. "Dad?" Lorelai gasped.

As Richard turned around he took in the sight of his only daughter, was overcome with emotion and excitement. He was speechless for a moment and then all he could say was, "You look…absolutely beautiful."

Lorelai smiled at the compliment, but self-consciously smoothed her hands down the beading of the bodice again, "Thank you." She almost laughed at the situation, at a loss for seeing him there of all places, "What are you doing here?"

"You know how your mother and I disagree from time to time and while I feel it best to put family disagreements and squabbles aside on occasions such as these, today I decided I had to let my feelings be known to you and to your mother."

Lorelai swallowed hard, worried at the words to come, but let him continue.

"Emily wanted me to remain beside her and only sit and watch the ceremony," he complained, then his tone softened. "However, well, I feel on this day my place is here… with you." Trying to contain himself and not to tear up in front of his daughter, Richard delicately stated, "You are my only daughter and this is your wedding day, so I thought if you'd let me… I'd like to give you away to this worthy man you've found."

Lorelai rushed at her father and met him in a hug. "Thank you, Daddy," she whispered in his ear hoping her make up wouldn't look too terrible.

He stepped back from his daughter again, and Richard decreed, "I only hope he deserves you."

"He does," then Lorelai laughed tearfully. "I only hope the reverse is true."

The door slid open again and this time Rory entered in her blue dress, "Grandpa? What are you doing here?" She was naturally surprised since Mia had never given them a clear answer on if the Gilmores were coming or not.

Lorelai smiled, "Well, he is going to walk me down the aisle."

Rory's already huge smile doubled, "Really?" She too rushed at her grandpa and gave him a rare hug in their relationship. "Thank you."

The affection shown to him by the girls was truly heartfelt and meaningful to Richard and he wondered why he had exiled himself from these wonderful girls for so long.

Rory went to her mother to hug her in her excitement. "Mom, it's all turning out just like you promised. Just like a movie!"

Mia then came bustling in, "I tell you there isn't something quite right about that Kirk boy. Gracious Lorelai what have you done to your makeup…and you have a man in here? A final fling before your wedding? With an older man? Whatever would Luke say?"

"Mia, this is my father," Lorelai was about to introduce him, when Mia interrupted.

"Ah Richard, correct? We've been expecting you. Lorelai, if you don't mind I have to find Carly to fix your face, so sit down and try and stop crying till at least after the pictures…"

Lorelai had to laugh at Mia's rapid pace out of the studio, then realized something turning to her father. "Wait? She knew you were coming?" she turned to her father.

"Well, it's only polite to RSVP, speaking of which," Richard went to the door and waved someone over. Lorelai was stuck to silence again as Emily, who seemed to be swallowing her pride, entered the dance studio. She was dressed in a champagne colored A-line dress, holding a box.

"Mom?" in awe that some how her father had talked Emily into attending when she was so decided against an appearance.

Emily seemed to examine her daughter, "Well, I'm glad you decided to buy your dress."

Lorelai chuckled and exchanged a knowing glance with Rory since she did in fact make her dress.

"I like your hair," Emily said primly, noting Lorelai's perfect bun and loose strands.

"Thank you," Lorelai didn't know what to expect.

"You know, I had always pictured you getting married in the winter," Emily mused over the summer wedding, "You always loved snow so much," walking over to the table where she placed the box. "I pictured snow white roses, you arriving in a horse drawn sleigh," Then she sighed, "But I suppose a summer wedding works too." Emily noted the two length veil Lorelai wore that was fixed at the top of her bun, "If you like, I brought this for you," stiffly gesturing to the box.

"What is it?" Lorelai had to admit she was curious.

"My tiara."

"Your what?"

"It's the tiara I wore on my wedding day," Emily swallowed any emotion that may have leaked out. "It might look nice… with your veil."

"Thank you, mom," Lorelai smiled and actually hugged her mother too.

Emily let a small smile escape and quickly left to take her place at the front on the bride's side.


15 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, Sookie ran Lorelai through her checklist, "Okay. Something new?"

Lorelai answered as though she was on a game show. "My dress, since I made it."

"Check. Something old?"

"Well, his mother's ring. Does that count?"

"Sure, Check. Something blue?"

"My… undergarments," Lorelai offered shyly with a coy smile, as Rory giggled at her because any mention of underwear is funny to a twelve year old. "Technically they are new and blue."

"Okay, that is definitely a check. Something borrowed?"

Lorelai looked over at the tiara her mother had left, the one her mother wore when she got married.

Lorelai opened the box and examined the tiara, "Check."


In the square, there wasn't a bad seat for the festivities. There were four aisle ways that led to the Gazebo where the ceremony was to take place.

The music started and everyone smiled as Sookie and Rory made their way down the aisle towards Luke and his wedding party, Jess fidgeting as the ring-bearer pulling at his tie and trying not to drop the pillow. Everyone rose as the music cued and stood smiling as Richard walked Lorelai down the aisle. As Lorelai met the smiles of her friends and neighbors, she could tell her mother was touched most of all that she decided to use her tiara.

Luke shook Richard's hand, and took Lorelai's hand from Richard. Luke looked his bride over and whispered, "You made this?" Lorelai had to chuckle at his timely observation and at how his eyes opened in awe over her elaborate dress. Luke led Lorelai up the stairs of the gazebo to Reverend Skinner, to where everyone could see the bride and groom.

Reverend Skinner addressed all of the guests; "I'm very pleased you all could join us for this special event. I am even more pleased that I am the one with the honor to preside over this happy occasion. I've known Luke all his life and I can tell you it's about time he found the right girl to settle down with. Many of us have known Lorelai and Rory for years; they have charmed us, made us laugh, and it seems only natural that they would tame our sometimes gruff diner owner."

"We were there to watch it all happen. In fact, that is what makes this occasion even more special for us all. We are not only joining this man to this woman, but we are joining a family together as well. It may not be a traditional family, but as Lorelai put it to me the other day they are a family by heart. They found each other and they all created an unbreakable bond of love, of caring and understanding, which is what a true family should be."

"Now Luke, Lorelai, please join hands…"


After the ceremony, the photographer stole the wedding party away for photos while Mia and her crackerjack crew transformed the area around the gazebo to a reception area, complete with buffet, featuring food by the talented Sookie St. James, and dance floor, in record time. To the many compliments, especially from Emily Gilmore, Mia proudly stated, "Not my first wedding." The photographer seemed rather honored to capture the first family photos of the Danes' and let the girls pose as many times as they wanted, while he enjoyed the happy, joyful atmosphere.

The reception was so lively that even Mrs. Kim broke into a smile at the antics of not only the bride and groom, but the rest of the guests. The bride and groom walked around the tables, receiving the warm wishes from all their guests. When DJ introduced the couple for their first dance Lorelai felt like they were the only two on earth, even though a thousand eyes were upon them. They had done it, taken the big plunge, gotten married, the old ball and chain; they were now husband and wife. For the life of her she didn't know why this had been such a scary prospect before. She knew the real work was probably the everyday life, but she and Luke had been dealing with the day-to-day piddly problems since they moved in together so she was confident that they could handle whatever was thrown at them, as a family.

Between dinner and dessert, the time for speeches began and Luke surprised everyone by speaking first at the microphone with an unusually huge smile on his face. "Many of you know me as a man of few words," he said good-humored and sarcastically while there was a collective jeering groan over his ranting reputation at town meetings. "But I have to say honestly on this day, with my new family," Luke looked at Lorelai and Rory, then back at the crowd, "I have no complaints," he said simply, and pulled the microphone away from his face to kiss Lorelai for the crowd as they applauded and cheered.

Lorelai was still glowing, beaming, and was so giddy and happy that she could barely get out her little planned speech, though she attempted to stay composed. "I want to thank you all for coming." Lorelai looked directly at her mother, "It means so much to me to have all of you here to share in this happy, happy day."

"Well, this year has been a year of firsts for us, Luke was the first boy I brought home to Rory, and luckily he made a good first impression, otherwise we wouldn't be here today. It was the first time Rory got the Chicken Pox, the first time Luke had to deal with a sick child, it was the first time we read Dorian Gray together and hopefully our last! There were many firsts this year, first cups of coffee, first burgers, first date, first day of school, and first Thanksgiving and Christmas, the first time Luke met my parents…and he survived," she exclaimed and the crowd laughed at her joke knowing many stories of Richard and Emily. "It really only took a few months till I was addicted to his coffee and that was the reason why I knew I had to make up with him quickly after a fight other wise I'd get the shakes," and the crowd laughed again. "Thanks to this event, it looks like we will have many more holidays and birthdays together. A few of our traditions had to be tweaked or modified so Luke would feel welcome, like a part of the family, but hopefully in our life together, we will get to start new traditions together. There were a lot of firsts this year, but for the first time ever Rory got to celebrate father's day."

There was a quiet murmur of the crowd, a rumble of realization.

Only Lorelai could steal her own thunder, "I am happy to announce that the state of Connecticut has named Luke Danes as Rory's adoptive father, so it is legal and official… we are a family."

There was a swelling cheer from the neighbors and more congratulations as Lane cued the DJ to play "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge

Lorelai's face was crinkled up with happiness at all her friends rushing to her to congratulate the new family.

Over the microphone she announced, "Alright settled down, and let's have some cake!"

Luke begrudgingly held with tradition and let Lorelai feed him his first bite, which she got all over his face in her mischievous way, however she didn't expect Luke to return the favor so playfully in front of everyone. Their faces were smeared with icing and cake crumbs, and with his clean hand Luke pulled Lorelai towards him to meet in a sweet, sticky kiss. Mia quickly instructed the photographer to capture the moment then provided the couple with cloth napkins to clean up while cake was served to their guests.

Lorelai danced with Luke again, as Richard spun Rory around the floor in a wave of her blue dress. Everyone was dancing, save for Emily Gilmore, whom Lorelai saw over Luke's shoulder. She seemed to be pouting, yet wore a strange proud smile. Lorelai waved to her, Emily merely nodded in return. Richard offered Emily his hand for a dance, which she accepted, and Rory took to dancing with Jess and Lane and a few other kids from school in a group. Lorelai had to laugh when Richard dipped Emily to coax a genuine smile out of his wife.

Luke whispered in Lorelai's ear, "I love you."

"I love you too," smiling at her parents, thinking of how Luke and her could now have thirty years or more together.


After dancing and a little too much excitement, Rory decided to stay over at Lane's rather that stay and wait for her parents…parents, she thought in excitement, still happy over the marriage. When she skipped over to tell Lorelai and Luke she was staying at Lane's, Lorelai's expression went from shocked to confused until she caught Sookie's eye. At Sookie's wink and nod, Lorelai realized that she would have a wedding night, without the hidden worry that her daughter would accidentally witness anything scarring. With a large grin, she grabbed Luke and continued to spin around the dance floor in the arms of her husband.

It was late when they got home from the reception. With Babette urging in the background and Lorelai's insistence Luke carried Lorelai over the threshold as she giggled and mocked him, "Come on Danes put your back in to it." He even posed for the picture for Babette's camera, trying not to roll his eyes as she took the shot.

Even though Luke and Lorelai had a plane to catch in the morning, they still got a head start on their honeymoon, starting with Lorelai having to talk her new husband through how to get his wife out of her dress.

They lay in bed, like they had maybe a hundred times before with one difference, "Hello husband."

"Hello wife."

"I missed you," Lorelai gave her new husband a squeeze.

"Yeah, but I think you were right; restraining ourselves made today even better."

"It seemed to go so slow," Lorelai giggled as she gazed at her two rings on her left hand, "It's funny. Nothings really changed."

"What do you mean?" Luke asked his new wife.

The bride explained, "Well, I mean this is how things were before… you living here… Rory conked out, granted at a friend's house; us making love to the point of exhaustion." Lorelai kissed the groom again and kept right on kissing him.

"Lorelai," Luke mumbled between pecks. "We have a plane to catch in the morning…"

"You mean later today," and her hands went exploring her new husband beneath the sheet again.

"Whatever, we can't… stay up all night."

"I'll sleep on the plane."


Sookie and Rory escorted the newlyweds to the airport in Hartford. Lorelai was fine till she got to the gate and then quite suddenly she didn't want to go to Hawaii with her new husband.

"I don't want to go," she nearly whined to her daughter out of earshot of her husband, who wore a perplexed glare wondering what the hold up was since their plane was boarding.

"Mom, he's your husband… you like Luke remember."

"I do, it's just that well we've never really been apart before…" gesturing between mother and daughter.

"Mom, I'll be fine. I'm staying with Sookie, so you know I'll be well fed."

"It's the unharmed I'm worried about," Lorelai whispered. "She's a bit clumsy. Are you sure you don't wanna come?"

Rory droned, "Mom, it's your honeymoon. You and Luke should be alone. Besides when you come home we will be together for every day after, okay?"

"Okay," Lorelai smiled. "Thank you kid for letting me date him."

"Thank you for getting me a worthy dad."

With that final reassurance, they rejoined Sookie and Luke to say goodbye.

"I love you," Rory hugged her new father. "Have fun and a word of advice, give her your peanuts."

"Okay thanks," Luke chuckled hugging his daughter goodbye.

As they boarded the plane, Lorelai started snickering, "Do you think we could get a flying horse?"

"What? You mean like a Pegasus?" the groom furrowed his brow.

"Yeah," the bride nodded.


"Well, we are flying west, into the sunset, like a happy ending. We need a horse to ride on and we can't get to Hawaii with a mustang; the horse or the car. Well maybe if we got that one from Grease."

Luke rolled his eyes, wondering how he fell in love with such a woman, but still enjoyed the prospect of a week in Hawaii with his wife and for everyday after.


Not the End,

The Beginning
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Letting Go by The Massacoustics

A kiss goodbye
One for the road
This time you were going for good I was sure

Another's love
Led to my demise
It's been three long years and I'm no more the wise

But if you can hear me now
And you feel the way I do
You can come to me
I won't past judgment on you
Cause your memory it lingers and the time moves so slow
I've never been that good at letting go...

Looking back
As I often do
I can't find one bad thing to say about you

Little steps
Never get me far
I could turn it around if I knew just where you are

If you can hear me now
And you feel the way I do
You can come to me
I won't past judgment on you
Cause your memory it lingers and the time moves so slow
I've never been that good at letting go...


If you can hear me now
And you feel the way I do
You can come to me
I won't past judgment on you
Cause your memory it lingers and the time moves so slow
I've never been that good at letting go...

I've never been that good at letting go...

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