Okay I couldn't help BUT write this short…I needed to. It's a short but its not completed…..


Way into Season 2. WAAYYYY.

Jamie and Jude- kaputz. NO LONGER. Jude's flying solo- I can totally do without Jamie right now.

Tommy and Sadie? Regretfully together right now (but maybe this fan fic will fix that hehe)

Fic mostly revolves around Tommy and Sadie and their relationship..and well of course Jude…just read youll see

Anyhows…Sadie is crazy about Tommy in love with him and all that junk. Tommy's just going through the motions. He's with her cause its safe, yet hes not happy, its not who he wants. Shes a consolation prize and hes miserable. Sadie basically moved herself into Tommy's place and has been living there for awhile.

Tommy is still crazy about Jude- even more so. He avoids Sadie- spends lots of time at the Studio and away from her. Its not that he hates Sadie its just his mind is on Jude always. He basically stays with Sadie cause he just doesn't know what to do. Sadie always had insecurities about Tommy and Jude's relationship- but she managed to bury them- until now.

hm..Oh Jude as her own place- it was hinted in the promo that she wanted to get a place-so ill run with it

Hopefully the rest will explain itself.

The Story is set to the song 'Here We Go Again'- By James Blunt. I wholeheartedly recommend downloading it italics are lyrics

Oh and its dedicating to BeBraveLive4Me- cause she helped make sure it was perfect!

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Tommy shuffled into his apartment, fighting the sleep from his eyes. It was dark in there he realized as he haphazardly threw his keys to the left on a nearby table and his jacket to the right. He figured Sadie must have given up waiting for him and went to bed. He numbly glanced at his bright, glowing watch and read the time.

2:30 AM.

He gave a loud sigh. These late nights at the studio were killing him. Every late night with Jude was killing him. But he also knew coming home to Sadie every night was worse. It wasn't her fault though, he rationalized. She was doing nothing wrong. He knew that. It was his, all his fault.

He had been cold, distant, and detached to her. More so for the past few months. He tried to reciprocate the warm feelings she gave him, but it was as if he was physically unable to. As if there was this invisible barrier that prevented him from showing Sadie the love she deserved and wanted.

And that invisible barrier's name was Jude Harrison.

"Jude." He murmured involuntary as he bowed his head down and shook it lightly.

"No, just Sadie." Her rueful voice filled the room.

Tommy's head snapped back up in surprise as he stared into the darkness. He quickly leaned over to switch the lamp on, revealing her standing there with two suitcases.

I have been rejected before
Trying to get another one to come in through my door

He got over his momentarily shock before he rubbed his forehead with the heel of his hand. He gave an exasperated sigh as he made his way over to the wet bar. He poured himself a stiff drink and took a big gulp before he walked towards her. "Not now Sadie." He tiredly said as he went past her and plopped down on the oversize chair. Sadie was infamous for pulling stunts like this with him. But he knew they were just that-threats with no real promise. "No games tonight, okay?" He almost pleaded with her.

Sadie nodded her head in agreement even though his back was to her. "No games tonight." She repeated as her hand traced the edge of the rich mahogany coffee table. She loved this place, almost as much as she loved him. She walked around so she stood right in front of him, ready to gauge his reaction

She said
I like it here

"That's why I'm just going to say I'm leaving." She said with an even tone.

But you're not gonna score
I'm not gonna let you sleep with me anymore.

If Tommy showed any emotion to her revelation, Sadie couldn't tell. He sat there; stone faced with the tumbler of liquor perched in his right hand

And here we go again
I'm starting on my own
24 years
Apart for one
And I'm standing all alone

I'm not that bad in my, in my heart.

He met her eyes as he took a long, calculated sip. "Really?" His question was rhetorical, and he expected no answer. He still didn't believe her. "Why?" He tilted his head in puzzlement, even though he already knew the answer.

"I think you know why." She folded her arms.

Tommy perplexed his eyebrows and took on the facade he reserved for special occasions like this. The occasions where he played the ignorant fool and acted like he had no idea what or who she was talking about. He felt the guilt creep through him, but he didn't let it show. He mimicked her and crossed his arms across his chest. "I don't think I do."

I am guilty
And of that I confess

Sadie gave a hollow laugh as she looked up, breaking her glare at Tommy. "You really want me to say it, don't you?" The bitterness that she tried so desperately to keep out of her voice seeped through. She waited for a minute, challenging him.

"Damn it, fine Sadie! Fine!" He exclaimed as he stood up. "Because of Jude! Okay, happy that I said it? Happy?" He angrily questioned as he breathed heavily.

I have been thinking of another girl in obsess
I am sorry if it causes distress but

"Yeah." She replied. "I am." She whispered so quietly that Tommy barely heard her. She tried to hide her shock at his candid revelation, but it was difficult. It was what she wanted to hear, right? It's was the final nail in the coffin in their relationship. She should be relieved that he had admitted to it finally, after all this time. But why did she feel sick to her stomach with heartache?

She shook herself mentally, wanting to let go of the conflicting feelings. She held her head up, needing to leave with one thing in tact-her pride. She moved around him, painfully careful not to touch him.

Tommy watched her leave as he agitatedly ran his hands through his hair. How he lose it so fast?

Sadie bent down to get her suitcases, but paused. She whirled around to face him.

"Answer me one question before I go." She stared at him, bracing herself. She took a deep breathe before she slowly spoke. "Did you ever..." She trailed off mustering the courage to ask. Losing it, she dejectedly shook her head and went to turn around, but Tommy's voice stopped her.

"I never loved you." He harshly and quickly answered her question without hearing it completely. Tommy didn't need to, he knew what she was going to ask even if she couldn't ask it. Still fuming from before, he never looked her directly in the eye.

I never loved you.
I never loved you.

She nodded her head slowly, feeling her heart shatter into a million pieces. She spun around and went back to her suitcases, picking them up and heading towards the door. She fished into her overcoat pocket for something and produced her set of keys. She tossed them onto the coffee table where they landed next to Tommy's. Her hand twisted the doorknob and she hesitated

Not bothering to face him this time, she spoke again. "You should go to her." She said with conviction as she opened the door. ""One of the Harrisons deserves to be happy."Sadie remarked before she closed the door softly behind her, finally feeling in control.

Tommy pulled his right arm back furiously, launching the tumbler at the wooden door with all his might. Liquid amber dripped down the dark door and shattered, jagged pieces of glass to lay at the bottom of it.

And here we go again
I'm starting on my own
24 years
Apart for one
And I'm standing all alone

He stood alone in the apartment, replaying back the last 10 minutes of his life. His eyes darted to his keys and he contemplated his choice. Without a second though he dashed over to the table and grabbed the keys. He ignored his jacket and ignored the glass on the floor as he flung the door open and slammed it shut, causing it to shake slightly.

And here we go again
I'm starting on my own
24 years
Apart for one
And I'm standing all alone
I'm not that bad
In my
In my heart

Tommy broke every speed limit as he drove to Jude's apartment, making the usual 25 minute drive in less than 10. He pulled into an empty spot outside of Jude's place and jumped out of the Viper. He walked up the stoop and the doorman recognizing Tommy, let him in. He gave a short nod to him as he made his way towards the elevator and hit the 'up' button. It immediately opened and he stepped in, letting the doors close. He punched Jude's floor number and impatiently waited. He planned in his head what to say to her when he saw her. Should he tell her off the bat that him and Sadie were through? Should he tell her how he really feels, how he's always felt? Should he just grab her and kiss her and to hell with rest?

You can judge me
If you know me so well
I can't change my spots
And won't break out of my shell

Before he could think of another option the door slid open and Tommy stepped out. Whatever he was going to do, he knew he'd let Jude know everything. With a small smile he walked his way over to her door and knocked twice. He waited a minute and when she never came to the door he knocked harder and looked down while he waited.

They will commit me
To a lifetime in hell
ButI can't remember where my innocence fell

The door swung open and Tommy spoke without looking up. "Listen, Jude. I gotta tell you something." He glanced up to look at her and his mind suddenly spun wildly as he looked ahead. "Kwest?" He asked incredulously as he stared at his friend with a look of betrayal.

Here we go again...