The dim light of the street lamps gave the pavement an eerie glow as Bombalurina hastily made her way back home to her isolated den, not wanting to be seen or heard. It was wrong and she knew it was wrong, so why had she just done it? Why had she let him continue with it? Why couldn't she have told him to stop- or why couldn't she have just gotten up and left? Didn't she want to leave? Why on earth would she want to stay with him?

The tribe definitely wouldn't approve of what had just happened; they had warned her ever since she was in her youth to stay away from him, to keep her distance and ignore all his endearing young charms and talents that he would casually flaunt to her. They told her that one day he wouldn't want her anymore and just leave her there in the dust like he had done so many times before. They would always say that one day he would get what he deserved and he would realize what he had left behind. The tribe had forbidden her to see him, thinking that he would only end up hurting her in the end; they were trying to protect her. But had she listened? No, of course not.

She was Bombalurina, the suggestive queen; the sensual one. The cat, who no matter what, didn't give a damn about any tom because she could snag anyone she wanted. She could get away with anything with a lustrous sigh and a sway of her hips. She was either loved or hated, adored or despised; the one all the toms wanted and all the queens wanted to be. The one who had the perfect life, perfect personality. Perfect lovers. Or so they thought.

"He's not the one for you Bombalurina. He plays with the hearts of others to please himself, and then he drops them like flies and moves on to another when he gets bored with their presence. No matter how much that queen cared for him," Jellylorum had told her once when she had found her sobbing alone in her den over the latest antics he had pulled. Jellylorum, by far, wasn't the only queen who disapproved of her feelings for the tom; Jennyanydots and her sister, Demeter, definitely did too, and they never would hesitate to tell her how rotten they thought he was.

"Bomba, you shouldn't treat yourself this way, you deserve someone much better. He's not worth your tears," Demeter would tell her over and over again, with persistence.

But didn't they understand that she couldn't stop the tears from falling every night? Didn't they understand that it wasn't just some little fling or a little crush she had on him? She loved him and couldn't get over it. She had fallen for him and couldn't get up. And she had made a mistake. A terrible mistake that would change everything. One night of pleasure had cost her everything she had ever wanted and worked for.

She hadn't meant to do it, it just had happened. She had met him last night when it was pouring rain and he had invited her to stay with him until the storm passed over. She had not expected to be seduced by him. That was, by far, the last of her thoughts for that night. They were alone together for the first time in ages. Despite everyone's disapproval they had managed to secretly meet each other and keep their relationship completely furtive. They had stopped seeing each other four weeks ago, after Old Deuteronomy had approached them each personally, and told them that he had decided their future mates since neither of them were in a relationship. And of course, since he was the son of the old leader, he was obliged to agree, and so, she had also. And of course, since they both had many admirers they were promised to their most loyal devotee, who Deuteronomy insisted would treat them with all the love and respect they so much deserved.

Bombalurina let out a grunt of frustration as she remembered what they had done last night, what they had committed. She had thought he had actually cared for her, loved her for who she was and not what he seen was on the outside. And so in faith and complete trust, she had given herself to him last night fully; hoping that he would stay with her this time, only to find out that she had been used for his own personal pleasure, once again. She had woken up this morning to find herself alone in his bed, groggy and heartbroken; only to hear his voice and that of his future mates coming from the den entrance. She then had quickly left through an escape at the back of the room, hopefully without being noticed.

He had used her after all. He never cared for her, no one ever would care for her. She was just there to please everyone; be their own personal eye candy. No one saw her for who she truly was, or who she hoped and wanted to be; she was a toy, a form of useless entertainment.

Everything Demeter, Jellylorum and Jennyanydots had ever told her about his ways, were all true. She was a fool to ever believe that she was the one for him- to ever think that he might manage to care about her in the same way she felt toward him.

She was in trouble now, and this time, Macavity wasn't there to save her. Her tail bristled as she thought of the deceased ginger tom. He had been a part of her once, years ago when she was a kitten, but now that he was dead, murdered by Munkustrap months ago, that part of her had died. He was the one who had known all along her feelings for the tom. He was the one who she alone could of confided in. Now, she had no one.

She couldn't let the tribe find out that it was him who had done this to her; the tom who she had been forbidden to see or even look at. The tom everyone looked down upon because they thought he was nothing but a sham; a useless cat who taunted the kittens and thought the world of himself.

She would tell them that it was some random tom she had met during a one night stand. She would tell them that he had given her no choice and forced himself on her. Yes that was it, he had forced himself on her. She couldn't be exiled from the tribe if she had been raped. Sure it was a lie but a lie was much better then the truth. Much better than anyone finding out that she had betrayed them.

Bombalurina wouldn't let anyone ever find out the truth- she couldn't. Even if she had wanted to, the risk was too great. No one would ever have to know what had really happened that night- no one would ever find out that the Rum Tum Tugger was the father of her unborn kitten.