Come a little bit closer, Hear what I have to say Just like children sleepin'
We could dream this night away, But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancing in the light We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night

Because I'm still in love with you

I want to see you dance again

because I'm still in love with you

On this harvest moon

The moonlight shone down on the isolated junkyard as the cats approached the tire, waiting anxiously for the annual ball to begin. As their bodies began to move together rhythmically, as if it were a choreographed dance, all that could be seen were silhouettes in the moonlight.

Tugger gave a resentful growl to the moon as he watched it from the cliff at the end of his den. Three weeks had past since he had came back to the tribe without the red queen at his side. Three weeks of hell. Tugger let another growl escape his mouth as he clenched is hands together, making a threatening fist to anyone who would dare try and get in his way. He could hear the music starting up in the background and tried to block it out of his mind. He resented it. Memories. There were so many. Too many. Ruffling his golden mane, the tom glared up at the night sky and then to the moon. It was so bright, so mystical. Mocking. Tugger scowled disgusted. How did his life get so out of hand in merely a few weeks? It was her fault. She should be here with him now. She should be here dancing up a storm. Here looking after their son. Their son. The thought made him cringe. How she could just turn her back on that little kitten like that made him hate her.

"It wasn't suppose to be this way…" Tugger whispered to the night air as tears began to slide down his face again, wetting his fur. He had been crying on and off a lot these last few weeks, even more surprisingly so had everyone else. He had once thought that showing emotions was wrong, something that should be kept in. It had surprised him to find out how wrong he had been. His thoughts shifted to Demeter for a second. That beautiful gold queen, who had once despised him with all of her heart had become quite a blessing. She was a little over a month into her pregnancy and you could literally see her glowing everywhere she went. Yes it was certain, Demeter would make a fine mother. A very fine one indeed. Despite the golden queens joy toward becoming a mother, you could defiantly see the pain in her eyes over loosing a sister. Bombalurina's absence had taken a definite toll on the tribe, nothing was the same anymore, to him anyway. Every where he went he seen the red queen. Every spot in the junkyard held a particular memory to him. Tugger shivered at the memories the ghostly visions brought to him. She was suppose to be with him now. He was suppose to be happy. As the tribe broke into The Naming Of Cats he walked away from the cliff to the other end not wanting to be able to hear when her name would be mentioned.

Walking across the heaps of trash the maned tom stopped when he got to the highest heap, that over looked everything. This is where it had happened. This is where everything had began. Glaring up at the sky more memories flooding back to him the Rum Tum Tugger began to regret everything that he had done in his life. His stupid habits that had caused him so much pain. His "curious" ways. The want that he had felt for the red queen when he had found her soaked to the skin up here and invited her to spend the night with him. The anger he had been consumed by when he had watched his mother run from the tribe. Everything was so wrong. Nothing was suppose to go the way it had. The memories of his mother struck him deeply. She had been the only cat that had ever understood him along with Bombalurina, but she was gone…They both were.

"Why'd you have to go Bom?" Tugger yelled into the darkness that seemed to swallow his words whole, not wanting to listen.

Tugger jumped as a black and white hand came in contact with his, forcing him to spin around. At first he had thought it was just another vision, his mind playing cruel tricks on him again but his eyes widened as he realized that it was very real and she was really standing in front of him.

"I…I was scared. Terrified." Her voice was a trembling whisper as she turned away from the tom. "I never thought that… That you could…That I could…"

"Why are you here Bombalurina?" Tugger voice was a low growl. "You don't belong here after all."

The red queens face fell as she realized the pain she had made the tom go through, pain he should have never had to endure. "Tugger I…" She couldn't finish. Refusing to let herself cry she turned around hoping to see any sing of forgiveness in the toms eyes.

"What? Came back to rub how better your life is now that I'm out of it, in my face? Or have you come back to mock me about how I fell in love with a queen who used me. A queen I thought I could trust! A queen who I…I…" The tom began to stutter again. He didn't want to see her, he didn't even want to be around her. "You know what? Forget it!" Stalking away from the red queen he felt tears well up in his eyes again.

"TUGGER WAIT!" He hesitated whether or not he should stop but decided against it.

"I know that ever since Griddlebones death, your afraid to…" She was instantly cut off.

"Who told you?" He snapped walking up to her again. She didn't answer but instead looked down at the ground, unsure of what to say. "Damn it Bombalurina answer me already!" Taking a few steps away from the red queen he turned his back to her ashamed. She wasn't suppose to find out.

"I over heard Jellylorum and Jennyanydots talking one night and I had to know why we were kept apart, so I asked them."

"Well then now you know." He hissed at her icily as he turned his face away from her as she tried to look him in the eyes. " I guess I cant really blame you then. You wouldn't want a murderer as a mate or a father to your son."

Bombalurina's eyes became slits as she forcefully grabbed the toms face and tilted his head toward hers.

"Now you listen to me. You are not a murderer, you never were. It was an accident. A stupid accident! Nothing more! And anyone who thinks otherwise should be given to the Pollicles!" She hissed as warm tears began to wet her hand.

"I'm so ashamed…" Tugger said not able to look the queen in the eye. He had killed a cat, a cat that didn't deserve to die. "She was a stupid queen. I didn't want her to leave! I didn't mean for it to happen!"

"Your mother was not stupid and neither are you. She made some mistakes and needed time to fix them."

Tugger let a growl escape his mouth as he met the hazel eyes of the scarlet. Turning away from the red queen he walked over to the edge of the junk pile folding his arms. "Well you found out what I did, happy now? You can leave now! Go back to that whore house." His voice was cold and didn't seem to have any hints of acceptance.

"Tugger I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you. I just…"

"Well it's a little late for that." He said stalking past her again. "You know what I don't get? Someone can pour out their heart to you and you can just shove it up their…"

"I was stupid." Bombalurina cut him off her voice trembling. " Too Stubborn to acknowledge what was the truth. And even if I did I didn't listen… Tugger ever since Macavity died the ball after you dropped me at, I… I guess I couldn't focus right. Everything became fuzzy after that. He practically raised me even though he was only a few months older. " She inhaled a breath. This was hard. " Macavity was my best friend and I know he only used me and never cared the reason I clung to him so much was because you always rejected me."

"For crying out loud Bombalurina you were my qeenfriend for months!"

"Tugger I… That night when you and I… That night when you got me pregnant was one of the happiest moments I had ever had."

"So then what was the problem?" He hissed again.

"The morning after when I woke up and you weren't there I thought that… That you used me and you were only in it for the sex. I never thought that…"

"I might of cared about you? Oh I know you never could of thought that! Bombalurina, you were just to good for any tom to…"

"I was furious with you! I was hurt! I thought you used me to get what you wanted and then went with Etcetera because…"

"You know I never cared about her!"

" I was jealous! And no I didn't know that! How could I? You never EVER admitted to caring about me! You always teased me and made fun of me! Even when we were alone you would always talk about other queens!"

" I was scared. You were special to me Bom, I didn't understand it. I was confused so I pushed you away thinking that it would make it better." Tugger looked to the ground. " I loved you and I didn't understand it." Those words stung her. Loved her. Loved! That was referring to years ago, what about now? Tears filled her eyes as she heard the familiar tune to the end of Jennyanydots song end.

"Why aren't you at the ball? Its your song after all." Tugger smirked frustrated.

"I'm not going."

"What!" Her shock came as a surprise to him. Did she actually think he could handle going to a Jellicle ball? A celebration that's suppose to indicate joy and completeness?

" In case you haven't notice I don't feel much like celebrating right now." He said the sarcastic tone seemed to add even more tension to the air. Bombalurina felt steamy tears roll down the side of her face. She hated herself for making him feel this way.

"I'm sorry…" Her voice was a soft whisper, you could barely make her out. " I wasn't thinking. I was so scared I didn't know how to accept the fact that my life might actually go right for once. That someone that I care about might care about me in the same way… I don't know if I wanted to acknowledge it. And when you kissed me I felt what I had felt in the club and ever since I got back again and it scared me, but completed me at the same time. It just took me a while to figure what it was. And I don't want it to be too late for that…" Bombalurina's voice trailed of as she looked into the toms eye's as he turned around to face her.

"When you said that you hated me and never wanted to see me again, my world stopped. I realized that I should of told you as soon as you came back." Tugger shifted his gaze to the sky. "Its been hard for me Bom, really hard. And when you left, I was so certain that this time if I went to get you, you'd of come back with me and we'd of had a sort of happy ending." The tom smiled his first smile in weeks as he referred to the fairy tales Old Deuteronomy would tell them at night when they were kittens, unable to sleep.

A pained look came across the queens face at the last remark.

"Why didn't you tell me you came looking for me?"

"You wouldn't of listened would you? There would have been no point. Bottom line is it didn't work out."

Bombalurina's ears pressed to the side of her head. Didn't work out! It has to work out!

"Tugger it still can work out…" The maned tom gave a curious glance to the red queen.

"Ya and I'm going to be turned into a Pollicle." The red queens eye's were still brimmed with tears as Tugger looked at her.

"Tugger I know its going to be hard and that were probably going to be at each other's throats half the time but I think that its worth it."

"I don't know why your telling me this, you're the one that said you don't want to have anything to do with me." The tom said bypassing her. Tears began to slide down her face again.

"Tugger…I love you." There, she had said it. It was finally out. "Don't let a stupid mistake ruin what we have together." Tugger turned away from her, his head beginning to spin again. What we have together?

" I'm not sure we do have anything together anymore Bom…" He said feeling is stomach come up to his throat. Seeing the queens body go limp he turned away from her his heart practically screaming You know you don't mean that! Unable to hold in her emotions Bombalurina broke into a sob.

"Um o.k. I'll let you get back to your , uh, thoughts. Tell Tristram I said hi and that I, love him and hope he'll be able to forgive me." She choked as her tears soaked the side of her face. Taking a breath she turned around and slowly backed away from the spot, heartbroken.

Tugger knew instantly he had made a mistake but it was hard trying to forgive her and part of him didnt want to. Turing around he inhaled a deep breath.

"Bomba- Wait!"

Demeter approached her mate concerned as he watched Jellylorum and Jennyanydots sing about Bustopher Jones.

"Munkustrap?" The silver tom nodded as the queen sat down beside him. "Have you seen Tugger at all?"

"He said he wasn't coming."

"Oh." Demeter let out a sigh. She was really worried about that tom. He barely talked anymore and never smiled. He had barely made contact with his son and it worried her.

Mistoffelees approached the two cats and sat down beside them.

'Soooo…" Before anyone could respond a familiar Meow was heard followed by the interruption of Bustopher Jones song. Before anyone had time to process what was going on Tugger jumped down off the top of an old dryer and his song started up.

Mistoffelees mouth hung open as he watched the Maine Coon dance around the area.

"He looks…Happy?" Munkustrap exclaimed as his younger brother spun Cassandra around who looked as just as shocked as they did.

"The Rum Tum Tugger is a curious cat!"

As the song continued Mistoffelees eye's widened as he noticed something moving behind an old crate.

"The Rum Tum Tugger is a curious beast!"

The Junkyard grew deadly quite as they watched Bombalurina approach the tom smiling broadly.

"For I only like what I find for myself"

Draping a hand up to the queens throat Tugger smiled and pressed his lips against hers. Purring contently Bombalurina pulled away and let her mate continue his song. As the rest of the tribe joined her in the song she felt more then one cats eyes on her. When it neared the end of the song Jemima, Electra, Victoria and Etcetera who grabbed Bombalurina and pulled her down with her, crawled up to the maned tom and continued to renact the adoring screams that had taken place when they were only young. As the queens screamed Etcetera grabbed the red queens hand and looked at her smiling. As if on cue both of them gave girlish shrikes as Tugger finished the last lines to the song.

Bombalurina felt a tear slide down her face as she watched old Gus make his way up the steps to the Heavyside. It felt good to be part of the ball again, she had missed it. And seeing Munkustrap sing the addressing of cats caused her to laugh aloud. As the ball came to its end Tugger approached her smiling widely, followed by Mistoffelees, Demeter and Munkustrap.

"Glad to have you home." Demeter said as she wrapped her arms around her sister smiling. "We've really missed you." Bombalurina smiled and pulled away from the queen to greet the other two toms that were grinning at her.

"Yes and were glad that you're here to stay this time." Mistoffelees chuckled as he kissed the side of her face.

"Alright, alright, now get your hands off her." Tugger said breaking the two apart smiling coyly at the conjurer. Bombalurina let out a purr as she felt Tugger's arms wrap around her waist and led her away from the tire back to the den.

"Oh and Demeter, make sure Tristram doesn't come home until tomorrow night."

The golden queen smiled knowingly at the two as they disappeared from sight. Everything was going to be o.k. again.

Tugger smiled as he felt Bombalurina press against him and nuzzled her neck.

"You know this isn't going to be easy…" He said slyly.

"Well then were just going to have to work on it aren't we?" She smiled as her arms went around his neck.

"And how do you suggest we do that?" He smiled arching an eyebrow. Purring seductively she pressed her lips against his.

"How about you take me home and I'll show you?" Before Bombalurina had time to say anything else Tugger grabbed her hand and sprinted towards their den.

Bombalurina cringed as she turned over and a pain shot up her sides. Glancing to the right of her, Tristram lay sleeping soundly as the moonlight reflected off him. An affectionate nuzzle caused her to let a purr of delight escape her mouth.

" I was wondering when I'd see you." She responded tiredly as her mate cuddled into her side.

"She's beautiful Bomba, really beautiful." Tugger said commenting on the tiny bundle the red queen held in her arms. It had barely been a year since the two had become mates and Bombalurina had just given birth to their second kitten. Of course Bombalurina's pregnancy had come to no shock to anyone except for perhaps Bombalurina and Tugger themselves. They had only been mates for a little over a month when Jenny had pronounced the red queen pregnant again. Demeter a month earlier had successfully given birth to two kittens, a tom and a queen.

"She has your eyes." Tugger commented as he nuzzled the queens neck again. Bombalurina smiled and returned the nuzzle. She looked down at her daughter and let a chuckle escape her mouth. Her eyes were about the only resemblance she held to her. The young kitten was completely covered in Tugger's golden fur.

"What are we going to name her?" Tugger asked as he ran his fingers across her tiny head.

"Cressida. It means golden one." Bombalurina smiled leaning against her mate, who kissed in-between her ears.

"I love you Bomba." Tugger said inhaling her scent. "And I love you too." He said stroking his daughters face again. Bombalurina smiled and settled against her mate purring contently.

"I love you Tugger." As the small family settled down to sleep for the night, the moon shone down on them as a reminder of its protection and a symbol of hope in hard times. No matter what you've gone through the moonlight is always there shinning down on you when your needing a guiding light and in the eye's of the moonlight you'll be set free.

The End.

O.k. So thats it. Story Completed. Really sorry for all this mistakes and grammer problems in this. O.k. so it was a rather tawdry ending but I wanted it to end up happily. A HUGE thanks goes to all my reviewers, you all mean SO MUCH. And a huge applause goes to Sleeping Tiger who was a REALLY big help when I was writing this. I hope you all enjoyed this and didnt think it was to much of an cliche ending. Bye and lots of love from