Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that the words in Italics are flashback scenes. Also the flashback in this chapter hints around to mature situation so please don't read if you are offended by teen sex. As always please Read and Review. Thanks!

Sidney Prescott felt her boyfriend pull her closer into his body. His hands clasp tightly behind her back, tongue probing inside her mouth. She put a hand on his chest forcing him to take a step back.

"What? What's wrong?" He asked in confusion, even though he was pretty sure he already knew the answer.

Sidney looked up at him, it pained her to push him away like this but she had too. "It's just to much for me to handle right know," she lied.

Billy Loomis tried to be supportive of his girlfriend's wishes, he reached over and stroked Sidney's cheek, "The trials really getting to you, huh?"

Sidney nodded, "Yea, the lawyer wants to put me on the stand next week."

Billy's eyes lit up in shock, "Really? I thought they said they wouldn't do that unless that couldn't prove Cotton was guilty without it?"

Sidney's eyes teared up, Billy lead her to his bed helping her sit down before handing her a box of tissues from the drawer in his nightstand.

"Thanks." Sidney said as she wiped the tears from her eyes, "It's that bitch Gale Weathers and her stupid bullshit theories!" Sidney cried out causing Billy to step back in surprise. He had never heard her talk with so much hatred in her voice, not even when Weary's name came up.

Sitting next to her on his bed, Billy gathered her in his arms, "Shush, it'll be okay." He stroked her hair as she continued to weep, "Don't worry Sidney, it'll be over soon. Just tell them what you saw and Weary will get the death penalty for sure. For what he did, he deserves it."

Sidney wrapped her arms around him tightly, she was so lucky to have a boyfriend like Billy. He was hot, and sweet, and didn't pressure her to have sex with him, like her friend Tatum said all her boyfriends did. She hugged Billy tighter, glad to have him.

Billy looked ahead of him in to the mirror on his dresser, a very different image stared back at him. An event not even a year old played like a movie of the glass, before Sidney's life changing night.

Billy's hand glided itself up the brunette's short miniskirt that was straddling herself across his waist. "God, you are so amazing!", he moaned into Sidney's lips as she kissed him passionately.

"You're not to bad yourself, stud bucket!", Sidney whispered playfully back to him as she nibbled happily on his left ear.

Billy couldn't stand it, grabbing her around the waist he flipped her over on his bed. So that he was now on top, now in control of the situation. Sidney's shirt fluttered open as Billy chewed on the buttons, her hands traveled down his chest to his belt. She pulled on his shirt till it riped free of his pants, gliding it up and off of Billy's body as his hands unclasped her bra.

Completely wrapped up in the moment Billy didn't hear the car door slam out side his house, but Sidney did. "What was that?", she asked sitting up, causing Billy to be thrown off her, startled by the noise.

Billy looked at her confused, "I didn't hear anything." He tried to turn her attention back to what they were doing by nibbling on her neck.

"Billy? Are you here, a deep male's voice yelled out from inside the house.

"Oh shit!", Billy jumped up off the bed throwing Sidney's shirt at her as he pulled his own back on, "It's my Dad! What the fuck is he doing here?"

As fast as she could, Sidney pulled her shirt on trying to fasten her bra as she went. "I thought you said he was going to be gone all weekend?", she histed.

Checking to make sure his clothes were on straight he motioned to her to stay put, "He was, I'm gonna go see what's up!" Damn it, he thought, why should his dad be the only one in the house getting any. Billy left making sure the door shut tightly behind him.

Billy looked down into his arms at Sidney, she had stopped crying. Who would have guessed that in two years of dating that was the closes they had come to having sex. "Come on, I'll take you home." Billy stood up pulling her with him.