This story is a sequel to my previous fanfic, The Next Death Will Come. If you haven't read that, please read it and come back to this story, unless you want everything to be confusing. For those who have read it, this is the sequel! Thank you for waiting patiently for this to come out, and this story has a more different theme as the other. Please enjoy!

"Make a wish Peach!" shouted Daisy in joy.

"Make a wise one!" added Admiral Bobbery.

"Let's hurry so we can eat!" exclaimed DK.

Peach stood in front of the birthday cake, thinking of her wish. "I wish…"

"Don't say it aloud or it'll reverse!" said Luigi, the superstitious one.

"I'll take the fruit!" cried Yoshi. "Wish for something!"

"I hope you like the candles!" said Mario. "We chose the pink striped ones."

"Shouldn't we sing first?" asked Ms. Mows. Everyone nodded.

"Happy birthday to you!" started Toadsworth. The others joined in the singing, as Peach hesitated for the once-in-a-year wish. She closed her eyes, but then opened them.

Ahhhh!" screamed Daisy, as she suddenly appeared with a crown on her head, which started to hiss. Peach froze in terror.

Luigi disappeared, but screamed in fear from another place. Peach gasped as Toadsworth had a bullet in his head ad fell down forwards.

A person whom Peach never wanted to see again appeared from the door, and grinned, the grin lasting in her mind in sick ooze. Koops grinned and took a sword out, piercing Bobbery.

"Why are you doing this?" she screamed. She faced him in anger and determination to get out. Koops just faced her and aimed his bullet at her.

"Don't go!" whispered Mario in her head as she saw an ordinary clock pendulum pass by, and she saw Yoshi in a pile of water, gasping for air. Ms. Mows was in a block of ice, shriveling up, as Koops pulled the trigger and the bullet flew. A scream rang through the torture.

Peach woke up screaming and crying, and then looked around in her bedroom. Her breathing got more regular as she calmed herself down. She saw her clock.

"3:22 A.M.," she whispered. She breathed in fear

It had been almost a year since Peach's chilling investigation at Rogueport. It never seemed to get out of her head, as she just experienced her first nightmare related to the memory. She went downstairs and made herself some hot cocoa, then went to sleep.

In the morning around eight, she went downstairs to eat the breakfast her servants made for her. She couldn't eat.

She sat in her chair the rest of the afternoon, reading her journal and writing more things from last week. She flipped to the section of the mystery investigation.

"No," she said to herself, as the memories flooded back into her. Although she wrote less than three pages of the horrific adventure and she never wrote about any of the deaths, she still was bothered as she threw her journal across the room. She started crying.

That night, she decided to eat her dinner in the dining room. But her cell phone rang as she was eating, and she slowly took it out as a toad servant gave her a glass of citrus juice.

"Hello, is this Ms. Toadstool?" said a familiar voice.

"Yes, do you need something at the moment?" she asked.

"I need you for a reason," the person answered back.

"Who is this?" she said. "Is it important?"

"Yeah huh. It's E. Gadd."

Peach stopped eating, and felt like putting the phone away. She never wanted to see E. Gadd since last year because of his confusion and memories. But she willed herself to continue.

"Yes," she said quietly. "What is the cause of you calling me?"

"I need you to come to my laboratory at the moment," said E. Gadd. "I need you immediately."

"What is the cause?" she insisted. She swallowed hard.

"I have been working on something for 11 months, and I need to show you it," was his reply.

"Why am I needed?" she asked. "Please don't bother me." Although she knew she was being rude, she pretended to not realize it.

"If you don't mind flying here in your helicopter, I would very much appreciate it," Elvin said. "I want you to come here fast."

"But what is it?" she insisted more. "I do not want to be bothered!" and with that she turned off her phone.

Her home phone rang, and she banged her head on the table. Without telling anybody she put on her coat and shoes, then exited the castle towards the helicopter to travel to E. Gadd. It was approaching midnight as she arrived safely at the laboratory.

She didn't bother to use the front door, but broke throught the glass window using a pen, also known as vandalism. Being too upset and tired to realize her bad act, she made her way to the large room where she first met the scientist a year ago.

But the room was too different. The room was changed completely, with wires around the room all connecting to a machine in the middle as big enough to fit ten people inside it. The sight was very odd and strange, as Peach tried to step deeper into the room. It was a difficult place to walk through, as you might trip and unplug one of the wires, an event which would happen later in this story. But at the end of the room she saw Elvin Gadd, who looked surprised and happy that Peach had arrived.

"Peach, I believe your friends may be able to come back," he said.

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