The sixteenth chapter! IT ISN'T OVER YET!

Chapter 16: Not Stopped

Exactly 12 months later…

"Brrrrrrring!" rand Peach's alarm clock, as she shot up in a flash. She looked at the time on the clock to see how early it was.

6: 66 a.m.

"Huh?" she whispered, as she looked clearer. The clock flickered, as she saw the time was 7: 21 a.m. She turned it off and got out of her bed.

"Over an hour to get ready," she sighed. She was going to board the Poshley Heights Train to Poshley Heights, to meet a cousin of Toadsworth. She got up and got ready.

"Are you up and fine, Ms. Toadstool?" asked a toad. Peach nodded and yawned, as she went downstairs to get her luggage. She was fresh and prepared to go in thirty minutes.

She packed her luggage into her helicopter, and took a moment to look at the sky. It was a brisk morning, as she sighed and remembered that her life would be happy from now on. She got into her helicopter and flew into the sky, towards the new destination of the Poshley Heights Station.

But she thought she had forgotten her phone, as she looked into her bag for a few seconds. When she looked up, there was a utility pole right in front of her.

She gasped, and swerved her helicopter deeply to the right, catching onto two of the wires and breaking them off. The two wires were whipped from the velocity of the helicopter, and smashed down into the cockpit glass where Peach was driving. She screamed and ducked as the wires missed her, leaving her okay and alarmed. Parking her helicopter, she walked the rest of the way with her luggage.

It was 8:52 a.m. when she reached the grand train station, and she walked in and saw a huge water fountain. Something suddenly got reminded, but she couldn't clearly think what it was. Just then, someone bumped into her from behind and caused her and the other person to fall. The other person's crown skid across the floor, and Peach recognized it immediately. She turned around.

"Peach!" Daisy exclaimed happily. "I've never seen you in a while!" She hugged her, as Peach hugged her back happily. They got their stuff from the floor and went to the baggage drop-off.

"Are you going to Poshley Heights too?" Peach asked her, just when a phone belonging to a man next to them rang, giving out a familiar ring tone.

Love's crumbling, love's tumbling down
Love's crumbling, love's tumbling down
Looking at it from a distance
I still can't believe my…

The man answered the phone, as Daisy finally answered her question from getting her bags packed up.

"You're going to Poshley Heights also?" she said happily. "What a coincidence!" They both put their luggage for a Poshley Heights destination.

"Yeah, that is," she said. Just as they were about to enter the train, as she heard a spark come from something on the wall behind her. She turned around and saw a light fixture, as it flashed and the lights suddenly turned off. She looked at it for a while, but was interrupted by Daisy who grabbed her hand and pulled her into the train.

"Daisy, I really think we should get out of the train," she said quietly. "I feel something strange."

"Is your stomach bad?" she asked, as she leaned against a bar on the train. All the cabins were taken; so many people were standing outside in the halls instead. Daisy leaned against the bar, as Peach looked at it. It couldn't be a coincidence.

The doors closed, as Peach looked at the doors nervously. The train started to move and she ran into the catering room of the train without hesitating.

"Wait, Peach!" said Daisy, running after her. Peach opened the door to the eating area, and saw advertisements across the top of the train. One was for a Japanese restaurant, an advertisement to help the environment, and a play for the Rainfall Cut Auditorium.

"No," Peach gasped, as she turned around and saw a girl with a shirt, which read Lookafit Clothing. Peach choked a scream in terror, catching the attention of people around her, as she dashed across the people to the front of the train. Daisy was knocked onto the ground as Peach pushed her out of the way.

"Peach!" she exclaimed in disbelief, but Peach didn't stop and ran all the way to the driver's section at the front of the train.

"Sir, please stop the train!" she pleaded, opening the door and shutting it. The driver turned around, revealing who he was.

"Hey, Peach!" said DK, taking off his visors. "What a coincidence! I got a new job as a train driver just a few weeks ago. Anything wrong?"

"No!" cried Peach. "You can't be here! You can't…"

Daisy opened the door and closed it tight. "DK! Peach!" She found Peach with a terrified look on her face.

"There were all the signs!" she cried. "It is not over yet!"

Daisy and DK looked at her in fear, when suddenly DK spoke.

"At dusk this morning, a part of my cabana tree house broke off, but I grabbed onto a vine and survived falling hundreds of feet into the canopy," said DK.

"A humidifier exploded this morning while I was on my bed," said Daisy. "I held my mirror in front of my face, and found a huge piece of glass stuck into it when I turned it around." She gulped, and they both turned to Peach who had a strange look on her face.

"Then it was my turn, and I was in my helicopter," whispered Peach. "I hit a wire which would have killed me, but I survived." She knew they were never erased from Death's list.

"This means…" said DK, and then paused suddenly.

A car a hundred feet in front of them crossed over the railroad blocks, knocking a stop sign onto the railings. Nobody was aware.

The three of them just looked at each other for a moment, horrified looks on their faces, as they looked out the front window simultaneously, just as the train ran over the sign and suddenly swerved. There were many yells as many other people fell over in the other carts

Peach ran over to the door and slid it open, only to find out something terrible. The front section of the train, where the three of them were, suddenly disconnected from the rest of the train, as the train sections behind them suddenly flipped into a deadly pile with a loud explosion, killing many in the wreck

"No!" screamed Peach, as their lone piece of the train ran down the tracks. DK pulled the emergency break, but the back wheels of the train broke off as the train swerved to the right, almost flipping over and sending them to the floor. They all screamed for their life, as the train suddenly bent forwards, sending DK crashing through the front window.

"DK!" she screamed as tears ran down her face. DK grabbed onto the edge of the front, but couldn't hold his grip as he went under the berserk train. There was blood spraying into the train from the outside, as Peach shrieked in terror.

The two girls screamed as the whole right side of the train was torn off, causing Daisy to be thrown out of the train when there was another swerve. In a split second, Peach saw Daisy smash into a rock as blood splashed all around.

"Daisy!" she shrieked in tears, as the train wheels suddenly collapsed. She screamed in dread as the cart turned to its side and skid across the dusty ground with a deafening screech, sparks flying in the air and pieces of metal flying askew. It stopped skidding after a few seconds, leaving a section of the train covered partially in blood, destroyed, and deadly.

From inside, Peach gasped in agony and came out of the pile of metal, covered in blood. She made her way out of the train through the broken window, and laid on the dirty ground in pain and distress. She was the only one left to survive, as she shed tears onto the ground in misery.

Suddenly, the sound of burning was heard above her, as she looked up. A blimp was burning, lightening the sky in a fiery blaze as it suddenly descended rapidly. She saw the blimp coming down onto her.

She screamed, and the last thing she saw was the fire blimp falling towards her, to finish her off, to kill the last cheater.

And then she head DK talking. "This means…" he said, and then paused suddenly. They saw Peach's face, the look of beyond seeing.

"I…I saw the train crash!" she shouted. "We're going to be disconnected by a stop sign, and the whole rest of the train will explode and kill everyone! Then…you'll be thrown out, you'll get killed onto a rock, I'll be killed at the end. We have to get off now!"

"Oh no," gasped Daisy, seeing the sign on the train tracks from a distance away. Daisy and Peach tried to open the side doors, as DK pulled the emergency break, which broke off. They had opened the emergency doors, but it was too late just as the train ran over the sign and swerved, as yells filled the air. DK yelled in shock, Daisy shrieked in terror, Peach screamed in fear, as the train disconnected. The wheels came of as the train derailed, and only screaming was heard from among the three.

Cheating death is not possible.

The End

Chapter 15 was not the end! I had to feel as if the ending of the story was happy, but it was not. As you know, this story is officially finished, no tricks or stuff or any last touches. Below is a bonus section, details of the deaths and a bit of a summary. It also includes all the hidden signs and foreshadowings before the deaths.

Death: When Bobbery gets home, he goes to the bathroom, charges his cell phone, and shaves with a huge razor from the missing days. The radio turns on mysteriously, playing Tumbling Down. A woman calls from downstairs, saying his water debts are overdue for numerous months. He hangs up, and runs upstairs. The woman calls again, and he puts his razor on a cabinet at the bottom of the stairs, gets madder, and goes back up once more. After the phone rings once again and he realizes he forgot his razor, he runs downstairs in high irritation, but his phone charger wraps around his leg. He begins to pull, but the charger comes out and he falls down the stairs, crashing into the wardrobe at the bottom, and the razor from the wardrobe falls and cuts into his eye.

Signs: The song playing on his radio, Tumbling Down, foreshadows how he will die, by tumbling down. Another hidden sign was that the lady calling from the water supply was Jill, and it's a reference to the song Jack and Jill, when Jack gets a pail of water, he tumbles down, etc.

Guilty: The lady Jill was calling Bobbery, causing him to go up and down the stairs and cause him to be hectic. It is partially his own fault for putting the phone charger at his feet.


Death: Peach and Daisy are in the bathroom in a Japanese restaurant, and hit a radiator that connects to a cooking pond in the restaurant. The water starts to turn hot outside in the indoor pond, and one of the salmon jump into a secret sensor which turns the cooking pond on. Yoshi notices this and evacuates the people, but goes to get the others in the back room. He slips on overflowed water from the pond and falls into the hot pond. He tries to put his hand on an emergency sensor, but the emergency sensor was broken from the hit radiator. He boils to death.

Signs: Daisy orders sake sushi, which is salmon. Also, the cooking pond scroll in the room, which was pointed out.

Guilty: When a piece of the ceiling fell in the bathroom, Peach pushed Daisy out of the way and they both hit the radiator connected to the pond. Plus, it wasn't overflowed water which Yoshi had slipped on.

Mario (intervened)

Death: Supposed to be killed when an explosion broke out and caused a sword to almost fall into him in the wardrobe.

Signs: An origami design of a sharp blade. It was then replaces as a clue for Jolene's death.

Prevented: DK pulled him out of the wardrobe, just as the sword cut into the log in the wardrobe.


Death: Jolene and Mario are working in Mario's basement for a project to help the environment. Peach and DK tell them to get out, and Peach is afraid the sword will kill Mario. Mario gets out of the wardrobe with a log, but the log hits a lampshade over and splashes into a container of paint, which goes into an electric outlet associated with the bathroom on the first floor. Sparks appear in the bathroom, and create a fire. Jolene's phone vibrates and falls into the fire, causing an explosion. Everyone is startled, and Jolene jumps/falls back into a paper cutter she is using. She is impaled below the arm, and the paper cutter goes down suddenly and gives her a fatal gash.

Signs: The blade origami outside the room, which was replaced as a sign for her death instead of Mario's. Also, she pulls an origami paper out and uses it with the paper cutter.

Guilty: Mario hit over the lampshade, which caused the fire explosion which shocked Jolene. Her friend who called her on the phone caused the phone to vibrate and fall into the fire, making the loud reaction.

Note: The order between Mario and Jolene is confusing, because it seems that Jolene died before Mario did. No matter what, Jolene would be impaled but would or would not die. If Mario had been killed by the sword, the paper cutter wouldn't have went down and killed Jolene with the extra huge gash. Instead, she would have only been impaled in the arm and be badly wounded. But since Mario skipped his death, Jolene was next and Death made the paper cutter go down, killing her with the large cut.

Differ (if Mario was killed): Peach and DK would be horrified to see Mario dead with a sword in his body, but shocked to see Jolene impaled with the paper cutter handle. They call the ambulance, and they bring Jolene to the hospital. She skipped death and is moved back. Note: This never happens.

DK (intervened)

Death: DK and Peach are in a baseball park discussing their situation, when a baseball flies through the air and hits electric wires. They fall and land on a stranded car on the road, and explode, causing gears to fly all over the place. DK and Peach duck and dodge the flying engine, which was meant to hit DK.

Signs: When Peach and DK are talking, a noki yells, "Watch the ball! This'll shock you!" which foreshadows the electric wires shocking, hit by the ball. Also, Peach says "explode" seconds before the car explodes.

Prevented: DK ducked, saving himself.

Daisy and Peach (intervened)

Death: During the play, Peach notices a huge rain chandelier above them, hanging by ropes. Daisy notices it also and they are both anxious about it and don't say their lines, so Ms. Mows, who is controlling the lights, turns the lights to Mario. Her badge suitcase falls against a lever, which starts moving a huge wire across the ceiling which is holding decorative lanterns. It starts cutting the ropes holding the large chandelier until it falls, and they all jump out and dodge from getting smashed, with pieces of glass flying all over the place. Mario was never meant to get hit, which was mistaken by the others, so he was not moved to the end.

Signs: The name of the auditorium, Rainfall Cut auditorium, explains how they would have died. The rain chandelier, the ropes being cut, and making it fall and possibly cut them with the spikes.

Prevented: Peach yells at the last seconds for them to jump off the stage, saving herself and Daisy.

Detective Pennington

Death: When the chandelier fell, it crashed into pieces and a big piece hit the horizontal pole holding the curtains. The director is troubled and furious from the ruined play, and yells to close the curtains. Pennington, the curtains person, pulls the rope to close the curtains, but it is broken and the whole curtains fall onto him. He stumbles in the heap of curtains, and falls off the stage into the orchestra pit. He falls into a guitar stand and is impaled .

Signs: In the play, Mario plays a guitar, and Pennington is later killed by a guitar stand. Also: Unscramble Rainfall Cut, and you get Curtain Fall.

Guilty: Ms. Mows made the ropes holding the chandelier cut off and fall (explained previously), and a pointy piece hits the curtains pole and made them fall onto Pennington. The director rushed and yelled to close the curtains, so it's partially the director's fault.

Note: Daisy's car had broken down by Death, to prevent them from stopping the play and preventing Pennington's death.

Ms. Mows

Death: When she was shopping with Daisy in a mall building in a store called Lookafit Clothing, she saw Peach, DK, and Luigi coming to warn her. She is surprised at seeing Luigi, and walks towards him, but a noki playing with a shopping cart accidentally hits her, and she is sent banging into a shelf behind her. A glass panel from the top shelf falls off the shelf, crushing her to bits.

Signs: The clerk points to a glass sign, and Ms. Mows grabs a glass brown bracelet from the shelf before she gets killed by the glass panel. Also seen by Peach, when the cash register breaks the statue and pours fruit punch on it, it foreshadows how Ms. Mows would die.

Guilty: The noki who bumped into her with the shopping cart bumped her back and caused her to hit the shelf.

Luigi (intervened)

Death: Everyone is scared of the death of Ms. Mows, and the shopping cart hits the fruit punch container and pours fruit punch onto a hanging wire. The whole store is full of electric and with everyone out, the ceiling of the store collapses and makes the store destroyed. Luigi is standing right below the big sign that says "Lookafit Clothing", and the letters O and K suddenly jolt and come off. Peach screams to get out, as Luigi looks up and jumps back, dodging the letters.

Signs: When Ms. Mows got crushed, Peach sees a shirt with only the letters OK showing (LOOKAFIT CLOTHING). The clerk says, "This is not okay!" which also tells how Luigi would have died.

Prevented: Peach knows the signs, and sees the two letters above Luigi flicker. Knowing that he was next, she screams to get out and Luigi jumped back and dodged them.

Koops (intervened)

Death: When Koops and the others cause a fight, police arrive and tell them to stop. Koops doesn't obey, and takes a gun from his pocket. A policeman shoots his gun at Koops, but Koops falls back and the bullet bounces of his gun, missing him.

Signs: He takes out his own gun, and Peach sees a shop a few feet away from her called Bulletin Bakery (bullet)

Prevented: He saved himself by putting the gun in the air.


Death: Peach realizes that Mario was never supposed to die in the chandelier fall, because he wasn't next on the list in any way. They are on the lower floor when Mario suddenly appears in the elevator. Upstairs, when the police gave up, Koops is trying to open a non-operating elevator. He opens it, but slips and causes a huge palm tree to fall, making sawdust fall onto the rest of them on the lower floor. The broken elevator starts to spark and gets in contact with the other elevator shaft next to it. When the sparks reach the other elevator, it explodes. DK ducks the metal bar (it wasn't his turn to die), but Mario turns around and the elevator bar goes right through him, chopping him into two.

Signs: Koops slips on a metal bar in the upper floor, which resembles the elevator bar. When Peach looks at her footprint from the sawdust, it is cut in half.

Guilty: Koops! He tried to open the non-operating elevator which caused the sparks, and he made sawdust fall onto the others which distracted them from protecting Mario.

DK (intervened)

Death: Koops walks towards them with a chainsaw, but slips and the chainsaw flies into the air. DK crawls back quickly, but the chainsaw still cuts into his leg with pain.

Signs: The sawdust shows that he would die from a chainsaw, and Luigi says to Koops "…slipping away…" Koops slipped on the sawdust, combining both signs together.

Prevented: DK saved himself by crawling back.

Note: Similar to Jolene's death, he would get hurt badly no matter what, but Jolene had died because Mario had skipped his death. This time, ironically, it was Mario once more and he didn't survive, so DK didn't die.

Differ (if Mario had lived): Mario would have moved to the side and the elevator bar would miss him. Later on when the chainsaw flies into the air, DK would be too late and the chainsaw would have cut into his neck, being nearly-headless. Note: This doesn't happen.

Daisy (intervened)

Death: When she looks over the balcony to see if there's anyone left in the mall, she hears the chainsaw whir behind her. She's surprised and accidentally goes over the balcony, but her neck wraps around a very nearby cord that is hanging, saving her from falling. The cord starts to strangle and choke her, and when she tries to put her feet onto the balcony railing, her shoes fall off. Luigi manages to get to her and chops the cord, saving her.

Signs: Peach uses a headband cord to stop DK's bleeding, and she sees a shoe advertisement on a store that flashed once, which says, "You may depend on shoes to save your life from dying." Daisy would have saved herself if her shoes hadn't of come off.

Prevented: Luigi saved her by chopping the cord and untied the cord from her neck. They shared a kiss afterwards.

Peach (intervened)

Death: A mechanical fan in the wall behind some blinds starts to malfunction, and a piece of the blade shoots out. Peach, after seeing the premonition of her, knows that it was coming and ducks, the blade chipping into the wall behind her.

Signs: DK mentions that he needs an air conditioner before the fan started to malfunction, and before that, Peach suddenly feels a gust of wind, non-relating to the mechanical fan.

Prevented: Peach saw a premonition of herself of the blade killing her, and was able to know her own death.


Death: Peach tells Luigi to stay away from a deadly fight with Koops, when pieces of wood fall from above. DK tries to get up but stumbles, causing a small piece of wood to fly into the air and pierce Luigi's hand into the wall. Luigi bangs his other hand against the wall in pain, causing the light fixture above him to fall, which electrocutes him. The others stop moving, and when the smoke clears, they see Luigi's charred body.

Signs: Peach sees an advertisement for a Wood & Electric Farming Company, and from far away from them, a palm tree falls down (wood).

Guilty: Peach told Luigi to stay against the wall, and DK caused the piece of wood to fly into Luigi's hand. Luigi himself caused the light fixture to fall.


Death: When he stands in front of the balcony saying there was no signs to see Luigi's death and saying that he would forever live, the top holders of a sign above him comes off, causing the sign to swing down and hit Koops, who plummeted over the balcony five stories down. He splatters against the edge of a fountain, dying instantly.

Sign: Koops kept on saying that there were no signs to predict Luigi's death, and that he would never die. The sign which says "Don't Think You Is Always Immortal" swung and hit him, combing both of his verbal signs into his death.

Guilty: The mother fucker himself.

At this point, a magazine scrap flies through the air, which says "3 live long, there way to a new destiny, as they escaped their fates forever…

Peach, DK, and Daisy think that they have escaped death.

A year later, the death cycle started to happen again without them realizing.


Intervened Death: While in his cabana tree house in his canopy, a part of the cabana suddenly collapsed. He grabbed onto a vine and didn't fall hundreds of feet below.


Intervened Death: While getting ready on her bed, her humidifier exploded. She quickly held her hand mirror in front of her face at her quick reflex. When she turned it around, there was a huge piece of glass stuck into it.


Intervened Death: While flying in her helicopter, she almost hits a utility pole and catches onto wires instead. Her helicopter was going so fast that the wires were whipped from the velocity and were to cut Peach in the cockpit. She ducked as the wires almost hit her, breaking the glass and causing her walk the rest of the way. This was done for a reason, because Peach then arrived at the train station much later and she couldn't think twice before going into the train. If she flew all the way to the station, she would have been paranoid and stopped the train before it departed, saving everybody.

Peach sees Daisy at the station, and Peach notices signs. She sees a fountain (Koops' death) and a man in the luggage line has a ring tone that plays "Tumbling Down" (Bobbery's death). She notices a light fixture that loses electricity (Luigi's death) and in the train she sees a metal bar (Mario's death). In the eating room she sees advertisements for a Japanese Restaurant (Yoshi's death), an advertisement to help the environment (Jolene's death), and an advertisement for the Rainfall Cut Auditorium (Pennington's death). She finally sees a girl with a Lookafit Clothing shirt (Ms. Mows' death). She runs to the front of the train, and sees DK as the driver. They mention that they all almost died that morning, and Peach suddenly has the premonition.

Someone in a car in front of them made a stop sign fall onto the tracks. Their train cart separates from the others and behind them the rest of the train crashes into a deadly explosion, killing around a hundred people. DK flies through the front window and gets run over, Daisy falls out and smashes into a rock, and the train cart loses control and flips onto its side, and stops. Peach is alive on the ground, but sees a blimp above her in a fiery blaze falling towards her. She screams and it comes down onto her.

Peach is back from the premonition, and tells what she just saw. DK and Daisy sees the stop sign on the road, and they try to get out. Unfortunately…

The chance of them surviving was the chance of Koops surviving the splattering fall, aka 0

The chance of a sequel is 87 percent, because I will have to make a video onto youtube as part of my next story. Please review, or else a sequel might not be available, please please! Thank you everyone for reading this story! The sequel will be much better than this one, with new characters.