EVANGELION: Super Robot Style

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Shinji stood in front of the monorail entrance. He had just gotten to Tokyo 3 and was waiting for his escort to appear. In his left hand, he held a picture of said guardian, a purple haired lady in a pose that could have made the cut for a Playboy cover. His yellow scarf billowing in the wind which somehow always encircles him, he studied the woman's face, committing it to memory. He heard the loud booms from the missiles dropped somewhere in the vicinity, but did not pay attention to them. Until one decided to land in his vicinity, that is. He rolled out of the smokes of the explosion and landed in a crouch. A stylish crouch(whatever that is).

He looked up and, as if on cue, a red Renault screeched to a halt in front of him and the passenger door burst open.

"GET IN!", the woman in the driver's seat ordered. Shinji moved as the woman instructed and got into the car. The Renault sped off just moments before a stray missile dropped behind the car, creating a small crater.

"Miss Misato?", he asked as he compared the woman to the picture he had in his hand.

"That's me! And you are….", she replied and studied the boy in the driver's seat. His face looked like the photograph in her bio file which she was holding in her left hand, but she wasn't expecting a longer hari that went down to the eyes and a short ponytail.

Or a long yellow scarf tied around the neck, which, despite the windows being closed and a broken A/C, was blowing backwards.

Or the fact that his collar was up and he had 3 buttons unfastened below the neck.

Or that the former allowed her a glimpse at a well-developed chest. Speaking of which, so were his hands which, while skinny, looked taut with muscles.

Not to mention his eyes, which holds a lot more fire in them than the picture suggests.

"….You ARE Shinji Ikari, right?", she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. My name is Shinji Ikari", he replied. Misato felt her facial muscles tighten slightly.

"S, Shinji….I would really, really, really appreciate it if you never, ever call me ma'am again. OK?", she said slowly and clearly.

"Yes, MA'AM!", he replied instantly. Misato felt a twitch coming on.

'Calm down. Calm down. He's the boss' kid, and as much as I hate babysitting someone who calls me ma'am, his general mood will be the measure of my paycheck. So, then….namu namu namu namu namu namu namu….it's not working! OK, lessee…buildings…flying concrete…pavement…rubble….missile…wait. MISSILE!'

And such was the end of Misato's internal monologue as a stray missile hit ground zero right in front of the car, which flipped up in the air 5 times before sliding to a stop.

"….Are we dead yet?", she asked a few minutes after the car stopped rolling and opened one eye.

"I think not, ma'am. I mean, miss Misato", Shinji answered as he start to extricate himself from the upside-down car.

"Well, that sucks…I still have 33 payments more to go on this baby. I thought at least in heaven I can ask for a new one", she said as she followed after Shinji.

"No, miss Misato! You must never give up hope in life! I am sure that you can pay the whole cost even with your as-yet-undisclosed meager salary!", Shinji roared (yes, roared) as he turned towards Misato, his right fist clenched and raised to his chest in that heroic pose.

"….Um….er….yes….I…uh…I won't, Shinji…thanks for that…uh…advice…", she replied while looking at him in a mixture of embarrassment, a very small bit of gratitude, and a large amount of incredulity. "Now, shall we-"

"Let's turn the car over!", Shinji cut her off.

"…yeah…let's do that", she replied, still looking at him in that 'He's gotta be an alien or I'm killing myself' look.

The 2 of them pushed the overturned car from the side and, to Misato's surprise, corrected its position in one try. Shinji was definitely stronger than his size suggested. With that done, they continued their kamikaze drive through the streets of Tokyo 3. The missiles seem to be more forgiving this time around, but that wasn't their biggest problem. Oh, hell no. Their biggest problem was waiting right beyond the next block.

"Oh, shit! It's the Angel!", Misato cried out as she drifted the car into a stop.

"An Angel! What is the messenger of god doing destroying a city!", Shinji cried out as he braced himself in his seat. Misato decided it would be a waste of 30 minutes to explain.

Their savior was just beyond the corner, however, and it tackled the monstrosity before it could do anything to our young protagonist. Misato didn't waste any time taking this chance to escape and revved up the engine to the red, speeding off in the general direction of the NERV headquarters.

"Is it going to be OK?", Shinji asked, looking back at the purple humanoid giant robot-thingy fighting the angel and losing…badly.

"I doubt it…", Misato answered, then had a mental image of Shinji rushing off to save the purple thing and ending up dead. This was continued with a mental slideshow of what would happen to her after that. Losing her job. Losing her house. Losing her car. No Yebisu beer to drink. That last one shook her up. "BUTDONTWORRYSHEWILLBEFINECAUSEWEWILLBLOWITUPWITHN2!", she screamed to Shinji, who was looking for the door lock.

He didn't get half of that, but he did get the 'it(?) will be fine' and stopped trying to bail out. Of course, on hindsight, it may not have been for the better since it was at that instant in time and space that the said N2 was dropped in the vicinity, blowing the car away to land a kilometer away, surprisingly intact, upside down, again. It did not take them long to get going again the second time around, if that is any consolation.

The rest of the journey did not contain too many surprises. The Renault pulled into an elevator that leads into the heart of NERV. As soon as it did, the elevator shuddered and brought the car down.

"So my father is the head of NERV?", Shinji asked Misato, who was currently calculating the damage to her clothes, sunglasses, and car without succumbing to depression.

"Yes, Shinji", she answered curtly as she tried to calculate the cost of a new paint job.

"The savior of the world?", he asked again.

"Yes, Shinji", she answered on autopilot, wincing inwardly when she came up with a 6 figure sum.

"So I am the son of the defender of love and peace? Upholder of justice and protector of the weak?", he asked again.

"Yes…wait…what was that again?", she answered, not really hearing the question. If she had, she might not have agreed to all that. "Oh, wait, nevermind. We are here", she continued when they reached the end of their destination. Shinji seemed to have not paid any attention to the fact that they were now in an underground cavern, focusing instead on the fact that he was the son of a hero with a look of heroic determination and striking a heroic folded arms pose all the way down.

They walked around the complex for a while after that. Shinji was still oblivious to the fact that they were going in circles. A fact that Misato Katsuragi thanked the gods for, if they exist. As they went from corridor 49, to 54, to 87, to 65, to 34, and back to 49, Misato began getting desperate. Sure, Shinji still seemed oblivious, but she doesn't want to push her luck. After all, he had shown an unprecedented amount of strength and focus during their journey. Who knows what he might do if he knew she got them lost. Luckily for her, however, her savior was around the corner.

"What the hell are you doing here, Misato?", a female voice called out from in front of her. She looked up from her map, relieved to find a familiar voice.

"Ah! Ritsuko! Sorry, sorry, I was just giving Shinji here a tour of the place", she said and scratched her head with her left hand. Shinji looked up to see a blonde scientist in a white coat.

"Ah. Got lost again, eh, captain?", she replied. There was a stabbing sound near Misato's head. If there were word bubbles in this story, that would have been the cause. Meanwhile, Shinji was looking at Misato with newfound interest.

"You're a captain?", he asked her. The latter just nodded. Shinji suddenly took 3 steps backwards and bowed. "FORGIVE ME FOR SHOUTING AT YOU EARLIER, CAPTAIN!", he shouted in a volume that would have put EVA-01 to shame.

"I…it's OK, Shinji…no offense taken", she replied after clearing her ears of the ringing sounds caused by Shinji's shout.

"Are you…the 3rd child?", Ritsuko asked hesitantly. Shinji nodded as he stood at attention and gave a salute. "It's OK, Shinji. I'm not a military officer", she said, and immediately wished she hadn't.

"I UNDERSTAND, MA'AM! HOWEVER! I! MUST! RESPECT! MY! SUPERIOR! OFFICER! MA'AM!", he shouted again, even louder this time. It was said that at that moment, a certain angel over Tokyo 3 lost his balance due to a small unrecorded earthquake. Misato, prepared this time, had covered her ears and was mouthing to Ritsuko to just hurry up and get him to the commander. Rtisuko nodded. She swore one of her eyes was still turning in its socket.

"This way then. AND NO NEED TO THANK US!", Ritsuko said, adding in the last part when she saw Shinji drawing up a breath. They quickly led him to the EVA cage, where Gendo overlooks the entire operation from a control room high above. "Now, remember Shinji. Your father has a weak heart, so don't speak too loudly", she warned him. He nodded as he marveled at the purple giant robotic thing in front of him.

"Shinji", a booming voice called out. Shinji instinctively placed his right fist close to his hip, put his left arm up, fist drawn and ready to strike, and lowered his body into a cat stance, where 80 of his body weight is placed on the right leg, the one supporting his body while his left leg hangs, ready to kick, as he turned towards the source of the ominous voice. Needless to say, this surprised everyone in the room. Even EVA-01, which flinched inwardly.

'Damn, where the hell did Gendo send him off to?', it thought. Everyone else had their mouths open. Except for Gendo. He was too badass for that. It surprised him, though.

"Um…Shinji. This is your father", Gendo tried his little greeting again.

"Dad?", Shinji asked as he straightened up and looked up at his father in the command room. "How come you sound like Dr. Hell? Or Darth Vader?", he asked. Gendo looked around at his staff, all of whom shrugged their shoulders.

"That is beside the point, Shinji. Now, do you know why I have brought you here?", he asked.

"Give me a giant robot of mass destruction so I could keep peace in the world?", Shinji replied.

"Yes. I mean, NO! Wait! Yes! No, wa-Ah, to hell with it….Shinji, I want you to pilot that robot", Gendo replied not so truthfully, or fully, for that matter. "Should you refuse…", Gendo clicked his fingers and in comes an incapacitated blue-haired girl on a rolling bed. A lot of her body parts were in casts and bandage. "She will-"

"I'll do it!", Shinji shouted. Gendo blinked. He looked at his staff again. They shrugged. Again. He made a mental note to add a new rule about answering with words. "However! I have conditions!", Shinji continued. Gendo smiled. This was the way it was supposed to be.

"Name them", he said. Shinji took a deep breath and puffed his chest, which got the attention of the ladies. He was not supposed to be able to do that.

"I want a motorbike. Not just any bike. I want a transformable GTRX-4232, complete with a gun rack, missile launchers, extendable seats, and a turbo powered Shinseiki 45643 2000HP engine. Oh, yeah, black paint job", Shinji said, reading from a note his uncle Tatsuya had given him.

"…Any of you got that?", Gendo asked his staff. One of them, a nameless staff who's really into tokusatsu raised a hand. "Good. Take care of it", he said to the nameless staff. Said staff quickly nodded and ran off to take care of it. "Anything else, son?", Gendo returned to Shinji, who had gone to the girl in the rolling bed and was looking at her. She looked back with her red eyes. She was obviously in pain. They looked at each other like that for a good minute before looking back at Gendo.

"Just remember this, dad. I, Ikari Shinji, shall fight only for the sake of justice and peace! I fight for the sake of people like this woman here who was obviously injured in the angel attack! I shall not defy your orders! Unless it leads to evil! IN WHICH CASE I SHALL SHOW YOU HELL ON EARTH!", Shinji roared (gasp, again) at Gendo, striking his heroic fist-up pose. Fuyutsuki glanced at Gendo. Gendo glanced back. Both shrugged. The girl in the bed seemed inclined to say something, but given her injuries, couldn't make a sound. "Oh, and my scarf stays with me everywhere I go", Shinji finished.

"Done. What?", Gendo said, realizing too late Shinji's last words had gone unnoticed. Shinji nodded and followed the technicians who would suit him up and load him into the EVA.

"….Seriously, man. Where the hell did you send him?", Fuyutsuki asked Gendo. The latter shrugged.

"He was supposed to have stayed with a wimpy uncle and turn out a wimpy boy, not….this…..whatever he is…..", Gendo replied, miffed that he did not get the chance to pressurize his son this time around.

Shinji sat in the cockpit of the EVA, suited in his blue-white dive suit, his red scarf floating in the liquid. LCL began to pour around him and enveloped his entire body. He had been told he was to breathe normally by Dr. Ritsuko. It was hard at first, but he got used to it quickly. Now, he sat in the cockpit, ready for whatever was about to come.

"Are you ready, Shinji?", Ritsuko said from the control room. Her face was on a screen to Shinji's right. He did not glance at the screen when he answered.

"Ossu!", he said. His eyes looked forward, never straying to any distractions.

"What's his sync level?", Misato asked Maya, one of the staff in the control room.

"Um….95...", she answered. The others turned to look at her, stunned.

"That high…without training?", Misato said to herself.

"Looks like he has great focus", Ritsuko followed.

"Well, then. EVA-01! LAUNCH!", Misato yelled.

"SHINJI IKARI! LAUNCH!", Shinji roared inside the cockpit just before the catapult shot upwards.

"Did you really have to shout?", Ritsuko asked.

"I can't help it! Watching him is like watching Mazinger Z or Getter Robo for the first time again!", Misato said enthusiastically. Ritsuko took a step away.

Outside, Shinji had reached the surface and started to move out of the catapult, the angel a distance away in front of him.

"Now, Shinji. Try to walk", Ritsuko said from the control room.

"Walk?", Shinji asked the image to his left.

"Yes, Shinji! Focus your entire mind into it! Become one with the EVA! Now GO! Bring peace unto the world!", Misato shouted from somewhere to Ritsuko's right, who took another step away. Shinji nodded and began to focus on a walking sequence.

EVA-01 lifted its right foot and brought it down gently, heel first. It quickly shifted its weight onto the instep, then toes, and switched foot.

'Alright. Now, stop', Shinji thought. The EVA didn't stop, however. 'So, you wish to fight, then', he thought again, and the EVA walked faster. 'As you wish….', Shinji thought and focused on running full tilt towards the angel.

The EVA dashed forward, body bent low. The angel did not react until it got close enough to deliver a blow.

"ORYAAAA!", Shinji roared(ga…ahhh, get used to it) as the EVA threw a powerful right haymaker. It was stopped a distance away from the angel, but he managed to follow through and push the angel back several paces.

"OOOOOHHHHHH!", the entire staff in the control room cheered.

"Be careful of it's AT barrier, Shinji!", Ritsuko warned him.

"A barrier, huh? Well, then, I shall take it down!", Shinji yelled inside the cockpit as the EVA quickly closed the distance, dodging a laser beam from the angel as it did so. "USELESS!", he roared to the angel. Somewhere, Yui Ikari looked on with a feeling of pride and uneasy embarrassment rolled into one.

"EAT THIS! BURNING FISTS!", Shinji roared and assaulted the angel with a rapid-fire barrage of left and right punches. They were weaker than his first haymaker, but each hit steadily and surely wore down the angel's AT field. By the 3/4th of the move, the barrier was gone, and Shinji landed his punches all around the angel's front half.

"YEAHH!", the people in the control room yelled. Most of them had gotten popcorns and soda. Misato was drinking a can of Yebisu and popping popcorn held in Ritsuko's hand into her mouth.

"He has a named attack?", Ritsuko wondered. Her face says 'I don't really want to know'.

"Of course! He is a pilot of a Super Robot! He MUST name his attacks!", Misato answered animatedly before perking up her ears. Someone had set up some BGM.

"Pegasus Fantasy?", Ritsuko asked incredulously.

"How do you know that song?", Misato asked. Ritsuko turned red and did not answer. She shrugged and continued watching the show, er…battle.

"Now…finishing MOVE!", Shinji yelled as EVA-01 grabbed the stunned angel with both hands.

"TEN!", he roared and threw the angel up several kilometers into the air.

"CHI!", he roared again as he jumped up after it. Once he caught up, he grabbed the angel by its face and angled his body so that both the EVA and the angel had their heads to the earth.

"OTOSHI!", he roared and pushed down. He wasn't aware of it, but he had formed an AT barrier behind him and kicked on it to propel them downwards at incredible speeds. The altitude ensured they won't be coming back down for a while, and the angel used this opportunity for a last-ditch attack. It wrapped itself around EVA-01 and exploded in a cross of fire.

The people in the control room stopped cheering and looked at the screens. A minute later, they cheered again when they saw EVA-01 standing below the explosion, its arms crossed, its eyes looking towards an invisible horizon.

"This fight!", Shinji shouted in the cockpit. The control room fell silent once more.

"MY VICTORY!", he finished in a loud roar, which was a cue for the staff to start cheering again.

"Alright, Shinji! Come into the elevator now!", Misato said to the pilot. EVA-01 didn't move. "Shinji?", she asked. No response.

"What's wrong?", Ritsuko asked her staff.

"….It appears that EVA-01's power has run out…", Maya answered.

"What? How…oh...yeah…", Ritsuko said, recalling the moment before the throw where Shinji had grabbed the power line and pulled the plug out of the back. She marveled at the kid's intuition. That EVA will never reach that height with a cable sticking out its back. She also marveled at the kid's stupidity. "Send recovery teams. We shouldn't have any problems getting him out", she continued.

"By the way, Ritsuko…", Misato began. Ritsuko turned towards her. "Do you think we should have told him to go for the S2 engine?", she asked. The latter thought for a while, then shrugged.

"What's the point? He already won. Besides, if we told him that, we'd need to explain what it is in the first place, and that could take a while given his…er….mental condition…", she answered.

"Good point", Misato said and went back to watching the screen.

Somewhere in the control room, Ikari Gendo was getting twitches at the side of his lips that was close to a smile. He had not expected that kind of power from his son. Not by a long shot. He'd need to remind himself to give Yui's brother a call.

"So, do you get all that?", Ritsuko said to Shinji, who was sitting in the hospital bed in a pajama, his red scarf still around his neck and moving slowly along his back. He was not hurt, but the doctors had done a CAT scan on Ritsuko's orders, just in case. He nodded.

"Forgive me, professor. I should not have done it. I shall endeavor to be more careful in the future", he said and bowed his head.

"Those were some nice moves though. How and where on earth did you learn all that stuff?", Misato asked.

"Oh, Burning Fists is a move I created long ago during my trainings in mount Fuji under uncle Tatsuya's guidance. Ten Chi Otoshi was created by my dear departed uncle Musashi, and passed on to me by uncle Benkei. It was originally called Dai Setsu Zan Oroshi, but since the EVA structure was not suitable for it, I had to improvise", Shinji answered. The 2 women in the room looked at each other, each wearing odd looks on their faces. Do they really want to know? Deciding the answer was no, they turned back to him.

"So, what do you plan to do now?", Ritsuko asked.

"Yeah. We have yet to decide on your residence. And there's the matter of your unorthodox style of combat. We'll need to do some modifications to the EVA", Misato followed. In its cage, EVA-01 sneezed. It came out as a loud snort/growl that surprised the techies working around it, who quickly decided to work extra fast and end the shift early. 'Who's talking about me?', it thought.

"Oh, yeah. About that…I believe I have something in my bag for that", Shinji replied and groped around inside his black duffel bag, which had been all but forgotten throughout this story. Moments later, he pulled out a disk and handed it to Ritsuko. "Here. This should give you a good idea what my fighting techniques will be like when optimized", he said. Ritsuko took it and looked at the label.

It said 'Shinji Ikari's super awesome burning spirit fighting techniques, on foot and on a robot. Plus: Things that should be added to ensure peak performance in a bare robotic model. Will turn trash cans into super weapons of destruction! BOOYAH!'. Ritsuko read it several times and made up her mind that whoever taught Shinji must be a mad scientist. Not her kind of 'supergenius' mad scientist, of course, but the 'mad' mad kind.

"Oh, and Ritsuko! Don't forget the scarf!", Misato added, pointing at Shinji's red scarf. The person she spoke to sighed. Who knew Misato was such an otaku? Was that why she broke up with an as yet undisclosed member of NERV? That otaku was currently giving her a puppy-dog look. She inwardly sighed again.

"Alright, alright. I'll make sure to add it to ensure…uh…dynamic stability…or whatever…", she replied. Misato drew her fist into the 'yes' position while Shinji looked outside the room door at the injured girl he saw earlier. She was talking to his father. The latter left quickly, not even bothering to glance at Shinji. Shinji, being the Shinji he is now, didn't pay attention. He just looked at the girl, who was looking back at him. He thought he saw some negative emotions in her crimson eyes, but she was wheeled away before he could be sure.

"…so, OK, Shinji?", Misato asked.

"Huh?", he replied. Apparently, the 2 ladies in the room had been talking about something while he was busy observing the girl.

"I said, is our living arrangement OK?", Misato asked.

"Uh…OK?", Shinji voiced his confusion. Apparently, Misato was not a very good judge of phonetics and took that as a statement.

"Alright then! Meet me in the parking lot later", she said and bounced out the room.

"You weren't really answering her question, were you?", Ritsuko asked.

"What?", Shinji replied, still oblivious.

"sigh Never mind…", Ritsuko said and left the room, leaving the bewildered Shinji in the room.

End Chapter 1.

Well, there we go, Shinji as a mix of a bunch of hot-blooded heroes rolled into one.

Things to appear (much) later in the story:

An original Ultraman

2 very famous classic giant robots

More famous classic giant robots