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It was a quite day in Bey City, the birds where chirping the bees where buzzing, the butterflies flew around in twos and all was quite at Bey City High you could hear even hear the breeze blowing with…

"WHAT KIND OF CRAP WAS THAT!" came a yelled

Kai was interviewing the students for the fall play. He was really getting into the part as the director, he was sitting in a director's chair that he placed in between aisle he had on a director's hat, and small square frame glasses. He held in his had a megaphone and on his lap was a clipboard and pen, next to him was a small table that had container of coffee with a cup full of it. He was currently yelling at a lot of student.

"You Suck! NEXT!"

"That was perfect, IN SHIT VILLE! NEXT!"

"Are you sure you're not looking for the Stupid Con! NEXT!"

"Can I say anything but lame."


"Huh? You're done? Great I'll call you if I need to fall asleep again." Kai said while pretending to fall asleep.

The next guy actually tried to fight back.




"But I…"


"Can't you just…"


The guy gave up seeing he was not getting though to Kai. And that is how all of Kai's auditions went and every one who audition ended up running off the stage crying, or glaring at him.

"Next! Kon, Ray! ... Kon! Get up here!" Kai yelled

Kai turned to face the remaining auditioning people who where sitting behind him in the seats of the auditorium. Finally a boy got up he was wearing baggie dark blue jeans and a black sweatshirt with a tiger on the back and a small yin yang symbol on the front. He also had on black Vans, and a torn piece of cloth was used as a headband to keep his hair out of his face, the rest of his hair reached down the back and it was wrapped in a white cloth. He had headphones in his ears and was bouncing his head to the beat.

"Any day now Kon." Kai said getting ticked off.

Ray heard Kai's remarked but made no change in his walking pace to the stage, finally he was on the stage. He read the line everyone was required to read and waited for Kai's answer.

"Bravo, bravo" Kai said cheerfully as he clapped his hands, Ray took a bow and started to head off stage.

"Thank you for showing us how not to act." Kai said suddenly

Ray stopped and turned to face Kai.

"What did you say?" Ray asked

"You heard me you long hair pussy! You can't act." Kai spat out.

Ray jumped off the stage and got up in his face.

"Better take that back you dick weed director." Ray said back as he knocks off Kai's hat

"That's right you ass! I'm the director and what I say goes, so you know what!"

Both where face to face

"What? You're an inconsiderate ass wipe, and a hell of a jack ass director?"

"No," Kai said as he stuck out his hand

"You're in."

Ray was confused

"You're in because, you where the only one to talk fight me back. I need more auditioning actors like you." Kai said

Ray stared at Kai's outstretch hand then starched his own hand out.

"Hey it's cool, I like your style." Ray said shaking Kai's hand

"Here you got the lead role, you understand that you're devoted to this play and keeping your grades up and all that shit." Kai not wanting to get into to much of the rules

Ray took the script "Yeah, fine whatever I'll keep them up"

Ray walked out and Tyson walked in

"Wow Kai you're loud I could hear you when I entered the school…

This is SHIT! That is CRAP! You're an ass..." Tyson said imitating what he heard

What did you do with the try outs people? There all depress." Tyson said

"I yelled at them, only one person got a part and that person is Ray Kon, because he actually fought back. Besides that other kid but he gave up." Kai stated

Tyson stared at Kai "You mean the Chinese troublemaker and great actor? Also know as the White Tiger?" Tyson said on edge of his seat.

"Yeah, I guess so, why do you want to know?" Kai said getting suspicious.

"Just curious, hehe, o and can I sign up my friend he has to make up a test so can be here." Tyson said putting his hands together.

"Fine." He said Kai then looked as Tyson wrote out the letter M-a-x T-a-t-e

"Thanks Kai I have to go to Choir practice so I'll be back after school with Max."

Tyson place a small kiss on Kai's lips and left but then asked

"Kai what play is it and what's so special about it?" Tyson asked he knew his boyfriend didn't plan to follow the really story he always added his own style to it.

"Well for one it's going to be played by all boys and two it is Cinderella remake."

"Perfect." Tyson said with a devilish smile

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