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"Is this really happening to me, I'm I really kissing Ray?" Max asked himself, as he felt less weight on his lips.

Ray had broken the kiss and looked at Max with a small smile.

"I hope I did not just steal your first kiss."

"Um no I'm ok" Max said as he looked away with small blush.

Ray looked down. "You're still not use to kissing me are your?"

Max tensioned up a bit. "I can tell from the way you kissed."

Max gave a pout. "Well I'm sorry I never kiss anyone in a play before." He shouted and crossed his arms

"No – no you where good it's just needs a little work." Ray said in his defense holding his hand up front, and then scratched behind his head.

"Guess we could call it a day." Ray got up and held his hand out to help Max up.

"Where do you live?" Ray asked as he hosted Max up.

Max gave a shrug and placed his bag over his shoulder. "It's about half hour walk away."

"Want a ride?" Ray asked as he grabbed his own stuff.

"You have a car?"

"Yup come on." Both headed to the door that Tyson and Kai where still at and both began to panic.

After panicking up and down the hall a little they stood with their back to the wall. The doors almost crushed both of them. After Max and Ray turned the corner, Tyson and Kai let out the breath they didn't know they where holding. Tyson made the baseball umpired safe signal, and Kai left a smile come at the sight of how cute Tyson acted.

"Don't worry O Great Director Kai I'll be at rehearsal by 3:10 sharp." Came Ray's taunting and sarcastic voice.

"And Tyson you're getting off so easy next time I see you." Max said joining in.

As Max fallowed Ray out to the student parking lot, he couldn't get that kiss out of his head.

"Max look out!"

Max snapped out of his thoughts as he saw two beams of light speeding towards him. The next thing Max knew was that he leaning against something cold and hard while he was looking at a the sweatshirt of a certain someone.

He was so distracted that a crazy student driver almost him, luck Ray pulled him to the side in time.

Ray had pulled Max to the side and placed him between himself and the wall. Max looked up to see a panting Ray taking in deep breath of air.

"Are you ok?"

Max gave a slight nod as took in all that just happen.

"Don't do that again what where you thinking about that made you not see that car coming?" Ray asked as he laid his forehead against Max's.

Max said something but it came out more as a mumble. "Come again?"

"It … was uh, the kiss."

Ray lifted his head off of Max's to look at Max. "The kiss?"

Max was now fidgeting under Ray's gaze. "Yeah"

Ray chuckled a little at how cute Max looked. "Well if you wanted another one why didn't you just asked."

Max looked up to Ray. "Really?"

"Yeah," Ray tilted Max face upwards with one finger. "Really" and gave him a sweet tender kiss on the lips.

After the kiss got to out of hand Ray stopped and took hold of Max's hand and both walked to Ray's car.

They next day Max was still a little angry with Ty for spying on him, and decided as punishment he would not know what happen in the parking lot with Ray.

It was five minutes before lunch when the bell signaling that and announcement would be coming came in.

Hey this is your School announcer Tommy, and I'm here with School's director Kai Hiwatari. So Kai how is your upcoming play coming.

Dude why are you talking like that?

Just answer the question please.

Well besides the fact Tommy can't talk right, I want all you fags to come see this play of mine it will be a-

Kai you can't call the students fags ok?

Well how about bastards and bitches?

NO you can't your getting me in trouble.

Whores and asses?

Stop Kai.

Man Tommy your no fun.

I'll get in trouble.

Fine well students of this lame dip shit school come see the play it's a troublesome romance with a happy ending crap. If you like Cinderella you'll thing this, so you all better come. All students in the play come for a meeting today at lunch. And I'm done with this fucking announcement thanks Tommy.

Thank you Kai well go see the play and have a nice day Bey High.

The speaker signaled with a beep as it shut off. But suddenly came back on.

Kai you fucking fag! What the hell was your problem?!

Tommy you always put an act of well behaved and nice not to mention boring, but know we know your true self.

What so you mean?

Well that little red light means you're on the air right?


Thanks for joining me, Kai Hiwatari and Tommy you have just be punk'd. Come by and watch the play.

The speaker signaled off again, chuckles and giggles spread around room. A bell rang soon after that signaling the end of fourth period and beginning of lunch. And even though Tyson was hungry he passed all the food and headed to the drama room.

But once Max and Tyson arrived, they found it to be locked. The rest of the play's members arrived in groups of one and twos. And finally Kai him self came swinging a key around his finger. And the first thing he said after opening the door was.

"Sit your ass down on the floor, so we can start this meeting." Kai said as he went to the front of the room where a podium stood, everyone quietly took a seat.

Looking around the group Kai asked. "Ok how many of you know at least, at least, 2 people in this room?"

Everyone's hand went up.

"Ok now how many of you hang out with those two people?"

No hands where risen.

"Good" Kai said with a nod. Puzzled looks where given.

"Why, well, by the end of this play you will. Everyday instead of hanging out with your fiends you'll be in here talking to get to know each other better. Don't like it to bad and get use to it."

"But Kai thanks to you being late, lunch is over."

Leaning over the podium he lifted Tyson's face up. "Well Tyson it's a good thing I order pizza then."

.xXx. Meanwhile some else on campus .xXx.

"So Mariah, why are you dressing up as a guy again?" A girl with blue hair asked as she helped Mariah slip on a shirt.

"It's the only why I can be close to Ray."

"So what part are you playing?" Handing over wig next, the blue hair girl watch leaning against a wall.

"The sister." Mariah answered flipping the wig over.

"Well you better be careful, what if you have to get change with them, I think they'll be bond to notice something."

"Don't worry about it. I got it covered."

.xXx. Few Minutes later .xXx.

"You're late."

"Just by a few minutes."

"I said be here at lunch, do you not understand that." Kai yelled.

"Poor Mario, he never had a chance when he walked though those doors." Tyson said to Max, in a low whisper.

"Yup" Max gave a nod.

.xXx. Later on .xXx.

"Bravo, you're all here on time." Kai said sarcastically as he clapped. "Now we can start, lets first get you all into charter, go up on the stage."

(A/N: This next part I took from my school's Drama class, I was watching them and it somehow works well for them.)

Kai sat in the audience.

Kai talked clamed and in even breaths. "Now close your eyes focus on breathing, take in this site; all the seats are filled it's opening night, you're in your costume. But it's no longer you costume, no it's your clothes. You are your charter, however you think they stand, stand that way. But don't lose your concentration on breathing. Ok, open your eyes walked the way you imagine they would."

Kai watch them circle the stage. "Good, good"

After about a minute of this Kai told them to mingle, everyone was perfectly in charter. Ray was talking with Tala and Bryan, Robert fussing over Lee and Mario, Max sitting in a corner by himself.

'Hm, Very good' Kai told himself as he looked around the room. He got everyone's attention and told that everyday they will be doing that warm-up till the show or till he though they didn't need to do it anymore.

"I'll be back soon I need to check on the back-up actors, and tell them what to practice." Kai headed to the door but stopped, turned and said calmly. "By the way the costume department will be coming by to measure you for outfits, the costume department is all girls and they will be measuring so you'll be in your underwear."

The cast blink a few times till the all screamed.


At that Kai poked his head out of the doors he went through and responded.

"One, I don't care if you hate me, 2 stay in charter, 3 if you have to scream, scream What the fuck."

He left again to leave everyone dumfounded.

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