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High School Drama
Based on 'High School Musical'
By Fiyero Oberon
Chapter One
Prima Donna

"Oh one more thing, class! As you all know, the fall musical will be having auditions in just a week," Darbus said. "Last year's musical was a hit and I'm sure this year's will be great as well!" She winked at Troy and Gabriella, who turned and smiled at each other. Sharpay's upper lip curled delicately, her disgust very apparent.

One of the kids in the front, a girl with two blonde pigtails protruding from either side of her head, raised her hand. "Are freshman allowed to be in the musical?" she asked when Ms. Darbus acknowledged her.

"Freshmen are encouraged to audition," Darbus continued. "We love fresh faces and freshmen sure are fresh!" Ms. Darbus twittered at her own joke. "Are there any questions? Remember, ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer, and there are no such things as stupid questions!" Darbus had a pleasant smile plastered on her face, though just a glance at her shifting eyes would tell anyone that she had no idea what she just said.

Sharpay shot her hand in the air. "What's the musical?" she asked, not waiting for Ms. Darbus to call on her. "Because I've heard rumors about Oklahoma and I must say that I –"

"Oklahoma, although a fine musical in its own right, is not the musical we will be performing this fall," Ms. Darbus said. "We'll be putting on The Wizard of Oz, Miss Evans. Any other questions?"

Sharpay looked quickly over at Ryan, who was cleaning out his ears with his pencil. "Ryan," she hissed. "Stop that. Did you hear her?"


"Did you hear what she just said?"


"Darbus!" Sharpay could feel her own face heating to a brilliant scarlet. "The Wizard of Oz. They're doing The Wizard of Oz. How unfair is that?"

Ryan smiled. "I'd like to be the Scarecrow."

"Ryan! It's not fair because it is so typecast. I'm going to end up being that prissy Glinda fairy and Gabriella is going to be Dorothy."

"Do you think they'd let me be the Scarecrow?"

"No! Troy will be the Scarecrow. You'll end up as that Uncle Hickory or someone else who's ridiculously minor."

The bell rang – drama class was over. Sharpay flipped her hair over her shoulder, grabbed her books, and, wrapping her fingers around Ryan's arm, dragged her brother out of the classroom and towards the cafeteria. "Something's got to change," she said, a dark glint in her eye. "Something about this musical stinks… and it stinks like a pair of worn-out basketball shoes and an overchemicalled science lab."

"Is 'overchemicalled' a word?" Ryan asked.

"Oh, shut up."

Sharpay elbowed her way to the front of the lunch line and grabbed her tray, delicately loading it with a peach and a small salad bowl, placing the same food items on Ryan's tray. She wrinkled her nose as the hairnet lady offered her a scoop of the mysterious meat stew and she shook her flaxen tresses.

Ryan held out his tray to get some stew, but Sharpay quickly slapped his hand and he retracted his arm. "We don't eat meat," she said to the lunch lady, a snotty edge to her voice.

Sharpay grabbed two bottles of water and placed one on her own tray and one on Ryan's. He mumbled something under his breath and Sharpay turned around sharply. "What was that?"

"I said, 'When will I ever get to eat a real meal?'"

"When Dad comes back," she snapped. "Now take my tray upstairs, I need to talk to Bolton and Montez." She shoved her tray into Ryan's hands and he started up the steps toward the cafeteria balcony. Sharpay made her way toward the table where Troy and Gabriella were cuddling, feeding each other French fries in a most revolting way.

"Afternoon, Troy," Sharpay said, stopping at their table, "Gabriella." She nodded her head toward them.

Troy and Gabriella shared a look, then smiled at Sharpay. "Hi, Sharpay," Gabriella said.

Sharpay leaned on the table, drumming her violet nails on the plastic tabletop, glaring at each of them individually.

"Listen, I'm not going to waste my time telling you the story of my life, I'm going to cut right to the chase." Sharpay flipped her hair again, then glared Troy straight in the eye. "If you audition for this musical, it's going to spell disaster – and not just for you two. Got it?"

"Sharpay," Troy said, "can't we have a truce?" He extended his arm to shake her hand.

Sharpay looked at his greasy hand in disgust. "Troy Bolton, don't you ever raise yourself to the level of asking me to touch you again. Eat your French fries, kiss Miss Slutty Scientist over here, and avoid the stage." Tossing her hair, Sharpay turned to leave. Changing her mind, she turned around. "Do you know who Joel Grey is?"

"Isn't he that guy on Friends?"

Sharpay sneered. "If you don't know who Joel Grey is, you don't deserve to be involved with theatre. So get out of my life."

Sharpay walked away quickly, her crimson heels clacking violently on the hard cafeteria floor.

"There goes Miss Dramatica," she heard Kelsi say.

That hurt.

That really stung.

Sharpay slowly stopped, listening as Bolton and his gang laughed and chattered, making rude comments about her.

"Her dad left when she was six, and it's no wonder – she's so snotty!"

"I hope she 'breaks a leg.'"

"That skirt is so short… and she calls Gabriella a slut!"

But Sharpay rolled her eyes and continued up the cafeteria steps, trying hard to erase the wicked words from her mind.

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