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High School Drama
Based on 'High School Musical'
By Fiyero Oberon
Chapter Fourteen
No Matter What

"Luna Barnes!" Darbus trilled, thrusting her way into the general girls' dressing room. "You are in major trouble, little miss!"

Sharpay came charging through the doorway, tossing her mane of blonde hair, followed quickly by Taylor, Troy, and Gabriella. Luna, lounging on a couch in a silly pink Munchkin dress with a sunflower bonnet on her hair, looked up, eyebrows furrowed in an expression of confusion. "Can I help you, Ms. Darbus?" With a glance towards Taylor, Troy, and Gabriella, her eyebrows arched into an appearance of surprise. "Why aren't you guys dressed yet?"

"Maybe you should tell us," Gabriella said, throwing herself forward, tears glittering in her big eyes. "Why are you ruining our show? What did we do to you?"

Luna shifted slowly in her seat. "I… um… I think there must be some kind of a mistake…"

"No mistake, Miss Barnes," Darbus said, sticking her nose in the air. "I'm afraid your little joke has come to an end. We know the truth behind 'B. Ben Aaron J. H. Runs Slow' – a simple acronym for 'Luna Barnes' and 'Josh Brown!'" Darbus smiled triumphantly. "We've found you out, Miss Barnes, and I'm afraid I will have to expel you from my show and I will be filing a suspension with Principal Matsui.

Luna jumped up. "Suspension! But, I… I… I didn't do it! I mean… okay, I took the shoes, and kept taking them, but that's all I did! I didn't even… I didn't sabotage the set or anything, that wasn't me, I swear!"

Darbus crossed her arms, letting her sleeves billow in the breeze that the corner fan blew. "I don't believe you." Taylor and Troy looked just as unconvinced as Darbus and Gabriella was so near tears that Sharpay couldn't tell if she was telling the truth or not.

But Sharpay wasn't entirely convinced that Luna wasn't telling the truth – that is, as the gears in her mind clicked their way slowly through the past months' events, she came to a sudden conclusion: "Ms. Darbus, Luna's telling the truth."

Darbus sneered. "Prove it."

Sharpay looked quickly around the room. "Hey, you!" She pointed at a dark-haired girl. "How long has Luna been in here?"

"The whole time," the girl said.

"She couldn't have messed up Troy's shirt and Gabriella's dress if she's been in here the whole time."

"Maybe she's a part of the conspiracy!" Taylor said, narrowing her eyes toward the dark-haired freshman.

Sharpay rolled her eyes. "Don't be ridiculous." Sharpay began pacing, slowly. "But if Luna wasn't a part of all this… except for the shoes, obviously… then why does her name fit the acronym?"

There was a pause before Luna's eyes suddenly lit up: "Anna Surleb."

All eyes turned to Luna at the same moment. "Who?"

"Anna Surleb. She auditioned for the show but Darbus didn't cast her… I bet she was mad… We have science together, we're lab partners, and we always thought it was funny that if you rearranged the letters in my name you would get her name, and vice versa."

"But how do we know what they'll do next?" Troy asked. "We need to catch them in the act, or we probably can't prove it's them."

"They must have some sort of pattern," Sharpay said. "Let's see… they've attacked Jim's Wizard Head, the trees Anthony built were ruined, Taylor's harness was messed with, Gabriella and Troy's costumes were ruined… who's left?"

"Zeke," said Troy.

"And Ryan," Gabriella added.

"And Alex," said Taylor.

"No," Sharpay said, "Ryan's axe was thrown into the wall of the Alex's house in the show… they've both been attacked too… that means that Zeke… But what could they possibly do to Zeke!"

"I don't know," said Troy, "but I don't think we should wait around here to find out."

In a hurry, the cluster of students and Ms. Darbus rushed from the dressing room toward the lead boys' room.

There was a suddenly flurry of panic as they burst into the dressing room, where a redhead girl with a million freckles on her cheeks and Josh Brown sat, huddled over Zeke's Lion costume.

The girl held a purple permanent marker in her hand.

Josh had an empty paper cup in his hand.

A large, red splotch stained the Lion costume.

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