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High School Drama
Based on 'High School Musical'
By Fiyero Oberon
Chapter Fifteen

"And I'm never going to leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all! And, oh, Auntie Em – there's no place like home!"

The heavy red curtain fell as the audience burst into applause. Gabriella and the other cast members quickly jumped off the house set, which was whisked away by the crew. They split off in their respective directions to get ready for the curtain call.

As the curtain rose again, the chorus girls and guys took their bows. Sharpay squeezed Zeke's hand. "Good job," she whispered to him.

"Thanks," he whispered back. "You were great too." Alex Heady went out onto the stage from the stage left in her flowing Glinda gown and Sharpay, dressed to the nines in her Wicked Witch costume, ran out from her position stage right to meet her. A cheer rose from the audience as Alex and Sharpay bowed together and stepped back to let Troy, Ryan, and Zeke run out for their group bow, followed shortly by Gabriella, sporting the new hip-hop Dorothy look: white T-shirt, blue mini-skirt, hair in braids, a blue cap borrowed from Ryan, and blue suspenders. The crowd screamed as she took her bow, and Sharpay couldn't suppress an eye roll.

After the cast bows, as Sharpay came offstage, Taylor McKessie came running up to her. "Listen, Sharpay," Taylor said, sounding kind of rushed, "I know we don't get along most of the time, but I just wanted to thank you for stepping back in as the Witch after they caught Anna and Josh. I don't know if you noticed, but I wasn't doing so well –"

"Oh, I noticed," Sharpay cut in. Seeing the hurt expression on Taylor's face, she tried to switch back quickly: "But it was no problem, really, I was more than glad to do it." Taylor, apparently forgotten of Sharpay's rude remark, smiled and hurried away to congratulate Gabriella.

"Hey," said Zeke, coming up to Sharpay.

"Hey there, tiger," she said.

"I'm a lion."

"Yeah, whatever," she said, and they both chuckled.

"I made you cookies for doing a good job," Zeke said, producing the familiar baggie of cookies.

"Zeke!" Sharpay said, taking the baggie. "You didn't even know I was going to be doing the show tonight."

"Yeah, I know, you're right… I made the cookies for you anyway, to apologize for the way I acted at the Life Café –"

"I should be the one apologizing," Sharpay gushed. "I didn't know that… I mean, Chad…"

"Sharpay," he said, smiling, "it's okay."

And before Sharpay could say a word of protest, Zeke had kissed her cheek and disappeared into the crowd of Munchkins and their families and friends.

"Oh, Miss Evans!" Darbus trilled, emerging from the crowd. "Here's your dog, Miss Montez asked me to return her to you." Bernadette was passed from Darbus's gripping claws into Sharpay's arms. "Thank you for stepping back into the show, Miss McKessie was… well… not at her best."

"Anytime," Sharpay said, smiling.

"Oh, and by the way, I spoke with Principal Matsui – Mr. Brown and Miss Surleb have both received suspensions. And, once again, I apologize for jumping to conclusions and –"

But Darbus was cut off as the crowd overtook her. Ryan came up to Sharpay and, without a word, gave her a big hug and hurried off with a girl Sharpay recognized as Cassandra Martin.

And Sharpay found that, for the first time in a long time, she felt satisfied.

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