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High School Drama
Based on 'High School Musical'
By Fiyero Oberon
Chapter Two
Think of Me

Sharpay had selected her outfit very carefully – she knew that auditioning in an exact replica of the Dorothy costume would hurt her in the end, but she was determined to prove that she was Dorothy and Gabriella was not. Red pumps were a must and she decided to wear the blue dress she wore when she sang "Bop to the Top," auditioning last year for the winter musical.

"This dress doesn't have the best of luck, though," she said to herself as she primped in the mirror – her hair was pulled into pigtails, a not-so-subtle nod to Dorothy's stereotypical farm girl hairstyle. She didn't care what Ryan wore, as long as he matched her.

The school was empty when Ryan and Sharpay got there. Their pianist, Vicky Adinkrah, was the only one inside, practicing her notes on the sleek piano that sat on stage. Sharpay stepped onto the stage without a word.

Walking to center stage, Sharpay stood with her hip popped out to the side. "Go."

Vicky played the opening chords and Sharpay began singing her audition song, an original piece she had written specifically for the audition. The piano moved on into the dance break and Sharpay let out a kick and twirled, her ruffled skirt whirling about.

"And just remember," she sang, "that there's no one like you, there's no one like me, there's no one like him, there's no one like she, there's no one like us, there's no one like me!" Sharpay hit the final note, threw her arms in the air, and beamed. Ryan stood up, clapping his hands wildly. Sharpay giggled and bobbed in and out of a tiny, diva curtsey. "Thank you, thank you. It comes naturally."

Sharpay stepped off the stage,nodding her head to make her pigtails bounce. Vicky followed Sharpay down the steps and they joined Ryan in the front row.

"You'll be Dorothy," Ryan said. "I swear you will."

"Right," Sharpay said. "And I also fly out to New York every night and perform in Spamalot."

Ryan looked at her, bewildered. "You do?"

"Oh, hello, Miss and Mr. Evans." Sharpay looked over her shoulder to see Darbus coming down the aisle, her elaborately colored dress fluttering around her. "You're here quite early."

"We were rehearsing," Sharpay snapped.

"I bet you were," Darbus insulted, a beaming smile plastered on her face as always. "Well, the rest of the cast will be here shortly and then the rehearsal process can begin!"

"Uh, Ms. Darbus?" said Ryan. "These are the auditions."

"Right. That's what I said."

"No, you said –"

"Ryan," Sharpay said, slapping her brother's arm. "Shut up."


The other students finally started showing up after a few minutes of awkward silence. It was six o'clock and Darbus was still refusing to start auditions.

"We'll start when everyone is here," she stated.

"But anyone who isn't here is late, and shouldn't count," the blonde freshman girl argued.

"Miss Barnes, we will begin when I say we will begin!"

Troy and Gabriella hurried in the door at that moment – Gabriella's hair was back in two braids. Sharpay sniffed her disapproval. At least I'm not so blatantly obvious about who I want to audition for. She was forcing herself to ignore her scarlet shoes.

"Now we can begin," said Darbus. "First up… Luna Barnes."

The blonde freshman hurried up the steps. "Um… am I supposed to say something?"

Darbus let out an exaggerated sigh and sat down in the front row. "Yes, state your name, age, grade, and the part you will be auditioning for. And the title of the song you'll be singing."

Luna's face paled. "We're supposed to sing?"

Sharpay rolled her eyes. "Amateur," she muttered.

"I'm Luna Barnes, I'm thirteen, I'm a freshman… and I'm auditioning for Dorothy."

Sharpay snorted. Everyone knew that the only freshmen who had ever gotten the leads in the school musical were Sharpay and Ryan Evans – in the fall they had played Lucy and Charlie Brown in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, in the winter they had been Winifred and Dauntless in Once Upon A Mattress, and the spring musical was Hello, Dolly. Of course, Sharpay had been Dolly – and that was just her freshman year.

Once Upon A Mattress wasn't the first time Sharpay and Ryan had played romanticinterests – the first time was when they were Cinderella and the Prince in their first grade production. At first they had been thoroughly disgusted – in their 6-year-old opinion, twins should never love each other. But by now, they hardly cared anymore - they found ways to get around kissing each other.

The freshman had embarrassingly admitted that she didn't know she was supposed to sing, so Darbus had Kelsi play "Over the Rainbow." Luna screeched her way through the notes and acknowledged her scattered, half-hearted applause with an over-dramatic bow.

"Next, we have Anna Surleb."

Sharpay dozed off until she heard Darbus screech out, "Gabriella Montez!" Sharpay sat up instantly, watching as Gabriella walked slowly up the steps and handed Kelsi her music.

"I'm Gabriella Montez, I'm sixteen, I'm a junior, and I will be auditioning for Dorothy. I'll be singing 'Over the Rainbow.'"

"Very good," said Darbus, writing something down on her clipboard.

Kelsi played the first notes and Gabriella opened her mouth to sing: "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high… There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby…"

Her voice was as annoyingly nasal as ever. She didn't use clear diction at all and stretched her voice in an ugly way to reach the high notes – but as she finished, the entire room burst into applause. Sharpay crossed her arms over her chest, pouting prettily.

"She's got it," she muttered.

"Yes, she certainly does!" Ryan said, joining the others in their ovation.

"Ryan!" Sharpay hissed. "Sit down." She pulled him back into his chair.

"Very good, very good," said Darbus, grinning as Gabriella took her music from Kelsi and sat back down. "And next we have… Sharpay Evans."

Sharpay stood and tossed her hair. Someone in the back of the auditorium booed, but she ignored him and stepped up on the stage. Ryan and Vicky followed her, Vicky sitting down at the piano and Ryan stepping backstage.

"I'm Sharpay Evans," she said, "and I'm seventeen. I'm a junior and I'll be playing Dorothy. I will sing 'There's No One Like Me' for you this evening." She winked at Darbus, who smirked, and stepped behind the curtain that Ryan was closing.

Taking a gulp of water from the bottle Ryan handed her, she gurgled it, did a quick exercise to warm herself up, and faced away from the audience.

Vicky began playing and Ryan opened the curtain. Sharpay whirled around to face the students and Darbus.

"There's always been a dream," she sang, "a dream that has become a schemeand let me tell you… though we may wish to be far, far away, there's no like you, baby, and there's no one like me, hey, hey…"

Sharpay sang through her song, did her little dance, and ended with a grander flourish than ever. The teens applauded properly, but Sharpay couldn't help but notice that it lacked the enthusiasm that Gabriella had received in her ovation.

"And next we have Ryan Evans…"

The rest of the auditions went as a blur to Sharpay – even the script readings were insignificant in her mind.

Something in the back of her mind just told her that Gabriella Montez was bound to be the little Kansan farm girl.

And Sharpay would be doomed to be the prissy Glinda fairy.

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