Summary: What happens when Rubeus discovers who sailor moon really is? Rated M for mature content. Please read and review! Flames welcome! Diamond/Usagi Darien/Usagi Haven't decided yet.

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Serena was running home as fast as she could. Darien had just broken up with her and she was sick of everything in her life. Darien didn't love her, her parents were always criticizing her, and her friends were always making fun of her. Even Rini and Sammy hated her.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!" A scream filled the air, pulling Serena out of her deep, depressing thoughts.

"Oh great, what else could possibly go wrong today?" Serena said aloud as she ran over to where the scream came from, ending her up in the park. (Why is it always in a park?) She ducked behind a tree to transform when she thought,

'what the hell, I'll just go as I am. If I get killed, no one will miss me.'

With that she ran out from behind the tree to face her opponent.

"Hey you, who said you were welcome in my city?" She shouted. A large monster looked away from its victim and looked up at Serena.

"And what makes you think you can make me leave, you puny human?" The monster shrieked. All of a sudden Rubeus appeared next to the monster.

"Have we met before?" He asked Serena.

"Of course we have, Rubeus. Don't you recognize sailor moon when you see her? I'm hurt, I really am. Oh well, I guess I'll add it to all the other horrible things that have happened today. Now, why don't I get rid of your little monster, hmm?" and with that she transformed right before Rubeus into Princess Serenity.

"Y-Y-Y-YOU! You're Neo-Queen Serenity's past self! I don't believe it! And you're sailor moon?" Rubeus exclaimed, while doing a very bad job at hiding his fear and astonishment. Serenity merely raised her right hand, pointed at the monster, and a lightning bolt shaped energy blast shot out from her hand and hit the monster in the center of his forehead. It immediately disintegrated leaving the victim covered in a pile of ashes.

"So, are you next, Rubeus? I could use a good fight to get my anger out."

"I think not, princess. Did I get that right?" He said mockingly. Before she had a chance to reply, he appeared behind her, grabbed her and disappeared with her.

In the future…

Prince Diamond sat on his throne, sipping his wine and watching a hologram of neo-queen serenity. (Is it just me or is he always drinking? Get DRUNK AS HELL ALREADY! Anyway, back to my story…) All of a sudden Rubeus appeared in the room.

"Prince Diamond. I've captured Neo-Queen serenity's past self and I await your orders. It turns out she was sailor moon, and when I captured her, she didn't give much of a fight."

Prince Diamond looked at the young woman in Rubeus' arms.

"Take her to my chambers, and be sure you lock the door behind you. Then go to your chambers and ready for dinner. You will not have to go to the past again, now that we have her." With that, Rubeus left, and the prince chuckled to himself.