Chappy 2

"Ella!" Areida called after her. "Ella, wait!"

She grabbed Ella's arm and pulled her to a stop. Ella hesitantly turned to face her.

"Why did you leave just because Hattie told you to?"

"Areida, can we not talk about this now?"

"No, I think this is the perfect time to talk about this!" Areida stood her ground "Why do you always listen to her? She's not your master!"

'Close enough...' Ella thought, but she would never say that to Areida.

The curse was pulling Ella to go home, but no mater how much she struggled, Areida was intent on keeping her there. She suddenly started to feel sick and it became hard to breath. Gasping for breath, she collapsed.

"Ella? Ella, this isn't funny." She paused. "Ella ... ELLA! SOMEONE HELP! ELLA!"

She shook Ella in hopes of waking her up. When she didn't budge, she held her ear up to Ella's mouth but didn't hear anything. Ella stopped breathing completely.

"Maybe this is why she wanted to go home so bad ...?" Areida thought as she hoisted Ella onto her back. She headed to Ella's house.

Meanwhile, Char was in a hell all his own.

"Come on, Charmont! We could really use your help!" Hattie batted her eye's.

"But, you always get A's on your tests. And I really need to get Ella. I think she might be sick."

"Forget about her. She has Areida with her!" Said one girl, griping his arm.

"Ya, but-"

"Come on!" Another girl started to pull him.

So, ya. Surrounded by giggling prep girls that won't let you go: Hell.

End Chappy 2!

Thanks to all of you who reviewed. I hope you like this chappy too. I will get into the play part next time.