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Chappy 3

Areida was panting from Ella's weight as she knocked on the door.

"Coming!" Mandy called from inside. The next moment there were hurried footsteps and the door opened. Mandy's expression turned from a peacefully, welcoming smile, to a look of unmatched horror. "Ella, sweet!"

Meanwhile with Char:

"Girls, I really need to go see if Ella and Areida are doing OK. Ella hasn't been herself lately."

As Char began to walk towards the door, a tall girl by the name of Julia spoke to one of Hattie's friends, Blossom.

"I always knew he liked her. Why did we think he was cool?"

"Because he's rich and hott."

The room began to giggle as Char's face grew slightly hot at the remark, but he left the room without a word.

Again with Ella and the others:

Areida fell into a chair with a plop, after she and Mandy set Ella on her bed, which was quite a feat, as her room was at the end of the hall on the second floor.

"Um, Mandy?" she said hoarsely, still catching her breath.

"Hmm?" was Mandy's reply.

"Do you know why Ella just passed out?"

Mandy coughed, as she was drinking a cold cup of tea when Areida asked her.

"Um ... Areida, I think it's time you found something out ..."

Again with the Char and the blah!

The wind began to howl. Char put on his jacket as raindrops hit his face. He looked up and groaned. The weather report said that it would be clear skies with a bit of a chill, so he hadn't thought to bring his umbrella. All he had was the umbrella hat that Ella gave him that morning as a birthday joke. He chuckled at the memory of Areida's face as she walked in on them while he was trying it on. She refused to talk to them throughout lunch.

He reached a fork in the road. Which way was the house? He hadn't been there in nearly a year. He looked at the ground to see if Ella or Areida's tracks were still there. He sighed in defeat as he saw only one pair of tracks. And they were far to deep to be Ella or Areida's. Only the two's weight combined could make tracks that deep. He decided to turn around and walk home. He would call her when he got there.


"She has a what?" Areida asked in confusion. She was on the verge of laughing. This was all so ridiculous. Had Mandy gone off the deep end!

"A curse."

"And she has to do what?"

"Obey any order given to her."

"And she's had it for how long?"

"You ask a lot of questions. It was given to her at birth."

"And if she doesn't do what people tell her ... this happens?"


"And she didn't tell me this, why?"

"Because when she was little her mother commanded her not to tell anyone. Ever."

"Okay, I think it's time for me to get home now." She stood up "Will Ella be at school tomorrow?"

"She should be okay by then."

"Okay, then. Tell Ella I said later, 'kay? Bye." She left just as the phone rang.

Mandy answered. "Hello, Sir P's residence, Eleanor's room. May I ask who's speaking? Oh hello, Charmont. No, Ella's asleep. Areida? You just missed her. But she should be home in about twenty-five minutes. Can I take a message for Ella? Are you sure? Okay, then. I'll just tell her you called, then. Okay. Bye-bye."

She hung up the phone. "Strange boy, he is. They're all a bit strange, aren't they?" She giggled as she sat, again, at Ella's bedside.

Char's room:

Char hung up the phone slowly. He sighed and laid down on his bed. He stared at a picture strip of him and Ella in a picture booth. She was being her normal goofy self. He was laughing. He always found it hard to be sad around her. All of her positive energy just made whatever room she was in a happy place. He felt his face grow hot at those thoughts and stopped immediately. He thought about other things, but mostly Ella, he was always thinking about her and couldn't stop until he fell asleep.

The next day:

Char met Ella in their normal spot in the lunch room.

"Hello, Ella." He waved.

"Greetings, from my planet," was her common greeting when she had to study late. Sometimes she would surprise him with something outrageous. But something new every day would be far too hard. "Mandy told me you called. Thank you."

Char blushed seven shades of scarlet. "Th-thank you? For what? It was just a phone call."

"Mandy told me you sounded worried."

"Oh, yeah. You left in a hurry, so ..."

Ella's eyes wandered over his shoulder as he trailed off.

"Ella? What are you looking at?" His eyes followed her gaze and he, too, saw a piece of light blue paper posted on the wall. It read:

Spring Play Tryouts Today

In room 120 at 4:35pm

Sign Ups



"Can you believe no one has tried out yet?" Char laughed. But before he could say another word, Ella bolted up out of her seat and signed her name on the sheet. The bell rang before Char could ask about it.

"Uh-oh! I have to go. If I'm late for math again, Mr. Cansmilly will kill me. Bye, Char!" And she ran off before Char could tell her goodbye.

Char watched her until she was gone. He was in no hurry; his first period class was a free one. He looked over at the sheet. Ella signed her name with tiny cramped letters that looked like it was written by a first grader. Although it had one neat line underneath it that made it look silly, like a second person had attempted to make it look nicer, but failed. After about five minutes of looking at the sheet and thinking hard, not even the floor buffer could break the spell, he too signed his name on the sheet and walked away.

End Chappy 3!

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