The Gift

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss and Star Wars belongs to George Lucas
Time line: BTVS ep "The Gift" on SW 5 years after Revenge of the Sith.
Summary: After jumping into Glory's portal, The Slayer finds her self on The Star Destroyer and is accused of being a spy. Will Buffy survive the experience? Will Vader survive Buffy?

Slowly opening her eyes, Buffy found her self alone in this small grayish room that was not her bedroom.

Suddenly the memories of Glory, Dawn and jumping through the portal came rushing back… she pulled her self into sitting position, groaning as her body protested the movement.

"OK so I'm not dead." She muttered to her self.

Then she mentally recounted what happened to her:

Beat one ho of a hell god with a troll hammer… Check.

Killed Doc… Check.

Said goodbye to Dawn … Check.

Jumped in the portal … Check.

Landed on a metal floor, surrounded with beings in white armor carrying black gun type things… Check.

Accused of being a spy and shot… Check.

Waking in small gray room… Check.

"Oh this is so NOT good." she grouched "Why the hell does this type of stuff always happen to me? Why not Faith or any other Slayer, someone up there obviously hates me…"

Her rant was abruptly cut short when the door slid up with a hiss and more goons dressed in said white armor entered accompanied by a rigid looking human.

"What are you doing on my ship? Whom do you work for?" he asked with a cool voice.

"Look..." she started to say but the guy cut her off.

"And don't try to lie, we know you are a spy."

"And how did you work that out, Mr. Stuck up?"

"You will show some respect." The man hissed and raised his hand to threaten her, but before he could strike her, Buffy jumped to her feet, grabbed his hand twisted it so that he fell to his knees.

Without missing a beat, she then proceeded to kick the armored guys in the chest, sending them flying to the wall.

"Lesson number one, little boy," she growled out in annoyance at the whimpering man that she had pinned to the floor. "Never, ever, try to hit me or any other girl, got it."

Buffy knocked him unconscious, "Now if you will excuse me, I'm gonna go and find a person in this miserable dimension that won't come to THAT stupid conclusion about me."

With that she skipped out of her cell and down the corridor. Unfortunately when she turned the corner she literally collided into a tall dark form. Before she could say anything, a hand closed around her throat and lifted her up.

The thing's grip was strong, but Buffy was not one of most resourceful Slayers in Slayer history for nothing.

Swinging her leg she kicks the man/thing right between his legs, which resulted in painful gasp and her release. Pressing her advantage she executed perfect jump and power kick to the head sending the dark shape flying in the wall and slowly sliding in the black heap on the floor.
Frowning Buffy threw a glance in both directions to look for some other person or what ever, seeing no one she rested her gaze on the large pile of black on the floor.

"I guess you're it." She muttered then grabbed the gloved arm and pulled him/it to a secluded area.

Vader was slowly regained consciousness. Disoriented, he sat up only to grab his throbbing head.

"Well, look at that, you're awake, finally." The voice spoke behind him. Turning around he spotted the owner of said voice.

"Now before you start with the threatening I won't hurt you if you won't try to hurt me, deal?" she continued as she glared at him.

Regarding his opponent for a second Vader stood up and reached for his light saber only to find it missing.

"Sorry MR. Tall and dark but I had felt the need to hide your cool glowing red stick, just so that you wouldn't do something extremely stupid."

Vader was becoming very angry at this point so he raised his hand to direct the Force choke her and for a moment it worked. But suddenly the girl kicked a barrel towards his head and he had to duck to avoid it. He was then greeted with a foot to his chest that sent him flying.

"Again with the choking thing, which part of the 'I won't hurt you if you don't try to hurt me' part didn't you get. Honestly it's like reasoning with a brick wall." She stomped towards him.

"Get this through your thick head, I'm not a spy, I don't even know where I am! All I want is to go back home. Now, whoever you are, you better start listening to me mister!" Buffy jabbed her index finger at his chest, glaring up at him.

"Who are you?"

"Now he wants to talk. You see my name is Buffy and back home I jumped into the portal, which should have pretty much killed me, but instead of getting very dead, I found my self surrounded by clowns in white armor and enjoying your hospitality ever since."

"What?" Vader could not process her strange speech so quickly, though he was sure at this point that this…Buffy was no spy. What he could not wrap his mind around was the portal part of information.

"Weren't you listening? I am not from around here. You know portal between worlds, me jumping too close to the damn thing, then poof, little ol' me surrounded. Got it?"

"Lord Vader?" a voice questioned behind him; Vader turned to see about twenty clones their blasters at the ready.

Suddenly a blond head peaked out from behind him, startling Vader a bit, not that he would ever admit that to anyone. How she gotten behind him so fast?

"Tell them to start pointing those gun thingies elsewhere before I get cranky." She muttered her eyes narrowing at the solders.

Vader felt a bit amused and curious at the same time, he didn't felt the girl move behind him at all. And she didn't appear to have any fear of him, or the clones for that matter. Making a decision he turned back to the clone commander.

"Put your weapons down." he commanded.

"That's better." he heard soft voice muter behind him.

"Commander, find some accommodations, not a cell, for our guest." He turned back to Buffy "go with them, we will talk more later."

With that Vader turned sharply and moved away, but before he could get to the door a shouted "Hey!" stopped him at his tracks, whirling around he was just in time to catch his lightsabre

"Nice catch!"

Vader clipped his light saber to his belt then turned around again, but before he rounded the corner, he heard Buffy yelled.

"You're welcome!"