Previously on The Gift:

Glancing at his wife in co-pilot seat he remarked that this time she wasn't gleeful about it, but rather pensive.



Heaving a sigh Buffy turned to Vader, "There obviously is something if you are staring at me."

"No it wasn't."

"Yes it was."



"Fine be that way."

Turning back to the view screen and checking the readouts….yet again to confirm the hyperjump, Vader again went trough the twofold reason to return to that sand hole of a planet of his birth ….. And neither of those reasons was his love for his former home…he didn't hold any love for the place.

He was sitting alone in a cockpit watching the stars streak by as their ship travelled at light-speed. Buffy had retreated to common area to talk with Master Nejaa Halcyon.

He couldn't help but contemplate all that happened in such a short time. If someone had said to him, just a short time ago, that he'd be travelling to Tatooine with a Jedi Master and his new wife, to find and speak to Obi-Wan Kenobi – not kill, not turn him over to the Emperor – well, that being would have been Force-choked on the spot.

Obi-Wan, his Master, the man who had become his brother. He once said to Obi-Wan that he is like a father to him, but that had not been entirely true. The one he saw as a father figure was not his Jedi Master, but the then-Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Palpatine.

What did he feel for Obi-Wan now?

Did he hate him? Was he angry at him? Did he resent him?

The answer to all those questions was yes.

Yes, he hated him. He hated him because he held him back. Obi-Wan were afraid, of what Anakin didn't know, and most of the Jedi Council had been afraid too. Yes, Anakin had been arrogant, he still was even now, but he had also been powerful and without challenge, without an outlet to help people, to free slaves of Tatooine, to free his own mother. Obi-Wan hadn't wanted to understand that, or hadn't been capable of understanding that.

Yes, he was angry at Obi-Wan. He was angry that his Master hadn't listened when he told him of the dreams about his mother. He was angry that Obi-Wan had been so short sighted, so rigid. All he'd had to do was make small detour when they finished their last mission about that border dispute on Ansion, to check on Shmi on Tatooine. By the same token, Vader was also angry at himself, because he'd waited. He'd believed Obi-Wan's teachings, believed that they were not visions, merely nightmares caused by his fear, and that belief had cost his mother her life.

Yes, he resented his former master. He resented him for not delivering the killing blow. As much as Vader liked living now, especially after discovering that his injuries were not as severe as the Sidious' doctors led him to believe, Obi-Wan sparing him on Mustafar ensured that any visage of Anakin died a slow painful death, cementing Vader's existence in the galaxy in an explosion of rage and hatred. Sidious had revelled in it, encouraged it even, the feelings of malice, hatred, anger, and calculated cruelty.

But despite everything, he could not but retain a certain fondness, a sense of gratitude and guilt at the thought of coming face to face with Obi-Wan. Not as Jedi and Sith, but perhaps allies.

In contrast, any positive feelings for Sheev Palpatine, Darth Sidious, disappeared that day.

What did he feel about Sidious? He doubted Palpatine the Chancellor had ever truly existed. That face that he shown to him for all those years was nothing but a mask.

Did he hate him? Was he angry at him? Did he resent him?

Again, the answer to all those questions was yes.

Yes, he hated the man that took on the title of Sith Master. The man who promised him… Well, he should not be surprised that anything the man promised was a lie. According to his father - he still had trouble believing that Raven was his biological father - the Sith of his time backed up their promises after the deal was fulfilled. He also explained both codes, since Raven had lived on both sides of the divide. 'Opposite sides of the same coin, only when brought together do they create balance', Raven had said at one point.

Sith didn't lie to themselves or to potential apprentices, because it only created unrest. Which is why, when the later Sith forgot the true meaning of the Sith Code; they imploded, leaving only two at a time.

A master and an apprentice, at the time when Sith were hunted by the Jedi and each other that was fine, but like the Jedi they stagnated in their code. Refusing to take into account that every living being changes, even the Force.

Raven said that the Force was like the tapestry, with every colour of thread, some darker then others, but that didn't mean the darker ones were necessarily evil. It all depended on the wielder's intent and which spirits of the deceased responded to that intent, hence when they immersed themselves in hatred and rage, their eyes turned yellow.

So what had changed?

The simplest answer would be Sidious' orders to marry a girl he barely knew. What did he know of her, except that she'd fallen onto his Star Destroyer from an energy vortex, and that she made him feel things other than hatred and rage?

But he certainly was not a fool.

Initial reaction to Force choke the girl aside, he had no intention of killing her until finding out exactly how she came to be on his ship. But then complications had ensued.

At first, he'd assumed that she came via some technology. Finding that was not the case, he'd decided that her fate should be decided by his Master.
He thought that would be the last time he'd see the girl.

He certainly hadn't imagined that she'll become his closest friend, his best friend ever since Kitster Banai, and even that friendship somehow fell short to that he now had with Buffy.

Vader, or should he called himself Anakin now? Because he was pretty sure he was not Sith anymore. Yet, he was not a Jedi either. So what was he?

Then, as if that weren't enough, he was unsure what Buffy and Mara meant to him, Buffy in particular. Yes, she was his friend, but she was also his wife, if in name only. He didn't felt the same for Buffy as he did for Padmé.

Padmé. It had been a long time since he'd let himself think of her. Thoughts of her always turned to pain, to guilt, to a sense of betrayal and to other feelings he'd been unable to process before.

Now, he could, strangely enough. Perhaps it was because of Buffy teaching him Tai Chi. The martial art calmed him more that sitting and meditating ever did, during his time as both a Jedi and a Sith.

In truth, Padmé's death still haunted him. He doubted that would ever go away, but now he was able to look back on his feelings and see them for what they were. He freely admitted that yes, he loved Padmé deeply, desperately. However, he could also say that he hadn't completely known her, and because of that there had always been a seed of doubt in him. Doubt of her love for him, doubt that he loved her the way a man should love the woman he professed to love. Because the heart of the matter was that he hadn't known what the love really was. Vader was unsure, even now, if he knew what that type of love was supposed to be like.

What he felt for one woman was completely different from what he felt for the other. For one, Padmé didn't drive him 'totally cuckoo', to use Buffy's words. He snorted and crossed his arms, leaning back in his seat. When Buffy became angry with him over something, the ensuing argument was so infuriating. There were times when he wanted to lash out, to unleash his anger as had become his habit, but then she'd glare at him and she'd rarely backed down. In the end, they usually came to some form of compromise without them coming to blows.

Padmé never behaved like that. She'd usually told him to not be such a jealous child. Her lips would tremble and he'd just known that she was about to cry, so he'd stopped arguing, stopped bringing the topic up, because he hadn't liked seeing her sad.

It was different with Buffy. When he argued, she argued right back, or even or kicked him in the face, which happened when they'd argued about the merits of the Force push versus the spin kick. Buffy had claimed that she could kick through the Push, but he'd disagreed.

He'd turned out to be wrong. The Force push had barely slowed her down and she'd ended up denting his helmet. Now he needed new one, but the silver lining of the situation was that they'd learned that Buffy could use some aspect of the Force. They just had to discover which parts of 'the Tapestry', as Buffy started to call it. She had deemed the term 'the Force' was much too rigid and absolute, much to Revan's amusement and approval.

Was it friendship Vader felt for her… or something more? He honestly did not know.

"A credit for you thoughts?" The voice came from all around him. Vader turned to find… nothing.

"Qui-Gon?" he asked, unsure. A blue-tinged, transparent figure appeared.

"Ah, I can finally become visible," the older man said, looking relieved.

Vader frowned at the ghost. "You were visible before. You showed yourself to Windu."

"That was with Revan's help. This time, I managed under my own power." Qui-Gon smiled at Vader and said, "You know, I'd like to give you a warning, no it's nothing bad…" he quickly assured the young man when he saw the tension appear in his shoulders. "Your father designed a test of sorts for Briar and Buffy… that takes place here on the ship."

Vader stared at him for a long moment, and then pinched the bridge of his nose with one hand while signaling the Jedi Master with his other hand to stop talking. "Let me guess," he said, "he is testing them by making them play hide and seek?"


"Oh very nice, I just hope that the ship will remain intact," he grumbled, remembering last time Buffy had played hide and seek with Briar. Honestly, the two might be adults, but they played like little girls. Little girls with destructive streaks.

In the common area of the ship, a slightly different conversation was taking place.

"And then she said, her eyes impossibly wide 'But daddy, you said I could'."

Laughing, Buffy glanced at the man sitting across from her. Who just told her how his daughter ate her brother's birthday cake. By herself. "She did that?"

"Why yes, that she did."

"They sound delightful." She frowned. Did she seriously use a word that would be more natural in Giles' mouth? She'd spent too much time around Jedi at Bast Castle.

"I'd like to meet them some day, or, better yet, Mara should meet them." Just the thought of mischief that they would cause, especially if Princess of Alderaan joined in, made her smile even wider.

"Er…" He looked worried, she thought. Then it clicked as to why.

"Not now," she hurried to assure him, "when it's safe." He relaxed. Not that she faulted him for his concern. Inquisitors hunted Jedi and untrained Force sensitives, the latter being considered easy targets for recruitment.

Speaking of the Inquisitors, she'd actually met a couple. There was the grey bald guy, who was like their boss, a guy called Fifth Brother who gave her the wiggins, and a green skinned female, who had the same voice as Buffy. They were, like, voice identical twins.

Buffy would rather eat saw dust than called any of them friends. Because really, she would punch Fifth Brother in the head one of these days if he kept eyeing her like a pretty piece of meat. Seventh Sister had a serious attitude on her, like Darla, Cordelia, and Glory combined. The Grand Inquisitor, the grey bald guy, was also a Grand Asshole.

In better news, she did have a friend, though. She was one of the Emperor's Hands, but was also Sky's Shadow Hand. Not that Palpy knew about that.

Her code name as Palpy's Hand was Lumiya, but after Sky's dad showed himself to her she pretty much started working for Sky, even more than she did before. Vader had had an eye on her since before she was inductee in the Coruscani Pilot Institute.

Her full name was Shira Elan Colla Brie, but Buffy nicknamed her Briar. Briar was her tutor in, well, everything and also her favorite sparing partner. Briar was also a fellow student of a certain Force ghost.

Buffy frowned in thought. Come to think it, why did she still feel Briar? Like she'd been right there with her and…

"Is something wrong?" Nejaa asked as Buffy suddenly stood up, a frown on her face and her eyes unfocused.

"No, I just have a case of déjà vu here," came the quiet answer from the young woman as she to turn around and around.

"What iss déjà vu?"

"Something already seen."

"A vision."

"Oh no," Buffy shook her head. "I don't get visions, well not waking ones, or I do but it's more like detailed memory recognition, or something I dreamed previously but didn't remember till now… or something like that." She babbled while zeroing on a spot that called to her.

"Ah – HA!" she yelled, pressing a button on the wall. A hidden compartment opened, revealing a ginger-haired woman.

"Finally, what took you so long? I was developing a crick in the neck." The newcomer regarded the Jedi Master, who was looking at her with wide eyes. Shira Brie then smiled at Buffy, who, despite knowing her for barely a month, had wormed her way through Shira's conditioning for a life of solitude and darkness to become her closest friend, even closer than her once-classmate and bunk mate Mayrette Davani.

"Why, hello," she purred, making Buffy roll her eyes. Briar knew that Nejaa Hayclon was happily married. However, that didn't mean that she wouldn't tease the man a bit. That, and Briar was very proud of her looks. She was petite with the fair completion of a true red head, high cheekbones, full lips and thin nose, with crowning feature of her expressive almond-shaped emerald eyes. One of the reasons Buffy gave her the nick name Briar was because she thought that that was name of a wild rose, or something like it.

"Oh good, you found her!" Revan's appearance was greeted with interest from both Buffy and Briar, and some measure or relief from Hayclon.
"Yep, so …."

"So we can assume that you can sense, and perform, a Force cloak."

"Well ..." she trailed of thinking. Yes, there had been a time in Sunnydale where she, according to the Scooby's, had disappeared and then appeared and scared the living daylights of them. She always assumed that was just a Slayer stealth thing, but here she successfully hid from Vader when she was mad at him, or did not want to talk to anyone. Still, it came to her naturally. She couldn't do it deliberately.

"Okay, now how do I do it consciously?" she asked. After all, even if she was unable to use more aggressive or active abilities of The Tapestry she could use passive and inborn instinctive part of it, which could be a huge advantage for her in a fight.

"Practice." Revan smirked. "Why do you think I am making you do this?"

"For your amusement?"

"Because you are a sadist?"


Three different responses from three different sources. Revan laughed.

"Very funny, my friends." Revan laughed again, and then continued. "Yes, Buffy, I am doing this for my amusement, because watching my daughter-in-law learn things about the Force – no sorry, the Tapestry, I like that term better – that is lost to both Jedi and Sith is quite entertaining."

Then he turned to Shira Brie. "Yes, I am a sadistic teacher. Just ask my apprentices, any of them."

Then he turned and smiled at Nejaa. "I am dead man, Hayclon. Naturally, I am bored. Things like this are about my only source of amusement."

***Tatooine, Tosche Station ***

When they landed, both suns were up, and their scorching heat hit the people disembarking the ship almost instantly.

The first figure was impossibly tall and solemn. He was followed by a short female wearing a white shirt with long, wide sleeves, a yellow vest with a hood, with two blonde braids dangling over her shoulders and wide brown pants. After her came a brown robed man and tall redhead in black, sleek jumpsuit with a cape.

Tosche Station was a small, dusty port, small and out the way. There was almost no Imperial presence, except for one clerk that sometimes did recruitment surveys for young pilots that wanted something better than being moisture farmers.

Then there is where Darth Vader, who wore just simple light tan poncho, wide pants, with a wide rimmed hat that covered his entire face. When she saw him, Buffy commented that he just needed a violin or guitar and he could pass for Mariachi.

Whatever that was. When he said as much, Buffy just rolled her eyes and explained in three sentences or less. Or did she just speak really fast? Vader was not paying attention; instead eyeing the ground like the sand was snakes poised to bite him.

Drawing Buffy's attention on him with his actions. "You okay?"

"Not particularly."

"Come, come Anakin. Sand doesn't bite, you know." Nejaa was smiling, a smile that widened when Anakin's hooded head whipped toward him.

"That's what you think!"

Nejaa chuckled at young mans outburst.

"Come on, you guys, we have some old man to find." Briar interjected.

"You know, Obi-Wan is not that old." Nejaa argued.

"Ah, feeling threatened?" teased Buffy from the other side of Vader, who was watching the Jedi Master get the ribbing that he richly deserved.

***Lars Farm***

Vader wanted to visit his mother's grave and perhaps become acquainted with his step-brother, Owen, and his wife, Beru. He was reasonably sure that they'd get married eventually, after all. Then he would seek out the cave his father had spoken of, the one where Revan had hidden several items on his accidental flow-walking trip to the future.

He had not suspected that he'd meet Obi-Wan at the farm, nor had he suspected the reason for his former master's presence.

He had a son! A son named Luke Skywalker, and Obi-Wan was supposedly guarding him with the intention of one day teaching him to be a Jedi. He did not mind that part so much. What he did mind, though, was the hands-off approach that Obi-Wan was using.

Owen did not approve either and Vader was quite pleased with his brother's decision to minimize the boy's exposure to Obi-Wan. Of course, said Jedi had not been happy with the situation and the whole thing escalated. He kept claiming that the boy would grow up as normal child, with loving foster parents, friends …

Of course, Obi-Wan was not happy to see Vader, nor was he thrilled that he'd found out about Luke. Honestly, Vader thought, how did Obi-Wan expect to hide a boy with the name Skywalker? If the official in Tosche Station connected the boy's name with the name Anakin Skywalker …

Had his master become senile already, at his age?

Obi-Wan was not happy when he asked him that.

A while later …

"Oh. MY. God!" Buffy was going to develop a permanent twitch in her left eye at this rate. Why? All because these two idiots kept sprouting off about absolutes and what not. Sith, Jedi, at this point she was going to kick both of them where she once kicked Angelus! It would make them think about something else for a while, at least.

"Er, was this supposed to happen?" Briar asked, pointing at the two squabbling men and looking at two Force ghosts that watched as well, one in exasperation, the other in amusement.

"Well, that was not exactly unexpected reaction on either part," Qui-Gon remarked while he gazed calmly at the two men. They circled each other with their lightsabers ignited, but not attacking. Not yet anyway. In any case, neither he nor Revan would let them escalate, like they did years ago on Mustafar.

"Yeah, but we really, really do not have the time, we still need to find that god damn cave," Buffy groused then send a look at Qui-Gon. "Didn't you warn the beard – Jedi that we'll be coming?"

"Yes, but I am afraid that Obi-Wan –"

"Is dealing in absolutes?" Briar interrupted sharply. Revan sighed, while Buffy muttered that they were absolute morons.

"What?" but it was not Briar that answered Qui-Gon's question, it was Buffy.

"This whole argument started with the discovery of Luke Skywalker and then it snowballed from there. Then we went completely off topic to Sith theory versus Jedi theory, even if Sky doesn't particularly care for either now."

After observing the still circling and arguing males, Buffy decided that enough was enough. "You know what, I am ending this." Then she turned to the very apprehensive Lars couple and hovering kid.

"Mrs. Beru? Right?"


"Do you have a frying pan?"

"Er yes, its inside." Beru led Buffy into the house and into the kitchen, where she pointed out the piece of cookware.

"Ohhh, good it's big," Buffy said approvingly as she picked it up. "Perfect. I am borrowing it for a bit."

Then she smartly turned to Revan, who had followed them inside, and said, "Now we'll see if I can do that cloak thingy."

"Not what I had in mind, but…" He made a grand 'go ahead' gesture.

"Thank you, kind sir." Buffy smiled, curtsying, making Raven chuckle.

Briar, which had also entered the house, snorted and then laughed when she watched Buffy fade from her senses and eyesight. There was only the faintest sound of boots hitting the stone floor to mark her progress. Eager to see what would happen, Briar hurried back outside, Beru and Revan following along at her heels. Just as they stepped out into the sunlight, they heard two loud, metal-to-flesh bangs and two subsequent shouts of surprise. They saw both Vader and Obi-Wan, now disengaged from fighting one another, clutching their heads in pain.
A moment later, Buffy reappeared. "Sorry, it's a bit dented," she apologized sheepishly, handing the now ruined frying pan to the amused Beru. Her amusement only increased when both Owen and Luke took a wary step back. "Those two have some very hard heads," Buffy added.

Beru nodded a small curve of a smile gracing her lips. "Men usually do."

"Hey I resent that," came her husband's indignant shout. Qui-Gon and Revan wisely stayed quiet, while Obi-Wan and Anakin still nursed their throbbing heads.

"Owen Lars, you are as bull-headed as your step-brother! Or did you not insist on repairing the power convertor with the old parts, instead of purchasing new ones?"

"That's different, Beru, and you know it!"

"Do I, dear? So it wasn't you who snuck out to buy replacement parts just yesterday?"

Ignoring the bickering couple, Briar and Buffy went to the downed men. "So can we agree that you two are morons, clinging to their own absolute conviction, or does Buffy need to hit you again?" Briar asked. Buffy stood next to her, tapping her foot and glaring at the two men.

"Now son, this is the part when you say to your wife, 'yes dear', and back off." Revan shared his wisdom with Anakin who looked away, scowling. He then picked himself up and strode away, ignoring Obi-Wan who still sat on the ground, receiving his own pearl of wisdom in dealing with an irritated female from Qui-Gon.

"Now my former Padawn, this is the time when you say, 'Yes, I understand, milady', and back off."

"Buffy," Raven turned to his daughter-in-law, "I know that history paints me…"

"I'll say it," Qui-Gon interrupted, flashing a smile at the other Force ghost, who rolled his eyes.

"You just want to sound like those inaccurate history pads don't you." Raven crossed his arms, giving Qui-Gon a gimlet stare.

"Possibly." was the innocent reply.

"You mean probably." Now it was Buffy's turn to roll her eyes. Really, she thought derisively, dead dudes having a pissing contest. Just no, and she is putting stop to it, now.

"Boys, do I need to find a frying pan that works on ghosts too?"

They both looked at her and there was amused snort from Vader. Buffy even noticed Bwan's – or whatever his name was – arched inquisitive eyebrows. If he raised those things any higher they'd disappear from his head.

"What? You were arguing like little old ladies. Or a married couple."

Okay, now she knew by the choking sound behind her that Vader was laughing his ass of right now. The two ghosts and Benji were not as amused, however. Qui-Gon cleared his throat giving her very unimpressed look. "Some scholars speculated that Revan was born in the Outer Regions, beyond the Rim, and that's what called to him during the Mandalorian Wars… and after. It was the call of home."

"Some say," Ravan huffed and Buffy really wanted to smack him. Sky's father or not, this was getting them nowhere. Just as she opened her mouth to interrupt the huffing ghost, a shadow fell on her.

"You know what?" Vader interrupted a slight upward curve at the corners of his mouth. "We do not need history lessons to find your cave, Father." He stressed the title, and was rewarded with sputtering sound coming from his former Master.

"Father!" Obi-wan squeaked, then give a little, embarrassed cough before speaking normally, "What do you mean father? Anakin, how is he your father?"

Vader smirked at him. "Ah, Obi-Wan I thought that at your age you would know how children are made… or should I explain it to you?"

Obi-Wan glared at his former apprentice. "No need."

"Okay, before Sky here gives Benji the sex-ed talk," Buffy started, ignoring Anakin's bark of laughter and more sputtering from Benjo, "we are losing sunlight, er, suns light. Whatever."

Vader nodded. "Yes, so get on. Shira, take the other swoop bike."

"Right. And no, I'll ride alone, my lord. Buffy needs to practice."

"Fine," he growled, irritated and wanting this done and over and away from this dust ball of a planet. The only good things he'd found here were his son, Owen and Beru.

***in the middle of nowhere***

Under the scorching two suns of Tatooine, three speed bikes were carrying their riders through rocky terrain on the quest to find the legacy left behind by one of the most mysteriously aligned Force user in the galaxy's history.

Darth Revan.

Husband to Bastila Shan and father to their son, Vener Shan. Of course, such information was lost to the Jedi and Sith alike, never mind the masses. What was even less known was that sometime before Revan and Bastila's romance blossomed; Revan was thrown far in to the future where, in a mixture of mishaps, he managed to impregnate a young slave girl. This one act set in motion a prophecy that, ironically, confused Jedi and Sith alike.

Vader was accompanied by Buffy and Shira, who were using their speeders to zip between rocks in the Jundland Waste looking for the stash that Revan left behind. Revan had quite generously told them location, calling it "a wedding gift for his son and new daughter-in-law." That comment embarrassed the newlyweds, and it only got worse when Revan remarked that they were very slow to give him grandchildren... The embarrassment quickly morphed into annoyance directed at the Force ghost when he cheekily remarked that it was not difficult and he was perfectly capable of telling them exactly how grandchildren were made.

However, there was more going on than they knew. While the speeders were racing trough rocky terrain toward Revan's stash in Eastern Dune Sea, a lone figure hiding under beige cloak was tracking through Northern Dune Sea, hurrying away from Jabba's Palace. The figure kept glancing behind, although fearful of being followed.

"He wasn't kidding when he said the sand gets everywhere," Buffy grumbled when she took off her shoe and give it a shake, dislodging the grains trapped inside. Vader watched grumbling woman. Luckily for her, they were on the right spot.

Only one problem remained – how to get inside.

Preferably before nightfall.

Okay, Buffy thought while she drove her speeder after Sky, who was zooming ahead of her. He was right, this is a cat sandbox. Not that he called it that but I am renaming it.

It was hot. She knew she shouldn't think it; it would only make her feel worse.

Oh a rock. That should distract her, a rock, but only if she would manage not to hit it. Thankfully, she wasn't driving her speeder bike fast enough for it to be a possibility. Honestly, a normal car was too slow for her senses and reactions at home, but here, she thrived.

Like any slayer would.


Another rock.

Nothing to see here, just rock.

And it's hot.

Damned two suns.

What she was doing here again?

It wasn't like she hadn't had the option of staying with the others, who were staying on the cool ship, in search of one lost Jedi. Or was it Padawan learner?

Buffy just knew that Wany – no that wasn't his name either – mentioned to Nejaa that a student of someone called Depa Bilbo, or something, still lived somewhere and had been seen on Tatooine.

***Raven's stash cave***

After some more sand and rock, they finally arrived. Still, they would have been unable to find the entrance to the 'Cave of Wonders', as Buffy had termed it, if Revan hadn't appeared, like a genie, sans the wish-granting or lamp-rubbing, and guided them to it. Of course, it was all very cliché – there were riddles to be answered and murderous guard droids to defeat. There was even some sort of demon-spidery thing that scurried outside and burrowed itself in the sand. They would have to be carful of that thing, going out.

"Wow I love what you've done with the place… it's a bat cave!" Buffy exclaimed, looking around.

"Haha," groused Force ghost. "Anakin, you go along that corridor. You remember what I told you?" At his son's nod, Revan continued, "Good. Buffy, go that way, and Miss Shira this way is all yours. Good hunting kids. Bye for now."


Buffy followed the corridor along the rock wall. Revan said that it was safe, But the last time the dead guy was here… Well, judging by spider webs and dust, a lot of time passed.

Was it just her or… Yep, she was not in cave anymore. Great. What was worse, she was not the only living thing around.

There was giant lizard, bigger than the demon the Mayor had turned into. Lovely, just lovely, she'd better back track. The shiny new – or old – weapon Revan promised was not worth getting messed up by a giant lizard on steroids. Even if it was asleep at the moment, it didn't mean it would stay that way.

"Rahrahraharah!" A loud roar was heard from above. Buffy's gaze snapped to the figure standing at the top, jumping and holding a rifle-like thing in both hands. Then her gaze returned to the lizard.

"Oh lookie, he is awake," she muttered. "Now, be a good lizard and go eat the annoying person who woke you up." Then green eyes narrowed as the lizard let out a roar – or was that merely a yawn. Then Buffy saw a silver, cylindrical shine.

"… and here is a shiny. Hmm, should –" Buffy's eyes widened in alarm when she saw a green streak of light hurling at her.

"Oh no, you did not just shoot at me," she growled, ducking low. "Okay, new plan – get the lightsaber from the lizard, then kick ass of that person yelling and jumping."

Decision made, Buffy broke out in the run...

… and soon discovered that it was not as easy as it looked. For one, the big lizard was faster than it appeared, and his tail was long and whip-like. As a result, she was doing a lot of jumping and rolling on the hot, hot sand.

The rain of blaster shots clued Buffy in on that the angry, cloaked person in very un-fashionable brown robes with the weird mask and goggles had brought friends and possibly relatives since they were like clones, taking shots on her and giant lizard.

Now she had to focus on moving around blaster fire, the lizard's teeth and tail, or being squashed by said lizard. Then… "Bingo," she muttered and dived, grabbed the lightsaber. She then rolled away from the tail just before it crashed down on top of her.

"Let's see what this baby can do." Buffy pressed the switch, but instead of a straight glowing beam of light, there was a… ribbon?

A ribbon of light purple light, or was it more of a pearly color with lilac tint? Very pretty, but she did not need pretty! She needed deadly.

"Great, I have a spaghetti lightsaber!" Buffy yelled, and was answered by the more yelling from her angry friends and blaster shots being sent her way.

Acting on instinct, and with no other opinion, she brought her spaghetti lightsaber around in an elegant arch of purple… which deflected the shots.

"Uh, did it just grow?"

"Yes, it did, and, yes, it is a deeper purple color now," said a male voice behind her. "It responds to the will of its wielder."

"Hello, Revan. Nice for you to drop by." She winced when the lizard gave an earth shattering roar at whatever the blaster-wielding guys.


"Tusks eh a what?" She waved off whatever his response might be. "So, it responds to the will of its wielder, huh?"

"Yes," Revan confirmed. "I was inspired by the Daughters of Allya and the Nightsisters' uses of battle energy whips and lightwhips."

"So this is a lightwhip? Like a lightsaber, but, you know, a whip?"

"Yes," he agreed. "Though yours is the finished product, and unlike the others, it doesn't contain a crystal as a core."

"Ugh, can you give me technical stuff later." Without another word, Buffy hurled the ribbon at the Tusks. They screeched fearfully and many began to back away. .

"It is what you call on Earth… a Purple Opal, I think?"

"Wait you weren't on earth in centuries? How do you know about Australian gemstone?"

"How do you know it?"

"I am a girl, I like pretty stuff! And Professor Gregory in Sunnydale mentioned it once... I think."

To be continued