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The Time of Our Lives

Chapter 1- The Meeting

Maileiko served the ball over the net to her friend, Shia. Her long silky golden blonde hair bobbed up and down against her back. "Hope you can get that, Shia!" The crystal blue eyes of a goddess stared at the girl across from her in a mocking kind of way. Shia raced to the ball. She reached her racket out in trying to catch the ball, but the ball just bounced in the opposite direction.

"Damnit!" Shia cried staring at the ball as it rolled away from her, "you did that on purpose!" She yelled pointing her racket at her curly haired friend. Her own dirty blonde hair tied back into a loose braid.

Maileiko smiled mischievously, "why of course I did. That's the game of tennis. Beat your opponent." Her blue eyed friend stared coldly at her. "Besides. It's not like we're playing a real game here, Shia. I'm tryin' to teach you how to play." Maileiko quickly jogged over to get another ball and tossed it to Shia.

Shia's eye started to twitch in frustration, "well, if you stop hittin' balls that I can't get to!" She quickly snapped back as she caught the neon yellow ball that had been thrown at her. In her frustration, she retreated back to her spot to serve the ball to the girl across from her. 'Focus, Shia... Focus!' She lightly tossed the ball into the air and brought her racket behind her head. Her hand holding the racket came up quickly in successfully hitting the ball to Maileiko.

Maileiko softly shook her head in disappointment at her friend. The ball was coming at her fast and frightful to any normal person. Maileiko wasn't one who liked to run, so instead, combining her years of gymnastics with tennis, she did flips and leaps to get to the balls she could not get to by running. "You should've learned by now, Shia!" She shot the ball down furiously yet diligently.


"Great job today, everybody!" Coach Ryuzaki yelled with a smirk. The Seishun starters shoved their way through the locker room doors signaling the end of tennis practice that day.

Eiji made his way through the shoving boys, "nyah! Of course we did!" He smiled his cheerful smile of his. His red hair swaying as he bounced up and down.

The rest of the team finally made their way out, "if you bunch can't even work together to get out of the locker rooms, you're doomed!" Ryuzaki- sempai yelled with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Move out of my way, Viper!" Momo yelled in anger at Kaoru, calling him by his nick- name that he hated oh so very much. His spiky raven black hair standing on end.

Kaoru glared at Momo with hatred piercing his eyes, "don't call me Viper, you idiot!" Kaoru hissed at him like a snake would do before attacking it's pray.

"You wanna' fight!" They both yelled in unison in pure hatred.

"You two, shut up!" Ryuzaki yelled her eye twitching in anger and frustration. The two second years', Momo and Kaoru, looked at her as she rang out. Kaoru's jet-black hair was tied back with a red bandanna. Making him look even more frightening to the first years. Ryuzaki held her temples as she closed her eyes in annoyance and shook her head.

Tezuka decided now to step in, "practice is over for the day." He walked up to the front of the group and stared at them in his usual demeanor. They all began to get their things and leave for home. When, all of a sudden, they heard voices coming from one of the secluded tennis courts.

"Hmm? Who could that be?" Takashi asked as they made the voices out to be that of girls'. "The girls' practice was over with a half an hour ago." He pondered as they all left to the court that the voices were coming from.

As they arrived to the court, they saw whom the voices belonged to. Two girls, just as they suspected. But who are they? "Just some girls." Ryoma added in quietly as not to let the girls hear their presence.

Back with Maileiko and Shia

Maileiko swiftly jumped back and up to hit a volley. "You're gettin' better, Shia." She smirked as she landed on her feet again. In position for the next ball that was coming towards her, she waited for Shia to serve it over.

'Damn you, Maileiko! Ugh!' She paused as she thought about how she'd serve the next ball. 'Ha! A 'twist serve'! That'll do it for sure!' Shia bounced the ball twice before getting into position. Maileiko's eyes widened in realization of what her friend was planning to do.

'A 'twist serve'! She's gonna' try to attempt it! She hasn't been fully prepared yet!' Maileiko thought in distress. Shia brought her arm back as she gently tossed the ball in the air and twisted the racket as it and the ball came in contact. Unknown to the girls, the Seishun starters were watching in amazement at the two profound players. 'You fool! You know that I'll just hit that ball right back at you with my 'twist spin'!

And to the boys' surprise, Maileiko twisted her body and swung at the ball that was coming straight for her. Shia stared in horror as the ball came flying back at her like a bullet. She quickly moved out of the way before the ball could come in contact with her face. The ball rolled silently away as Shia watched it roll. Silence filled the air as the boys and Shia looked at Maileiko in shock.

Shia's anger level rose, "YOU WEREN'T SUPPOUSED TO HIT THAT! You're training me, remember! Not trying to kill me!" She dashed up to the net and pointed her racket at Maileiko accusingly. Maileiko just strolled up to the net, a glare taking place of her usual smile.

If glares could kill, Shia would've been on the ground dead, looking as if someone had brutally strangled her. "You're not fully prepared to hit that serve yet, Shia. It could do some serious damage to your lumbar vertebra. You might have even damaged your whole coccygeal vertebrae." Her voice came out cold and deathly. The last thing Maileiko wanted was for a friend of hers to be damaged. No matter how much she enjoyed others' pain. "And I AM teaching you. And you are improving phenomenally." Shia just stared at her in confusion at the last comment. Maileiko noticed this, "don't look at me like I'm crazy or stupid. I actually know what I'm talking about." She put her hand up to her mouth and chuckled lightly regaining her sadistic smile.

As the boys watched the girls play

"Did she... Just..." Momo stuttered out staring wide-eyed at Maileiko and Shia. He turned to face his comrades to see if he was the only one who was astounded by this.

Fuji stared at them, his smile gone and replaced by the cold stare, "that girl..." The rest of the team turned to him, with the exception of Tezuka, who stared in awe, but not really showing any emotion.

"Hmmm... Some interesting notes..." Inui quickly and furiously jotted down some notes on Maileiko and Shia. "Their game was extraordinary..." He kept mumbling non-coherent things under his breath while still taking notes on the girls.

"Which one, Shusuke?" Oishi questioned while looking back at Fuji.

Fuji paused for a long moment before answering, "The one who just hit that 'twist spin'..." He stared at her for a long moment before his sadistic smile made its way back up to his lips. 'Interesting...' The rest of the team just stared back at him then turned their gaze back to the two girls in amazement. The girls had suddenly gotten into an argument over something or another.

Eiji smiled after regaining his composure, "nyah! The one with the wavy golden hair is REALLY cute!" He shouted a little to loudly. He had caught the girls' attention. They turned to look at the boys in exasperation. "Wow! And her eyes are so beautiful too!" Eiji smiled and waved to the girls.

Maileiko's eyes opened wide and smiled wearily at them. Shia caught her breath as she saw the boys staring at them in astonishment. "Yes?" Maileiko questioned with her smile never faltering. She strode over to them serenely, with them watching her every move. Maileiko cocked an eyebrow, waiting for an answer.

Eiji, being the hyperactive happy-go-lucky cute guy that he is, made his way up in front of her. Making Maileiko blink oh so rapidly. "Nyah! She's even cuter up close!" Maileiko blushed profusely at the hyperactive acrobatics' comment.

"Eiji! Don't scare her!" Momo yelled at him walking up behind him.

"Uhh... Umm... I- it's all right. No harm done, right? Heh." Maileiko giggled softly. "Over there," she pointed back to Shia who slowly made her way to the large group, "is my friend, Shia Nosuke." She paused for a moment or so and continued. "And I am Maileiko Tachibana. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"Nyah! I'm Eiji Kikumaru! Nice to meet you too, Tachibana- chan!" He turned his head to look at Shia, "Nosuke- chan!" He bounced up and down in front of Maileiko.

"Hey! I'm Takeshi Momoshiro! But just call me Momo!" The boy with raven black hair added in from behind Eiji.

Inui would not stop taking notes on the behaviors of the team and how the girls reacted. "Hello, I'm Sadaharu Inui. Pleasure." He looked up from his notebook for a moment and went back to scribbling. His glasses reflected the light from the sun, making it look like he was plotting something evil.

A boy with black hair and three strands hanging down above his forehead came up next and introduced himself, "hello. I'm Shuichiro Oishi. The vice captain of the Tennis club." He smiled sweetly. "I must apologize for my doubles partner's behavior. He's always hyperactive."

"It's... Fine..." Maileiko smiled as she looked up and saw ocean blue eyes that belonged to the acrobatic, happy-go-lucky boy.

Next, a boy with red hair and sideburns came up timidly, "I- I'm Takashi Kawamura..." He had a timid smile to go along with his timid personality.

Shia finally appeared next to Maileiko looking at the small one. "You said you're all starters for Seishun?" She looked inquiringly at the small boy with dark hair. "Oh, yeah. I heard about you!" She pointed at the boy, "you're the new starter that everyone thinks poorly of! Well, those who don't know any better that is." She chuckled lightly to herself.

"I have a name, you know. I'm Ryoma Echizen." He pointed out rather cockily.

Fuji continued to smile as he stared at Maileiko. His feet decided then to move forward and introduce himself. "Hello. I'm Shusuke Fuji. It's a pleasure to meet you." His smile never left his face. Maileiko smiled back in the same manor; Sadistically. "And that over there," he pointed over to the boy with jet- black hair, "Is Kaoru Kaido."

Maileiko and Shia nod and looked over to a boy with golden brown locks of hair, "and who might you be?" Shia asked.

"Kunimistu Tezuka. The captain of the Seishun Tennis club." He looked over to Shia with a cold stare.

"H- hey! Did you just say...!" Momo pointed over to Maileiko, "Tachibana! Your last name!" He asked in shock.

"Yes, Maileiko Tachibana. Why?" Maileiko asked.

"Are you related to Kippei Tachibana in any way!" He asked disgruntled.

Maileiko just shook her head no. "Not related to any Kippei." Momo sighed in relief.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" Fuji asked, still smiling. Maileiko looked at him quizzically.

"Us two, and six other friends of ours transferred here from America not too long ago. And we are now coming to Seishun Academy starting tomorrow." Shia spoke up. The boys nodded in understanding.

"Well, we had better be getting back home now. Pleasure meeting all of you!" Maileiko smiled as she and Shia left with their things and the boys staring after the two departing figures.

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