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The Time of Our Lives

Chapter 4- Counter Attack! Sasabe Once Again! Part One

Mai sat on her bed, leaning against her pillows separating her from the aqua blue wall. She listened to the music her and her friends created through her headphones. She strummed along with her guitar parts air-guitar style.

Although she had the music playing at a tumultuous level, she could not block out the furious screams she heard from the room beside hers. Her parents were arguing again. Over the stupidest things too.

Finally, Mai had enough of the shouting and name-calling from her parents. She rolled so that her legs went over the edge of her bed, and hopped off. Her shoes were placed by the front door, so she swung open the door to her room and made a dash for the front exit that will lead her to her sanity with her tennis bag in hand.

She grabbed a pencil and a pad of paper and quickly wrote, Gone out to see Miya. Later. Love, Mai. And left it on the coffee table. She slipped her white, pink and green Vans on and dashed out the door without a second look.

Her feet ran. Ran as fast as they could handle. Her tennis bag was slung over her shoulder as she ran to her friend Miya's house. 'Luckily, Miya doesn't live too far from me! I don't think I could run fer much longer!' Her feet pattered against the cold gray sidewalk without hesitation. She had left her bicycle at her dear and short friend, Miya's house.

Keiko sat in the living room at the table supporting the laptop belonging to her mother. She had just logged off, not satisfied in her search of happiness. A high pitched yawn escaped her lips as she rotated her body to face the entrance of the seat and table, her legs swung out in front of her. 'Can I get anymore bored! This is so stupid! I KNOW! I'll call someone! Ne... But who?' She put her hand up to her chin as she thought about the possibilities.

"Kei," A voice called out. Keiko was too caught up in her thoughts that she didn't hear the voice of her younger brother call for her. Jarrett could tell his sister hadn't been listening to him from the beginning. "KEI!" This caught Keiko's attention.

Her head jerked up at the bellow of her annoying brother. "WHAT!" She screamed back.

"Phone!" He screamed from his recent spot on the couch. "Some guy. Momu, or somethin'." He stated with a sly smile of his own.

"MOMO!" Keiko shouted in happiness and yet correcting the mistake of her brother. She ran up to her brother and snatched the phone away from him. "Hello?" Keiko's voice becoming smoother at the last second.

"Yo, Keiko! You and your brother have some relationship! Some relationship!" He repeated. "Not that I'm one to talk! Me and my siblings are just the same, if maybe on the lesser side." Momo continued on with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

Keiko sat back down in her seat at the table, her head resting on her propped up left arm. A small smile played across her lips as she listened to the rambling on Momo. "Anyway! The real reason for my calling! I was on my way down to one of Echizen's friend's father's Tennis Courts! And I was thinkin' that maybe you'd like to join along! The more the merrier! More merrier indeed!" Keiko's head shot up, her eyes gleaming with joy.

"Sounds great! But... I have no way of getting there..." Keiko said solemnly.

"I can come pick you up! D'ya have a bike?" Momo inquired sincerely.

"Of course! I'm not some kind of kid who was contradicted a childhood!" The short girl defended.

"Sorry! So, I'll come get'cha in..." A pause of hesitation, "Where do you live?" Keiko sweatdropped at the change of voice from the boy she was on the phone with.

There was a moment of silence as Momo waited on the other end of the line for the girl he had met only two days or so ago. His younger siblings cooed in the background saying things such as "Oooo... Takeshi's talkin' to a GIRL!" and such obscured things like, "Takeshi and..." One turns to the other, "What was her name again?" and then continues, "Keiko, sittin' in a tree!" and so on and so forth.

As Keiko checked the address of her house, her younger brother, Jarrett could hear screams and shouts coming from the phone placed next to the black laptop. Once Keiko walked back into the house, it sounded as if a war was taking place, over the phone. 'What in the hell happened!' She picked up the cordless black phone and, in attempt, placed it next to her ear. Bad idea. The phone came flying back to an arm reach distance.

"OWWWW! MOMO!" Keiko shouted from arm's reach, both hands now furiously gripping the phone as if it were something foreign and yelled into it. The screams and shouts abruptly stopped. Keiko pushed the phone back up to her left ear. "My address is (LA LA LA LA!). Di'ya (Did ya) get that?"

"Yeah! That's not too far from here! Not at all! So I'll come get ya right now! Later!" He quickly hung up the phone once he heard Keiko reply with a goodbye of her own.

'Wait! How'd he get my phone number in the first place!' Keiko realized as she went to change into regular attire.

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'I don't think I've been this bored in forever!' Shia thought as she sat in the front room of her home. Her younger sister went over to a friend's house that she had just met. Her father was at work, where as her older brother... 'I think I'm gonna' die!'

Her older brother was in the kitchen, down on his hands and knees, looking down at a piece of cereal that had fallen from his bowl. He looked about ready to pounce on it like it was his prey. Remember, Taro is in tenth grade, and he is about to attack, murder, his piece of cereal that dared to fall onto the floor.

Just as Shia stood up to go into the family room, Taro jumped and landed on top of the piece of cereal.

The dirty blonde gave him a crazed look as a small smile began to creep onto her lips, "HA HA HA HA!" Shia laughed at the stupidity of her older brother. Taro stood up and sat back down in his chair to finish his sugary bowl of cereal. Shia continued her venture into the family room to get on the computer.

As Shia turned the corner, Taro went into the other room. He came back and looked around the wall to where Shia sat at the computer. Shia had spotted her brother looking around the corner at a yard away. He quickly went back around the wall, on the opposite side of Shia.

When Shia had least expected it; her brother threw a pair of pants across the room, flying past Shia. Shia looked at the pants and then to the direction they had come from. She burst into a fit of laughter as her brother threw a jacket in the same direction. Then, a sock... Another sock... ANOTHER sock... Two more socks! And at least one more sock. Shia couldn't stop the fit of laughter bursting out from her mouth. A wallet then came flying, but hadn't landed more than five feet from where Shia sat.

Taro came out from around the corner only wearing a shirt and underwear. Shia laughed harder then before. He began to dance, in a stupidly manner. He did the disco, the Thriller (THAT'S MY DANCE THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It's the dance that goes with 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson) and some other pretty stupid things as well. Shia could not contain her laughter at all.

The tenth grader stopped his dancing and decided to become a model. He walked around the room, and stopped in front of Shia. He pulled off his shirt and did some pretty weird things with it. His eyes went to the floor as a white sock lay there. Taro quickly grabbed the sock and shoved it in his underwear. He spotted another sock and put it in the back of his underwear, making it look like he has a tail. The laughter that came from Shia had not ceased one bit. Taro began to stroke the sock tail of his with a look of pride playing across his face.

He yanked the sock tail out from behind him and looked at it in dismay. His look of dread was replaced with a look of confusion as he patted the place where the sock tail once was. The freshman toppled over onto the ground. His left foot began to twitch.

Shia was still laughing, "HA HA! He died!" She laughed as her brother lie on the carpeted floor, twitching. "Hmmm... I wanna go on a walk. See ya, Taro!" Shia hopped up from her spot and ran back through the kitchen and into the front room, leaving her still twitching brother on the floor.

"Hey, Tomo!" A short girl with hazel brown hair and orange- blonde streaks called. The tall girl with shoulder length dusty blonde hair turned around at the sound of her friend's voice.

"Hey, Sakura!" Tomo smiled as Sakura ran up to her. Tomo stood at the corner of the street she lived on. She had waited no longer then five minutes for her friend to arrive.

Sakura came up to the younger girl, "Sushi time! Sushi time! All for me! Sushi time!" She sang out. Tomo gave her diminutive friend a conspicuous look.

"Yeah... So, where's this sushi place at again?" Tomo inquired as the two girls began their trek along the streets. Tomo looked over to Sakura who's head lowered with a weak and nervous smile. A look of consternation crossed Tomo's face. "You don't remember!" Tomo practically shrieked. Her full length, black skirt flared by with the passing wind.

"Heh... Heh?" Sakura looked up into the burning blue eyes of her friend. "I forgot..." Tomo's right eye began to twitch gingerly. "But I'm sure we can stop and ask for directions!"

The acidic eyes of Tomo calmed to their regular sweet nature. Sakura's breath she had been holding in let itself free as she held her right hand over her heart. "How 'bout that store?" Tomo pointed to the store beside them. Without receiving a reply, Tomo dragged the shorter girl into the store.

"Excuse us?" Tomo smiled as they walked up to the front counter.

"Wha! Huh!" The old man that just seconds ago lie asleep on the counter shot his head up. "Yes? How may I help two very beautiful young ladies such as yourselves?" He spoke kindly towards the two.

"We were wonderin' if you could possibly give us directions to the nearest Sushi Restaurant?" Sakura spoke up with a hint of pink on her cheeks.

"Oh yes! Once you walk out of this store, take a right, go down the street about three blocks, cross the street, continue down the street straight ahead of you for two blocks, take a right, and there it'll be!" The kind old man smiled.

Tomo and Sakura smiled and bowed as they spoke in unison, "Thank you!" And with that, they ran out of the store.

The two friends continued their saunter with the directions the old man had provided. "Two friends, goin' to get some well deserved Sushi! YES!" Sakura shouted as she pumped her fist into the air. Tomo smiled and continued on without a look back.

'UGH! They're at it again!' Maileiko thought with a look of annoyance. Once again, her parents were fighting over the most trivial matters.

She sat in front of the computer screen, as she turned up the volume. Her headphones were her only sanctuary right now. Even though she had been in the basement level and her parents were in their room on the level above on the other side of the house. "Can't they go a day without fighting!" Maileiko whispered harshly.

She stopped her music and threw off her headphones. "Ten percent of my life is what happens to me. The other ninety percent is how I react to it all. I always understood that saying, but I guess my life is just screwed up." She stood up and walked out of the bedroom she was in. She walked up the stairs and down the short hallway leading to the front door.

Maileiko quickly and frustratingly picked up a blue spiraled notebook and a green ball point pen. She scribbled down the words Gone out. Be home when you guys are done fighting. Her feet slipped into their warm threshold called shoes as she swung open the front door and slammed it shut behind her. Tears threatened to spill from her now bright green eyes.

Her feet took her passed the two large and fully bloomed Sakura trees and out of sight of her house. She had planned on running to the park that she remembered playing at as a small child. When she was determined to get someplace with running, she was faster than anyone would believe. That's how she felt at the moment.

Once she arrived to the playground, she slowed to a stride. There were no children playing or even there. It was empty. She remembered the last time she was here. It was right before her family and her friends were going to move back to America. But she had come alone. Only she had met someone there. Although she knew she had made friends with someone there the first time she went, she could not remember who he was or what he looked like. All she knew was that he was a year older than she was, and he had a little brother.


A small girl sat on top of the jungle gym at the age of six, swinging her legs back and forth. Her mid-back length golden blonde hair was tied into two braids on either sides of her head. Her older brothers were on the elsewhere, doing their own things.

The eldest one was reading a good fantasy novel on the bench, while the other was shooting some hoops on the basketball courts. The small girl smiled and waved to her eldest brother who'd always look up from his book to check on how his baby sister was doing every once in awhile.

The young girl put her body through the space between the bars, and hung upside down like a chimp. She swung her body back and forth, with a look of boredom. 'I wants somebody to play wit me! I don't want to bother Akira... He's reading like he always does. And Shinji over there's playing basketball. Always playin' some kinda sport.' The scanty girl sighed.

From her upside down position, she spotted two boys about the same age as herself. Her bright blue eyes brightened even more, if that was possible. 'YAY! Someone to play with! Wait... What if they don't want to play with me...?' She turned to look at Akira, her brother who sat there and continued to read. 'Oh well! If they don't want to play, then, suits them!'

She hopped down from her hanging spot and started to jog over to her oldest brother, "Akira! Can I go see if those boys wants to plays! Please!" She begged.

Her older brother could only smile as he watched his baby sister beg, "It's fine with me, Maileiko. Just don't scare them." He chuckled lightly. Maileiko's smile grew wide as she jogged off towards the two boys.

Shinji caught sight of his baby sister running over to two boys and smiled. 'I've taught her well!' He thought and went back to dunking the ball into the hoop.

Maileiko had gotten at least a yard away when she slowed to a stroll. Her shoulders were tense as she leaned back into them. The one that looked youngest of the two looked up to see Maileiko slowly walking over. As soon as she saw the two boys spot her, she stopped in her tracks.

The eldest of the two boys stood up and walked over to her, a sweet smile playing across his lips the whole time. The youngest one followed behind, with a hopeful look. Maileiko just stood there as the boy with light brown hair down to his jaw line and sweet smile walked up to her girlish figure.

Maileiko blinked a few times as the boy came up to her. "Hello there." His smile never faltering. The younger one came up behind him and looked around the older one to see the girl. A smile grew on Maileiko's face as she looked at the boy before her. "I'm (blank blank), and this," He moves to the side to show the younger boy, "is my younger brother, (blank blank). What's your name?" He extended out his hand for her to shake.

Maileiko giggled as she took the boy's hand and shook it, "My name's Maileiko Tachibana! Good to meet ya!" She turned to the younger one, "Hello!"

The smaller boy smiled slightly. "Hi." He said bashfully. He looked to his older brother who continued to smile.

"Would you like to play with us, Maileiko-chan?" The smiling boy questioned tilting his head to the side. Maileiko's eyes sparkled as she nodded furiously.

End Flashback

'What were their names again?' Maileiko thought as she climbed onto the jungle gym. 'Oh well. They're probably long gone by now.' Sadness overwhelmed her as she sat in the same position she had years before.

Another memory came flooding back to her as she sat there, swaying back and forth.


Maileiko was at the park sitting under the Sakura blossoms. Her mom had come with her this time, but she was someplace else. The small had her knees pulled close to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. Her head was resting on her knees, tears falling from her eyes.

She felt a hand touch her neatly parted braided head. Her head slowly rose up as she sniffed, the outlines of tears streaked down her cheeks. Her now bright green eyes made contact with aqua ones filled with worry.

"Maileiko-chan, what's wrong?" The usually smiling boy asked, concern etched in his features.

"(Blank)... We're moving back to America..." Maileiko stated placing her head back onto her knees. Another set of hands placed themselves on her left shoulder. While yet another pair set themselves on her back. She looked up to see the smiling boy still standing before her with shocked eyes. The younger brother with his hands on her shoulders, worry present. And the boy she had recently met a year ago with the strange white hair.

"You can't go, Maileiko!" The youngest boy cried out, clutching her sleeve. The boy with the white hair kept his hands planted on her back, in an effort to comfort her.

"It wouldn't feel right if you left!" The boy with white hair spoke melancholy. The usually smiling boy stared in consternation. He was speechless.

"Why aren't you saying anything, brother! You of all people can't allow her to leave!" The youngest one cried out in anger as his grasp on her sleeve tightened. But the older boy just stood there, watching in awe.

"(Blank)-kun..." She looked to the younger boy, "I have no choice. But can we all make a promise?" Maileiko smiled warmly, drawing the stunned boy from his daze. The boys looked at her oddly and waited to hear her proposal. "Let's promise that one day, we'll all meet again. Hopefully sometime in the near future." Maileiko's smile warmed up even more. The three boys looked at her strangely then hugged her.

"We promise!" The three shouted as a tear or so rolled down each one of their faces.

End Flashback

"I had the chance... And I blew it..." A single tear rolled down her cheek as she smiled for no particular reason up to the shining skies.

Que sat on her couch as she watched the television set. She was almost literally bored out of her mind. None of her friends were home. They all had plans! Que was half way between dreamland and the place you people call 'reality'.

For some strange reason, she decided to go for a jog. Which is most unlike Que. She wondered what had gotten into her all of a sudden (Yeah... Me too! ). During her thought process, she figured that she'd jog in search of the mall.

With a shrug, she headed out the door. 'Let's see... What were those directions Sakuno gave me?' She thought, then shrugged once more, 'Doesn't matter, they wouldn't be right anyway.' She let out a sigh and began her trudge in a random direction.

"Hey, Bozer-ollie-os!" Miya smiled warmly to her immense black Labrador. Her hazelnut locks fell over her face and glasses as she looked down to Bo, her dog. The American girl sat on the velvet-covered couch. Her black T-shirt with the label I love anime in bold white kanji characters framed her body.

"Bozer-ollie-os! Come here, Bo!" Her bird chirped out, mimicking the chestnut-eyed girl. The black and white feathered bird was in his cage, placed in the dining room.

Miya pushed her fingers through the roots of her hair, pulling the locks out of her eyesight and to the side of her pale face. Her other hand occupying the black dog's fur-filled head. A bell rang out through the house signaling the arrival of someone at the front door.

"Hello?" The bird called out again. The black and white bird had a colossal sized vocabulary. Miya sat up from her seat on the couch and strode over to the large white and blue door. She had somewhat of difficulty of passing by the dog that blocked the already small pathway between the couch and the coffee table.

The door swung open to reveal the backside of a longhaired blonde puffball. "MAI!" Miya cried in delight as she blonde girl turned with a small smile. The shorter of the two girls, being Miya, jumped onto the other, wrapping her arms around the blonde.

"Yallo, Miya-kun! I came by to see if you wanted to go down to the courts and practice!" Mai choked out. Miya let go of her friend in an instant. She gave her usual sparkling smile. Mai returned it with her usual 'not a care in the world' grin.

"Get out while you can..." The bird whispered in a scarce tone. Its voice had changed from the last thing it said. Mai looked around the corner to where the bird was.

"I swear... That bird gives me the creeps sometimes..." Mai stated with a shiver; emphasizing her declaration. The other girl chuckled and turned around, heading back into the house.

"Hold on for a sec, 'kay?" The short girl disappeared around the corner as Mai stepped into the old-fashioned Japanese style home. She could hear some inchoate noises coming from down the hall as she played with Bo. It sounded like the tossing of objects and rummaging of storage space.

'I think Miya's having some difficulties...' Mai sweatdropped as a nervous smile played across her lips. Miya came out into the front room holding her black and blue Nike product tennis bag.

"Debra! I'm going out with Mai! Is that alright?" Miya called throughout the house.

The older blonde woman came out from hallway. "Where are you going? Would you like me to give you a ride?" She offered with a weak smile.

"It's alright, Debra. I brought my bike with me. But, yeah, we're going to the tennis courts." Mai claimed with her 'not a care in the world' smile.

"Oh, alright then. Have fun." She turned to Miya, "Be home before dark, Miya." She smiled again to the younger girls. Miya shoved Mai out the front door with a small wave to Debra.

"LET'S GO!" They shouted in unison as they ran down the pathway to where Mai's turquoise and black bicycle was propped up and waiting.

"Like a warm summer day, like a warm day in May. Boy you make me feel so hot. Like a small butterfly, like a bird in the sky. Feels like a star that I'm not." Shia sang to herself as she walked down the long street way. Her hands shoved into her coat pockets, as her stride down the pathway through the park was not overlooked.

The Sakura pedals glided past her, flowing with the wind. Her braid whipped around on her back as the wind blew beyond her gait frame. A familiar figure stood a few yards away. She could only see the left side of the boy that she had seen a day ago. His golden brown locks whipping around his smooth face, allowing her only glimpses of the oval frames resting on his nose. His usual stoic expression visible as he turned to face her. A small and intangible gasp escaped her rosy lips as a light blush crept up to her cheeks.

"H-Hello, Tezuka-senpai!" Shia flinched as she used the term senpai. She hated those exalting formalities and honorifics. Nevertheless, she smiled and jogged up to the phlegmatic captain with a slight wave.

"Why'd you call me 'Tezuka-senpai'?" His eyebrow raised as he looked down to the shorter girl. "Didn't I already tell you referring to me with my first or last name is acceptable?" Tezuka stared down at her a moment longer and turned to begin walking once again.

Shia blinked a few times then smiled eminently, her teal-blue eyes twinkling in the effulgent sun as she stared after the boy. Her legs began to move, and they deftly quickened their pace to catch up to Tezuka.

The two teens strolled side-by-side down the long pathway surrounded by Sakura trees on each side. 'I feel so warm... But a good kind of warmth...' Shia thought with a serene smile. A Sakura pedal fell onto her nose as she stared cross-eyed at the small pink pedal. 'That would be my nose. Get off you stupid little-!' She began to blow, hoping the pedal would just fly away. A hand then reached out and gently plucked the pedal off of her light pink nose. Shia could feel heat rising up in her face as she saw whom the hand was connected to. (It was Santa Claus!) The hand belonged to none other than the taller boy with glasses that stood beside her. (Awe... How cute.) "Heh, thanks, Nimi-kun!" Shia grinned widely.

"Nimi-kun?" Tezuka once again raised his eyebrow, ever so slightly. Shia nodded rapidly.

"Nimi, from Kunimitsu. Get it?" She walked ahead, her hands tied together, swinging behind her back. Her feet stopped as she turned around with a glistening grin. Tezuka's facial expression diverted back to its usual apathetic look. The two continued their stroll together.

DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG DUNG DING! The doorbell chimes rung throughout the house.

"I've got it!" A girl with pink and black gym shorts that said "Wild Child" on the back called out as she ran to the front door. She swung the door open to reveal a boy with raven black hair and wide smile. "Hey, Momo!"

"Hey, Keiko! Ready to go?" He rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish smile, his yellow shirtsleeve falling to his shoulder.

"Yeah! Hold on though!" She turned to run back inside the house and slipped on her black and pink tennis shoes. Her tennis gear bag lay on the steps right next to the shoe line up. "BYE, MOM! RON! STUPID JARRETT!" She shouted and ran out the door as her brother began to respond with an insult back at her.

Momo sweatdropped at the shorter girl with the bright blue v-neck shirt, hopping onto his bike, "Just jump on. D'ya mind riding on the pegs?" Keiko gave him a deadpan look. Momo just blinked as he noticed her facial expression hadn't changed. "What?"

"I have a bike! Remember!" Keiko stomped off to the garage. A bright and vibrant pink crossed the taller boy's face from embarrassment. Keiko's bright blue T-shirt was the first thing Momo had seen as the black hair flew past him at a medium speed. This shook the teen from his daze, and the realization of the blue and black blur being Keiko hit him full force. He took off after her, catching up a moment later.

"D'ya even know where we're headed?" Momo questioned with a knowing, impish smirk. Keiko slowed her pedaling; and slowed to a stop. 'Damn! He got me.' She thought with a look of distaste. Momo pedaled on, believing Keiko would follow after. He began to sing his usual bike songs, hearing the movement of bicycle pedals behind him coming up close.

The two of them pedaled down the hill and towards the small bicycle lane between the wall and uninhabited streets, at the moment.

'I am so FRIGGAN LOST!' Que ran down the street, towards the silent sound of a stream. 'Jog, jog, jog I go. Fog, fog, fog I see not.' (I did that on PURPOSE peoples!) Her mind sang, as her eyes shut for a moment. In that brief moment, her body collided with that of another. The two bodies tumbled down the hill, wrapped up together.

A passerby saw the couple rolling down the hill and smiled. "What a cute couple. I wish my boyfriend would do that with me." The girl pouted off as the two rolling figures came close to reaching the damp, level ground. Que ended up on her back; her eyes squeezed tightly closed. The short sound of a hiss made its way to her ears; her eyes shooting open to stare into those that resembled a viper's.

The two continued rolling down the slanted hill. Que's white shirt getting mud imprinted on her backside. She and her rolling companion came to a halt as they rolled right into the silent stream at the foot of the hill.

"Pssspp!" Que squirted the water out of her mouth, into the freezing cold stream, making her look like a water fountain. The other spurred their head as a hissing sound reached Que's ears. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the boy wearing a blank tank top, white shorts, and finally a green bandanna to complete the ensemble. 'Oh God! It's him She thought with a stunned expression as the boy before her turned to her with the same look. His face then became a very pretty shade of red as he quickly turned away. A look of confusion took place on the red haired girl's face, which in an instant turned to a look of anger. "Oh! I see how it is! Just because it's me, you turn away in disgust! Gee... Thanks a bunch, Viper!" She didn't even seem to notice that his boxers (Shia: GREEN!) (Tomo: How do you know?) (Shia: Smirking I have my ways…) were clearly visible, them being the reason he turned away.

The boy, apparently nicknamed Viper, turned at the sound of the nickname he hated so much. But, he didn't yell or give her a cold look. He simply pointed to her shirt that soaked through and clung to her skin. It could be seen that she wasn't wearing a very thick bra. She looked down and realization struck her.

"Oh damnit!" She said in English as she quickly wrapped her arms around her chest, in attempt to cover herself. She felt naked in a crowd of perverted monks. (CoughMirokufromcoughInuyashacough)

"Ryoma-sama!" That high-pitched and very annoying voice rang out as two girls with large handbags ran towards the freshman Regular and the boy trio consisting of Katchiro, Katsuo, and the one and only Unibrow Man, Horio. The boy with the white cap didn't turn to the voice in which called out his name. Why should he? After waiting so long for the two girls to arrive.

"He-hello, Ryoma-kun..." A shy voice gently whispered behind the young tennis prodigy. (You don't understand how hard that was for me to type!) He turned to the voice he waited to come. A girl with red hair in two neatly parted braids and pink eyes stood there, a blush spreading across her cheeks. Ryoma smirked, as he pulled down his cap, like usual.

Sakuno noticed he was wearing the same attire as he had the first time she met him. "Sakuno-chan!" The girl with pigtails ran up next to the two, disrupting their special moment! (Shia: -Hits author- Just get on with it!) (-Clears throat- Anyway...) "Stop trying to keep Ryoma-sama all to yourself!" As the retarded one kept rambling on, Ryoma walked away carrying his Tennis bag over his shoulder.

'Ryoma-kun...' Sakuno looked after him with a saddened look as the girl beside her meandered on about Ryoma.

The boy trio following after him, as well as Tomoko, Sakuno was left rooted in her spot staring at the five. Then realizing that she needn't watch from a distance of the retreating figures. She jogged to catch up, her separate braids bobbing upon her back. 'I hope things will become better for us all…' As she thought this, visions of Shia, Maileiko, Mai, Keiko, Miya, Tomo, Sakura, and Que all together and happy with the Seishun Regulars raced through her mind.

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Chapter five (Not really):

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Not really…

But I can lie! For my dreams' sake!

Kon: I am Kon. Short for King of New York.

Not really…

Shia: I am NOT MARRIED TO KON! I would NEVER cheat on Tezuka! Well… Not more than once anyway…

Maileiko: -rolls eyes- Riiiiiight… What about my Gatorade bottle at track? And that one- -Shia shoves a sock in her mouth-

Tomo: -shocked face- Shia, what!

Maileiko: Like I said before: You sliggit…

Kon: What's so wrong with me!

Tomo, Shia, Maileiko: EVERYTHING!

And so the day was saved…

-Crashing in the background, ripping is heard.-

…Kind of…