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Satoshi watched anxiously as Daisuke stirred in his arms. He was worried, and prayed that the curse doesn't have an effect on the little red head.

' How could this happen!' his mind screamed, ' it wasn't just a drop that spilled on him, but a WHOLE BOTTLE OF IT! What will happen to Niwa-kun?'

He gently stroked the baby soft red hair. Daisuke leaned on his touch. " Niwa-kun," Satoshi said softly, " Niwa-kun, daijobu ka? Are you alright?"

Daisuke crack his eyelids open. He blinks. " Hiwatari-kun? W-what happened?"

" Yokkata, you're alright," Satoshi breathed a sigh of relief. " Dark turned into you and you pass out," He then narrowed his eyes and stared intently at him. " How are you? Are you… feeling any different?"

Daisuke blinked again. " Umm… yeah. Well, except that…" he stopped and thought for a while. Satoshi hold his breath nervously. " …Mm… I don't know why, but I smell mint, butterscotch and… I don't what this other smell is but it sure smells nice!" Daisuke smiled cutely at the other boy.

" That's it? You… don't have any weird feelings or anything?" Satoshi urged anxiously, grabbing hold of Daisuke's shoulder.

Daisuke winced slightly; Satoshi's grip on him was hard. " Hiwatari-kun… I'm fine. I don't feel any different. Really. But… umm… can you let go of me, please? You're hurting me a bit…"

" Oh… ok. Sorry about that…"

Satoshi gave another sigh of relief. He thanked God that Daisuke was feeling all right.

" That's weird," Krad cried with a frown, disappointment lacing his voice, " nothing happen? That's not right… the last time a person got touched by Amortentia, he was screaming his undying love for the first person he sees. The first person the Niwa brat saw was you, so why isn't he going head over heels for you, Satoshi-sama?"

" Maybe it was a dud?" Satoshi guessed, " or maybe the Love potion didn't spill on Niwa-kun, just somewhere near him or something?"

" Well, what a disappointment." Krad sighed dolefully, " I was so hoping some amusing things would happen…"

" And how would it be amusing if Amortentia dropped on Niwa-kun?"

" Well, since you're the first person the Niwa sees, he's supposed to be enormously infatuated to you, Satoshi-sama, and I want to see how you'll react to this. That was what I meant by amusing!"

Satoshi's face was starting to blush but he quickly controlled his composure. " Whaaat! You mean you just want see me in an awkward position if Niwa-kun were to fall for me? That's just plain mean!"

" Yes. Well…" Krad's lips curled into a leer, " you've got to admit it, Satoshi-sama, you were rather disappointed that the Niwa brat didn't fall for you. Deep down in your heart, you were hoping for a chance with the wing tamer…"

Satoshi felt his cheek was burning as he yelled angrily at the ice angel, " I did NOT have any thoughts of that sort!"

" Hi- Hiwatari-kun?" Daisuke asked tentatively, looking at the other boy's angry face, " Dai- daijobu ka? Are- are you mad at me or something? I'm re-really sorry if you are!"

Satoshi's eyes widens when he realized it was Daisuke who talked. " N-n-no, Niwa-kun!" he cried a little too loudly, " I'm not mad at you. What makes you say that?"

" Umm… well, you look rather angry to me and I thought I did something wro-"

" It was Krad," Satoshi interrupted, silencing the smaller boy, " he was saying some incoherent things and got me irritated. That's all."

" Oh!" Daisuke looked relieved, " I'm glad I didn't make you mad or anything, Hiwatari-kun!" he gave him one of his super cute smiles and Satoshi felt like he was melting.

He sighed, wishing he could kiss the cute baby-face soundly but couldn't. " Niwa-kun, I think you should go home now."

" Oh. Ok. But-but what about the Fallen Angel's Love Medicine? I can't go home without it, okaa-san would flip!"

They both turned towards the place where Satoshi dropped the empty glass vile and the winged bottle stopper that Dark dropped was a few inches away from Daisuke. Daisuke's face gaped at the sight of the broken artwork.

" It's-it's broken!" he cried horrifically, " what- what happen to it? And why is it empty? Where did that swirly liquid go?"

" Ah, that…" Satoshi adjusted his glasses and explained, " the seal was broken while Dark and I fought for it, and the liquid inside spilled, though I don't know where it did…" ' Hopefully not on you…'

" What?"

" Very unfortunate, no?" Satoshi sighed and picked up the two pieces, and handed it to Daisuke, " Well, the artwork is pretty useless now so… would you like to keep it? It will help explain things to your mother… and I won't press charges against you about it, so don't worry,"

Daisuke took the broken artwork and stared at it mournfully. " What a pity… a great artwork- ruined! It makes me feel so sad…" he look up to Satoshi and smile ruefully, " don't worry, Hiwatari-kun. Even if this artwork is broken, I'll still look after it well."

" I'm sure you will."

Satoshi extended his hands and helped Daisuke up. Daisuke blushed slightly. ' Arigato…"

They both walked out of the art gallery, avoiding the frantic policemen who still haven't realized that Dark had gotten to the artwork. Satoshi sighed and shook his head.

" Niwa, this is where I must leave you, you'll just have to return home on your own. I still have work here," Satoshi said stoically, slightly glaring as a policeman rushed passed unaware of the two of them.

" Oh… umm… sure, Hiwatari-kun," Daisuke replied hushedly, " and arigato once again."

Satoshi just nodded in reply and walked away. Daisuke looked nervously around before he hurried home.

He was just a few blocks away down the familiar path when he suddenly stops.

" Daisuke. What's wrong?" Dark asked when his tamer stopped

" I… don't know, Dark. It's just… something's… not right…" Daisuke stammered.

Daisuke look confused for a moment, he doesn't know why he stop, he really doesn't, but he had an odd almost nagging feeling rising out of him.

Daisuke felt his heartbeat thumped, slow at first but it gradually grew faster by each second. " What's… what's this? Why… do I feel…" Daisuke clutch his heart, it was beating painfully in his chest. He gave out a small whimper as he leaned near a lamppost.

" Daisuke? What's wrong? What's the matter with you?" Dark shouted anxiously, panic clearly in his eyes.

" Why… why do I feel… weird… I … I … need… ahhh!" Daisuke slumped to the ground, still clutching his heart, and he was breathing rather hard.

His heart was aching, felt like it was going to break into a thousand pieces. It hurts, it hurts so much and he wanted it to stop. But how to stop…

Suddenly thousand images flashes in his mind, all the same subject. Daisuke gasped out in surprise as the visions filled his thoughts.

Blue wispy hair flowing with the wind…

Deep blue eyes, enticing to those who look at it, cold and icy like the deep ocean, eyes that can drown oneself in a few seconds…

Fair, flawless skin, a rare tone like soft fallen snow…

Long slender hands, firm and graceful, an artist's hands, hands that can create and destroy beautifully…

Daisuke's eyes were cloudy as the images ran in his minds like an endless merry-go-round. An unidentified feeling began merged from the abyss of his soul, fighting to get out.

" Daisuke? What's going on?" Dark demanded frantically, " Why are you thinking of-"

" I'm sorry, Dark. But I can't help it… I … I …ahhh!"

Daisuke gasped slightly when a wave of heat rushed through his body. He felt like he was on fire, and nothing can cool him down.

Daisuke fell to his knees, his head was hanging and his red bangs created shadows on his face. Deep breathing came out of his mouth before it even out to its steady pace. He lifts his head up and stared at the night sky, his eyes no longer sparkling vermilion rubies but deep amethyst that glittered darkly.

Dark stared at his hands; worry etched his face.

" Why did I transform…?"

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