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Part II

Satoshi yawned, feeling his eyes strained from staring at the computer too long. Being the tenacious boy he is, he hasn't give up on finding what he could on the Fallen Angel's Love Medicine artwork and it's curse. So far, no luck. But that won't ever deter him, no sirree!

He looked at the digital clock on the table stand and saw that it blinked the time 1:45 pm. He has been faithfully researching for half a day. Good thing today was a Saturday, meaning no school for him and no work for Niwa (Daisuke had once cheerfully mentioned that weekends are thieving breaks for him, and Satoshi stored this piece of information to the heart).

Satoshi grabbed his mug to take a sip of his much favored coffee but to his despair found it cold and empty. Now that was a disappointment… it was times like this he really needed caffeine to boost his sugar level…

Satoshi sighed. Well, guess that just leave him to go get some then. He grabbed his jacket and his wallet and strolled out of the house to the nearest café'.


The moment Satoshi stepped out of the chic café' with a steaming cup of caffe' latte and some type of pastry (he bought it because he hadn't had any breakfast yet) in hand, he felt a prickling sensation tingling at the back of his neck. It felt like someone was spying on him, watching his every move…

Satoshi examined his surroundings, trying to locate the source of the unwanted attention. But except for the happy couples walking in and out of the café', there were no suspicious individuals that he could target as the main suspect.

Satoshi narrowed his eyes, whoever it was; he was an expert in this kind of thing. Almost like a thief…

The blue haired teen blinked when a thought suddenly struck him. There was only one person he knew who excelled in the art of stealth and secrecy, and that person was now his primary suspect.

Satoshi silently smirked as he sent a mental challenged to hidden individual.

' I can't see you but I know you're there! So bring it on!'

Satoshi cast a glance at the nearby flowery plants that festooned the café's large glass window before turning around and walked away.

Daisuke sweat dropped as he came out of his hiding place. He had crouched down to the floor and hid behind the flowery plants to avoid being seen. He gave a sigh of relief as he watched Satoshi walked away.

" That was close," Daisuke cried wiping away the sweat falling from his forehead, " he almost caught us back then!"

" Almost caught you, you mean," Dark muttered grumpily, " I wanted nothing to do with this!"

" This is a change," Daisuke mentioned innocently, " you don't find this thrilling, Dark?"

" Not my idea of thrills," Dark mumbled gruffly, " going out stealing and being chased by cops, yes; making fun of you and getting you mad, definitely; picking up girls, hell yeah! But following creepy bastard? No way!"

" Aww, Dark. You're no fun!"

" Hmph! You've a weird idea of fun, Daisuke!" Dark mumbled hypocritically.

Daisuke smiled blithely as he eyed the blue haired figure disappeared out of sight.

" Yoisho… let operation ' Monitor Hiwatari 24/7' begins!"


Satoshi sighed as he sat down on the park bench, sipping his latte occasionally. He didn't went straight back home after getting his coffee but decided to take a walk through the park.

He took out the pastry he bought and took a bite as he watched the passer-by. A few pigeons fluttered across him, making him blink. Satoshi watched the birds interestedly as he toss a few crumbs and caused the pigeons to vie.

Suddenly, prickling sensation tingled the back of his neck once again. Satoshi narrowed his darkened blue eyes but chose to ignore the feeling of being watched. He continued to toss a few crumbs at the pigeons as though he didn't notice a single thing.

" Croo… croo… " Satoshi cooed at the pigeons luring them closer with the crumbs of his pastry. The greedy birds cautiously neared Satoshi and pecked the crumbs on the palm of his hands.

Satoshi, in actuality, was ignoring the birds and was silently concentrating on the prickling feeling on his neck, which only seems to grow by the second. Out of the corner of his mind, he focused all of his senses to locate his secret observer's hiding place.

He could sense it, the piercing gaze, the watchful stare, eyes following his every move… but where? Where is it coming from? Satoshi continued to coo to the birds, crooning as he hung his head low and letting his blue bangs cover his face, creating shadows to hide his dark blue eyes that was darting left and right.

All of his years in training, he was taught to catch his target unaware. And that is what he must do right now. Do not let your target know you're watching. Even when he's the one being watched, do not show any sign of awareness.

Suddenly, Satoshi caught a flash of red. Quickly, he raised his head to its direction. Big mistake! The sudden movement startled the pigeons and they flapped their wings and took flight, distracting the commander as they did.

Satoshi covered his face as the pigeons took flight. The moment the birds cleared away, the young commander quickly tried to find that flash of red but to his dismay, it was gone!

Satoshi cursed himself for letting his follower get away. Well, so much for catching his follower unaware.

Daisuke rubbed the back of his neck absently as he hid behind a tree.

" God, that was hard," he thought with a frown, " did he see me?"

" No, but I think he could sense you," Dark offered, " He's not an idiot. He's been trained all his life. I'm sure he has some sort of sixth sense that's telling him someone's trailing after him,"

" Oh, yeah. That didn't occurred to me," Daisuke mused unhappily, " he's probably suspecting us… but as long as we stay hidden and out of sight, he can't jump to conclusions."

" Which reminds me to ask," Dark glared at his tamer, " Why are we stalking him, again?"

" We're not stalking! We're monitoring him, in case he gets into trouble!"

" Pfft. Yeah, right!" Dark rolled his eyes in disbelief, " Daisuke, he's the commander of the police squad! He can take care of himself. What kind of trouble can he get himself into?"

" Loads!" Daisuke retorted defensively, an obstinate pout formed on his cute face, " he could get robbed, mugged or kidnapped for ransom because he's rich, he might get into accident by a drunk in a runaway car, he might get molested by some pervert or becomes a victim of a homicidal psychopath in a hockey mask running around with a chainsaw or- or- he could get abducted by aliens or even worse- being chased by his freaky fan girls!"

" … … … Damn, you have one heck of an imagination, Dai-chan!" Dark said with a deadpanned look.

" It could happen!" Daisuke huffed crossing his arms stubbornly.

" Well, at least one of your freaky assumptions came true…" Dark said off-handedly.

" Huh?"

" Look over there!"

Daisuke blinked then widens his eyes in surprise as he saw what Dark was pointing at. A few feet away from him was a group of giggling girls huddled behind a tree and they all were eyeing and nudging one another towards Satoshi.

The redhead edged closer to the girls cautiously, and paid close attention to their conversation.

" Oh, my god! There he is!" a girl squealed.

" That's him, isn't it? Hiwatari Satoshi of Azumano Middle School?" another girl cried.

" Oooh… he looks so hot in his school uniform but he's even better with normal clothes on! Ah… I feel faint!" a girl sighed breathlessly.

The rest of the girls giggled maddeningly, making Daisuke cringed with annoyance. ' Giggling should be illegal!' Daisuke thought with a bothered look, ' what with the way they're doing!"

" Come on, ladies!" a girl trilled shrilly, " let's go get him! Hiwatari- saaaan… we're coming for yooooou…! "

Daisuke watched with horror as the girl made a full dash towards an unsuspecting Satoshi, looking like a hungry predator about to tear her prey limb from limb, and was followed by her peers who were squealing like a bunch of Amazonian fan girls.


" OH NO, YOU DON'T!" Daisuke shouted infuriated. " You will NOT have Hiwatari-kun!" He thought with a growl. " I will not let you! NOW FACE THE WRATH OF NIWA DAISUKE!"

" Daisuke, dude!" Dark sweat dropped, " they're just a bunch of girls!"

Daisuke ignored Dark's comment and with a wild primitive war cry, he hurtled towards the girl and took her down.

The girl's eyes widens with shock at the sight of blur of red heading towards her at breakneck speed. " What the- OOF!"

The rest of girls came to a screeching halt as they watched in horror at the sight of their friend being flung out of the atmosphere (think Jesse and James from Poke'mon! ). They stood agape, staring with a mixture of horror, fear and paralyzed shock at Daisuke, who had an alarmingly mad glint in his eye as he eyed the girls manically.

" Sorry, ladies!" the redhead hissed darkly, " but you're going nowhere near Hiwatari-kun!"

The girls stepped back with fright when the redhead advanced near towards them. Even Dark felt deathly afraid for the girls, as he watched with alarm at his Tamer's abnormal behavior.

" Daisuke! Come on!" Dark shouted fearfully, " they're only girls! You can't be seriously thinking of taking them out, can you?.! What's wrong with you? You can't hit a girl, it's- it's… it's unorthodox!"

" Don't worry, Dark…" Daisuke assured in a deadly calm way, making Dark's spine run cold, " I won't harm them… just give 'em a scare they'll never forget!"

" YOU WILL NEVER HAVE MY SATOSHI-KUN!" Daisuke screeched before jumping towards the frightened girls.

" What the…?"

Satoshi looked around confusedly, trying to locate the source of the shrill girlishly frightened shrieks and the wild battle cries of what sounds like a caveman that had survived ancient times.

Following the direction of the disturbing noises, Satoshi was shocked to see a group of harassed-looking girls, all disheveled and white with terror.

" What happened here?.!" he asked staring at each and every girl wide-eyed and agape.

" S-some crazy r-r-redhead came and m-mugged us…" one of them mumbled tearfully, before looking up to look at the speaker. Her eyes widen with fear when she saw it was Satoshi who had addressed her. " H-Hiwa… tari-san?.!"

The rest of the girls suddenly jumped up in fright and stared at him fearfully.

" We're sorry!" one wailed looking extremely terrified, " we… we will never follow you again- EVER!"

" Y-yeah…" another cried shaking terribly, " we'll even drop out of the Hiwatari Fan club if you like!"

" We will never bother you again!"

With that said, the girls scurried away like scared little mice, occasionally tripping pathetically, leaving a rather dumbfounded Satoshi in the midst.

" … … … What the hell was that?.!"


The weekends have ended and it was time to return to school. Though, unusual as it seems, Satoshi dreaded this part mostly. He has absolutely no idea how Daisuke would react around other people what with the curse that had befallen on him.

Strange occurrences had been happening around him lately during the weekends. He was sure someone was watching him day and night, following him everywhere, spying on him even when he's at home (he even felt eyes watching him while he was in the shower; a truly disturbing thought…)…. Satoshi swore he saw flashes of light here and there, as though someone was taking pictures of him… people were being harassed around him, mostly girls, and would flee at the sight of the blue-haired teen… and the worst of all (and the most perplexing!), someone has been stealing his mail and going through his trash (another disturbing thought!).

Satoshi suspected half of it was the doings of a certain red haired boy who had been touched by a love potion while he had absolutely no idea what to think about the other half. Really, the story of his life has never been as exciting as this!

Satoshi sighed as he entered the school gates. As usual, he was the first person to arrive in school. Or so he thought…


Satoshi had barely even had time to turn and blink when something hurtled into him and glom the icy teen till he lose all balance and fell to the ground in an awkward position.

Satoshi was knocked the breath out of him, as he looked up to see a beaming redhead on top of him.

" O- ha- yo… Hiwatari-kuuun…!" Daisuke greeted with a singsong voice, as he pushed himself up and wrapped his arms around Satoshi's chest.

As he firmly latched himself around the blue haired teen, he let his weight fall making Satoshi subconsciously held Daisuke's hips to support them both. Daisuke grinned widely at the flushed look on Satoshi's face, who had just realized Daisuke's actions and the suggestive position they both in.

" N-Niwa!" Satoshi gulped, " y-you're early today!"

" Yup!" Daisuke nodded cheerfully, " I stayed all night just to make sure I'd go to school in advance!"

" And may I ask why?" Satoshi, though he could sense the answer, felt like he was compelled to ask.

" So I could be with you!"

Daisuke tightened his embrace on Satoshi and buried his head on the crook of his neck, leaving no space between them. Satoshi's flush deepens when felt their groins touched and rubbed against each other.

" Mm-mmm…" Daisuke nuzzled the creamy neck, inhaling the mint smell of Satoshi's cologne.

" N-Niwa…?"

Daisuke looked up and smiled. " Mm… you smell sooo nice, Hiwatari-kun!" he said goofily and began nibbling the tender flesh while his hands roamed the steady chest.

" N-Niwa… p-please don't do it here…" Satoshi couldn't believe this… was he begging?.!

" Eh! Daijobu dayo! Don't worry about it," Daisuke crooned with assurance as he tugged on the other boy's collar, " Nobody's here yet!"

" Niwa! We're in the middle of school grounds!" Satoshi hissed in embarrassment looking around wildly, " people could easily see us! Teachers, students, they could be arriving any minute!"

Daisuke stopped and sat up, frowning. " Hmm… you're right…" he murmured with a pout, eyebrows furrowed thoughtfully. The look instantly vanished and was replaced with an optimistic smile. " Guess that means we have to take this inside an empty classroom, huh?"

Satoshi spluttered at those words. " W-w-what?.!"

But before he could protest, Daisuke grabbed his arms and dragged him into the school building.


Satoshi sighed in relief. Thank God for disturbances! Satoshi rested his head on his desk as he muse over earlier events.

Daisuke had dragged the blue-eyed teen into their classroom, which was empty, and the minute they stepped into room, Daisuke pushed Satoshi against the nearest table and straddled his hips, looking as if he wanted to ravish the icy teen.

Satoshi wouldn't have been able to do anything about it if it wasn't because the door suddenly slid open, causing the redhead to jump back as though nothing happened. The janitor had walked in to replace the class supplies and raised his eyebrows enquiringly at the sight of the two boys, who were looking sheepishly back at him. The janitor was used to seeing Satoshi, since he was always the earliest to arrive apart from him, but he was curious to see the redhead since the janitor always caught the said boy to be in a hurry to get to school on time.

But he did not say a word, since he had a job to do. The room was silent as the janitor quietly did his duties and the boys didn't spoke a word and waited for the janitor to finish. Daisuke was feeling impatient, Satoshi could sense it, and kept shooting glances at the janitor, urging him to hurry up and go so he can have his way with Satoshi.

Unfortunately, to Daisuke's dismay, the moment the janitor has finished, the door slid open and a female student walked in, giving Daisuke no chance at all. And soon after, more students came pouring in and filled the classroom, making Daisuke growl in annoyance. With a longing pout sent towards Satoshi, Daisuke shuffled to his desk and took out his homework and did it quietly.

Satoshi sighed once more. Daisuke was getting brave; one thing for sure is that the Love Medicine's curse is getting out of hand. He really must find a cure for the redhead before things turn for the worse!

By the end of the day, Satoshi was worn out. Not only does he have to deal with school and it's crap, Daisuke's infatuation towards him was getting obvious and some of the students are beginning notice. They would stop and asked what's with Niwa-kun's peculiar behavior and why is he acting like that around Hiwatari-san?

Not to mention that Takeshi had been hounding him, demanding answers concerning Daisuke's odd behavior. He had been shouting across halls and been banging the door of the toilet stall Satoshi had been using, screaming on top of his lungs that his supernatural reporter skills could sense that Satoshi knows something about the way Daisuke's behaving and that the school needs to know.

Though Satoshi managed to shake him off, by stating that instead of doing an article on Daisuke, wouldn't it be better for him do a scoop about the scandal in the teacher's lounge? Takeshi had blinked and grinned at the newfound info and like some crazed paparazzi, made a quick dash to the location of the scandal.

Dealing with Saehara Takeshi and his keen reporter sense wasn't the least of his problems. The worst was dealing with Daisuke himself, who had been following him like an eager puppy or a second shadow. Though the redhead managed to disappear out of sight when came across another student, Satoshi knows he's still there and only came out once they're alone to give Satoshi big bear hugs (" GROPE!" Dark would shout).

However, Satoshi did managed to caught on some gossip saying that Daisuke had dumped Harada Riku and rumors were speculating Daisuke's behavior had something to do with the break-up. Satoshi had stop to looked at Riku, who seemed very distressed about it and kept moaning to her friends on why Daisuke would dump her after all she did for him? Was she not enough? Her friends were being overly sympathetic as though it was their problem too and were seen huddled up together, as though in some conspiracy, trying to find ways to bring Riku and Daisuke together again.

Satoshi couldn't help but have mixed feelings on the news. He doesn't hate Riku, oh no, he despised her for being able to have a relationship with Daisuke and hearing the news of their break-up gave him undeniably grim satisfaction.

But on the other hand, Satoshi saw how serious the Curse of the Lovelorn is, if it drove Daisuke to leave his true love without a second glance. Sure, Daisuke acts like he doesn't care now, but what happen when he's cured? Wouldn't Daisuke regret it?

Satoshi sighed at the new things to do list. As soon as Daisuke is cured, he must do all in his power to get Riku and Daisuke together. Though he hates Riku and is admittedly reluctant to do this, he couldn't bear the image of an unhappy Daisuke. And Daisuke will be unhappy when he realized that he had dumped Riku, his sacred maiden, once he is cured. So, even if it means having his heart broken, Daisuke's happiness. Must. Come. First!

" Oi, Hiwatari!" Someone shouted, snapping him out of his reverie, " you're on duty to clean the Art room! And don't even think of getting out of it!"

Satoshi glared at said person but dutifully did as he was told. Quietly, he entered the Art room and began arranging the supplies.

" Yawwwn…! So… did I miss anything?" Krad asked sleepily, having just woke up.

" No, there's nothing that might interest you so go back to sleep," Satoshi replied in annoyance.

" I'm through with sleeping, and I can sense you're not entirely being truthful to me, Satoshi-sama!" Krad said with a smirk, " no matter, I'll find out anyway. Here, let me just go through your memories…"

" Krad! No, don't-" too late… Krad had already raked through his memories and find out about the earlier events.

" Interesting… I don't understand why you think this doesn't interest me, Satoshi-sama, but I find this all… very intriguing," Krad smirked at his host, " So… the Niwa brat has broke up with the little bitch, has he? Good news for you, eh Satoshi-sama? Oh… but you won't take advantage of the situation, since your conscience wouldn't allow it. How… noble of you, Satoshi-sama…"

" Shut up," Satoshi growled through clenched teeth.

" My dear Satoshi-sama," Krad crooned silkily, " you don't know how… fortunate I am to have a Tamer with such a high conscience as yourself. It pleases me deeply to know that you're so well brought up, you're family will be so please… after all, you wouldn't do anything while you're enemy's infatuated to you and all his defenses are down… right?"

" Of course, I won't!" Satoshi snapped.

A silky chuckle rang through his head. " No… I don't suppose you will. So that is why, my dear Satoshi-sama, I have the utmost pleasure in telling you, while you are unaware, while the Niwa brat is busy with… his new found feelings for you, I will take my chance and I will strike! I will ripped him to little pieces, have his blood flowing down my hands, down your hands, and I will destroy him! Totally, utterly destroy him till there is no part of him left! Nonetheless I'll let you keep his heart though… I know how you so much crave for it!"

" Ahhh… now this is the Krad I know!" Satoshi said musingly. Then, with a frown, he blatantly stated, " you're bipolar, I swear! First you act all homicidal and such and wanted to kill Niwa, then you turned into the most disgusting pervert I've ever met (with the exception of Dark, of course) and make extremely lewd and vulgar remarks, now you want to kill him again? Krad, please tell me what you priorities are?"

" You're asking me this?.!" Krad scoffed amusedly, " that question should be directed at you, dear Satoshi-sama of mine. But since you ask, of course my only priority is to destroy Dark and all the Niwa bloodline. However, I don't see why I can't have fun while doing so… I was merely for the amusement in the whole situation between you and the Wing Tamer,"

Krad wrapped his arms around Satoshi, nuzzling his host neck. " I do hope you don't take this the wrong way, Satoshi-sama," he whispered smoothly, " just because I find mirth in this amusing twist of fate, does not mean I've lost all interest in my goal. And that is… to destroy the Niwas and make you mine, only mine! After all… you are my everything…"

" I see…" Satoshi narrowed his eyes in distaste, " well, I guess it was too good to be true to think that maybe you've change. So much for hoping…"

" Not at all, Satoshi-sama. This is how I am!"

" Yes, I can see that," Satoshi replied steely, " now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do and an Art room to clean up!"

Krad instantly went silent to allow his host to resume his task, which Satoshi staunchly did. After a while, Krad spoke up.

" Anou… Satoshi-sama?"

" Yes?"

" Why is it that you're the only one cleaning up the Art room?"

Satoshi blinked and looked around. Sure enough, the room was completely devoid of people with the exception of him.

" You're… right. There isn't anyone else…"

" Obviously!" Krad snorted, rolling his eyes.

" Where is everyone?"

A sudden noise caught Satoshi's interest. There was a shuffling noise outside the window and Satoshi, out of curiosity, walked to said window and opened it.

Suddenly, he was face to face with a grinning redhead.

" BOO!" Daisuke shouted mischievously at the unsuspecting Satoshi.

Satoshi nearly jumped in fright (keyword: nearly), but because of his cool and graceful nature, he merely looked wide-eyed with surprise.

" N-Niwa?.!"

" Hey, Hiwatari-kun!" Daisuke cried cheekily, " Almost scared you, huh?"

" What are you doing climbing up the window?" Satoshi demanded incredulously, " It's THREE storey high!"

" Eh! Don't worry about it. I'm a thief, remember?"

Point taken…

" Still!" Satoshi cried, pulling Daisuke in, " why are you entering through the window?"

" Umm… because the door is locked from the outside?" Daisuke answered innocently.

Satoshi blinked. He did not expect that… quickly, he went to the door and tried to open it. But true to Daisuke's word, the door was locked from the outside.

" What the-" Satoshi shook the door knob, " how could this be?"

Satoshi turned to Daisuke, who was watching with an innocent look on his face. " Niwa, picking locks is your specialty. Can you get us out of here?"

" No, sorry!" was the only answer he got.

Satoshi gave a long hard frown. " Why not?.!" He demanded. Daisuke just shrugged in return which cause the young commander to glare suspiciously. " Niwa… how did this happen? Why is it locked in the first place?"

A broad smile formed on the redhead's mischievous baby-face.

" Because I was the one who locked it in the first place!" came the sly answer.

The colors drained from Satoshi's already pale face. " You… planned this?"

" Uh-huh!" Daisuke chirped cheerfully.

" Not bad, for an air head!" Krad stated amusingly.

" Krad! Not now! I can deal this on my own!" Satoshi hissed urgently.

" If you say so, Satoshi-sama," Krad simply said, " though I couldn't help feel like I've seen this scene before… only back then, you were the one who set the trap while the Niwa fell for it! And now, the role has changed. Oh, the irony…"

" Hn. I don't need this from you!" Satoshi snapped, though what Krad had said was true, " now leave me be!"

" Fine, but I have my limits. Remember that, Satoshi-sama. If I think the Niwa has gone too far, I will come out! But for now, I'll let you have the Niwa. Have fun!" Krad gave a sly wink, and quickly hid out of sight.

" What the hell does that suppose to mean?.!" Satoshi screamed at the demon, his face flushed red. But he was distracted when slender arms were wrapped around his neck, and a warm body pressed against his.

" Hiwatari-kuuun…!" Daisuke pouted looking up at the taller boy. " You're not paying attention to me!"

" N-Niwa…?"

Daisuke giggled. " Is that all you're gonna say, Hiwatari-kun?" he asked cutely.

" Uhhh…" Satoshi stared speechlessly at the shorter boy, who had giggled once more at his dumbfounded state.

" You're so cute when you're like this, Hiwatari-kun!" Daisuke giggled as he snuggled against Satoshi's slender body. " And you're so warm too!"

Satoshi blushed red. Cute? Warm? Him? What is Daisuke talking about?.! He's the cute and warm one!

" Ne! Ne! Hiwatari-kun!" Daisuke cried as eagerly as a puppy, his eyes shining bright, " Can I call you Satoshi-kun? Can I? Can I? Pleeeeease…?"

Satoshi just stared, feeling himself trapped in the charms of Daisuke's wide, hopeful eyes. " … … … Sure…"

" Yatta!" Daisuke squealed happily, giving Satoshi's body a big squeeze. " And you can call me Daisuke, Satoshi-kun!"

" Demo, Niwa-"

" Iie!" Daisuke tapped Satoshi's lips with his finger lightly, " Daisuke! Repeat after me: Dai-su-ke!"

" … Dai… suke-kun…?"

" Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!" Daisuke cheered, squeezing Satoshi even tighter and nuzzled his cheeks upon his chest, " you said my name! Ureshi! Honto ni ureshi!"

" Uhhh… Daisuke-kun? Is that… all you wanted?" Satoshi asked tentatively.

Daisuke blinked then tilted his head in a coy manner. " Oh, not at all, Sa- to- shi- kun!" Daisuke purred, a sly smile in place and his eyes were half-lidded darkly and blazing with fire, " I was actually hoping… for more!"

Satoshi gulped at the look Daisuke was giving him. It was so… lustful!

" N-Niwa?.!"

Daisuke pouted indignantly. " I thought I told you to call me Daisuke!"

" N-Ni- I mean, Daisuke…!" Satoshi hastily corrected at the look Daisuke gave him, " listen! I'm sure this isn't what you really want so-"

" Oh? What is it that I don't want, Satoshi-kun?" the coy redhead innocently asked, " this?"

Satoshi inhaled sharply when Daisuke squeezed his personal region, causing his pants to be unbearably tight. He gave a coquettishly triumphant look at the flushed look on Satoshi's face. Daisuke stroked the clothed length, thoroughly enjoying the feel of it.

" D-Daisuke!" Satoshi gasped, reaching out to grabbed the redhead's wrist and pulled away. " Stop! You're not behaving like yourself! You have no reason to- to want me like this…"

Daisuke blinked then gave an indignant pout. " Yes, I do! I have a perfect reason why!"

" Oh? Then pray tell me why."

" Umm… well… it's because… I … umm… I…"

" Hah! Stumped, aren't you?" Dark sneered.

" Dark, shut up!" Daisuke hissed.

" See?" Satoshi whispered softly, " You have no idea, don't you?"

" Yes, I do!" Daisuke shouted stubbornly, " It's because… it's because… I… I… I want you!"

Daisuke jumped on Satoshi, toppling him over and straddled his hips, making sure that their groins touched and rubbed against each other. Daisuke grinded their bodies together, almost in a frenzy.

" D-Daisuke! Please contain yourself!" Satoshi groaned.

" Oh, c'mon, Satoshi-kuuun…!" Daisuke purred seductively, " you can't say you're not enjoying this?.!"

" My, what a coquette!" Krad mused suddenly out of nowhere.

" Not helping, Krad!" Satoshi snarled at him.

Satoshi, who was panting very hard and tried not to think of the pleasurable sensation, struggled to keep the redhead at bay. Daisuke could be very strong when he wants to but so can Satoshi.

Grabbing him by the arm, Satoshi flipped Daisuke and pinned him to the floor. Daisuke tried to struggle but the older teen firmly held him in place.

" Niwa Daisuke! Please stop!" Satoshi commanded sternly, making Daisuke froze. Then with a softer more calm voice, " onegai, Daisuke. Please hear me out…"

Satoshi slowly let go of Daisuke, who looked frustrated and upset. Satoshi sat across Daisuke and stared piercingly at him. The redhead, however, refused to look at him grudgingly because he has been denied.

Satoshi sighed as he read the behavior. " Niwa? Daisuke? Listen… don't bear a grudge on me because I denied you. I did it all for your sake. Do you think it's wise if I allowed it to continue?"

Daisuke turned to glare at him; the want and lust still clear in his eyes. Satoshi sighed once more.

" Daisuke…" he reached out his hand to stroke the soft cheek tenderly, " Wanting me for no reason is not a good reason at all. Its called ' Lust', and nothing good ever comes out from lust. All there will be are regrets afterwards. I don't want you to regret being with me, because I cherish our friendship. So, unless you have a better more solid reason, I must ask you to stop, for the sake of our friendship."

Satoshi stood up calmly and walked to the door, trying to figure how to break the lock. Daisuke just stared after him helplessly; still stubbornly refuse to acknowledge Satoshi's words.

" But- but I don't care if I regret it later!" Daisuke cried earnestly, making Satoshi turn in surprise, " I don't care! I want you because I want you! And I want you NOW!"

" Daisuke!" Satoshi started with a worried frown.

" No use trying to reason with him, Satoshi-sama," Krad drawled lazily, "it's the love potion's doing. There's no stopping him till he gets what he wants!"

" Krad! What should I do?.!" Satoshi asked frantically.

" Oh? Do you want me to get out? I'll take him down for you!"

" NO!"

" Well, then. Deal with him on your own… if you can handle him!" Krad said smugly, " don't worry, if you're unable, I'll take over and rip his heart out for you!"

" You're sick!"

" At least I'm not trapped like a mouse in the same room with a hungry red tiger!"

" Satoshi-kun! I must have you!" Daisuke exclaimed as he tried to capture Satoshi.

But the young Commander was quick to evade and tried to stay further away from Daisuke as possible. The redhead wouldn't have any of that and tried to grab the blue-haired teen but Satoshi always slipped out of his reach. Soon, they were running around the room, red chasing blue, all the while shouting things at each other.

" Mou… Satoshi-kun! Is it so hard for you to just stop and play with me?" Daisuke demanded with a pout, frustrated that the other teen had slipped from his clutches again.

" Daisuke, please stop!" Satoshi pleaded frantically, all his coolness gone, " you're not thinking clearly! You're supposed to be with Harada-san!"

" Riku and I have broke up!" Daisuke shouted in frustration, " Now, behave and come here!"

" Niwa, have you listen to yourself?.!"

" No, I don't listen to Dark… and call me 'Daisuke'!"

" I wasn't talking about Dark, Daisuke… I was talking about you! If you listen to yourself, the way you speak, the way you act… you'll realize this is not you! Have you ever stopped to wonder why you're behaving this way?"

" No!"

" Well, you should think about it!"

" I can't because the only thing I can think about is YOU!"

There was silence after that as both boys had stopped at running. Satoshi just stared at Daisuke who was glaring defiantly back at him.

" Daisuke…"

" Look! I don't know why I can't stop thinking about you, okay? I don't why I want you. I just do… and when I look at you, I can't help it. I… I must have you. So… please… Satoshi…?"

Satoshi shook his head dejectedly. " Gomen ne, Daisuke but I can't accept that…"

Daisuke stared after him helplessly, looking all-forlorn.

" Oh, how sad…" Krad stated out of nowhere, " he looks exactly like Ai Oujo-sama when she found out her beloved was betroth to another. Sad and pitiful…"

" Shut up, Krad…" Satoshi said hushedly as he looked down to the floor, refusing to look at Daisuke,

" Daisuke," Satoshi said softly, " you're just lusting for me, and I… I can't accept that. I want someone… who accepts me for me. Someone who cares for me, who will returns my feelings. I… won't allow anyone to get closer to me unless I feel like I'm accepted... for just being me. That's why you're my only friend, Daisuke, you're the only person that makes me feel accepted, makes me feel more humane, and I don't want our friendship to be ruin because of your lust,"

' Besides,' Satoshi thought sadly, ' I want you to love me for me and not because of some love potion. I'd do anything, if you return just the slightest bit of my feelings. I want you to want me, because your heart chose to…'

" So, Daisuke," Satoshi finished quietly, " if you want me, there should be more feeling to it… not just lust,"

" Well said, Satoshi-sama," Krad whispered gently.

" Whatever, Krad," Satoshi sighed, " now help me find a way out!"

" Just go the same way the Niwa entered!"

" What? Through the window?.!"

" Pfft. Obviously!"

" Hn. Fine!"

Satoshi walked to the window and put a leg up on the windowsill, before turning to look at Daisuke. " Ja matta ashita ne… Daisuke…"

Satoshi jumped out of the window and gracefully landed like a cat, no harm done.

Daisuke stood frozen to his spot, Satoshi's words playing in his mind.

" Daisuke? You okay?" Dark asked quietly.

" He… just rejected me, didn't he, Dark?" a soft voice asked.

" When you look at it that way…"

" He wants me to stop… because he doesn't want me to regret it later… he doesn't want me to get hurt… he doesn't want to jeopardize our friendship…"

" Yeah…"

A painful smile formed on Daisuke's face. " Satoshi-kun… he's such a nice guy…"


Satoshi sighed as he sipped his coffee and read the reports he found.

" Do you think I was being too hard on him?" he asked absently.

" No, I think you're being too lenient on him!" Krad replied boredly, " if it was up to me, I'd shouted at him saying, ' you stupid brat! Can't you see you're bothering my Satoshi-sama?.! Leave him alone, he's mine I tell you, mine, mine, all MINE!'- And I would insert an evil yet slightly insane laughter afterwards! Allow me to demonstrate?"

" No, thank you. I can already picture it in my mind!"

Satoshi opened his fridge and check it's contents. Frowning, he closes it and sighed.

" We're out of stock! Let's go get some dinner."

Grabbing his wallet and jacket, he went out of his house, not forgetting to locked the door afterwards. He was about to get going, when he noticed someone fumbling over his mailbox.

" Niwa?"

Daisuke jumped up in surprise and frantically tried to look as if he has nothing to hide.

" Oh, err… Satoshi-kun! You surprised me… are you going out?"

" Yes, I'm going to get dinner… what are you doing here?"

" Oh… just… walking around… out to get some fresh air, that's all…" Daisuke fidgeted nervously.

Satoshi noticed a camera around his neck. " Are you… out taking pictures?'

" What? Oh- oh yeah, yeah… I umm… thinking of sharpening my photography skills, in case Takeshi needs help in his news report or something…"

" I see… Daisuke? What's that behind your back?"

Daisuke gulped nervously. " What's what? There's nothing behind my back!"

" No… there's something there. I can see it!"

" No, there isn't!"

" Daisuke, let me see."

" No!"

" Daisuke!"

" No! No! No! No! No!"

There was a struggle but somehow Satoshi managed to obtain the thing from Daisuke's grasp. Satoshi stared at it, it was a… letter. With his address on it!

" Daisuke…" Satoshi cried incredulously, " Is this my letter?" Daisuke flushed red, " were you the one whose been stealing my mail? Were you the one whose been going through my trash? And this camera… are you taking pictures of me?.!"

" No!" Daisuke shouted defensively, grabbing the letter, " this is mine! And I have no idea what you're talking about, Satoshi-kun! I'm going home now. Goodbye!"

With that said, Daisuke made a mad dash back to his house, leaving Satoshi to stare disturbingly after him.

Daisuke sighed when he entered his room flopping on top of his bed. That was scary. Satoshi has caught him red-handed. Now he probably thinks he's some sort of weirdo.

Daisuke thrown away all the love letters he stole from Satoshi's mailbox and took out a box hidden underneath his bed. Taking out the contents, Daisuke stared at the developed pictures he secretly took from the past few days.

" Mou… Satoshi-kun… you don't have to be so mean!" Daisuke pouted picking up a picture of Satoshi strolling through the park.

" You're obsessed, you know that?" Dark stated shaking his head disapprovingly.

" Maybe I am… care to tell me why?"

" How should I know?.! You follow him everywhere, you can't stop thinking about him, you get jealous when you saw someone else trying to get his attention, you only want him to look at you, you want to get in his pants… it's like you're in love or something!"

Daisuke stared at the ceiling as Dark's words sunk into his minds, a blush growing on his face. " Dark… did you… say ' love'?"

" …'

" Oh, my God!" Daisuke sat up, as he finally realized something, " Dark, you're right. You're absolutely right! I'm… I'm in love. Oh my God, I- I'm in love… with Hiwatari Satoshi!"

Daisuke stood up, happy to finally find the reason of his behavior. " I love, Satoshi. And I must tell him!"

Daisuke quickly rushed out of the house to find his so-called 'love'.

Satoshi walked out of the grocery store, with his dinner in hand. He took the shortcut through the park to get to his apartment faster. Suddenly, he heard his name being called.

" Satoshi-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun…!"

Satoshi hasn't even got time to blink, when a certain redhead launched himself to him, causing him to topple down to the ground.

" Daisuke?.! What-"

" Satoshi-kun! Satoshi-kun!" Daisuke cried eagerly, " I know! I know now! I know!"

" Daisuke, please calm down!" Satoshi urged, " now tell me, what is it that you know?"

" I know the reason for my behavior and why…" Daisuke blushed, " … why I want you…"

" O-oh…?"

" Yes… the reason is… well, the reason is…" Daisuke let out a happy smile, " Satoshi-kun, ai shi teru!"

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