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The Last Blood Drips

I closed my claw hand tight

Tightly into a fist

Where my claws dig into my flesh

And I let the blood drip

I close my eyes lightly

So I can try and see my fate

I see my fate and I see in the years ahead

that I wont have a mate

And I squeeze my fist tighter letting more blood drip

What was this that I have found?

Maybe she was not just my mate as I thought

Maybe she was my love

Can someone so cold, so evil, have such a thing?

This human so good, so pure

Is it really possible?

A full fledged demon,

who despises humans

Be in love with such a person?


No demon can

That is why my mate, my love

Is bathing in her blood

From my demonic hands

I killed my mate, my love

That is why I have no fate

no mate

For this Sesshomaru

This Sesshomaru shall not wake

For the last drop of blood drips

It is now I

I who is bathing in my blood

Mine and my loves' blood

We will be



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