Testy Love

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Daine sighed, walking into the empty living space in her room. It seemed so lonely here. If only Numair was

here, she thought wistfully. She grinned at his memory. His dark black hair, his eyes, the feel of his lips on her

own. She felt tears come to her eyes. I miss him so much! she wept silently. I hope he comes home soon... He had left a month earlier, going with Alanna the Lioness to defeat immortals that had been attacking a nearby village. Daine felt that familiar sorrow and fear creep over her skin that she felt whenever he left. I hope he comes back alive. Her restraint finally cracked and she collapsed into a chair, crying herself to sleep.

Meanwhile, an exhausted Numair sat next to a campfire, silently whispering a spell. An image came up in the

fire. It was Daine. He whispered another word and phantom lips lightly kissed her on one tear stained cheek.

She mumbled something and drifted back into sleep. It's okay magelet, he told her in his mind, I'll be home


Suddenly a woman appeared by Numair's side. "Numair?" Her amethyst eyes were filled with weariness.

"You really miss her don't you?" She saw a single tear roll silently down his cheek. Roughly, he wiped it away

and broke off the spell.

His bright eyes looked up at her. Nodding slightly, he stood up and slowly walked into his tent, She looked

after him, worried. Sighing, she walked up to the fire and spoke a few words. Another image appeared, this

time of a study. "Jon?" she called. A man appeared, visibly relieved.

"Alanna! You're there! Are you okay? How did it go?"

"Jon! Slow down. Everything's fine." She glanced at Numair's tent and shook her head. "We defeated the

immortals and we're on our way home now. We should be home by tomorrow evening." smiling, she continued,

"But don't tell Daine. I want to see how she reacts to Numair coming home." Jon chuckled.

"You're cruel, Alanna. But fine, I won't tell her. By the way, how is Numair doing?" Alanna rolled her eyes.

"He really misses Daine. You know, I think that the two of them are in love." She grinned at Jon. "Don't tell anybody,

but I actually saw Numair cry. He was looking at Daine sleeping in the fire and a tear fell down his cheek." Jon's

eyes went wide with surprise. "Wow, really?" When Alanna nodded, he sighed. "Well, I guess we'll have to deal

with that when you get back. I need to go now." He rolled his eyes. "Another conference. See you tomorrow night.

He broke the connection.

Alanna went into her tent, barely hitting her pillow before falling asleep.

The next day, Daine was too depressed to do anything. She finally gave up trying to be happy without Numair

and just sulked. Buri and Thayet glanced at her often, worried. By the evening bell, Daine was doing the best she

could to hold back tears, which threatened to start at any moment. ONce in the mess hall, she got a plate of food,

but just sat picking at it. She felt many eyes on her, but she just ignored everybody. She was about to get up and

leave when she heard a faint whisper behind her. It was light, was she heard it just the same.


She turned slowly, not sure if she believed what she was hearing. Her eyes filled with tears when she saw

Numair standing in the doorway.