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Author's Notes: I'm sure some of my regular readers are now very confused. A Teen Titans story? Why now?

Well, this Teen Titans story is actually set within a fictional TT universe called the 'Legendverse', which is the timeline in which the Teen Titans stories by Legend Maker take place (it's an amalgam of comic and animated storylines, along with personal touches and OCs by LM). For instance, the Robin who leads the team is actually Tim Drake instead of Dick Grayson (and I mean as in the Robin who is the lover of Starfire). The setting is Jump City, Florida instead of San Francisco, California (which may make some people wonder why Bumblebee's team is called Titans East). And so on and so forth. You should really take a look at LM's Teen Titans stories (along with those of Bobcat's, Jedi-And's, Chaltab's, and others who have based their stories in the Legendverse). Take note that her stories are of a considerably more mature nature theme-wise…and those unused to swearing might be going O.O

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This idea of mine was too juicy to pass up, and I wanted LM's permission to go ahead. She said yes.

This will not be a long story a la Revision or Final Fantasy X-3. Rather, it will be around 10 chapters long, maybe less.

For those familiar with the Legendverse, this story takes place between Wings of the Eagles and Flashing Lights and Sounds. So Scalpel hasn't joined yet.

That said, on with the show!


"How much longer?"

"Two hours."

"How much longer?"

"Two hours."

"How much longer?"

Noel Collins – aka Savior, the white-clad Titan – growled as he stared through the large, reinforced window. "It's going to be the EXACT same answer for the next 22 seconds. So SHUT UP Robert!"

The figure was silent.

For 22 seconds, in any case. "How much longer?"

"AGGGH! FUDGE IT!" Savior immediately grimaced as the person on the other side of the window started laughing. I swear to God, if Raven doesn't nullify that last spell soon…

The one known as Savior seemed strange at glance. His choice of attire was fitting to his name: white T-shirt, white jeans, white boots, a white jacket with a blue T on the right shoulder, and light blue eyes. Even his hair was white. And his hair was sticking up in a way that would make some think he was a DBZ knockoff. His name and wardrobe might lead one to think he was a saintly kind of person whose moral fiber was surpassed only by Superman.

You'd be dead wrong.

Noel Collins – for that was his real name (but don't tell anyone!) – was a total wallflower. Except instead of shyness or unpopularity stinting his social activity, it was utter bullheadedness and a stern attitude. He was a stuck-up, grumpy, and hypercritical control freak (not the villain, but he IS someone who desires control). But perhaps it's to be expected; the life of a superhero is harsh, and despite all the evil in the world, people continue to go about not caring or even doing what led to the evil in the first place (kind of like a 'don't throw pearls to swine' scenario). After all, remember that the world is a terrible place not because of evil people, but because of good people who do nothing.

Nevertheless, Savior was a superhero on a renowned team of superheroes, the Teen Titans. He was the first to join after the original five of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven, and now their numbers had swelled to a grand total of eight full-time members (complete with many honorary members. I kind of lost count after practically every metahuman under the sun was made an honorary member. I kid). In battle, he was a calm and observant tactician, and utterly merciless to foes who did not deserve mercy. Yet he did his best not to cross the thin line that separates heroism from villainy, and he usually succeeded.

Unfortunately for the team, there was one person that Savior absolutely loathed to no end.

That person was on the opposite side of the window, laying in a padded white room. The boy of 15 had spiky blonde hair (not quite as DBZ as Noel's, but spiky nonetheless), blue eyes, a white T-shirt with a black G embroidered on the chest, and ragged khaki pants. On his right index finger was a golden ring with a rather large ruby attached to it.

He was Robert Candide, also known as Gauntlet. He was one of the members of the Teen Titans.

And his personality was a total 180 from Noel's. Relaxed, goofy, and prone to following his impulses, Robert had joined the team via rather strange means: government mandate. It was his punishment for robbing the same bank every day for two weeks straight. It wasn't that he was evil; he was just of the mindset that his good deeds owed him the occasional bank robbery. Yes, he was rather strange. He could be serious when it counted, but most of the time he would be quoting from the Superhero Guidebook, saying that his ancestors were actually responsible for most of the world's major historical events (so dictates the Candide Family Bible!), and generally ticking Noel off, intentionally or otherwise.

It was rather a mystery why Savior disliked – some say hated – Gauntlet with such intensity. Perhaps it was because he was a convicted criminal who only got on the Teen Titans by court order to perform 2000 hours of community service (as you can tell, he ended up staying). Perhaps it was that he ended up fighting the Titans the moment he first set foot into Titans Tower. Or maybe it was because Noel was the reason he got on the team in the first place (the letter detailing the court order came with a clause that the team could deny Robert's entry onto the team. It was Noel's turn to check the mail, and he had missed it. Thus, the clause went unheeded, and there was no choice but to accept Gauntlet), and this was a strange form of retribution. Who knew?

All we know is that the events of the last several days had worn Noel's nerves down completely and totally, to the degree where he was on the verge of snapping. Needless to say, he was ready to avoid Gauntlet for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Robin had said that Gauntlet needed someone to watch him while he endured his punishment (isolation in the containment room). And, as Tim had put it, 'who better than Noel to watch Robert'?

'Who better than Noel' my bass, thought Savior. Then he nearly facefaulted at how stupid that had just sounded. Not only had he been forced to watch Gauntlet, but he had to keep the audio channels open. This allowed the two to talk.

Gauntlet sighed as he waved his legs in the air, clearly bored out of his skull. "I'm bored."

"Thanks for sharing," dryly muttered Noel. "I'd prefer it if you didn't talk. I might not break your leg if you shut up."

Gauntlet pointed at the ceiling dramatically. "Oh, the quality of mercy is not strain'd. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: it blesseth him that gives and him that takes." That was another thing about Gauntlet, he had a tendency to cite Shakespeare, passages from the Iliad, and other such noted works when he had nothing to do. His hyperactivity normally got in the way of such citation, but what can you say: he was bored out of his mind.

"My mercy is better reserved for other people."

Gauntlet merely sighed as he brought his hand back down. "I didn't MEAN to cause all that. All I was looking for was a romance spell. Love Potion #9 kind of thing."

"And you know that meddling with spell books when you have no experience with magic of any kind is akin to playing with nuclear weaponry," pointedly retorted Noel.

Gauntlet pointed at his ring. "The Gauntlet is a magic-based artifact!"

"A magical artifact does not a good mage make, even if it WAS given to you by a demigod." That was another foible of Robert's that Noel hated; he had gotten his powers in a method that had required no self-sacrifice or hard work at all. Noel had gotten his powers – a malleable, semi-sentient white energy called the Shimmer (think Green Lantern, except no powers of flight and not as versatile) – after getting doused by paint and a dangerous toxin that had nearly killed him. Robert, on the other hand, had gotten it from an ancient demigod called Pangloss the Mighty after his name had been picked out of a phonebook. Yes, a phonebook. Pangloss may have had enough power to completely cleanse the earth of evil, but his power was only matched by his laziness. Rather than ending world hunger, he would stay home and watch Arrested Development.

Robert grumbled. "Well, I wouldn't NEED to browse through spell books if a certain author let me have a love interest of my own!" Silence. Nothing happened, much to Gauntlet's confusion. "Huh?"

"The containment room is coated with a Fourth-Wall energy field from S.T.A.R. Labs. No breaking out for you," snidely said Noel.

"Aw nerts." Robert stared at the ceiling quietly. "Still…that was all hectic…I remember it like it was yesterday…"

"It WAS yesterday."

"Well, the end of the madness was, but it all actually started over a week ago."

Thus the flashback began, wavy lines and all. Noel sighed; these always gave him a headache.


(Cue the Teen Titans opening music…)

Ultra Sonikku Presents…

(the words SAVIOR and GAUNTLET appear side-by-side…and then smash together in a pyrotechnic flash to form the title)

A Legend Maker Production…


Double the trouble…


The flashback has begun.

We return to Titans Tower, early in the morning. Right now, two figures are on the roof of the T-shaped building.

One is Noel.

The other is the sorceress empath known as Raven, her pale gray skin, blue boots, dark blue leotard, blue cloak and hood, and her violet hair acting as a counter to Savior's all-white attire.

They were more than allies. They were also lovers.

And now, they were meditating together.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…"

Noel sighed deeply. "Not working this morning."

Raven opened one violet eye. "Meditation doesn't work if you quit halfway." Her dry and even voice often served as the team's voice of reason.

"We've been at it for a half hour," muttered her boyfriend, his white hair swaying in the wind. "Probably yesterday's fault more than anything else." The previous day had been wrought with a battle against the Troika – more commonly known as Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth – at the Jump City First National Bank. Normally, it wouldn't have been so troublesome for the eight Titans, but they had other problems as well. Dr. Light had also been attacking a power generator outside of the city, and Control Freak had been harassing the local video rental store (again). So naturally, they had split up to fight their foes. Savior, Raven, and Beast Boy had fought the Troika. Much fighting ensued. Naturally, the Titans had won, but they had all been rather tired after the fact.

"Meditation is supposed to help relieve weariness, not add to it," pointedly said Raven.

Noel shrugged. "I'm going to go get your mirror and see if that helps." The mirror in question was a magical mirror that served as a portal to Raven's mind. It was a tool Raven often used for meditation…and perhaps a trip into his girlfriend's mind would work. "I'll be back in a bit."

Raven nodded as she continued her meditation. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…Azarath-"

Then she felt it. A ripple in the magical wavelength spectrum. It tickled her senses briefly before disappearing.

Hmm…nothing. The power she had sensed was roughly akin to a minor spell being cast. A very minor spell. Nothing to worry about. And thus Raven continued meditating.

Three minutes later, she felt the ripple again. Again, it was minor…but it was a bit more wide reaching in its effect. Okay…this is starting to get annoying. She continued her meditation…although she was a bit more alert.

Another ripple. More powerful this time. She could instantly tell where its origin was.

Her room.

Noel. Raven immediately disappeared in a flash of black energy.


Noel rubbed his neck as he slowly strolled down the hallway toward Raven's room. Blasted Mammoth. My body still feels like a pincushion. Although Noel had single-handedly defeated the Troika (well, more like held them off until help arrived) when they had once invaded the Tower, that had been back before he was an official Titan. Now the Troika knew his battle tactics, powers, and weaknesses much more intimately, which meant a more troublesome fight.

As he neared the door to Raven's room, he noticed a slight, purplish glow coming from underneath it. "What the…?" He immediately opened it.

What he saw was fellow Titan Robert Candide holding one of Raven's spell books, reciting a spell. A crackling purple glow was surrounding his right hand.

"Gnidnob dnah! Tsrif hcuot llahs dnib! Lacigam lleps etingi!" chanted Gauntlet, although his speech sounded disjointed.

Savior, as you could guess, was flabbergasted. "WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING!"

"WAH!" yelped Gauntlet as he dropped the ancient tome, his right hand still crackling with magical energy. "Uh, hold on a second Noel-"

"What did you cast!" demanded Noel as he stomped toward the blonde teen. On impulse, Robert took off for the room's window.

Savior immediately leapt forward. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" The white-haired Titan grabbed the fleeing Gauntlet's right hand with his left.

The magical aura crackled and burst, creating a mighty thunderclap. The purple light and booming sound ceased moments later.

Savior rubbed his eyes to clear the spots as his girlfriend teleported into the room. Her violet eyes looked at the book on the floor and the two male Titans in front of her…and then her experienced senses analyzed Gauntlet's right hand. And in that instant, she knew what had just happened. "Oh no…"

Noel turned around, asking, "Hey Raven. Any idea…what…" There was a strange feeling in his left hand.

He slowly turned back toward Gauntlet…and gazed at the fallen Titan's right hand.

His left hand was clutching it…and to Savior's horror, he couldn't let go. "What the…?"

"That aura is similar to that of bonding and sealing spells. I'm not totally sure until I see the spell he used…but it looks like your hands are bound," explained Raven in her ever-so calm tone.

Noel Collins was silent.

Then he stared at Robert with the hardest glare he could muster. "WHAT DID YOU DO?"

"Um…I can explain?" meekly said Gauntlet.


To be continued…

Next time…

Unintended Consequences


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