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You'll see…

And so, the end begins…




Phil rarely felt fear anymore.

Very few people could actually inspire literal fear in Phil. After all, he had enough power to rival (or, as some say, SURPASS) the infamous warriors known as the Z Fighters…particularly someone called Goku. Or Vegeta. Or anyone from the DBZ universe, for that matter.

So it was a mystery as to why Chief O'Connor frightened him so. After all, the 50-year old man was past his physical prime; if anything, he was a fatter version of Alex Trebek, with gray hair. And baldness. Heck, his top power level was 5,000.

But here's the thing: O'Connor was his boss.

Understand now?

In any case, Phil was standing in front of O'Connor's desk, unmoving. O'Connor stared at Phil in silence, his eyes narrowed.

Finally, the Chief spoke. "This…is a new standard of disastrous, even for you Phil. I'm actually thinking that this may be even WORSE than the whole incident with Erik in Bludhaven!"

The Physics Policeman was sweating; THAT incident had gotten the attention of O'Connor's superior, Jacob (who had enough power to call upon an entire ARMY of Policeman if he wanted to). How bad could this one be?

"Do you remember the big incident of 1985?"

Phil blinked. "Uh…"

"All of the DC Universes. Back in those days, they were classified under a single title: the DC Multiverse." O'Connor frowned. "Ring a bell?"

The memory didn't return. So Phil just improvised. "Oh…OH. Ah…THAT."

O'Connor's eyes narrowed. "Acting will get you nowhere."

Crap. He knows me too well.

Squire, tis' not good to lie.

Shut it.

"In 1985, a being known as the Anti-Monitor started destroying all of the universes within the DC Multiverse. It was what was the timeline dictated would happen, so our job was simply to keep his anti-matter waves from leaking out into other universes. Even so, we lost a few hundred agents to the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons that tried to attack universes that weren't supposed to fall. Although we succeeded, the losses were a bitter pill to swallow." The Chief leaned forward, glaring straight into Phil's eyes. "The DC Multiverse became the DC Universe."

Phil stared. "Uh…okay. And?"

Chief O'Connor's glare could've melted steel. "When multiple universes merged together into Universe FC-1 a while back, some of the universes fragmented, and split off. Universe DC-LM resulted from a fragment of the DC Universe."

Phil was silent. "…and? What exactly happened?"

O'Connor sighed as he grabbed a large chart and held it in front of Phil. "Does this IMAGE ring any bells?"

The PP Agent gazed at the image…and blanched. He recognized that image from Ralph's comic book collection.

Multiple earths…

"A Crisis on Infinite Earths…?"

"In reverse," finished O'Connor. "You could've stopped that reality manipulator before this happened. You are a warrior with the blood of heroes, Saiyans, and Juraians flowing through you…you had the power. But NO…you had to be bitter. You had to 'teach me a lesson'. Well guess what? Your inaction has caused Universe DC-LM to become a Multiverse. Every single timeline has gotten its own universe. Do you understand the consequences NOW?"

Phil dropped the act. He wasn't stupid. "All of these universes have heroes who will all need new licenses. Patrolling schedules need to be redone to fit this new influx of universes. Dimensional rifts resulting from the sudden emergence of the Multiverse will need to be closed. Sensory probes will need to be established…anything else?"

"Those are the major things," remarked O'Connor. "And seeing as how most of my other agents are busy at the moment, YOU will start renewing licenses on your own."

Phil's heart began to sink; renewing licenses for people over multiple universes? That wasn't fair.

"And to start, you will go to the Earth in Universe DC-LM-371. Now shoo!"

Phil's shoulders sagged as he trudged out of Chief O'Connor's office. "Yes sir…"

The Chief leaned back in his chair, scratching his mustache. "Always makes me feel irritable…"


Universe DC-LM-371.

In a flash of light, Phil appeared inside Titans Tower.

Inside a darkened room, which was dimly lit by a lamp.

On a bed, he saw two figures.

Noel Collins and Robert Candide.

Robert protested, "Do you MIND?"

Phil blinked at what he was seeing. Then he realized what exactly he WAS seeing.

A purple aura flared around him. "Excuse me." He casually walked out of the room.

And as Robert and Noel remained with each other, they could barely hear the shout of 'Shi Shi Hakodan!' and the explosion following it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go gag myself with a rusty spork…


Universe DC-LM-379.


Titans Tower.

Raven gurgled as she sat up in her bed, clutching her aching head. "Ow…my head…" Everything was ringing…why was she having trouble remembering…?

Explosions. Battles. Rifts. Oblivion.

Her eyes widened. Noel. She quickly ran out of her room, her cloak billowing behind her. She dashed into the living room…and stopped.

Savior was sitting in front of the television (which also served as the main computer. Ain't versatility grand?), watching the news. Gauntlet was on the couch, snoring.

Raven suddenly realized that they were no longer connected; their hands were no longer connected. The spell had been broken. But how? She slowly walked over to the couch, looking at the television screen Savior was watching.

"And so for this morning's top story, we have a large traffic jam in the downtown area, after an 18-wheeler skidded to a halt to avoid a squirrel. There was no accident, but it will take a few hours to fix the current jam. We have just received notice that the truck driver is a member of PETA-"

Noel snorted. "Idiot. Endanger the lives of other humans and ruin their days…but the little critter gets to live! All in a day's work. Pfft."

"There's no mention of Oblivion…or anything that happened." Raven was flabbergasted; everything looked perfectly…normal. "The city looks untouched."

"Not only that, but look at the date." Savior pointed at the upper corner of the screen. Raven nearly blanched at the sight. "It's been a whole week…"

"Apparently, time decided to have one final skip." The white-haired metahuman rubbed his temples as he leaned back against the couch, letting the full impact of what had happened hit him. "We nearly destroyed everything."

"It wasn't your fault Noel," whispered Raven.

Savior's eyes narrowed. "I know that. After all…" He gazed at the slumbering Gauntlet. "He's the one who started the whole mess to begin with."

The empath sweatdropped. Not exactly the response I had in mind. "Perhaps. But he didn't create Oblivion. You were simply unlucky."

"And it nearly destroyed the whole city. And reality itself, for that matter." Savior grumbled; his memories of the whole incident were fuzzy. Everything between the battle with Kardiak and the transformation into Oblivion was fuzzy…he could remember some incidents (like when Gauntlet had peeped on him and Raven when they were intimate)…but not much else (and why the heck was he thinking about a scalpel? He didn't have surgery…did he?). But he remembered being Oblivion…he remembered being smothered by a powerful force…and all of the destruction. "Do you know what really sticks in my craw?"


"It was all so POINTLESS." Savior stood up, pointing all around him. "It wasn't some grand plan. It wasn't the work of some madman working for months or even years. It was all a big string of coincidences…had Gauntlet not messed with your books, it wouldn't have happened. Had Larry not appeared, it wouldn't have happened. Had Slade not interfered, it wouldn't have happened. Had Robert not activated his Gauntlet, it wouldn't have harnessed yours and Larry's powers. Thus, no Oblivion. See what I'm saying? It's like life wanted us to have an exceptionally difficult time." The metahuman grumbled as he sat back down. "Why? Why do bad things happen for no reason? I know I sound like a typical unknowing child, but seriously; would it HURT for life to ease up on us?"

Raven calmly sat down beside her significant other holding his shoulder gently. "There IS a bright side Noel. Everything was reversed…and it seems as though no one besides us remember anything." I hope everyone else wound up okay. Though she had known those alternate reality heroes for a short time – she particularly enjoyed the company of Mockingbird – they had all left an impression on her, however small it was.

Savior sighed again; a constant occurrence this morn. "Still…it could've been a lot worse. But on a positive note, I'm finally FREE!" The metahuman stared at his left hand with a sense of glee. "I should disinfect this. It's got Robert germs all over it."

"Speaking of Robert, we should see how he's doing." Raven turned around…and paused.

Robert Candide was gone.

"Uh…where is he Raven?" asked Noel, already feeling an uneasy feeling (punny!) in his gut.

Raven frowned. Then she felt a magical ripple. A very familiar magical ripple. She moaned out of irritation. "I'm hoping this isn't what I think it is…" She disappeared in a black surge of power.

Moments later, she reappeared, with Gauntlet. The empatn was looking particularly cross. "Robert was trying to cast the Spell of Bonding."

Savior's jaw hit the floor so fast it would've broken a speed record. "AGAIN?"



Gauntlet shook his head. "I was actually gonna hold Star's hand this time around. At least I would've had some fun before you'd break our loving relationship to thousands of itty, bitty, pieces."

Noel's forehead showed a blood vessel.


He slammed Robert into the wall with a Shimmer fist. He charged forward-


Only to be sent to the ground by Robin, who was still in his pajamas (though apparently, he slept with his eye mask on). The Teen Wonder grumbled as he put away his bo staff. "After what happened, I'm not in the mood for you two to tear each other to pieces. Robert, go to isolation. Noel, watch over him."

Savior blanched. "WHAT? BUT WHY-"

"Who better than Noel to watch Robert? Now shoo." Robin sighed as he plopped down at the kitchen table; he felt really irritable right now.

The 19-year old Savior's face twitched as he threw his hands into the air, as if saying 'I give up.' He took Gauntlet (more like dragged him along, to be precise) away, leaving the living room to Robin and Raven.

The violet-eyed Titan turned her gaze to their leader. "You're frustrated."

Robin scowled as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. "We nearly lost it all Raven. It was sheer luck that Oblivion managed to stop Slade from altering history."

"Then don't dwell on it. We won in the end."

"I know…but it's hard to not think about how it all could have been prevented." Robin sat down on the couch, sipping the tangy liquid.

The empath added, "Noel had those same thoughts as well."

Before Robin could reply, the large television image blurred, and the monitor showed a new picture. One of Superman.



"Is everything okay down there?"

"Kind of. Everything seems to have been reversed…and the incident that actually LED to all that craziness has been nullified as well," said Robin. "What about you? Anything odd happening in the Watchtower?"

The Man of Steel shook his head. "Not exactly. I woke up this morning in Metropolis, as if nothing had happened. I came to the Watchtower, and I found that Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Flash all woke up in their own homes. Apparently, whatever happened at the dawn of time, reality reset itself. A whole week later, I might add."

Tim Drake sighed as he scratched the back of his neck. "It's still so puzzling…all that…all of those rifts…and when it all ends, it's as if nothing ever happened. I can't even remember most of what happened."

"Neither can I. I told Batman everything I remembered. He couldn't find anything wrong with Earth, the universe, or reality for that matter. I was tempted to call Dr. Fate, but I decided not to. It'd be best to just move on." What Superman didn't know – or anyone else, for that matter – was that the Multiverse had been reborn. That infinite universes had spawned, each with their own versions of the Titans…of the Justice League…or with none of them at all. In some universes, they didn't exist. They had no way of knowing that…and they never would (That is, unless a Speed Force user happened to transcend the vibrational barriers between worlds…but that's another story for another time.).

"I see…nevertheless," He smiled at the Last Son of Krypton. "It was a pleasure working with you."

Superman smiled. "Likewise."

"AND GREEN LANTERN STILL OWES ME TWO AUTOGRAPHS!" interrupted Beast Boy, popping up between Robin and the monitor (and startling the former greatly).

Superman chuckled. "I'll tell him that." The transmission ended.

Garfield sighed with relief as he slumped to the floor. "Phew…close one."

"A very RUDE 'close one'," dryly remarked Raven.

"By the way, where's Oblivion? Is he out cold or something?" asked the Changeling.

"No…Oblivion's split back into Savior and Gauntlet. Everything's back to normal." I hope, thought Robin.

Then Larry the Titan popped out of the TV. Apparently, normalcy wanted a quick break. "MY MAGIC FINGER'S FIXED!" He looked around with glee. "So, can I still help stop Oblivion?"

Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy stared. Then, all at once, they said, "You're too late."

Ekard Mit moaned, "Aww…"


And now we return to the containing room…

"I thought Robin said we didn't HAVE Fourth-Wall energy fields," remarked Gauntlet.

"Apparently, when reality rewrote itself, we do now. And apparently, I knew about it," replied Savior.

Robert Candide snorted. "Talk about a retcon. Or am I thinking of a catchall? Maybe it's more like a deus ex machina."

(Oh shut up, like you're one to talk.)

Gauntlet snapped, "Well it IS! Lazy author!"

(Oh yeah? Don't you remember Cutting Edge?)

"Cutting what?"

(Oh wait. It hasn't happened yet…crap. Well, just you wait!)

Savior stared at the blonde-haired Titan, wondering what exactly he had done in a previouslife to be cursed with such an individual. "I hope you've learned your lesson Rob."

"Brush your teeth after every meal? Because I don't need to anymore." To make his point, he smiled; his teeth were still impeccable.


"Oh, YOU mean 'Always put the toilet seat down'."


"Yeah," nonchalantly replied Gauntlet. "But now's not a time for seriousness. I think you're going to implode one day under all of your self-imposed agony."

Noel Collins leered at the jokester. "You wouldn't survive a serious crisis. Not with that attitude."

"What about the Last Wish?"

"A fluke."

"Oh, COME ON," groaned Gauntlet. "Now you're just being unfair. I mean, I'd bet I could hold up to a serious crisis better than you could! You're always too serious! I'm relaxed! You always go 'My way or the highway', I go with the flow! Crises flow from one point to a next…especially the 'End of the World' kind, where you can't control ANYTHING."

Savior snorted. "You have no idea what you're talking about."

(Be glad you haven't read Crisis Point then.)

Robert Candide, not feeling like arguing anymore, fell back down onto the padded floor. "Well…I suppose things ended up well, considering."

"If one thing had been different, it might've not happened. Or it might've been worse." Savior placed his hand on the glass wall. "Fact of the matter is, all of that would have NEVER happened if you hadn't been stupid enough to mess with Raven's spell books."

Gauntlet was silent.

Then, he stood up, and walked over to the glass, staring at his rival (I suppose they're rivals…). "You can't resist getting the last word in when it involves me, do you?"

"Not really."

"Look. Do you think I INTENDED for Oblivion to happen?"

"No, but-"

"SHUT UP. I'm talking now, so zip your lips!" Gauntlet took another breath. "Granted, it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't used the spell…but whose idea was it to turn us into a superpowered destroyer of everything? Slade. I may have caused the whole problem, but I DIDN'T INTEND FOR IT TO HAPPEN. Slade took advantage of it and caused us to become Oblivion. You want to put blame on someone, put it on HIM."

The two glared at each other.

And then, Gauntlet decided to be Gauntlet. "Or you could blame yourself. After all, YOU grabbed my hand."

Noel Collins groaned out of annoyance as he sat back in his chair. "Just forget about it. I want that memory to be as BURIED AS POSSIBLE."

"You just can't admit that I'm right."

Savior didn't answer…because part of him knew that Gauntlet was right. But then again, was he ever going to admit it? Probably not.


Savior tilted his head to see Terra standing in the doorway to the containment rooms. "Yes?"

"Get Robert out. Robin says he has a different punishment in mind."


The Meeting Room.

All the Titans had gathered. All sitting around a big, circular table.

"I have to go to those meetings?"

Robin nodded at Gauntlet. "Yes." The meetings in question were superhero meetings with lawyers. See, due to all the collateral damage that usually results from superhero battles, there's a lot of money that could be made from lawsuits. However, judges always dismiss these lawsuits as a matter of course (and be honest; who would sue the Justice League for destroying a few buildings if it meant stopping Brainiac? Alas, some people would.). However, in order to keep these lawsuits from going through, each superhero team had to renew their 'Protection Licenses' each and every year. More often than not, it lasts a few months. Usually more.

Gauntlet said, "So basically I'm going to be listening to boring people talk about boring stuff for several months when I could just renew our licenses in about ten minutes. Licenses that basically mean that the cops can't arrest us."

"That's the gist of it," finished Cyborg.

Savior sighed. "This is a BAD idea. Tim, you told me about what happened when Gar went in your place during one year. "

Beast Boy groaned. "Please don't remind me…"

"If you send the idiot, he'll get our licenses revoked for sure."

Gauntlet shrugged. "Eh, I've heard all the insults you can dish out. I WOULD call your mom an unpleasant word, but then you'd just break stuff."

Savior cursed loudly. "TRUCK YOU!" Then he screamed again. "AAAAAGH!"

"Regardless Savior, we're sending Gauntlet. If anything, it might help him tone down his goofiness," replied Robin.

Savior was instantly feeling better. "If that's the case, then go for it."

Robert chuckled. "It is SO easy for me to manipulate you. I've got you whipped more than Raven."

Savior darkly glared at Gauntlet. If looks could kill, his glare would've skewered Robert a million times over.

Robin coughed. "So…if you two are done complaining, go pick a car. Noel, you'll be driving Robert to the meeting."

"You just HAVE to make my life miserable, don't you?" growled the white-haired teen.

"Robert can't drive yet."

"Hey, not MY fault you won't let me get a permit!" protested the blonde boy.

The Teen Wonder continued, "Besides, I want you and Rob to clear away any hostilities you may still have. It's a particular sore that's been going on for a bit too long…so I want you to at LEAST make an effort to stop being so antagonistic around him," finished Robin.

Savior groaned. "FINE…"

Gauntlet snorted. "Well this is a lousy present for my 16th birthday."

Terra blinked. "You're 16?"

"Yeah! And in a couple of weeks, I'll have been a Titan for a whole year!"

Starfire clapped with glee. "This is wondrous news! Truly wonderful!"

Noel glanced at Raven. "Remind me why we haven't kicked him off the team yet?"

"Just let it go," said Raven.

Cyborg stood, flexing his arms. "Alright, enough jibber-jabber. Go ahead and do your job Rob…" Then his eyes hardened into a glare. "But as for the car, you can choose any of them. EXCEPT THE T-CAR. Got it?"

"Fine by me," replied Robert as he walked away. "That thing's a hunk of junk anyway."

Victor Stone snarled. "Oh REALLY? Well take it then! It'll be the most comfortable ride you've ever experienced!"

Gauntlet raised his hands out of defense. "Sheesh, fine! Have it your way." Heh heh. Sucker.

And Noel could only sigh out of remorse. "This is going to be a long trip…"


Tim Drake stood beside the T-Car. Noel was at the wheel, and Robert was riding shotgun. "Good luck Rob. Try not to mess up."

"I won't. Give Starfire a kiss for me!"

Savior grumbled. "Just be quiet." He shifted into D and drove off, accelerating across the bridge to the mainland.

"So…can I push this button?"


"This button?"


"How about this button?"


"This big red one?"

"Gee, it's big and red. What do you think?"

"Aw, really? You're too kind!"

"Rob, WAIT-"

Several rockets shot out of the T-Car's side, slamming into the bay. Explosions ensued; water shot upward like a geyser.


"Well how was I supposed to know?"

And as the T-Car drove off, Aqualad floated up to the surface, charred to a crisp. "What did I do…?"

Robin sweatdropped as the T-Car disappeared. Maybe I should've done the driving…

/Four Hours Later/

Robin realized that, in hindsight, he was correct. For he stood with Cyborg in the parking garage, waiting for Noel to come up.

It wasn't a pretty sight.

"My…baby…" muttered Cyborg, his jaw nearly dislocated as Noel drove the T-Car into the parking garage. That is, what was left of it. Four wheels, the bottom frame, and some gnarled and twisted metal on the chassis. The roof was gone, and the only door left was the driver door.

Noel calmly turned off the T-Car, unbuckled his seat belt, stepped out, and closed the door. The vehicle promptly fell to pieces.

Cyborg could only muttered 'My…baby…' over and over as Savior casually walked past him. Robin opened his mouth.


Robin shut his mouth. Savior stomped off into the elevator.

He wanted to scream. To shout. To roar. Granted, it wouldbe swear words…but listening to the ridiculouscensors would've made him even madder. If only he could-

The doors opened, revealing Raven. Her hands were glowing blue. She touched Noel's lips with her fingers. "On paos rof uoy."

Noel blinked as he felt a tingling sensation. "Huh…?"

"Test it out in the bathroom."

Savior blinked. Then his eyes widened out of realization. He promptly entered the bathroom, and let loose a stream of curse words so loud and profane that they are not fit for this story. Heck, even Quentin Tarantino would've blushed out of embarrassment.

Finally, two minutes later, Savior stepped out, looking strangely content, "That felt…SO good."

"Then shall we give the meditation another try?" asked Raven. She held her hand out.

The white-haired Noel Collins smiled as he grabbed it. "You know? I just might."


The roof.

Two lovers.


"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…"

Sometimes, life was like a circle: the end was the same as the beginning. The same applies to this tale.

Everything was fixed. The Multiverse may have returned, but our heroes do not know. For now, they will relax. They have earned it.

And all was well in the world…


…except in a certain, underground lair…where a one-eyed mercenary eyed an entire hoard of stolen technology. Technology from other realities.

Slade Wilson smiled. "It would seem that I still had enough good fortune to retain my…'gifts'." So many potential uses. So much technology from worlds no one from this reality had ever visited before. And he had all the time in the world to study them. "Oblivion may not have destroyed the Titans…and he may have stopped me from rewriting history…but instead, he led the way to another prize."

I suppose the law of averages had to come into play. For all those who didn't remember what happened…or those that remembered the crisis only partially…Deathstroke remembered everything. The alternate realities. The dawn of time. Everything.

Slade smiled. "Be on your guard Titans."

And so he went to work, analyzing the various technological and mechanical artifacts he had procured…and let us hope what he learns will not lead to even greater crisis for our Titans…but he is a villain. A very smart villain.

So you know what he learns will end up harming the Titans…in one way or another.

So indeed…be on your guard Titans.


One month later.


A black vessel. Smaller than a truck. Angular in shape.

Destination: Earth.

Its lone passenger: a certain Blacktrinian medic…



To be continued…

…in Flashing Lights and Sounds


And so a pair of hands moved away from the keyboard. "And done." He stood up, revealing himself to be a blue hedgehog of 5'. He wore a very classy tuxedo, pitch black in color. His angular shoes were red, with a white stripe going across the middle. His white socks matched his white gloves, and his black shades hid his green eyes. If anything, he looked like Sonic the Hedgehog…if he had pursued a career as James Bond.

Ultra Sonic 007 gazed at a short pink fairy. Everything she wore was pink; pink scarf, pink robes, and pink gloves. She even had a pointy pinky witch's hat with the letters 'LM' on it. The hedgehog asked, "So, Legend Maker…or should I say Chrissie…what do you think?"

The fairy scratched her chin. "Not bad, not bad…no musical numbers though."

"It's FFNet we're talking about here. My hands are tied."

"Good point."

"So…do I get on the Legends team?" asked the hedgehog, his voice slightly deep.

The fairy contemplated the situation…and then she said, "One question…sunny-side up, over easy, or scrambled?"

The hedgehog grinned. "I can do all three. AND I can make an omelet."

"Without breaking it?"

"Without breaking it."

Chrissie thought about it. Then she said, "Let's talk some more in my office. You'll want to meet Andy and Zia." A white portal appeared in the air.

"Ooh, shiny."

"That's my catchphrase."


And so the two authors disappeared into the ether.


Universe DC-LM-379

Omnicron Persiren 7.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" screamed Phil as he flew off as fast as he could.

For pursuing him was a little white bunny known as a Klumach Forthgror.

And let it be known that Phil's life STILL sucks.


THE END (For real this time.)


Author's Notes: Well, this was certainly fun to write. As to whether I actually BECOME part of the Legends team is up for debate. ;)

In any case, I won't write another Teen Titans Legendverse story for a while…but I do have ideas for future stories. So Legendverse fans, this hasn't been the last you've seen of me. :P

If you want to read what immediately happens after this story, read Jedi-And's Flashing Lights and Sounds, which shows the arrival of the new teammate Scalpel…

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