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New Title: Head On

New Summary: It took a hit on the head to make her forget. Now, still in the amnesia state, she never hesitated to face the world head when love struck when it was not expected of. Especially if it was a very handsome -cough- sexy guy that came. Oh boy! SxS AU

Former Title: Sakura: God's Favorite Daughter



Head On



by: XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX



Chapter 1: Lady With No Identity

I woke up in a very dark room. I could barely see anything, The only light that illuminated the considerable space that I'm currently in was the faint glow coming from the moon.

As I got up into a sitting position, the first thing that I did was to scan the area where I was currently in.

Lamp shade. Drawers. Bed. Table. Balcony. Curtains. Those are some of the things that I saw. Well, I can't clearly put a name on the others materials inside that room. I know that saw those things before. For some odd reason, I seemed to have failed remembered what those things were. All I knew was I'm in a bedroom. Whose? I can't tell.

I was still in the process of putting the bits of information that I have gathered when 2 individuals, a middle aged couple I presumed, came into the room.

The two of them looked at me with full concern. I could swear that I saw a hint of worry in their eyes. What for? I guess, I have yet or perhaps, I am soon to find out.

"Are you feeling all right now, my dear?" the brunette haired woman asked.

"Yes?" I uncertainly answered.

My state of uncertainty seemed to have been too obvious that the woman openly showed her doubt with regards to my reply.

She came closer to me and took a closer look. She instinctively touched a certain portion of my body. I wasn't able to decipher the exact area where she touch me for the pain seared through me in a generalized form. So much for expecting a localized pain.

"The doctor was right." I heard the other anonymous person utter. "We really should bring her to the hospital once the daylight comes. She really needs immediate attention."

I blinked owlishly for a while. I felt really weird right now. I am currently in the middle of something that I cannot understand. Plus the factor that these are people that I do not know of. Also, there was something that bugs me but I somewhat find it difficult to verbalize.

"May I know who you people are?" I idly asked. Thus, brought down one question that have been running through my head.

"Oh! How rude of us." the woman exclaimed. "I'm Leticia Hartlebean. And that man over there," she pointed at the man standing near her." He's my husband. His name is Patrick Hartlebean."

"Oh." I managed to say.

Now, I was off to ask the remaining questions in my head.

"What happened? Why is my body hurting all over?" I casually asked.

The woman was about to answer my question once more when I decided to interrupt her. Instead of making her answer my previous question, I attempted to ask her my third concern.

"Before you answer my previous question, do you mind answering this one for me first?" I asked.

" Sure thing my dear." The woman answered me.

Upon hearing those words, I started to voice out the thought that continuously wrung my head.

"Do you, even for the slightest idea, know who am I? I seemed to have forgotten." I sheepishly said.

After that, I could remember nothing more.



:XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX:




A very noisy alarm clock went off.

"Urgh." a rosette haired girl got up from her deep slumber.

She turned off the alarm clock before walking out of her bed.

"Another annoying day coming up!" she sarcastically uttered to no one in particular.

It's been two years since Sakura started living in England. Even at this span of time, she remained almost clueless of who she was. The closest thing that had with her was her name. She managed to remember it just 2 weeks ago when she saw a picture of a cherry blossom. After admiring that little wonder in a picture, she later on found herself doodling a name on her 'supposedly' journal and went immediately to show her foster father. For this reason, Mr. Patrick Hartleben was off on a quest to find her true identity. Unfortunately for her, she was left stuck with her stepmother and two step sisters.

"Sakura, what took you so long to come down?!" snarled her stepmom Lijane Langston Hartlebean.

"I was sleeping." Sakura simply said. Amazing. You're already getting used to calling me on my real name." she pointed out.

"Don't start with me you little-"

Her aunt Lijane (she refused to call her mom. She reserved that title for her deceased foster mom Leticia alone. Perhaps, also to her biological mother. That is, if she will remember who her mom is...) was cut off of her tirade when she (and Sakura) heard Venice's scream. It was immediately followed with a sound that indicated that something heavy fell off the flight of stairs.

"Rossette!" screamed the frantic female.

Both the girl's mother and step sister came to her aid.

"My child, are you all right?" Lijane worriedly asked as she began checking on her daughter's condition.

Venice continued to flinch from pain as she laid eyes on her step sister.

"You!" she pointed an accusing finger on the 18 year old girl.

"What me?" Sakura/Rosette asked.

"You intentionally didn't wipe the puddle of water on the stairs so that I would slip and fall!"

Sakura's eyebrow furrowed.

"You litttle ingrid! It's not my freaking fault if there's a water puddle on the stairs! I don't know how it got there in the first place. All I know is that I saw it earlier and evaded it so I won't slide down so ungracefully. Exactly what happened to you just now." she snapped back at Venice.

"I don't believe you! I know you did it. You're so jealous of me. That's why! You... You'll do everything in your power just to make me miserable. Not to mention your secret plan of ruining my pretty face!" she shouted back.

"Ruin your face?!" Sakura let out a mocking laugh. What is it for me to ruin if it's already ruined. R-U-I-N-E-D."

"Why you!"



:XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX:



The day in the Hartlebean household went on like this for the rest of the morning. When the afternoon came, the argument between the members of the household reached it's climax. Thus, resulted for Sakura to be thrown out of the house later on. Her luggage followed suit, a short while later.

"Holly molly jittery bug! I can't believe that they did this to me. How could they?! They're dead once dad comes back and doesn't find me home. You guys just wait. I'll give the victory to you know. For the time being. Wait till dad comes bakc after summer vacation."Sakura muttered to herself as she dragged her feet towards her friend's abode.

When she came there, she was warmly welcomed by her friend Brittany and her mom, Katherine Seaton.

"I can't believe they did this to you." Katherine shook her head as she stared at Sakura, rather symphatetically.

"I agree with you my dear daughter. That Lijane Langston Hartlebean is a horrible woman! Don't worry child," she patted Sakura's abck as she handed her a hot chocolate. "They'll pay for this once your father comes back. In the mean time, we'll take care of you."

"Thank you Mrs. Seaton. I could already imagine my father's reaction when he returns. He's been gone for three days now. I wonder how he is. I wonder how that foreign land (Japan) is treating him." she uttered out loud as she remmebered the good man who was busy collecting fragments of her identity.

"So Rosette. I mean, Sakura. What are you going to do for the time being? While your father's gone?" Brittany inquired.

"I'm.." Sakura began. "I'm going to look for a job." she informed them. "I wouldn't settle in just relying everything to you guys. You've been too kind. Now, it's my turn to return the favor. That's the least that I could do for you being so nice to me. I wanted to have a share in this household." she told them.

"Okay my dear." Katherine Seaton nodded at the determined girl's declaration.

TBC (To Be Continued...)

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