Watch A Few Movies. Take A Few Notes.



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This is a short story of how Billy and Stu planned their first killing. Please read and review, I would really like to know what you thought. Thanks so much.

Billy Loomis' hands shook with rage as he reached under his bed to retrieve his secret shoe box. He knew it wasn't smart to keep such things in the house, but he couldn't let them go. Not yet, anyways. As he removed the contents, his eyes gazed at the picture next to his bed. A woman's soft eyes looked back at him. "I miss you." he stated out loud to the empty room. He returned his focus back to the shoe box, pulling letters out, searching for a particular one. Final his eyes made contact with it, one sentence standing out, "You lost everything because of her!" Billy looked up as his television screen where the home movie, he had received in the mail that day, played. For months he had been trying to figure out who this mysterious writer had been talking about, now at last he finally knew.

Stuart Macher stared at his best friend in disbelief. "You want to do what?" he yelled out into his otherwise quiet house. "You heard me the first time, Stu." Billy's tone filled with the aggravation growing inside him. Still confused Stu leaned into Billy from across his bed, "But just tell me this much. Why Sidney's mom? I mean did Sidney break up with you or something?" Now it was Billy's turn to be confused, it was just like Stu to think everything had to be about girls. Laughing to himself Billy gave Stu a simply answer, no need to tell him the truth, "She a whore and I just think it would be fun to give the town slut what she deserves. You know like the always get it in the movies." Stu's eyes lit up, he couldn't believe it Billy was completely serious. "Alright man, if your sure you wanna do this I'm more than willing to help!" he exclaimed with a childlike glee. Billy smiled to himself, making a mental check, find a partner to sell out in case he got caught,. Check!

Billy scanned the back of a movie box in the video store as Stu talked with their idiot friend Randy. If it wasn't for Sidney he wouldn't have two words to say to the guy. Well maybe a certain two words, he silently smiled to himself. At least the guy was good for something, Randy's movie freaked mind worked perfectly with his plan. He knew all there was to know about horror flicks and had given Billy some great suggestions. Not that he knew what Billy was really going to do with the information. Stu handed Billy another video making it five horrors for the night's homework. As Stu liked to say, 'Watch a few movies, take a few notes. It'll be fun!' It'll be fun when I finally get to gut the bitch he thought.

Stu had been right, Billy thought as he made mental notes throughout the night, this was slightly helpful. Clicking the television off he turned to Stu, who was laying in his living room floor. That was one thing good about Stu's place his parents were never home, "Who do we frame?" Startled a little by the sudden noise, Stu jumped into a sitting position, "I don't know man, maybe we just let them think it was a serial killer?" Billy shook his head, "No way! It's way more funner if someone gets blamed." Stu thought for a moment them a grin broke out on his face. He was a genius, "Who's that young guy she's always flirting with?" Billy stared at the darken television as he thought, "Weary, Cotton Weary, I think." Billy's eyes lit up as the wheels in his head turned, "Stu you're a genius!" Grinning, Stu turned to him, "I know that!" Billy once again made a mental note, find someone to frame. Check!