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The morning after Rory and Tristan's date, Rory woke up with a huge smile on her face. She sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she scanned the room. She chuckled softly at the sight of Lorelai, Paris, Louise and Maddy all piled on her bed and futon. The girls had stayed up late the previous night talking about every single detail of the date. Rory stretched and yawned loudly. Lorelai reached up and chucked a pillow at Rory's head, which she expertly dodged.

"Geez Mom, trying to kill your first born?" Rory joked.

"Yes, its all part of my master plan. Why do you think I'm having this little one now?" Lorelai said, while pointing to her pregnant stomach.

"Will you two PLEASE shut up?" Paris growled from next to Rory.

"No." Lorelai answered nonchalantly.

"Good one Lor." Louise said from across the room.

"Coffee?" Rory asked

"I'm not allowed." Lorelai pouted. "Finny won't let me."

"Good thing I wasn't offering it you then, huh?'' Rory replied with a smirk. "And mom, have you thought about coffee ice cream? He never said you couldn't have that."

"Oh God, you've got his smirk already." Paris said as she sat up.

"Shut up." Rory said as she grabbed her blue bathrobe with the yellow ducks on it. "So mom, the ice cream?"

"BRILLANT!" Lorelai shouted, after thinking about it for a minute.

"Fine! We're up!" Madeline said as she and Louise sat up from the end of the bed,

"Good. Now, lets go get some breakfast. This one is hungry." Lorelai said.

The girls all walked downstairs and saw Senior and Finn sitting at the table eating pancakes.

"Yummy." Lorelai said as she grabbed a fork and started to eat some of her husbands food.

"Lor? What are you doing?" Senior asked as Lorelai settled herself on his lap.

"Baby is hungry. Do you want me to starve him?" Lorelai asked as she took a big bite.

Senior sighed and called for Jack, the cook.

"Jack, please make some more breakfast for the girls, and remember Lorelai and Rory eat enough for 6!"

Jack chuckled from the kitchen.

"One sec boss." He yelled.

Rory saw Finn take out his cell phone and begin to play with it.

"Finn what are you doing?" Rory asked suspiciously.

"Just seeing what the boys think of their girlfriends with no make up and in their sleepover pj's. None of you look as good as my Lovely Madeline." Finn said. "SAY CHEESE!"

The girls screamed and Finn began to run as he pix messaged the pictures he took to Tristan, Logan and Colin.

"Just think, 17 more years and we will be going through this again." Senior said as he glanced fondly at Lorelai's belly.

Lorelai laughed, and went into the kitchen. "Did I tell you Rory's brilliant idea?"

"No Love, what is it?"

Lorelai came back into the dining area with a carton of ice cream and a spoon. "Coffee Ice Cream." She said as she plopped down in the chair adjacent to her husbands.


Logan and Colin were woken up by their cell phones ringing to signal a text message. Logan opened his phone and began to laugh at the sight of Louise in an over sized tee-shirt and a pair of boxers, with no makeup on and her hair in disarray.

"Oh man, look at Paris." Colin said.

"Ha, Mads looks normal, because she knew her boyfriend would see her." Logan said. "HEY! Those aren't my boxers!" He continued upon further inspection of the photo.

Colin laughed and rolled over in his bed to go back to sleep.

Logan grumbled and straightened out the couch pillows.


Tristan was at his house staring at his cell phone. He wondered if it was to soon to call Rory. He thought that their date went well and wanted to ask her out again, and not seem to desperate. He sighed and grabbed his keys. He decided to try and figure out what to do, while going for a ride in his new truck, a Ford F-350. Tristan drove around for an hour before deciding that he could call Rory. He grabbed his cellphone and quickly found her number in his phone book and hit send.

He waited patently for her to answer, but it went straight to voice mail.

"Hey, Its Rory. Leave me a message! Perhaps I'll call you back, Perhaps I won't."

"Hey Mare, It's Tristan, call me when you get this. Bye."


Rory and her girlfriends were at the mall shopping when Rory realized that she hadn't turned her phone back on. She turned it back on and saw her voice mail alert was on. She quickly dialed the number and listened to Tristan's message. She smiled widely when she heard "Hey Mare..." and quickly called him back.

"Speak" Tristan barked as he answered his phone.

"Nice opening." Rory said with a laugh.

"Hey Mary. Whats up?" Tristan said, softening his tone.

"Nothing much, at the mall with the girls." Rory responded, fingering a dress she was looking at.

"Ah, finding anything good?"

"Kind of, We are looking for Homecoming dresses."

"Oh, Who is your date?" Tristan asked dejectedly.

"Unless I develop a split personality in the next month, It's just me."

Tristan perked up when he heard this. "Really?"

She laughed in response. "Really." Rory looked over and saw that her friends were glaring at her, to hurry up and get off the phone. "Tris, I've got to go, the girls wanna go to another store. I'll call you later, bye!"

Rory hung up her phone and went back over to her friends, who were discussing homecoming.

"I'm getting a pink dress, just to make Colin wear a pink vest." Paris said evilly.

"Yeah, thats why I'm getting black. To piss off Finn." Maddy replied.

Rory laughed at the antics of her friends and they continued their search for the perfect prom dress.


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