A Split Life

Author: This is my second attempt of writing a NaruSaku Story. People didn't seem to like my first story and kept complaining about it so I deleted it. I hope you enjoy this one.

Summary: What if Naruto was actually an ANBU when he graduated from the academy…actually when he was 10 years old! He discovered the Kyuubi living inside of him when he was 7. Since the Kyuubi is stuck inside Naruto, he thought he might as well help him. The Kyuubi had seen thousands of techniques and analyzed them so the Demon could use them himself. But since he was trapped for eternity in this boy he taught him how to use them. Uzumaki went to ANBU headquarters and spoke to the ANBU Captain. Though the ANBU Captain didn't know much about his ability Naruto asked for a chance to prove himself powerful enough to handle the ANBU name. Agreeing to the proposal the A.C. gave the boy a series of tests. Passing them with flying colors the male joined the ANBU ranks. No one never knew his name or what he looked like; just that he was short and very powerful. Now he is 12 years old and the graduation day has come. His most current mission he was forced to kill 2 'rouge' ninjas. The only problem was that Naruto knew they were innocent of the crime they were accused off. He had no choice but to obey his superior and kill them. That night haunted his dreams for a long time…

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Chapter 1

Naruto's hair rebelled against him. The spiky mass of golden brown stubbornly formed around the goggles he wore.

"Well I better start my daily warm ups."

Naruto did his daily routine in 1 hour. He locked his apartment, and walked to the grocery store. Soon he had purchased his breakfast.

Hey, kit? How you feeling?

I know those people were innocent...why did I have to kill them.

Don't worry about it. Today's your graduation so you need to control your emotions.

I know ever technique an ANBU knows, plus everything else you have taught me, yet I can't keep my conscious from nagging me. Which reminds me why have you helped me all these years?

I truly know what it is to be an outcast.


I was born with nine tails. My family, other foxes, and other animals thought I was a evil or something, and shunned me because of it. Since I grew up being called a demon it sunk into my mind that I was a demon. So that's when I gained my reputation of being Kyuubi the Nine Tails Fox. You have a good heart and I will help you as much as possible so you don't go down the same road I did. It's a very unhappy road. Plus I got stuck in you because of it.

So Fox, why did you attack my village?

The Fox stayed silent.

You tell me when you are ready.

By now they had reached the Academy. Still lost in thought he walked into Sakura. Her small gasp brought him back to reality. He watched as she fell to the gravel road. She suddenly felt a pair of strong hands go underneath the small of her back and the back of her knees. Her body felt a little too comfortable in the arms of the blonde boy. Color rushed to her cheeks.


"I am soo sorry Sakura. I had a bad night last night and I'm a little out of it today."

"It's okay, and thanks for catching me."

His sky blue eyes mesmerized her...that is until he broke her from her trance.

"…Um…no problem."

"He has wonderful eyes. WAIT. What am I thinking? I love Sasuke. Why am I thinking about this idiot like this? I should probably ask him to put me down…nicely."

"Hey Naruto?"


"Could you put me down now?"

"Um…Yeah. Sorry about that."

"It's okay. Don't worry about it."

'Why do the adults think Naruto is a bad guy? He can be sweet sometimes, but that doesn't mean that I falling for him.' she thought justifying it in her, that even though he had times he was nice, she still wouldn't fall for the blonde.

Over the years he had matured more than most 12 year olds would. Even though he was slightly shorter than her, he wasn't too obnoxious, but there were times when he would have to be defiant of people and say they were wrong. All those times people said he couldn't do something, he only received a challenge to prove them wrong. Sure he could be childish ever once in a while, but he was determined to prove he could be the best ninja ever alive. Sakura still didn't know why people said he was bad news and excuses like that.

"So why are you early Naruto?"

"I really don't know. I couldn't go to sleep anymore so I got up. You?"

"Sasuke is always early so I thought I would be."

"Really, well you better hurry he's already here."

"Really! Is my hair okay? Do I look okay?"

"You look fine. Go talk to him." he said with a small smile tugging at the edges of his mouth.

She ran off towards her love. Then she yelled over her shoulder.

"It was nice talking to you."

"You too." he muttered under his breath.

Kit, why don't you tell her your feelings for her?

It doesn't matter Fox. As long as she happy it's fine with me, even if I'm not meant to be with her. Who am I to tell who she likes or should see? I will protect her no matter what people say or do to me. I will die to make her happy.

Like I said before: you have a good heart kid.

I think you're getting too soft fox.

Would you want me to just stop helping you? I know what it's like to be in love.

No, I wouldn't want you to stop helping me, but what do you mean you were in love?

Iruka-sensei came outside and called for everyone to come inside. Naruto was the last one to enter and one of the last ones to sit down.

"One by one I will call your name and you will report to room across from this one."

Of course everyone was called one by one. Then it came to Naruto.

"Uzumaki, Naruto…"

He heard a few remarks like:

"This is his third time trying to pass…"


"I bet he'll fail…"

These he was use to, but he wasn't prepared for when he entered the other room.

"Hey Mizuki?" Iruka inquired.


"Did you hear about the ANBU that took out those two rogue ninjas?"

"Yeah I heard the shortest one, but also the most talented took them out."

Kit don't think about that it will just distract your mind.


"Okay Naruto, show us a Bunshin."


Gathering chakra he performed the bunshin. Sadly before he did the jutsu a simple phrase went through his mind.


He lost all control at the last second. His jutsu produced 3 ineffective clones. Iruka looked disappointed at him.

"I know he could do this jutsu, but what went wrong? I so sorry Naruto, but…you fail."

"You fail Naruto. Go outside like the others and wait there."

"Iruka can't we give this kid a break. He did produce 3 clones."

"Yes that is true…they were ineffective though and I can't do that without disobeying the rules."

The boy walked calmly out of the building. He had failed miserably.

What happened Naruto?

I don't want to talk about it fox…

No problem kid.

The last student walked out. Everyone's parents congratulated their children. The Hokage was standing there with Iruka-sensei. Mizuki came up from behind Uzumaki to talk to him. The boy left with the man.

"Iruka…I need to talk with you."

"Yes Hokage…"

(That Night)

"Iruka! Come quick. Naruto stole the scroll of sealing." Mizuki yelled from behind Iruka's door.


A large team of ninja met the Hokage at town square.

"Hokage! This is the last straw. Naruto has gone too far this time. Do you know what is contained in that scroll could destroy the Leaf if it falls into the wrong hands."

"Yes I know. Search for him."

"OSSU!" all the ninja yelled.

Mizuki and Iruka ran in the same direction but eventually they split apart.

"Naruto were could you be?" Iruka pondered.

Meanwhile the very same blonde boy stood in an open, yet secluded area of forest. A single wooden shack had been built in this clearing.

So the rumors are true fox. Mizuki is the one who was after the scroll.

Always thinking about your other life, aren't you?

Well I sort of have to just so I can keep my cover and stuff like that.

I understand. Hey Naruto, you might want to go get changed. Someone is coming, and will be here in 5 minutes.

The boy took the scroll into the shed with him. In a minute the male reappeared, dressed in his ANBU suit. Placing his hands in a seal he whispered;

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu…"

One single carbon copy revealed itself. I quickly changed into Naruto's other clothes.


The real Naruto threw dust all over his copy to make it look as though the clone had been working hard to learn a jutsu from the scroll. A few minutes passed and Iruka was visible beside 'Naruto'.

"Why did you do it Naruto?" the man demanded.

"Mizuki said if I learned a technique from this scroll I could pass. I have been able to perform one and I pass…right?"

"No, Mizuki is…Naruto get out of the way!"

Kunais filled Iruka's limbs and torso as he pushed the 'boy' away. There in the trees was the traitor, Mizuki. An evil smirk was spread across his rough face.

"So…I guess you found out about my little plan. I'll do the village a favor and kill Naruto, then I'll go after you, my friend."

He unattached one large shuriken, that was held on his back. He threw it at the small ninja on the ground.

"Naruto get down!" his sensei ordered.

The copy obeyed. A sickening sound of metal piercing flesh was heard. Naruto looked at Iruka.

"Why Sensei? Why did you save me?"

"Because Naruto…I know what it's like to live without parents. I began to become the class clown so I would be recognized as someone and to be accepted by everyone."

The real Naruto eyes started to moisten his eyelashes.

Iruka knows that same pain and desire for recognition as I do. He really cares for me?

Naruto thought for a while. He came to the conclusion that Iruka was definitely someone he had to protect. At that moment Mizuki yelled at the clone.

"Do you know why the village hates your guts? Do you know why most people wish you were never born?"

"WE ARE FORBIDDEN TO TALK ABOUT IT!" the black haired man screamed.

"It's because you are the Nine Tails Demon Fox!"

Silence took hold of the situation.

"No, that can't be true." the clone screamed and ran for his life.

"Mizuki! Naruto has a demon inside of him…" Naruto lowered his head. "but that doesn't classify him as a demon. He didn't get the choice of being the container of the Kyuubi."

"You won't get in my way Iruka!" the traitor yelled as he chucked the large shuriken at the chuunin.

In an instant the copy stopped the weapon and yelled at him.

"You will not touch my sensei!"

"You are challenging me Fox? I could take you out in one move!"

"Take your best shot fool. KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

Two thousand clones appeared from a big eruption of smoke. Mizuki froze in his steps.

"This is impossible!" he screamed.

"Wow. Naruto mastered a high level jutsu in one day. These aren't illusions either…they're solid clone!" Naruto's teacher thought.

"Since you won't attack…I'll come to you."

They simultaneously attacked the fear-stricken Chuunin. The fight had ended when the clones were bored of beating the living day-lights out of the man. Iruka propped himself against a large tree.

"Naruto…come here. I have something for you."

The child stood in front of his teacher.

"Now close your eyes until I tell you to open them."

"Ossu." he simply answered.

He heard the rustle of fabric and a nice silky felling caress his forehead.

"Okay you can open your eyes now." the boy obeyed. "Congratulations you graduate."

"What…" Naruto said from his hiding place.

The ANBU jumped from his hiding place.

"Iruka…can I have the scroll? I need Mizuki for interrogation and I thought I might as well return the scroll."

"How can I trust you?" the black haired man inquired.

"I'm an ANBU what more proof do you need?"

"Okay I trust you."

The short ANBU turned to leave but spoke.

"Uzumaki, thanks for your assistance in catching a traitor."

"Um, no problem…mister…"

"I am known as Fox."

The ninja's mask sort of seemed to agree with the elite ninja's words. Suddenly a few more ANBU appeared next to their comrade.

"Well done Fox, you seem to surprise us more and more each assignment."

"I didn't do this. Uzumaki Naruto did. You should thank him."

"But he's the one who stole the scroll." a tall, well tanned man spoke.

"Yes, it is true he stole the scroll, but he also made up for it my capturing Mizuki."

The real Naruto, also known as Fox by the ANBU, pointed to the bruised man lying on the grass completely unconscious.

"Take him and the scroll. I will report to the Hokage." Fox instructed.

"Ryoukai!" His companions obeyed.

The short ninja walked over to the two and bowed low.

"Thanks once again Uzumaki. After watching you I bet you can fulfill your dream. I bid you farewell for now."

With a poof of smoke the ANBU disappeared. His teammates did the same. It left 'Naruto' and Iruka staring surprised at what had just occurred.

"Well for a celebration gift I'm taking you out for Ramen."

"Really Iruka-sensei? That's awesome!"

Early in the morning the clone had returned to 'his' house. The instant it entered the real boy appeared from the window on the opposite side of the house.

"How did it go clone?"

"Very well I'm stuffed. Oh, I guess this is yours."

Slowly untying his headband the carbon copy handed it to Naruto. With a poof of smoke he disappeared. Soon the blonde had removed his ANBU clothing, and hid them in a secret compartment in the wall.

"Well I only got 4 hours until school starts."

Naruto had soon jumped in and out of the shower. Still in his towel he went to the bedroom and faced the south wall. Steadily he stuck his hand into the wall. From someone else's point of view it looked as though he was reaching into water. The wall sent ripples throughout itself every time he moved his forearm. With a little bit a difficulty he pulled out a large 4 foot by 5 foot trunk. Biting his thumb he placed his hand on the seal that had kept it close. A large creak flew through the room as he opened it.

Author: Well this is were I have to end the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I am going to try to make this as accurate as possible so it will fit with my storyline. Since Naruto is an ANBU things will turn out different. Well I will Update ASAP!