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Akatsuki Leader

Yawakire was shocked. She had expected him to ask her that question, but never so soon. Her hesitation was starting to worry the Uchiha.

"Yawa-" the dark haired man started.

"YES! I WILL MARRY YOU SASUKE UCHIHA!" the woman exclaimed tackling Sasuke to the ground.

The spectators laughed heartily as the two cried and rolled around on the ground.

"Good job Uchiha…man now I have another married couple to deal with." Naruto joked inside his head.

Naruto turned to Sakura and grasped her chin within his hand.

"I'm going to report to the Hokage. Then the four of us can go and celebrate."

"Okay, but hurry." she replied.

Sakura gave him a quick kiss before he disappeared.

-Hokage Tower-


"Yes Naruto? How was the mission?" the elder blonde asked.

"To tell you the truth it was a success but still difficult for Sasuke. I have brought back the body of Uchiha Itachi. I ask permission to give him a proper burial."

"Why would you want to bury the body of a criminal?" the Hokage asked with no hint of malice.

"Every ninja, either loyal or not, have their honor in some form. Itachi was a great enemy to Kohona, but he was also a friend and comrade to the people of this village. I am not asking for my sake, but for the sake of Sasuke."

"I grant you permission, now is there anything that you need to further discuss?"

Tsunade folded her hands under her chin and waited for her son-figure to answer.

"Akatsuki's leader, I believe his name is Pein, he will be on the move soon and in the coming months may attack us. That is all."

Naruto bowed and was about to leave before Tsunade spoke.

"I'm glad that you made it back safely."

"I am too and I have one more ring to go." Naruto said with determination.

"I know, you better hurry and get that last one before your chance is gone."

"Yeah yeah I know. I'll see you later Tsunade." the blond stated before jumping from the window.

Naruto sent out a chakra shockwave to find Sasuke, Sakura and Yawakire. It took a minute or two to locate the trio, but less than a minute to arrive at where they were waiting. When the young man appeared next to Sakura he heard the wedding beginning to be planned. As the females talked about dresses, colors and flowers, Naruto took his best friend aside.

"I have spoken with Tsunade and she gave us permission to bury your brother." the blond patted his friend on the shoulder.

"Thank you Naruto. Now let's get something to eat!" Sasuke yelled running off towards the dinning district.

Naruto quirked an eyebrow as Sasuke practically skipped away.

"What's into him?" he asked no one in particular.

"Well when the girl you asked to marry you says yes, and then you get to bury a brother who was once lost, I'm pretty sure you would be doing the same thing." Sakura answered and soon followed the Uchiha.

"Okay, okay I get it. Now where is he going? I'm hungry!"

"Naruto! Over here!" Yawakire yelled from a small barbecue joint.

"TIME TO EAT!" The four yelled and entered the little restaurant.

-Six Months Later-

Itachi had been buried in the Uchiha graveyard and everything around Kohona had been peaceful. Also, all the preparations for the wedding had been completed and the Rookie Nine and friends were setting up for the event. It was to occur the next day and no one could contain their excitement. Sasuke, if not excited, was nervous beyond belief. The poor Uchiha was not able to sleep at all that night. Naruto stayed up with him to comfort the man. The hours felt like millennia and eventually the 'day of reckoning' had come. Naruto stood up and dusted himself off. He had gotten in a quick nap before he had to start getting ready. Sasuke was already dressed and prepped for the wedding. He wore a blue suit of armor that somewhat resembled that of a samurai. A white cape with his family symbol flowed from his shoulders to the bottom of his feet, and an elegant blade was strapped to his thigh. Its white sheath was covered with the tomoe that were ever-present in the Sharingan. From the looks of it, the sword was not a blade that you would want to use in battle, but rather a ceremony such as a wedding. The Uchiha's hair was spiked and ran all the way down to the top of his back.

"Wow Sasuke…where did that attire come from?" the blond asked.

"It was my father's. He married my mother in this."

"Is Yawakire going to marry you in your mother's gown or her mother's?"

"Neither." the dark haired male said before continuing. "Neither of our mother's gowns have survived the past years. A fire in my parent's first house had claimed my mother's dress. As for Yawakire's mother's dress, it just wasn't able to survive until this generation. It had been her great, great, great, great grandmother's dress."

"I see. Now then we got three hours before we have to show up to the chapel. How about we go for a walk and visit your brother?"

"I would enjoy that."

So for the next thirty minutes they slowly walked in the Uchiha graveyard until they came upon Sasuke's brother.

"Hey Itachi. I know you can't hear me, but I'm getting married now. I wish you and the family was here to witness this, but I know that circumstances haven't allowed that to occur." Sasuke spoke.

Naruto stood there letting his friend and comrade pour his mind out to the grave in front of them. However something tugged on his mind. After excusing himself from his friend, he strode towards the other side of the graveyard.

-Ten Minutes Later-

Naruto returned to find the dark haired male ready to leave. An hour had passed and they still had a couple hours left to waste before the wedding would begin. As they walked pass the building that the wedding was take place, a barely noticeable tremor shook under the two ninja's feet.

"What was that?"

"What was what Sasuke?"

"You didn't feel that tremor?"

"I think your pre-marriage nervousness is making you hallucinate." Naruto chuckled.

"If you say so…"

The subject was dropped and the two continued into the building and went to their preparation room to wait. As the minutes dragged on the tension in the air thickened. Finally the time had come. The marriage of Sasuke and Yawakire was about to commence. Sasuke stood proudly at the front of the isle awaiting his bride-to-be.


A blade slid above the head of a dark haired man, missing it by mere millimeters. Using the momentum of his body the dark haired man swung his fist forward and into the face of his opponent. The other male, shattered trees as his body drove through them. Quickly the man spit the blood out and charged once again. Their weapons clashed sending a shower of sparks over the battlefield. Both males stood their ground battling for dominance, but neither gave any ground.

"Should you really be fighting me right now boy?"

"Shut it! I will not have you interrupting it!" the younger male swore his eyes flashing red.

"Watch yourself boy. Can't have you alerting them of where you really are."

The older man tried to punch his opponent again, but the attack missed. A golden blur appeared to his right and he was propelled into the ground.

-Back at the Wedding-

The last bridesmaid had walked down the isle and the ceremonial music began to play.

"50…" Sasuke counted to himself.

With each step Yawakire took, the number lessened.


-The Battle-

A black dragon crashed into the ground leaving a charred and smoking crater. The black haired male brushed himself off and tore the rest of his ruined cloak off.

"My turn boy!"

With a few hand signs a…

-The Wedding-

"35…" Sasuke smiled.

Yawakire returned the gesture under her veil.


-The Battle-

A large fireball engulfed the forest where the young man had once stood. The eldest noticed once again a golden blur to his right. Blonde hair moved as the wind began to pick up in speed. The light haired ninja disappeared into thin air. Suddenly he reappeared and kicked the other man into the sky.

-The Wedding-


Sakura was gitty with excitement and Ino joined in on the gittiness.

-The Battle-

The blond then began to suck in air. As he did, his chest and stomach expanded to large proportions.

-The Wedding-


-The Battle-

The brunet continued his ascension into the air.

-The Wedding-


-The Battle-

With one powerful exhale a dragon made of pure wind, exited the blond's mouth and sliced through the air.

-The Wedding-

"2…" Sasuke whispered and began to sweat noticeably.

-The Battle-

The attack struck the blonde's opponent and sent him higher into the air.

-The Wedding-


-The Battle-

An explosion vibrated the air and Naruto teleported to the wedding.

-The Wedding-

Yawakire was parallel of Sasuke and they looked into each other's eyes. At that instance a miniscule flare of chakra caught their attention. The two ninja looked directly at Naruto as he searched through all his pockets. Nothing seemed out of place, as far as they knew. Within a second Naruto was holding a tiny little black box. With the ring ready, the ceremony continued without a hitch. Before anyone realized Sasuke and Yawakire had finished their "I do's."

"You may now kiss the bride."

"And then ravish her 'til your heart's content." Naruto whispered to Sakura, which earned him a snicker from the guys and an elbow in the side from his girlfriend.

The bride blushed and Sasuke smirked as they caught what the blonde knucklehead had said. With all funny business put aside, the Uchiha prodigy swept his wife into his arms and kissed her. Cheers erupted from the onlookers and confetti showered everyone.

"Now let's party!" Kiba called running out of the chapel and into the building that they were going to celebrate, eat, and play until they dropped dead. Not literally hopefully.

The party began the instant that the new husband and wife entered. The cake was cut and served out to the guests. Drinks were the next item passed out to the attendees. The festivities continued for hours on end and the sun was sinking low in the sky. By this time Kiba had become drunk and accidentally gave Lee some of his drink. Instantly Lee went on a rampage with his drunken fist.

"Kiba! You idiot!" Neji yelled over Lee's obnoxious singing.

The dog ninja just smirked and joined in on Lee's singing, completely oblivious to the destruction the taijutsu user was causing. It didn't take long for Naruto to join the fray.

Sasuke had been keeping a close eye on the blonde ever since the small chakra flare he felt when Naruto had searched for the ring. Something just didn't seem right.


Naruto had searched the entire area for the body of his attacker. After discovering it, the Sannin removed the ring from the charred hand. Once completing the task he examined the body. Something was off. In his point of view the leader of Akatsuki had been much easier to defeat than he had anticipated. Upon closer examination, the eyes lacked the three ring appearance that the leader was known for. What the power of this doujutsu was, Naruto knew not. Suddenly he had a feeling he should probably return to the celebration so he jumped into the distance.

-Back at the Celebration-

Lee's arms became blurs as they struck out at his friends. Neji and Naruto had joined forces to stop the flailing male. It had taken ten minutes for the Hyuuga to seal up Lee's leg so it could no longer move, but the man was still a tough opponent.


"Will you calm down? You're destroying Sasuke's and Yawakire's party!" Neji yelled.

His statement fell on deaf ears as the taijutsu master continued his rampage. Naruto then moved in, his right hand glowing dark red.

"He's become too dangerous. This should knock him out. I hope he can forgive me for this." Naruto sighed.

With lightning speed, the blonde grabbed Lee's head and crashed through the wall. Once the duo was outside Naruto continued to drag the other male against the ground. This sent portions of road into the air. After a few seconds the two stopped their forward momentum and Naruto stood to his feet.

"Sorry buddy."

Suddenly Lee's fist propelled Naruto back into the room where the party was being held.

"Crap!" the blonde said before poofing out of existence.

"NARUTO!" Sasuke yelled in rage.

"What Sasuke?" came a voice from the hole in the wall.

"Where have you been?" the man asked his best man.

The rage in the Uchiha's eyes held betrayal and hurt.

"I've been here."

"No you haven't. I have been watching you ever since you handed me the ring. You had a clone in your place then switched with it when you gave me the ring and then after the marriage you switched back. WHY!"

Now everyone's attention was on the two best friends. However, Naruto didn't answer his friend's question, but he just simply held up a ring.

"That ring…"

"Yes Sasuke. I was fighting the Akatsuki's leader. I could not let him disturb your wedding. Thankfully I was able to defeat him and get back in time to hand you the ring. I was there for most of the time though. However that does not excuse me for what I did. I'm sorry Sasuke…Yawakire." he said turning to each person.

With that said Naruto turned and left. Sakura wanted to follow, but something told her not too.

"Naruto! Wait!" the two Uchiha's called.

"Leave him be you two." Neji stated. "He knew what he did and it was hard for him. Just give him some time to get back to his cheerful self again."

"Well I think that that will be enough celebrating for tonight. Thank you everyone for everything." the female Uchiha nearly whispered.

The last congratulations were announced and then everyone disappeared into the fading sunlight. Sasuke fell into a chair with a loud thud and a heavy sigh.

"Well, our wedding ended with a bang." Sasuke sighed again, holding his head in his hands.

"Let's go to bed and you can talk to Naruto after our honeymoon. I'm sure both of you will be more talkative then." Yawakire stated kissing her husband.



Naruto turned to a large slab of stone. Slowly he placed all nine Akatsuki rings on a little section that looked much like a circular marble disk. With a flash of brilliant light the nine rings surrounded a black box that was about one square foot. The blonde grabbed the box and the rings, and soon exited the area.

-One Week Later-

Naruto stood on his father's head, at the Hokage monument. He was going through his daily relaxing routine. His body flowed elegantly through each stance and movement. He didn't even stop when he sensed his best friend's presence.



There was silence for a while before Sasuke built up the courage to speak.


"There's no need to apologize Sasuke. We both did things wrong, but all we can do is forgive and forget. Don't you agree." The blonde interrupted smiling.

"Yes I do."

"How was the honeymoon?"

"Amazing… So how was the fight?" Uchiha asked.

"It was surprising easier than I thought. In the past that has always been a bad omen. It was the same with Orochimaru and he was still alive. Not only that, but when I checked the body again, it was missing the doujutsu that he is known for. He had used a strange technique to fight through someone else."

"What do you plan on doing then?"

"I will assemble a team and attack Akatsuki headquarters."

"Have you chosen the people yet?" Sasuke inquired again.

"Yes I have," Naruto stopped his routine and sat down. "I am taking you not only for your proficiency in almost every area of a ninja, but most because of your Sharingan. I need it to help get us into the center building without much detection. The leader of Akatsuki will know we are there, but as for his subordinates, they will not."

With that said Naruto handed the other male a scroll. Sasuke gave him a look and the blonde instantly responded.

"It's the mission debriefing. I have collected as much information that I could on the Leader himself, the layout of the village and the layout of the headquarters. Now, as I was saying, I will also be getting Shikamaru to help with strategy and the like. That will make your job easier to get our team into the village and headquarters undetected."

He paused again and whistled. An eagle suddenly appeared on his shoulder. With a snack in its belly and a scroll in its mouth, the bird headed off for the lazy genius.

"I will also require the services of Lee to help with stealth and speed. He will be able to take out anyone who might compromise our location or our mission. Plus he is a taijustu specialist. Now I need a ninjutsu specialist-"

"Zakuro would be good for that. He specializes in dragon jutsu, and even then I have seen him quite proficient in all elemental jutsu." Sasuke added.

"Good suggestion."

Naruto whistled again and another eagle flew to his shoulder. This one also flew off with a snack and a scroll. This process continued for thirty minutes before seven plumes of smoke filled the area. Shikamaru was the first to make his presence known. He coughed and wheezed as the smoke choked him.

"Troublesome smoke."

"This coming from you! You started smoking with Asuma a while back. You should be use to it by now!" Ino voiced with annoyance.

"Troublesome woman."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Ino shouted punching the poor man into the ground.

"THE FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHTLY IN YOU INO!" Lee shouted giving her a thumbs up.

"LEE SHUT UP! IT'S SEVEN IN THE MORINING!" Tenten yelled smacking the taijustu specialist into the ground next to Shikamaru.

"Troublesome women…"

"What was that Shika?" Tenten whispered cracking her knuckles.

Soon Ino and Tenten were laying the beat down on the lazy genius. Lee continued to spout on about youth and was eventually pulled into the beating area by Tenten. Everyone just ignored the ruckus the four were making. Zakuro simply nodded at Naruto and Sasuke. They returned the gesture. Neji also nodded his welcome. The final person greeted Naruto with a kiss. Her pink hair blew in the breeze and she smiled as his countenance brightened the instant he saw her.

"Good morning Sakura."

"Morning my little ninja."

Sasuke elbowed the blonde before things got out of hand.

"EVERYONE!" Naruto called over the ruckus. "ATTENTION!"

In an instant everyone ceased whatever they were doing and stood at attention.

"I will not sugar coat this! I have asked you all here to go on one final mission to destroy Akatsuki. We are heading to the Akatsuki headquarters and taking down the leader. Each one of you assembled here are here for that specific purpose. If you do not want to participate you may leave."

After no one moved for two minutes, Naruto continued.

"The scrolls you received contain the information on the Akatsuki leader, the village layout, and the headquarters layout. Shikamaru, I need you to devise a way for two teams to stealthily enter the village. Neji-"


"How far did you say your Byakugan can see?"

"The range is about five miles now."

"Perfect. I will need you in team two so that team one can signal them when they are to enter the village. Our short-way radios will not work because the village will most likely be able to pick up our signal. Shikamaru, in team one, will give you the signal to enter. Anyway, as I have said before, everyone is here for a reason."

Naruto looked over at Ino.

"Ino…medical ninjustu and genjutsu specialist…team one, Tenten…weapon specialist…team one, Lee…taijutsu specialist…team one, Shikamaru…strategy…team one, Sasuke…genjutsu and ninjutsu specialist…team one, Zakuro…ninjutsu specialist…team two, Neji…relay man and stealth…team two, Sakura…medical ninjutsu and genjutsu…team two, and finally myself…team two."

The two teams stood with their respective members.

"I know it is short notice, but tell no one of this mission. The scrolls you were given have all the information you will need to know. We are going to be leaving tomorrow morning. Enjoy today while you can and get a good night's sleep. Are there any questions?" Naruto questioned.

"Didn't you already defeat the leader?" Ino asked.

"No…I came to this conclusion after I visited the battle scene. The body was not that of the leader. The eyes did not hold the ringed appearance that they have been known for. I do not know exactly what it is capable of but I do have a hunch. You are all dismissed."

With that said everyone but Sasuke and Sakura disappeared.

"So what is this so-called hunch you have?" Sakura inquired.

"As I fought the fake leader, his eyes would change the number of rings in them as he switched from each basic ninja technique. Taijutsu had one ring, kenjutsu had two rings, genjutsu had three rings, and ninjutsu had four rings. I believe that each number of rings signifies which attack-mode he is in. Though I must say, that no matter how many rings his eyes possessed, he was extremely proficient with each specific area. It was as though he was a master in the category."

"So that's why you had specialists in each group." Sasuke stated to no one in particular.

"Yes, now…let's go get some RAMEN!" Naruto yelled jumping off the Hokage monument.

The Uchiha told his pink-haired teammate that he was going to pick up Yawakire first. With that said he disappeared.

"I hope this mission goes well." The pinkette whispered.

-At the Ramen Stand-


"Naruto it's coming. Just be patient." Ayame stated, laughing at the young man's childish antics.

A resounding thud echoed throughout the stand. Sakura had punched her boyfriend.

"Stop acting like a child. You're embarrassing me."

The other two people eventually showed up and the four of them soon split ways after fifteen bowls of ramen.

-The Next Day-

All nine ninja stood around the north gate. All they wore or had was the bare essentials. With a quick nod from Naruto, nine people zoomed off into the distance.

-Two Hours Later-

Neji stopped in his tracks and scanned the area. He soon pierced the air with a high pitched whistle. The rest of the group stopped and Sasuke made a fire.

"Tenten?" Naruto called.


"Go get some fish from the stream we passed." With an affirmative from the lady, Naruto continued his orders. "Lee and Neji, go to that hill over there and see if you can find a deer or something to eat."

After the break was done they cleaned up and left.

-Twenty Miles From Akatsuki Headquarters-

"This is where team one and team two split. Camp two miles outside the walls and we attack tomorrow morning at the break of dawn. Good luck everyone."

The two teams departed and were soon setting up camp. Rare was the occasion when someone spoke. It was usually a short question, and was usually answered tersely. Naruto walked throughout his camp examining his comrades. Neji sat in his tent in a meditation position. Zakuro was strapping a scroll to a bird's leg to send a message to Ino. The blond male smiled at this. Lastly he found Sakura hunched against a tree with her legs held tightly to her chest. Her worry could not escape the eyes of Naruto. Before Sakura noticed, Naruto was next to her with his arm around her waist and her head resting in the crook of his neck. She jumped at the sudden extra heat source.

"It's just me." The blond Sannin whispered.

She instantly relaxed. She snuggled a little closer and answered the question she knew he was going to ask.

"I'm just worried about this upcoming battle."

"There is no need to be worried. Shikamaru came up with a perfect plan and I will not let anything happen to you or anyone else."

"It's not me that I'm worried about."

Neji and Zakuro got up and left at this point.

"I know." He stated breathing in her scent. "I will be as careful as I can."

"I'm sorry to say but that doesn't calm my fears. I-"

She wasn't allowed to continue any further as Naruto captured her lips with his. His action left her

"I may not be able to drive away your fears, but I can tell you this: I love you."

It was strange. That those three simple words could have so much meaning to them. Sometimes those words are all one needs to say. A dull pain soon erupted from within Sakura's chest. It was a good kind of pain. Her heart was longing for this man holding her, and the pain grew the more she stared into those bright blue eyes. It came to the point to where she felt she was about to burst. Sakura's hands slowly moved from her legs and wrapped around the blonde's neck. She traced the 'whiskers' on his cheeks and ever so smoothly moved her fingers to his hair. Sakura then turned around in his grip and positioned her body so that both of them were comfortable. Eventually the pinkette rested her forehead against Naruto's and took a very ragged breath. She bit her bottom lip as she tried to figure out the words she wanted to say. Her boyfriend waited patiently as she contemplated her words. While she thought he pulled her body closer to his and just listened to her breathing. Naruto closed his eyes and took in her presence. Sakura's hair tickled his face as it cascaded down the sides of his head. The smell of her warm breath mixed with the scent of her hair and placed Naruto in a trance-like state. The proximity of her body made Naruto's hormones go wild, but he kept them under control the best he could. He could feel her stomach rise and fall with her breathing as she continued her thoughts.

Suddenly she sighed and brought his head down so that his head rested on her collarbone. This action instantly made Naruto blush. Sakura wrapped both her arms around his head and simply just hugged it. Pink locks flowed over and covered the blonde's head. Her grip tightened and her shoulders began to heave. Sakura's started to sharply intake air and Naruto's head soon became wet.

Sakura was crying…

Dread filled Naruto's heart and all he could do was simply hold her tighter. She cried for what seemed like an eternity but the young man didn't care. After her tears stopped, her voice barely rasped out her words.

"My heart aches Naruto…"

Naruto shifted his head and kissed the top of her sternum. It was as close as he could get to her pained heart. She caught the intention of his action and smiled softly.

"Sakura…" the blonde whispered back "I-"

"Please…let me finish." She commanded hoarsely, but not in a harsh manner.

The blonde wisely silenced himself and continued to dwell on Sakura's scent, sounds, and voice. Her fingers began to lovingly stroke his neck and his face. They were ever so gentle and it sent shivers down Naruto's spine. One of her hands slowly descended his arm and took a hold of his hand. He willingly relinquished control over the limb. She brought it between their bodies and placed the boy's hand near her heart. Its beating was fast and increased as his hand came in contact.

"My heart aches…it aches for you, Naruto. You are the only one that affects it this way."

Keeping the boy's hand near her heart with one hand, she used the other one to move his head so that she could kiss his forehead. Sakura then moved her mouth to his ear.

"I want you…I need you…"

She then kissed the top of his jaw close to where his earlobe was.

"My desire for you is becoming more and more uncontrollable whenever you say those words to me."

Sakura then kissed his neck and suddenly her shoulders began to heave again.

"Why does it…why does it hurt so much?"


Naruto couldn't answer so he pulled her closer to himself. She cried until her tears no longer fell. Once her hiccupping stopped she moved Naruto's hand from between them. Sakura then guided him so that he laid on his back. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying but she didn't care. She placed her hands on either side of him and lowered her body onto his. She kissed him lightly on the lips. It was a very passionate kiss too. Naruto wrapped his arms around her and continued the light kiss. It never became a hard kiss, but neither cared. They preferred this simple showing of love. After a while they broke the exchange for some air.

"I long for you and only you Naruto Uzumaki."

"Then will you marry me Sakura Haruno?"

After she had thought she could cry no more, tears of joy erupted from her eyes as she gave her answer.

"Yes…yes I will marry you Naruto."

The blonde released his hold on the pinkette and pulled out a small black box. She eagerly opened it. Shock registered on her face as she instantly recognized the ring.

"Is this?"

"Yes, it was the ring your father used to propose to your mother."

The blonde pulled the ring from the box and placed it on her hand. She turned so that her back was against his chest and examined the ring in the pure white moonlight. Naruto's encircled Sakura waist, interlacing his fingers with hers. They soon fell asleep under the sea of stars. Zakuro and Neji soon returned. One of them placed a blanket over the couple, and then they both went to bed themselves.

-The Next Morning-

Naruto woke up at just before dawn and untangled himself from Sakura. He took a deep breath of fresh morning air. The birds were waking from their slumber and starting summoning the sun with their songs. Though tranquility filled the area, anxiety roughly gripped the blonde's heart. This day was too peaceful to fit the occasion. Within moments of the birds' songs Neji, Zakuro, and Sakura were standing by the Sannin's side.


"Yes, they are all ready on their end."

As if hearing the Hyuuga, Shikamaru gave Neji the thumbs up. With everyone ready and the signal given, team one and two took off towards the village. As the ninja sped towards the village, Zakuro and Neji finally took notice of the elegant jewelry encasing Sakura's left ring finger.

"Zakuro…" Neji called with a smirk.

"What Neji?" the other nin inquired with a smirk as well.

"If appears that we have another job to do on this mission."

Naruto and Sakura stared at the two ninja as if they had grown a second head. They were acting weird.

"And by all means, what could that be?" Zakuro continued to question.

"We need to make sure the knucklehead and the flower make it back to Kohona."

"I believe you're right."

Naruto and Sakura smiled at them.

"Sakura and I will make sure you hold to your words." The blonde laughed out.

With that said and done the group of four raced on. They soon exited the forest just to scale a hundred-foot wall. Neji skillfully lead the group through the blind spots of all the guards. Team two soon met up with team one at the entrance. Without a single word exchanged, the group of nine entered the headquarters. It was then that the other five ninja noticed what rested on Sakura's hand. They didn't have time to voice their thoughts as a sudden change occurred in the atmosphere.

"Ah, Naruto…glad to see you are alive. Oh, you brought some friends as well."

The blonde simply stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

"One ring…his eyes possess only one ring. He must be in his taijustu state; however, this one is a fake."

"Lee, you're up."

"HAI! FLAMES OF YOUTH!" the spandex clad ninja shouted before launching forward.

The speed in which the taijutsu user used shocked the leader. A powerful punch threw him across the room.

"Naruto! Sakura! Let me handle this fake. Continue on without me. Maybe you'll find the real one on the next floor. Beat him to a pulp." Lee stated striking his nice-guy pose. "I SWEAR ON THE FLAMES OF YOUTH TO MAKE SURE YOU TWO MAKE IT HOME!"

Naruto patted his comrade on the shoulder before Lee charged once again with determination and a shout. Zakuro then pulled out a sword and sliced a hole in the ceiling. The eight remaining ninja jumped through and were welcomed by another fake Akatsuki Leader.

"Two rings…Kenjutsu…"

"Ten-Ten…" Naruto started with an uplifted hand.

"Hai! I understand." Ten-Ten interrupted. "Keep going you two. Your struggle through the years is almost at an end. Make sure you rid the world of what has been denying you peace."

She then high-fived the blonde.

"Of course we will Ten-Ten. Don't go dying on us now." Sakura smiled.

The weapon specialist retrieved a large scroll and summoned her entire arsenal of weaponry. She grabbed one of her weapons and threw it against the ceiling. With a resounding noise, an explosion tore a hole in it. The remaining Kohona ninja jumped through once again. What they saw on the second floor surprised them. There were two people waiting for them.

"Hmm…this is a weird development. One has one ring and the other has three rings." Naruto contemplated. "Neji…Ino…"

Neji shook Naruto's hand and charged forward. Ino gave Naruto a quick hug.

"You better look after Sakura for me…or else I'll come kick your butt as well." She pointed her finger right in his face.

"I will. I will."

Once again Zakuro sliced a hole in the ceiling, allowing the remaining ninja to enter the next story. This floor also held two fakes.

"A three-ringed and a two-ringed…"

Without a word Shikamaru and Zakuro stepped up. Naruto placed a hand on each of their shoulder and gave them a quick pat. In an instant the Nara's shadow shot forward and Zakuro's sword swung in a wide arc sending a blade of wind towards the fakes.

"How troublesome…I guess I have no choice but to keep these guys occupied. Hurry up and get rid of this guy so we can all live in peace."

Sasuke sliced a hole in the ceiling and the last three ninja jumped through. Another two fakes awaited them.

"Four-ringed and three-ringed ringed…"

Sasuke drew his sword and stepped forward, and was soon followed by Sakura. Naruto just smiled at the two, patted Sasuke on the shoulder, and caressed Sakura's face. She quickly held his hand there and then ran forward.

"Stay safe…" she heard him whisper.

"As long as I draw breath…I WILL protect her Naruto."

"Thank you Sasuke."

The Uchiha soon closed the gap between himself and Sakura. The blonde stood for a few more seconds before looking behind him. There was a set of stairs that lead to the final level. There, at the end of the room, sitting on a throne, was the real Akatsuki leader. Tension in the air thickened the more the two of them stood there.

"It's time we finished this…" both men spoke.

In an instant their swords met in a spray of sparks. It was at this moment that Naruto first realized that this real leader had five rings in his eyes.

"I take it that in this stage you are a master in all areas at one time."


"Well at least now, you'll be more of a challenge."

The comment enticed a frown onto his enemy's face. The leader jumped sideways and placed his hands in a familiar sign.

"Watch what you say Naruto…it might just cost you your life. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

With a poof of smoke, three more brunettes appeared.

"So I never got to learn your real name. Will you tell me? After all I want to know the name of the man I'm going to kill."

In an instant, three swords pierced through Naruto's stomach.

"It's Shinji, but not like it matters anymore…" The clone in the middle said.

"Really? Bunshin Daibakuha!"

The explosion destroyed all three clans and damaged the walls and ceiling.

"You're going to need more than a measly sword to kill me Shinji." Naruto mocked behind his opponent.

Shinji turned around to see the blonde sitting on his throne.

"When did you-"

He was cut short as a fist collided with his stomach and shot him across the room. Suddenly one of Shinji's fakes caught him and set him on his feet. Meanwhile the copy dropped something on the floor. Naruto stared at the object and instantly recognized who it was. Lee was lying face down. His right arm and leg appeared broken and blood was oozing out a kunai slash on his back. His brow scrunched in anger.

"Well it seems like one of your comrades has met his match…"

"So it seems…" Naruto sighed before charging forward.

The leader also charged forward. Their swords again met in a shower of sparks. As they stood there battling for supremacy, Naruto used one hand to do a series of quick hand signs.

"Kaze no Yaiba-Vibration!"

A low hum filling the ears of all that were present. In a quick motion, Naruto drew back his sword and Shinji lost his balance. He quickly tried to regain his equilibrium, but was too slow. The sword came down fast and hard. All he could do was put up his sword and try to deflect the blow. The blonde's sword cut through the other blade like it was butter. He watched in slow motion as his sword continued on its path towards his opponent's face. The tip of the blade started a gash above the right eye and finished underneath the eye.

A poof and a thud sound caught Naruto's attention. He turned around to see Ten-ten on the floor with multiple weapons protruding from her back, legs, and arms. Shinji held his bleeding wound, but a smirk had worked its way onto his face.

"That's number two Naruto…"

Naruto flicked the blood from his sword onto the floor. The blonde then disappeared. Shinji quickly used a chakra-enhanced palm to push the blade aside. Unfortunately the sword still pierced his shoulder.

"You're right…that is number two…"

Through the pain the leader gave his opponent a quizzical look. As the blade was ripped out of its target, a yelp was bit back. After kicking Shinji across the room, Naruto whipped the blood from his sword. Suddenly two more 'thud' sounds caught Naruto's attention. This time it was Ino and Neji who were lying on the floor. Out of the corner of his eye Naruto could see that Ino appeared to be unharmed, but Neji's clothes were utterly torn to pieces.

"Halfway there boy! You're running out of comrades."

"Thanks for stating the obvious, but really you should be worrying about yourself."

The Kazeuka pulsated as chakra flowed through its steel. As time went on the blade began to grow in length. While it grew, he rested the sword upon his right shoulder. Eventually the length reached the ground and stopped. The younger male placed both hands on the handle and swung it. Everyone ducked as it sliced overhead; the wall suffered massive damage.

"You missed Uzumaki."

"Did I?" the blonde questioned as he prepared a rasengan.

At this point in time, the sheer weight of the roof began to press down upon the cut Naruto made. Said male lift his attack above his head as the top section of the room buckled. The rasengan tore through the concrete, wood, and metal leaving nothing but dust.

Once again the sounds of bodies hitting the floor caught the blonde's attention. It did not take long for Naruto to determine who they were. The stench of cigarette smoke and burnt flesh filled his nose.

Shinji smirked and gave a quick laugh.

"Next is your precious fiancé…I made sure to take special care of her for you."

His grin spread across his countenance, however, it quickly turned to shock.

Naruto was two feet from him, the Kazeuka back to normal, and posed for the kill. Right before the blade pierced the leader's heart, the one blond turned into four. Each Naruto targeted a different limb. Shinji found his shoulders and thighs run through by merciless steel.

"You won't live long enough to even touch her…" Naruto growled.

The blades were savagely ripped out. Both shoulder muscles were torn in two, leaving Shinji's arms completely useless. His thighs, however, were better off. The swords were merely pulled out. Blood poured from the wounds and covered a good section of the floor. Flicking the blood onto the floor three of the four swordsmen vanished in a plume of smoke.

The blond stared heatedly into the eyes of his opponent. The ringed orbs began to pulse with chakra and Shinji glared. Casting his eyes down to his wounded legs, the blood ceased its flow; the wounds closed.

"Medical Ninjutsu…through his Doujutsu no less…truly he has mastered every area of the ninja."

At this point Shinji looked at his left shoulder, instantly healing it.

Suddenly sakura petals began to fly throughout the air and a familiar fragrance filled the air. The Naruto shuddered in anticipation. His patience was greatly rewarded as a head of pink hair appeared beneath his chin and a warm body lay upon his chest.

"Are you almost done here honey?" she question innocently.

Naruto looked off to the side to see Sasuke holding two bodies. One had a hole through his chest where his heart should be, while the other looked as though his chest had been caved in by brute force.

"This is far from over!"

"Is it Shinji? I know your condition…" Naruto commented staring right into the ringed eyes. "It takes a lot of talent to have figured out a technique that allows you to literally split your mastered abilities among so many bodies."

"So you figured it out huh? Yes, I can transfer my mastery of any area of a shinobi into each individual body-"

"However, there is a drawback…" the blond interjected. "You suffer the damage that is done to them once they are killed."

The bloodied Akatsuki smiled weakly before sighing.

"You can dispel your demon genjutsu now…I know your friends are not the ones that lay upon the floor."

One by one a cloud of smoke covered each person and corpse. Lee, Tenten, Ino, Neji, Shikamaru, and Zakuro stood triumphantly over the dead copies.

"Still there is a catch…you don't receive the damage physically, but mentally…much like a user of the Kage Bunshin receives the clones' gathered information. It feels real though…doesn't it?"

"Yes, but this fight is not over!" Shinji charged pulling out a katana.

"Sakura, please go to Sasuke. It's time I finish this."

"Yes it is."

Shinji charged not bothering to heal his right shoulder. Naruto met him in the middle of the room. The younger male swung his blade horizontally with his left hand. Shinji leaned backwards; the blade slicing the air an inch from his stomach, chest, and face. The attack was followed by chakra-enhanced punch. The attacked twisted, rolling to the side of the fist. Spider-wed cracks stretched from the impact site and the pooled blood soared into the air.

The last of the Akatsuki watched in mild interest as his blood stayed suspended in the air.

"Blood of my enemy" Naruto growled as the blood quivered.

A sword blade barely missed the blond's neck. With a back flip and a solid kick to his enemy's chin Naruto sent Shinji off the ground. Time froze; everything ceased movement. Then suddenly a voice pierced the silence.

"Make him see…" Sakura chanted lifting an Akatsuki ring parallel to the ground.

"The powerful price…" Naruto continued as Sasuke lifting produced a ring from his pocket.

"Of his evil vice…" the pinkette whispered.

Zakuro held up a ring.

"Seal him right here…" Naruto stated, the blood flowing around his form.

Ino mimicked the dragon-specialty ninja.

"Forever only to peer…"

Neji showed another ring.

"Upon this world in silence…" The blond male whispered.

Tenten followed Neji's example.

"Never to bother its innocence…" Sakura cooed.

Lee pumped his fist into the air, the ring shining in the sun's rays.

"My enemy's blood hear me…" Naruto said through a smirk.

Sighing Shikamaru spit out his cigarette and gathered a ring into his hand.

"LET IT BE!" the newly engaged couple yelled together.

Shinji watched as Naruto appeared above his prone form. The former demon container slipped the leader's ring onto his middle finger and pulled his arm back. The blood that floated in the air suddenly connected to each of the Kohona ninjas' rings and arched behind Naruto. Throwing the punch, blood following suit, Shinji was struck in the chest. Both shinobi plummeted to the floor. As though the crimson tide had a mind of its own, it formed an interesting seal from the impact site.

The top of three triangles met underneath Shinji's body, and pointed in three equidistant directions. Many kanji-formed, V shapes sprouted inside the triangles. Starting with one large V, moving to two smaller, then four, and continuing until it was almost impossible to read with the naked eye. Five rings then formed from the center, getting bigger as each one left the center. The final circle reached the end of the three triangles. The last part of the seal to form was three giant commas. One sat in between each triangle, on that last circle.

"So let it be…" the last of Akatsuki stated with a strange smile.

Naruto stood up, leaving the ring upon Shinji's sternum, and walked over to Sakura. Each member of Konoha's let go of their respective rings. The rings glided over the motionless body, forming a circle around the body.

The sun's rays were soon consumed by clouds until its light only shone on the blood seal.

"Truly I have been defeated by a greater shinobi and man. I will take my punishment humbly."

Everyone appeared shocked by the man's strange words.

"Shocked? I know. Even I have some honor." He smiled with a small chuckle.

Shinji's legs began to disintegrate.

"Peace be with you Naruto…Sakura…" the defeated man's words filled everyone's ears.

"Peace be with you Shinji…" the couple returned the gesture.

With a brilliant flare of light, Shinji, the rings, and the blood seal vanished.

"Let's go home." Shikamaru sighed lighting another cigarette.

-Back at Konoha-

The group arrived two days later at the village gates. Surprisingly a large welcome committee greeted them. Villagers, ninja, the council, and the Hokage herself were waiting patiently. Tsunade was clad in the full Hokage uniform.

"What took you brat?" the female Sannin scoffed.

"It's only been four days grandma. An SS rank mission usually takes a lot more time than that."

A vein popped on her forehead at his retort. Her killing intent was barely held back as she trudged towards Naruto. All the while he had a silly grin plastered on his face. Before she was about to punch him to kingdom come, a brilliant sparkle from Sakura's hand caught her attention. A gentle smile graced her lips.

"Congratulations brat. Give my condolences to the unfortunate woman."

"As far as it's concerned, I think you might be the only unfortunate one Lady Hokage." Naruto feigned respect and bowed ninety degrees.

"This brat…" she seethed, her blood boiling.

Tsunade took off her Hokage hat and pulled back her fist. The other blond, still bowed, made no attempt to dodge.

What happened next shocked almost everyone. The Slug Sannin moved her hand towards the back of his head, untied his head band, and kissed his forehead. After that she slammed the Hokage hat onto his head.

"Consider this an early wedding gift Sixth Hokage." She sneered before turning to everyone else.

Questions of a wedding soared through the crowd.

"I am now announcing my retirement as the Fifth Hokage. This blockhead behind me will be taking my place. I give you Uzumaki 'the Crimson Yellow Flash' Naruto, Sannin, Ex-ANBU Captain, and Sixth Hokage of Konoha!" Tsunade announced.

Cheers roared from the group for an hour or so. Once they all congratulated the blond, the former Hokage asked them one last question.

"Will there at least be sake at your wedding?"

Shizune sighed, Sakura slapped her forehead, and Naruto just responded with a humorous look in his eyes.


-Three Months Later-

Naruto had been inaugurated as the Sixth Hokage and his wedding with Sakura was three weeks away. They village was in an uproar, trying to get everything set up and done.

"Hokage!" a young woman yelled to gain his attention before continuing "What color is the cake going to be?"

"Does it really matter Ino? It's just a cake. As long as it tastes good, I don't mind the colors." he sighed.


The poor male was sitting in his office surrounded by his fiancé and all of her female friends. Sakura grabbed his hand and smiled sympathetically.

"You need to select the flowers, the centerpieces, the cake, the groomsmen's' suits, the bridesmaids' dresses—" Ino started quoting a list.

Once again Naruto stopped listening and stared at the ceiling. Ino continued on for almost an hour before Naruto interrupted her.

"Get out…" The male stated sighing heavily.

"Pardon?!" Ino exclaimed.

"I said…Get out."

"Maybe it would be best if we talked about this at another time Ino. Naruto has been pretty stressed. After all we do have three weeks to finalize everything." Sakura added.

The other women in the room, except Ino, nodded sympathetically, gathered all their things and left. After the door closed Sakura took his hand into hers.

"Obviously something is bothering you. What is it?"

"Ino is planning our wedding, not us. I don't want all this fancy stuff! I just need a simple wedding. I don't need all this fancy stuff. I know it your day, not mine, but I don't want anything distracting others from you."

"That is sweet of you, but what do you suggest we do?" she asked sitting in his lap.

"Can you let me take care of it? I know exactly want I would like, and that would be simple but beautiful. When people come, all they will see is you." He whispered before kissing her.

After returning the kiss she glared at him before saying, "If you totally mess this day up for me…you'll regret it."

"I will? How so?" Naruto's faced was plastered with his most foxy grin.

She whispered something into his ear and he smiled even more.

"Oh, I highly doubt that."

To prove his point Naruto's index finger began to crackle with electricity.

"You wouldn't dare!" Sakura exclaimed with a shocked expression.

Before the pinkette could comprehend what happened she had her back on the desk with Naruto pinning her hands above her head. While his left arm kept her arms still he moved in with his right hand, still sparking with electric chakra.

"You know how I am about dares…" he teased with a smile on his face.

That's when she tightened her thighs around his waist, trying to cause enough pain to make him release her. Naruto only laughed as he touched the finger to her thighs and they went limp.

"Now, now Sa…ku…ra-"

"You will regret this!" she interjected with a weak glare and a flustered face.

The jutsu-infused finger neared her. She began to sweat a little and she closed her eyes waiting for the jutsu to take her. However it didn't. She opened her eyes slowly to see him poke her stomach. A rush of adrenaline shot through as she began to stop the fits of laughter that were about to escape out of her throat. Her resistance was futile. Sakura laughed loudly and Naruto continued to poke her sides and stomach.

"Na-Ha! ru-Haha to! STOP! Haha-ha-hahaha!"

After a little while her eyes started to tear. That is when Naruto decided to stop. As Sakura regained control over herself she found the blonde nuzzling his nose into her neck, arms encircling her waist. The woman wiped away the tears and put her, now free, hands into his hair.

Those blonde locks had gotten so long that they now cascaded down to the middle of his back. It looked much like Jiriaya's does: spiky and untamed. She played with his hair for a few minutes, until he growled into her neck. It really tickled too.

The newly appointed Hokage lifted his head gazed longingly into Sakura's eyes.

"I love you…" he whispered.

With her hands still in his hair she brought herself to a sitting position and kissed him long and hard. He gladly returned. They soon broke the kiss and tried to catch their breath.

"I love you too my dear Hokage…"

"That's good because if you didn't we might have a problem." He smiled and she laughed.

"Am I interrupting something?" Sasuke's voice broke the silence.

Both ninja had the decency to blush as their best friend had seen the whole ordeal. Sakura fixed her hair and clothes as she took her seat beside Naruto.

"Not anymore…" Naruto pouted. "What did you need?"

"I found what you needed for the wedding."

The blonde knew what the Uchiha meant. Sakura turned to face him and glared.

"You were planning on doing the whole wedding this whole time?"

"Yes, because I knew you wouldn't object. Plus I thought I would let Ino think she is helping us plan our wedding when was planning her own."

"What do you mean?"

"Zakuro is going to ask her to marry him after our wedding is said and done." Naruto let the information sink in before continuing, "Once she gets everything decided for 'our' wedding, I'm going to have a few low C-rank missions ready for the new genin teams coming out of the academy. They will set it up within a week and the week after they will be wed! Ino and Zakuro were never really patient people anyway. So I figured I would help them out."

"Wow, that's one well planned strategy, but what if Ino doesn't accept?"

"She will accept." Sasuke commented. "After all the stuff Zakuro is doing to propose to her, she better accept."

All three laughed. Though Sakura's interest was intrigued.

"What is he going to do?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"Can't tell ya! Guy oath!" Both males held their left hand over their hearts and their right in the air. "Besides we told you too much already."

Naruto then asked Sakura to go home. He still had some stuff he needed to finish before he could call it a night. Stubbornly she obliged, but not without giving him a passionate kiss goodbye. Once she was gone the blonde look at Sasuke with a smile.

"You ready?"

"Of course!"

-20 Days Later-

Sakura sat still as Ino did her hair, Hinata did her make-up, and Yawakire did the final adjustments to the bride's dress.

The long tendrils of pink were fashioned into a very complex array. She had one set of bangs framing the left side of her face, while the other side was draped over the right side, covering her right eye. The hair near the left temple was pulled back and held in place by a double-arched kenseikan*. The rest of the hair that was on top of her head was then formed into a curled bun with an assortment of fancy chop sticks. After Ino finished those parts she simply allowed the hair on the backside of her head flow over her shoulders and down her back.

Hinata had a much easier job. With Sakura's natural beauty, all she did was apply a little powder, some blush to her cheeks, red lip stick, mascara, eye liner, and some light green eye shadow.

Once the hair and make-up was finished, Sakura slipped into the wedding gown. Starting from a few inches below her collar bone, the harder material of the pure white dress flowed over her chest to her waist. There was a slight v-shape that revealed a little of her cleavage. The top of the dress continued underneath her arms and hugged her sides until it reached her spine. Two small diamond shaped holes were present on stomach section and showed her belly button and a small portion of her top abs. Once the top section of the dress reached her hips the harder material ended in another v-shape with the bottom of the V reaching about the high thigh. From there the soft, silky material took its place within the dress. Starting on her left hip one layer of material moved down to about mid thigh before moving its way towards her right knee. Another piece, underneath the first, went to her knee before flowing over to the middle of her right shin. The final piece of silky material went to her left shin before moving over to the floor on her right side. Each layer of the dress's skirt ended with a wavy frill. To complete the ensemble, a large length of silk wrapped its way from the top of Sakura's right hip, down over the left thigh and connected in the back with a large bow that had two long tendrils that dragged on the ground.

At this point, Mrs. Haruno decided to enter the room. Tears threatened to fall as she gazed at her daughter, all the while judging the dress. It didn't show too much cleavage. Her shoulders and half of her back was bare, but her hair did a good job of covering it. You could see more than half of her left leg, a portion of her well-toned stomach, but all-in-all her daughter was utterly beautiful.

"I can't believe you're getting married. I feel as though it was just yesterday that a strange blonde ANBU showed up at my door with you in his arms." She whispered pulling out a tissue.

"Mother! Don't cry!" Sakura exclaimed. "Because if you cry, then I will, and that will just be a mess."

Everyone in the room laughed.

"Now you better hope Naruto doesn't get cold feet. Any man would gladly marry you when you look this beautiful." Ino stated jokingly.

"But you better not get cold feet Sakura." Hinata stated. "Or everyone will hunt you down."

The pinkette laughed nervously at her statement.

"Now we have one hour before you need to be taken to where the wedding is going to take place. Time for PITCURES!" Yawakire screamed happily.

Once that was said Mrs. Haruno pulled out a few cameras somewhere and began to take photos.

-With the Guys-

With one hour to go, some of the men were getting rather nervous. Though surprisingly not Naruto. He was making some final adjustments to the area where he would be having his wedding. As the last nail was put in place, the blonde admired all of his work.

"Alright! I'm finally done! Hey Shikamaru?"

"Yes Naruto?" the lazy genius replied.

"You up for a quick game of shoji?"

"A quick game? Ours usually go on for an hour or two."

"Naruto you need to get ready!" Kiba exclaimed.

"But I need to prepare my youthfulness so I can be ready for Sakura's big day."


Shikamaru simply stated his trademark phrase before pulling out his portable shoji board.

"Thanks Lee and Gai!" Naruto smiled giving him a thumbs-up

The two spandex-clad ninja returned the gesture before zooming off into the distance.


"You did that on purpose." Shikamaru stated blatantly.

"Of course, I needed something to clear my head of all the stress."

"So you just want to relax before this massive step in life?"

"I have fought the greatest evils on the face of this planet and come on top. Now I am marrying the woman who I have loved ever since I got to know her. It's just a big shock really. Like a fairy tale, and I actually get to be a part of it." Naruto stated after moving his first piece.

"Well you have dealt with enough crap in your life. It is about time you got paid for your overtime."

-Ten Minutes Later-




A carriage pulled up to a clearing in the forest. To be precise, it was the girls' carriage that contained all the bridesmaids and the bride herself. The men were already standing, waiting for the carriage to stop. When the first bridesmaid stepped out of the carriage, the music started to play. One by one the women exited the transport. After the maid of honor exited, the guests stood. Sakura, veiled and nervous, glided to the ground. What she saw, made her freeze.

She took in the scenery. Beneath her feet was a velvet red carpet, covered in cherry blossoms. Extending from the isle were stumps of trees allotted with cushions. The guests used as these stumps as chairs. Beside each row of stumps stood a crystal rose. The rays of the sun would refract through the flower and bathe the middle isle with a rainbow of colors. Sakura's eyes continued to gaze up the isle until they rested on a platform.

The platform was raided off the ground by maybe a foot. It appeared to be made out of the trees that were now being used as seats. The priest stood in the middle of the first tier. Beside the minister, on different tiers, were the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Sakura trees surround the structure and cast their petals down. Sakura searched the platform and found no trace of Naruto at all.

"Sakura..." a man's voice whispered in the wind.

The bride turned her head and came face to face with a man she hadn't seen in a long time.

"Dad...Is it really you?"

She looked at the man that stood before her. It was her father, but he seemed to be almost transparent.

"May I walk my daughter down the aisle?"

She smiled.

"Of course..." she answered extending her arm.

Everyone watched in fascination as the two walked. The colors from the roses shimmered off of Sakura's dress. She was utterly breathtaking. Sakura became so radiant that even the photographer was too stunned to take pictures. That was until Mrs. Haruno elbowed the poor fellow in the ribs.

The two arrived at the platform's stairs and the female looked over at her arm. Her father was no longer visible and when she looked forward, Naruto was waiting with shocked expression. If fact, his mouth was hanging open. The girl glided in front of the blonde and delicately closed his mouth. The crowd stifled their giggles.

"Who gives these two to be married?" the minister asked.

Naruto and Sakura looked at the front row. Mrs. Haruno had the Kazeuka, sheathed, and a picture of Sakura's father.

"I and her father give Sakura Haruno." She stated

Jiraiya and Tsunade stepped forward with picture of the 4th Hokage and his wife.

"We give Naruto Uzumaki."

Time flew by and before everyone knew it, the minister asked the ultimate question.

"Naruto Uzumaki, do you take Sakura Haruno, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do..."

"Sakura Haruno, do you take Naruto Uzumaki, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do..."

"I pronounce to you all, Naruto and Sakura Uzumaki. You may now kiss the bride."

"And ravish her 'til your heart's content." Sasuke added quickly while Yawakire elbowed him in the ribs.

At that comment everyone laughed, but the two newlyweds didn't hear anything. They could only focus on each other. Naruto lifted her veil and pressed his forehead to hers.

Naruto chuckled, but it eventually turned to light sobbing. Sakura looked at him with caring eyes and placed her hands on his chest. Tears rolled down the grooms face.

At this point everyone was frozen where they stood.

"You look beautiful..." the blonde whispered and placed his hands on her cheeks.

"Thank you..." She whispered back leaning into his touch.

"I've gone through my entire life waiting for this moment. All the hardships, the battles, the bloodshed... It was all worth it. Just see you walk down that isle and join me up here."

The spectators looked on with pain and happiness in their hearts.

"JUST KISS HER ALREADY!" Jiraiya yelled.

Tsunade then elbowed him in the ribs...HARD.

With that being said the two captured each other's lips and every person cheered loudly.

"I can't believe this really happened..." Naruto stated happily.

"You better believe it. After all I own you now." Sakura smiled with tears in her eyes.

Once the stage was clear everyone joined the newlywed at the reception. There was sake, presents, congratulations, and everything else that would happen at a wedding. However this time, Naruto made sure that Lee stayed away from the sake. After two hours of eating and such Naruto slipped out.

The blonde strolled by a nearby lake and stopped when he felt a presence. The wind blew past him and the form of Mr. Haruno became visible.

"Thank you Naruto...for letting me walk my daughter down the aisle..." his voice carried to Naruto's ear by the wind.

"You are welcome. I'm sorry that I couldn't save you all those years ago so you could do it in your life."

"Don't regret not being able to save me. I died knowing I was leaving my daughter in very capable hands. Take care of her Naruto...or else I'll come back and haunt you."

Both men chuckled.

"Well it's about time I're father and mother are waiting for me."

Mr. Haruno's body vanished into thin air.

"I swear on my title of Hokage that I will care for Sakura's every last need."

Naruto soon returned to the party. The festivities went long into the next day. Eventually everyone went home, Naruto cleaned up while Sakura slept. When she woke up, she helped finish cleaning and moving all the gifts into their home. When the two finished Sakura noticed some luggage by the front door.

"Are we going somewhere Naruto?"

"Yep, I have reservations for our honeymoon."

"Who's going to run the village while you are away?"

-In the Hokage Office-

"Crap...I thought I escaped this evil paper work..." Tsunade cursed under her breath. "SHIZUNE! BRING THE SAKE!"

-Back with Naruto and Sakura-

"Oh I found someone." He grinned.

"So where are we going?"

"I'll let you know when we get there."

Sakura pouted and crossed her arms.

-At the Honeymoon Hotel-

Naruto carried his wife over the threshold of their suite. It had taken most of the day to get to their destination and they were somewhat tired. Both of them took showers and got dressed in their nightwear.

"So what would you like to do first my dear?" Naruto asked while kissing her lips lightly.

"I know where we can start..." She answered grabbing his shirt and started kissing him passionately.

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*- kenseikan are those things that Byakuya in Bleach wears in his hair. I think they are pretty cool and worked perfectly with Sakura's dress.