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Chapter 16

The summer was over; Harry and Severus had spent the holidays with their friends between Hogwarts and Severus' manor. The newly weds did what all newly weds did when they were on their own. Harry had finally recovered almost completely, he still had nightmares occasionally but Severus just held him until he fell back to sleep.

Harry had applied and been accepted for a Defence Against the Dark Arts apprentiship with a well respected Master after he graduated. He had been there for a month now.

There was only Harry, Helen Griffis and Steven Jones apprenticing at the moment. Each of them had a different Master teaching them but the lessons were held in one building, a large town house in London, hidden, of course, from Muggle view. The three of them studied together and often practiced what they had learnt that day in mock duels. Harry almost always won, in fact Master Hardwood had only managed to beat him twice so far and they duelled everyday. Whenever he was called up on it all he said was, "I had a very good teacher during the war." Almost everyone believed that it was Dumbledore; very few knew that Severus Snape was also a Defence Master. Harry could have apprenticed with his lover but he didn't want Severus to be accused of preferential treatment so he had applied to Melvin Hardwood, Severus had met the man a few times and knew that he was a good teacher.

'He should be back in a minute.' Severus thought as he finished marking the last paper, an abysmal attempt for a Hufflepuff.

He was correct; Harry came through the floo less than a minute later. He had finally mastered the fine art of stepping out of the floo rather than falling and could even exit as clean as he entered it. It must be his vampire grace.

"Hello, my love. Have a good day?" He asked as he walked over to the fireplace to kiss his mate.

"Yes, I managed to blast Master Hardwood actually through the wall this time though." Harry added sheepishly.

Severus smothered his laugh though he knew that Harry could sense it anyway. "Want to have dinner down here tonight or go to the Great Hall?"

"Great Hall. I haven't seen everyone in a while. Will Siri and Remus be there with James?"

"I believe so." Severus replied with a small smile on his face at the thought that James wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for his potion. He was glad that he could give homosexual couples this happiness. Severus found himself strangely protective of young James Lupin-Black; he knew that with Remus, at least, as a father the boy would turn out well. Harry and Severus had decided that while they longed for a family, they were immortal and could wait a few years until Harry had completed his Mastery.

"Great. Just let me get changed quickly and I'll be ready." Harry said as he made his way towards their bedroom. Sam was in there, lying lazily on the bed.

Hi Sam. Have you been there all day?

Not quite all day. I had a wander up to the kitchens for some lunch earlier. Was the snake's petulant response.

Harry just laughed and went to get his clothes.

He came out of his room a little later in a blue t-shirt and jeans. The good thing about not being either a student or a professor here was that he could wear what he wanted instead of robes all the time.

The vampire couple walked out of their rooms, Harry greeted Salazar as they passed. Harry's presence at the Head Table was now a common occurrence so the students didn't bat an eyelid anymore. The first time it had happened Harry had been stared at by the first years for a whole hour. He had never been so glad to leave a place in his life. Well perhaps that was an exaggeration but the sentiment still stood.

"Hey, Harry." Sirius called out down the table.

"Hi Siri. Hi Remus." Harry answered. He got a tired "Hello" back form Remus. Baby James had been keeping him up recently.

"Remus? Do you want me and Sev to look after James while you have a sleep tonight? It wouldn't be any trouble. I don't really need that much sleep." He offered.

"That would be brilliant, Harry. Are you sure?" The Defence professor asked his pseudo-godson anxiously. He was exhausted. For some reason Sirius never seemed to wake up when James cried so it was left to Remus to get up four times during the night.

Harry and Severus practiced their parenting skills out on James for the rest of the night and returned James to his now rested father later that night.

The next morning Harry left for training and Severus went to class as usual. Harry was met in the entrance hall by Helen and Steven. "Hey guys." He said.

"Hey Harry," Helen replied.

"Morning," Steven said quietly.

Harry looked at the other boy curiously. He seemed more subdued than usual. Like he had something on his mind, "Are you alright, Steven?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine." The boy answered seeming to come out of his stupor.

The trio carried on walking to the library, Harry and Helen talking while Steven was once again pulled into his thoughts.

'He should be mine. Why isn't he? I'll fight for him if I have to.' He thought angrily. In truth, Steven was in love but the person he loved hardly seemed to know he existed. 'Why can't Harry see me as more than a friend?' His thoughts went on dejectedly. By the end of his inner tirade he had become determined to win the heart of his love. No matter what the cost.

He started to implement his plan as soon as they reached the library. Steven sat next to Harry and made sure that even now and then his arm would brush the others. Harry thought that the boy didn't realise what he was doing so he just moved his arm out of the way and continued reading. With an internal groan Steven decided to step up his flirting with the innocent, unknowing young vampire. He complimented him whenever he saw an opportunity and tried to make physical contact again. Harry unconsciously evaded him again and again to the point where the older boy was seriously frustrated. At that point, Helen who had been watching Steven all morning took him to one side, "What are you doing with Harry?" She demanded.

"Nothing." He replied defensively.

"Yeah right nothing. You keep hitting on him. You do realise that not only is he not interested in you he's mated and bonded already?" She asked getting ready to hit the other boy. She really liked Harry and had heard about his past in the newspaper, though she had never asked him about it. She knew that Steven was just wasting his time and wanted to save both of the boys pain.

"Stay out of what doesn't involve you, Griffis. Stick to your studies." He said angrily before stalking off for his lesson with Master Hardwood.

Helen went back to Harry's table. She longed to say something but didn't. It wasn't really her place. Was it? Just before she went for her private lesson she spoke up, "Harry?"

"Yes Helen?"

"Watch out for Steven." Then she hurried off leaving Harry to wonder what she meant.

Steven carried on his flirting with Harry for the rest of the day but now Harry saw, and could hear through his telepathy, what he was doing and tried to stay away from the boy although he was still friendly he talked to Steven as he would someone like Colin Creevey. Steven, however, didn't notice that anything had changed.

When they were finally allowed to leave Harry rushed to the fireplace and flooed as quickly as he could back to Hogwarts.

Severus wasn't in their rooms so Harry went looking for him. The older vampire was in his Potion Lab. Harry looked at what he was doing and moved to help by preparing the ingredients for his lover. They moved completely in sync. Harry knew exactly what Severus needed and how to prepare it, all Severus had to do was pick it up and add it to the cauldron. They worked well as a team and they both enjoyed brewing together.

The Potions Master finished making the skele-grow for Madam Pomfrey and turned to his mate, "What do you want to do tonight?"

Harry smiled at his Sire and moved closer so that his body was pressed against the whole length of Severus'. He breathed, "I want you to make love to me."

Severus groaned with arousal and felt himself grow hard at the words. Harry continued to grow more confident in their relationship all the time. He picked his husband up and carried him into the bedroom where he did exactly what Harry had asked.

The following morning Harry woke up before Severus and wandered over to the bathroom. His entire body was aching pleasantly. He took longer than usual in the shower, using the time to relax and think about the day to come. He had to go to the Defence School in two hours and see Steven and Helen. Harry didn't know why he felt so awkward about that. Even before he had known that Steven lusted after him he had been wary about being in the others presence alone but that was because of his past. He didn't trust easily at all. Especially not men.

Some of Stevens' thoughts had scared him. He wanted no other lover than Severus and yet the young man was determined to win him, no matter what the cost. Relationships were still difficult for Harry. He could count the number of people he truly trusted on his fingers.

Steeling himself he got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. He walked out of the bathroom and over to the wardrobe to get his clothes. As he was pulling his jeans on he felt his lover's gaze on him. Smirking slightly he purposely took his time putting his t-shirt on and then bent down to find his shoes.

"Tease," Severus complained good-naturedly as Harry covered himself with a black robe.

Harry just smiled sweetly at his husband before crossing the room to the door. "I'll see you tonight, Sev."

Dobby popped in with his daily goblet of blood before Harry left for school. Just as he flooed out Severus sat up in confusion. He had sensed a faint anxiety from Harry. 'Why would he be anxious?'

The young vampire gracefully stepped out of the fireplace into the hall. Helen was there to meet him, Steven hadn't arrived yet. A second later the fireplace glowed and then Steven stumbled out.

Harry took an unconscious step backwards. Helen noticed but Steven didn't. He was too busy staring at Harry, "Morning, Harry. Helen." He added as an afterthought.

"Morning." The other two replied.

Steven went over to Harry as soon as he could and initiated conversation, "So what did you do last night?" He asked interestedly.

"I helped Severus brew skele-grow for Madam Pomfrey, her stocks were low." He answered simply. The other man didn't need to know what they had done for the rest of the night.

"Oh. That sounds interesting." Steven didn't sound convinced. 'How can Snape have Harry all to himself all night and just brew Potions? If it had been me I'd have taken him. But then again it's a good thing that Snape doesn't do that because it means that Harry is more likely to come to me.'

Perhaps luckily Harry was not listening to Steven's thoughts at this time. It felt like violating the man's privacy, after all your thoughts were the most intimate thing you had. If he started flirting with him a lot again then Harry would open his mind to thoughts about himself and Severus but no others. He didn't want to hear any more of the boy's fantasies.

Harry was having a whole morning of tutoring from Master Hardwood so thankfully he didn't see the others for most of the day. When it got to two o'clock, however, Melvin told Harry to go to the library and research a dark spell. It was designed in the Medieval Ages to counteract death in childbirth but over the years it had been changed into a spell that would make a woman infertile.

"Yes, Master Hardwood." Harry answered and left the duelling room.

Melvin Hardwood stared at the door his young apprentice had just left through thinking over their lesson. 'Why was Harry even bothering with the apprentiship? He could pass with no problems now. I'll mention it to him tomorrow. Wow that boy is powerful. I certainly wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of him.'

The Defence Master stood at 6ft and was very muscular. He had a nasty looking scar running down his left cheek. The man looked dangerous. Harry, on the other hand, was small and compact, muscular yes but not overly so and his face was practically angelic; though if you encountered an angry Harry Potter you would never forget it. The teen simply crackled with magic.

Harry wandered over to the library as slowly as he could. Eventually he reached his destination. Steven was there, waiting for him. Harry walked in as confidently as he could and started hunting for the books he needed. A hand sneaked out and grazed his arse. Harry jumped and looked around. He could have sworn it was Severus' hand. He didn't see his lover so Harry turned back to the shelf. This time he was ready, when the hand reached him he spun around and grabbed it.

"Severus? What are you doing here? What about your classes?" Harry asked in astonishment. Why was his lover here?

"I came to see you. You seemed anxious this morning and Albus is looking after my class for today." Severus replied. "I really don't know what I was thinking leaving them with him. My beloved dungeons will be covered in multi-coloured spots by the time I get back and no doubt the children will be having fun."

Harry couldn't help himself he laughed. Severus just sounded so sad that his students would probably enjoy having Dumbledore as a professor. Then he remembered what Severus had said before that. 'Anxious? How did he know?'

(I could sense your emotions, love. You were bleeding through the barrier.) Severus explained.

Embarrassed Harry looked down at the floor. How did you explain to your lover that you were nervous because a fellow student was attracted to you?

Ignorant of Harry's thoughts Severus grabbed the book Harry had dropped when he grabbed him and walked over to the table with him.

Steven and Helen were shocked by the vampire's appearance. Helen was thankful; she knew how determined Steven could be. She and Steven had attended an American school for wizards and witches before coming over to England to study for their Mastery. She had seen how stubborn and pigheaded he could be. Maybe Snape would either sense the competition or she could tell him discretely. 'It's none of my business' her mind argued back but her conscience wouldn't allow it. She couldn't see the young man she had come to care for nervous around one of their friends because he was constantly flirting with him.

Steven was apoplectic. 'He thinks that he can just waltz in here and take my Harry from me? No. I won't allow it.'

Severus greeted the two other students in his Professor Snape persona. Harry understood why, Severus was like that with everyone. Only a trusted few saw the real Severus Snape.

Helen looked up at the taller vampire with a little bit of awe and quite a lot of fear. Severus Snape was infamous after all. The vampire who had joined the Death Eaters and then turned spy. Even without having been to Hogwarts she still knew enough to fear the man slightly, you'd be mad if you didn't.

On the other hand, Steven was glaring at the Potions Master. The glare couldn't rival one of Severus' though and the vampire merely shot him a dismissing look before sitting down next to his lover.

Severus' morals were significantly lover than his husband's. If needs must then he would lower his mental wall and let the two students' thoughts into his mind. Perhaps they knew what was wrong with Harry. He tried the girl, Helen, first.

'Should I talk to him or not? Maybe it's not my place? But I don't know what Steven is going to try with him next. Should I tell Mr Snape? I've heard he has a nasty temper. Oh, what to do?' Helen's thoughts were all over the place and Severus found himself getting a headache from listening to them. However, there did seem to be some information there. Maybe if he spoke to her she would tell him. Without moving a muscle the projected his voice into her mind, (Helen, don't jump. It's Snape. I need to talk to you.) He said calmly.

Inwardly Helen jumped but her training kicked in and she didn't move on the outside. Her mind was silently cheering. If Snape made the first move then she couldn't be accused of interfering. (Mr Snape, there's something I have to tell you. Steven is attracted to Harry and plans to try and make him his lover. I know that Harry is bonded and married to you, so does Steven, but he's mad with love or perhaps lust and won't listen to reason. I warned Harry to be on guard and since then he has seemed a little more distant. Like he is scared of Steven…I've heard the stories of his childhood and if even half of them are true then I completely understand why he is acting like that. I just wanted you to know in case something happened.) She finished in a rush. It was probably a good job they were communicating telepathically as if she had said all that without taking a breath she would have passed out by now.

'Steven was in love with Harry? My Harry?' Severus thought in anger. He could see how, Harry was an angel but he was his and Severus was very protective over what was his. The vampire instinct within him was screaming at him to kill this mortal boy and claim his lover as his forever again but he forced it down. Steven hadn't done anything wrong, yet. (Thank you Miss Griffis. Harry has been acting a little oddly for the past two days and I had been wondering why. I will take care of it.) Severus sensed her anxiousness, (Oh don't worry, I won't hurt the boy. Not unless he hurts my mate.) He reassured her.

Helen nodded imperceptibly and then went back to her work without anyone ever knowing that she had stopped it.

Now that Severus was aware of Steven's inclinations he opened his mind to the passing thoughts on the top of the other's mind. They were about Harry! His Harry! It took all of Severus' self control not to reach over and throttle the younger man. He vampire demanded that he destroy any threat to his bond with his mate. As it was he merely glared at Steven and moved closer to Harry.

'The boy can't take a hint.' Severus thought fustratedly an hour later. He had steadily moved closer and closer to his mate, whispered in his ear to make him blush and shot death glares that would make a first year wet themselves and still he was thinking about his Harry. Finally Severus pulled his lover onto his knee.

Harry had been in a state of confusion and amusement for the past hour. First Severus turns up for no apparent reason then he acts strangely. When he was lifted onto his elder lover's lap he finally spoke up, (Since when have you been this…affectionate in public, my love?)

(Since I heard the thoughts coming from that insolent whelp across the table. You know he desires you? I felt your anxiety this morning and decided to come and see what was wrong because my last class finished at one. Was he the reason for your discomfort?) He asked. Harry had come far in the past year but he still didn't know how to handle anyone other than Severus being attracted to him.

(…Yes. Sev, I'm sorry. I should be able to handle this. I just…I could hear his thoughts. What he wanted to do to me. I've done some of that stuff with you. It shouldn't scare me but the thought of being intimate with someone who isn't you terrifies me. I don't want anyone else. I love you.) Harry knew that Severus was feeling protective towards him and his mate needed the affirmation of his love.

Severus relaxed a little at the words but kept hold of the young vampire. While Steven was around he wasn't going to let Harry go.

Harry was actually rather pleased at Severus' actions. He liked feeling loved and protected by the other vampire. Smiling softly he snuggled into Severus' chest and began talking to Helen. He could feel Steven's eyes upon him and Severus but stoically ignored it.

Helen smiled at Harry and Severus. They looked so happy together, they fit perfectly. 'Why can't Steven see that?' She thought sadly.

After a bit of talking, mainly between Helen and Harry, they decided to get back to work. Helen carried on writing and Harry picked up the book he had gone to get when Severus had snuck up on him. Still seated upon his lover's knee Harry began to read. Severus read it over his shoulder for a lack of anything better to do. Then he got an idea that would both pass the time and irritate Steven Jones.

Moving his head a little to the side he let out a puff of hot air from his mouth down Harry's neck. In response the teen shrugged his shoulders and then went back to his book.

Looking around to see if anyone saw him he came across a death glare that no where near rivalled his own. It seemed that Jones had noticed what he was doing at least. So he did it again. And again.

Finally Harry seemed to cotton on and the next time he did it Harry wiggled ever so slightly but his arse was in just the right position to make the movement detectable. And detected it was. (Fancy a little walk through the shelves?) Severus asked his lover suggestively.

Harry turned to smile at him and then got up quickly. They wandered over to the furthest corner of the library whereupon Harry burst into silent laughter and said, "Sev, I take it that you're doing this to make Steven insanely jealous? I think it's working. He's plotting your death in his mind."

"I'm technically already dead so that makes no difference does it?" He quipped. "Yes I'm doing it to make him jealous. He needs to know that you are mine and that I do not share." He finished menacingly.

"Can we just go home? I'll ask Master Hardwood." Harry pleaded with his lover.

"Of course."

(Master Hardwood?) Harry called out to the older man.

(Mr Potter-Snape? Do you require something?) Was the surprised response.

(No Sir. I was just wondering if I might go home? Severus has come to pick me up and we have finished for the day…) Harry trailed off hopefully.

(Yes, you may. Go on. I'll see you on Monday.) Melvin said.

(Thank you sir. Goodbye.)

Harry and Severus apparated out of there, "You know you could just go in for your Defence Mastery tomorrow and you would pass with flying colours? Why do you continue to waste your time in that school?" Severus asked him as they were sat on the couch together.

"I enjoy it there, Sev. I have no need to get my Masters soon. We have forever. But I have been considering it…I want to start our family soon." Harry replied.

"Then take the exam. We can start our family as soon as you want. I admit that I long for a child as well. I had never thought that I would have children. Never really wanted one until I met you. When you found that potion in Salazar's journal I was overjoyed. It would make you happy and I found myself dreaming of a little girl running around with your eyes and my hair." Severus laughed. It had been a strange dream.

Harry was looking at him oddly. "What?" Severus asked.

"I had the same dream. Could it be the bond making us share dreams or could it be a prediction?" Harry asked hopefully. He had fallen in love with the chid of his dreams and hoped that it was not just a fleeting thought; he wanted the little girl he saw.

"I'm not sure." Severus went silent. Harry knew that is lover was thinking and patiently waited for Severus to reach his conclusion because to question him during thought was a sure way to meet Professor Snape. "It is very possible that the image we saw was indeed our future child. The dream felt very real to me." He finally said.

"Our daughter is beautiful, Sev. She was called Cora if I remember correctly." Harry reminisced.

"Yes, it means cherished which she would no doubt be." Severus commented as he captured his lover's lips.

"I'll tell Master Hardwood that I wish to take the exam on Monday. Then I can finally take the potion. I'll study for my Potions Mastery while I'm pregnant. You know that I could probably pass that now because of all you tutoring but I want to make sure that I know all the theory first."

The following Monday Harry flooed into the mastery school as usual. However neither Helen nor Steven was there to greet him. He waited for them for a few minutes but then decided to go in and find Master Hardwood. The sooner he could get the exam over with the sooner he could get back to Hogwarts.

As he entered the hallway approaching Melvin Hardwood's room Harry was hit from behind with a stunner. He slumped down to the floor in a heap. Luckily he wasn't face down so he could see his attacker. It was Steven


Steven bent down and wrapped his arms around Harry who if he hadn't been stunned would have cringed and backed away. Steven placed a necklace around Harry's neck and a kiss to the young vampire's forehead. He apparated them away into a bare room. Harry looked around as far as he could being unable to move. All he could see was a bed and a table. That alone scared him more than being bound. He could break the binds easily enough. But what he heard in the other man's mind made him freeze to the core.

'You will be mine. You are mind, Harry. My Harry. Mine. That bastard won't be able to get to you here. Not with all the wards I put up.' Then he began talking to Harry, "He doesn't deserve you. He is just using you. I truly love you. I need you. I rescued you from him, Harry. Do you understand that? Or has he warped your mind so much that you can't even see what he has done to you? Can't see why I'm better than him?"

Harry declined to answer. Not that he could have. (Sev?)

(Yes, love? Is something wrong you seem upset?) Severus was as in tune as always with his lover's emotions.

(Steven has taken me somewhere. I don't know where I am though and the wards I can feel are quite powerful. He has put a necklace around my neck and it seems to be suppressing my magic. I can't feel it inside me anymore. I'm also stunned at the moment. Can you please come and find me? I'll keep him busy.) Harry asked hating how he sounded like a child but the loss of his magic reminded him of his time with the Dursleys.

(Of course. I'll be right there. Be safe, my love.) With that Severus rushed out of his classroom, leaving behind a room full of stunned fourth year Slytherin and Gryffindors. He only stopped to get some information from the headmaster along the way. He was constantly searching out Harry's location by way of the bond but the wards surrounding the place were blocking him. Finally he had an idea. He asked Albus to get Steven Jones records from his Ministry contacts and scanned the parchments looking for houses they could be in. For the wards to be strong enough to block a vampire looking for his mate they would have to be ancient. When the files came through he was stunned. 'How rich is he?' There were hundreds of properties, many of them ancient. It would take days to search them all. Severus grabbed the first one he saw and flooed to Hogsmeade to apparate. When he had gone Albus took one look at the pile of possibilities and flooed in reinforcements. Within minutes Draco, Neville, Sirius and Remus were all in his office asking what was wrong. When they found out they each grabbed a file and, in pairs, took to the fire to investigate them. They would find Harry faster if there were more of them.

Severus returned half and hour later empty handed. When Albus looked up he shook his head, "Nothing but a few house elves."

"I have fire-called Sirius, Remus, Draco and Neville to help with the search. It will move much quicker with more people looking. I was waiting for you to come back. Let's go look for Harry." Dumbledore announced grabbing a handful of files.

After talking to Severus Harry blocked off the bond and focused his attention onto Steven who was currently pacing across the floor muttering to himself. With his vampiric hearing Harry could tell every word and became more and more anxious for Severus to find him soon. It seemed that the other man had been researching ways to break a vampire Sire/Childe bond as well as a soul bond though how Steven knew about that Harry was unsure. It had been a part of their bonding ceremony but not many, if any, couples chose that option normally.

After a few minutes Steven finally moved over to the bed he had lay Harry on. He leant over the vampire and kissed him soundly on the lips. Disgust and revulsion flowed freely through Harry and he was suddenly very glad that he had closed his end of the bond off to Severus. Harry, however, closed his eyes. He didn't want to see the man above him. He only wanted his Severus.

Steven decided that he didn't like the unresponsive Harry and lifted his spell, although with the necklace he had put on Harry the vampire wouldn't be going anywhere. It had taken almost all of his savings to purchase the rare necklace, it was a dark object designed to suppress the magic of the wearer. It was commonly used to block the magic of slaves by their owners but Steven knew that due to the Potion Master's brainwashing of his love Harry would try and get back to him. He knew that he was no match for the young vampire magically so the necklace was his only option. "I'm sorry that it has come to this love but there was no other way to get you away from that awful man who has wrongfully claimed you. You are mine and you will soon realise that." He crooned.

The younger man forced himself not to tense up as Steven's arms encircled him. He spoke slowly and carefully as though to a small child, "Steven, what do you think you are doing? I chose to be with Severus. I love Severus. Not you. Take this necklace off me and I promise that I will protect you from him."

"I can't do that Harry. You don't see it do you? How he has manipulated you. He is a Death Eater, evil. He doesn't deserve a beautiful, innocent, pure person such as you. I won't need protecting because your lover will never find us. The wards on this building are ancient, each generation has added to them. It is better warded than Hogwarts, Gringotts even. Snape will never find us." Steven pronounced confidently.

'If it takes forever Sev will find me.' Harry thought confidently. They had pledged themselves to each other mind, body, heart and soul. Nothing could break that. Not even the spell Steven was planning on using. That would only break the physical and magical bonds between them but it would probably kill at least him of not Severus as well. "He'll find us." Harry declared.

That angered Steven but he refrained from commenting; knowing that Harry was under a spell, "Don't worry my love. I'll break the spell and you'll be free."

'Oh for Merlin's sake! I have to get out of here!' Harry attempted to get off the bed but found that he was stuck. The most he could do was sit up and that took a struggle. Harry recognised the spell. Madam Pomfrey often cast it on him due to his habit of leaving the Hospital Wing while she wasn't paying attention.

Steven smiled at Harry, "I thought you might try to leave so I cast that spell. You're not going anywhere, love."

Harry winced, no one but Severus had ever called him 'love' and it didn't sound right coming from the younger man. "Please let me go, Steven. Please." He begged making his voice as convincing as possible. It didn't work Steven just kissed him on the forehead briefly and left the room presumably to get the things he needed to perform the spell.

Harry fought against the spell as hard as he could but without his magic he was powerless to break it like he had done previously. Two minutes later Steven came back in carrying a white candle and vial in his hands.

Harry looked at the potion. He recognised it instantly. It was amour importantes. (made up name if you can think of anything better please tell me lol) An aphrodisiac so strong that it could kill if the subject didn't find release. Of course because Harry was technically already dead all it could do would be drive him mad with lust. Either way Harry really didn't want to take it. Despite the implications he would rather Steven take it. If he was in a lust-bridled state than he would be more likely to make mistakes and then Harry could try to make his escape.

Steven lit the candle and then cast petrificas totalas on his captive. Harry fell back down onto the bed without his muscles to keep him up. If he could have he would have sighed. 'This is just typical! I defeat the most powerful dark wizard of this age and end up captive to a novice light wizard who thinks he is in love with me! How great is my life?' Harry fumed silently. 'At least Voldemort let me have my wand. This twit wouldn't stand a chance against me without this necklace around my neck!'

"Can't have you moving and spoiling the spell can we, love. Don't worry I will break that curse you're under. You'll be free soon." Steven soothed him Running his hand down Harry's cheek.

'What to love you?' Harry questioned silently. The he had an idea. (Steven what are you doing?) He asked telepathically.

The young man almost dropped the potion vial in his hand when Harry's voice spoke in his mind, "Merlin! Don't do that Harry! It scares me."

(How else am I supposed to communicate with you when I'm petrified?) Harry asked reasonably.

"Oh very well. Just don't make a habit of it. It's a vampire trait that gives me the willies." Steven shuddered.

It was a good job Harry was petrified or he would have laughed. He was a vampire!

(Why have you done this?) He asked. Hoping that if he got Steven talking then he could buy time. It had always worked with Voldemort after all.

"Because I love you, of course. We are made for each other. You're so sweet and compassionate. You're a natural sub and I am a natural dom. Don't you see. We should be together. This is the way it is meant to be. I will take care of you. I promise I will. I'll love you forever and I'll protect you from anyone who tries to hurt you." The crazed young man vowed.

Harry suddenly got scared. If he understood what Steven said then he was going to be forced into a submissive role. Yes with Severus he was usually the more submissive one but theirs was an equal relationship. Harry could take control at anytime if he wished. He just preferred Severus to be in control. It was one part of his life where he could just let go and feel. He trusted Sev. He could never trust Steven like that. Steven was beginning to remind him of Vernon more than anyone else. Harry could feel his bound magic strain against the block in answer to the fright that flowed through the vampire.

(What are you going to do?) Harry asked as calmly as possible.

"I'm going to fuck you through the mattress, love. You'll be begging me before long and then you will be mine, forever." Steven replied with an evil smile as he walked over to Harry, the potion vial in his hand.

Unable to move Harry was forced to watch the man approach him. His breathing was erratic Harry noticed absently and concentrated on stabilizing it. He simply wouldn't open his mouth to swallow the potion. He didn't need to breathe so there was nothing Steven could do.

The older man hovered over the vampire. When his 'patient' refused to open his mouth he grabbed his nose and held it tightly. Harry sent laughter into the man's mind along with the message (Vampires don't need to breathe, Steven. Think again.)

Perhaps he shouldn't have said that? Steven then forced his jaw to open and poured the aphrodisiac into his mouth. He had to massage the vampire's neck so that he would swallow but he did, however, unwillingly.

(Sev hurry!) Harry thought anxiously to his husband. 'Please Merlin don't let him take me. Hurry my love, please hurry.'

Steven roughly ripped off Harry's apprentice robes leaving him in his jeans and t-shirt which he spelled off quickly.

Harry ached to cover himself and throw the other man off him but he was powerless to break the spell without his magic, he couldn't move an inch. 'Damn this necklace!' He cursed.

Severus used his bond with his husband and his nose to find where Steven was keeping Harry. He ran as fast as he could up the flights of stairs, leaving Dumbledore far behind. The vampire burst into the room they were in just as Steven was pulling Harry's underwear off.

"Get your hands off my husband!" He growled.

Steven froze in fright still on top of Harry. In anger Severus physically threw his across the room, the younger man hit the wall and was knocked unconscious for the second time in twenty minutes. Paying the kidnapper no mind Severus enervated his love and checked him for injuries.

"Sev! Sev! I'm fine. Listen to me. Steven fed me an aphrodisiac. I can feel it running through my veins." Harry interrupted his mate's anxious inspection of his uninjured body.

'An aphrodisiac? Oh Merlin! I have to get him out of here. "Do you think you could make it back to Hogwarts?" He asked cautiously. He really didn't want to make love to Harry here in this house where he was held captive.

Harry nodded shortly and was stopped from saying more by Dumbledore running into the room red in the face. Harry had to stop himself from laughing at the image of Albus running up all those stairs in his abhorrently coloured robes.

"Harry, my boy, are you alright?" He asked out of breath.

"Yes headmaster. I'm fine." Harry relaxed into the embrace of his mate, feeling himself become aroused at the merely comforting touch Severus was giving him.

Dumbledore saw that Steven was beginning to stir and cast a sleeping spell on him without Severus noticing, the vampire would no doubt want revenge for the kidnap of his mate. He would have to make sure that Severus did not notice Steven until after they had gotten Harry back to Hogwarts.

"Albus, we need to leave right now. Harry has been dosed with an aphrodisiac. I'm taking him to Hogwarts." Severus stated as he picked his husband up and headed for the door.

"Of course. I'll contact the Ministry. Have them sent Tonks and Kingsley." Albus replied practically to himself as Severus had already left.

Severus apparated out of the manor to the edge of the apparation barrier at Hogwarts and set off at a run for the dungeons. Harry was currently snuggling up to Severus, rubbing himself against his mate. He could feel the arousal racing through his body, quickening his pulse and making him ache to be one with his lover.

Severus ran as fast as he could knowing that if Harry didn't find release soon then it would drive him insane. All the students saw was a blur rush past them in the direction of the dungeons.

Salazar opened the door without even asking for the password he had seen the anxious look on Severus' face. When safely inside the bedroom he laid Harry down onto the bed and kissed him.

The young vampire moaned into the kiss and whimpered in protest when Sev's lips left his. His whole body felt sensitised, every kiss, every caress felt magnified. He arched up in ecstasy when Severus nibbled on his neck. By the time Severus reached the source of Harry's need the man was close to exploding. Quickly the elder mate swallowed his mate's erection, and gently fondled his sack. Soon Harry found his invariable release but still didn't deflate.

"Sev, want you. In me. Now!" He panted rolling over to display his round arse to his lover.

Groaning with need, Severus summoned the lubricant and coated his fingers. Impatiently he stretched his lover, making sure that he wouldn't be hurt but not able to spare any time. Hearing Harry in such a state had turned him on almost unbearably. He ached to plunge into the hot cavern of his mate.

It seemed almost an age to Severus before Harry felt receptive but finally he did and the impatient vampire gently eased himself into his mate, still unwilling to hurt him despite the potion running through his system. Beginning to thrust his hips he smirked as Harry groaned loudly. Harry quickly came again yet he still did not soften. Severus barely managed not to orgasm as his husband's muscles contracted around him. He wrapped his hand back around his mate's straining erection he began to pump in time with his thrusts.

It finally took Severus well over three hours to dispel all the potion from Harry's system. Harry felt asleep instantly, exhausted. Severus snorted in amusement at his sleeping mate, "You're tired?" He asked the silence rhetorically. Looking over his husband he caught sight of the thin metal band around his neck. He touched it gingerly. 'What dark magic is this?' Severus vowed to remove it from his mate tomorrow, once he could keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds. It seemed that he was tired as well. As he fell asleep his arms automatically wrapped around Harry and pulled him closer, he would never let go.

An insistent tapping at the door woke Harry and Severus early the next morning. Severus groaned tiredly and summoned his clothes to him. Quickly dressing he told Harry to do the same and then left to open the door.

It was Albus. "Good morning, Severus." He said, chipper as ever.

"Good morning Albus. To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?" You would have had to have been deaf to miss the sarcasm in the Potion Master's tone.

Albus, it seemed, was indeed deaf for he simply smiled at his employee and walked past him into the living room where he made himself at home. "Lemon drop?" He asked as he began rummaging through his pockets.

Severus shook his head and then finally moved from the door to sit down on the couch. Harry walked out of the bedroom at the same time.

"Ahh Harry! I take it you're better this morning?" He said cheerily while unsticking two lemon drops.

"Yes. Much better. Thank you, headmaster, for coming to get me." Harry replied as he sat down next to his husband.

"No problem, my dear boy. Now I hate to have to ask this now but do you wish to press charges against Mr Jones? The Ministry have him in custody at the moment." Dumbledore commented heavily.

Harry thought about it for a moment. "Has he said anything?" He asked the older man.

Severus watched the old man fidget uncomfortably as he replied, "He keeps demanding to be released. To be able to return to you. He seems to be under the misconception that you and he are lovers and that Severus is the one that has stolen you from him. He actually keeps threatening Severus."

Harry couldn't help it; he burst out laughing. Severus, who understood what had amused Harry, laughed with him leaving Albus in silent wondering. 'What is so funny?' He thought

When Harry had finally managed to stop his laughing he answered Albus' unspoken question, "Steven would never have been able to hurt Severus. Even Helen could best him in a duel in under twenty minutes. He is brash and undisciplined thought give him ten years and he may make a decent Master. He does not lack in power, simply ability which will come in time. Then he will be a formidable opponent but still nothing compared to me or Severus."

Albus accepted his young ex-student's explanation and silently wondered at when Harry had grown up. 'He was never given a chance to be a child.' The old man was more than proud of the young man he had claimed as his grandson. "That still leaves the question of what is to be done with him." He observed.

Harry thought for a second, (What do you think my love? Do we leave it as a mortal trial or an immortal one?)

(I still need to find out how to remove that 'thing' from around your neck. Apart from that it is your decision. Though I must say that I have a very strong urge for it to be a vampiric trial. I want revenge for what he did to you. My husband; my mate; my Childe; my lover. All of those titles mark you as mine and he took you. He had no right. I want him punished.) Severus was seething with all the anger he hadn't allowed himself to feel yesterday because of his fear for Harry.

(Very well, love.) "I have made my decision, Albus. I think that because he knew of my status and still acted he should be tried by our laws. Wizarding law would be too lenient I fear. I want to make sure that he knows that there is no us and never will be. I am Severus'. No one else's." Harry informed the headmaster.

"I will make the arrangements for him to be transferred to your custody. May I request something?" He questioned.

"Of course, Albus." Harry answered.

"Can I attend?" The old man had a gleam in his eyes that surprised Harry with its menace. Severus had rarely seen such a look in his employer's eyes, the last time had been when the Dursleys were sentenced.

Laughing again Harry just nodded. Severus spoke up then, "Albus, may I see Jones now? I need to find out just how this necklace works so that I can remove it."

"Certainly. We can go now if you wish?" Dumbledore stood up and headed for the door. He left the living room to give the vampires some privacy.

Severus turned to his lover, "I will be back as soon as possible, my love. Please do not leave these rooms. I would hate to have you disappear again especially as you do not have your magic. You have a knack for finding trouble." He teased in a serious tone.

Harry pouted, adorably in Severus' eyes, and protested, "I don't go looking for trouble. It finds me! I won't leave though. Hurry back, love."

The elder vampire kissed his mate softly, "I will," he promised and left.

The two wizards apparated to the Ministry holding cells and entered the cell occupied by one Steven Jones. The convict leapt up and ran at Severus, "You!"

Severus smirked and froze him in mid stride. "How do you like to be bound, Mr Jones? It feels uncomfortable doesn't it? And then of course there is the startling vulnerability. You're open to attack like this aren't you? There is nothing you can do to protect yourself." His voice was low and dangerous. There was not going to be any mercy shown. Vampire law was very simple in circumstances like this. Severus was well within his rights to kill Jones right now for his kidnap of his mate. He unbound his prisoner's mouth, "How do I remove the necklace you put on Harry?" Severus demanded to know.

Albus watched impassively from the door as the ex-Death Eater tried to extract information he needed from the prisoner.

"I'm not going to tell a murderer like you!" Steven spat out in anger.

Severus moved forwards instantly and grabbed Jones by his collar. The vampire easily lifted the shorter man off his feet to stare him in the eye. "I can ask nicely and you can answer or I can follow vampire tradition and rip you limb from limb it's your choice. Although I must tell you, I prefer the second option." He growled.

A short whimper escaped from the petrified man. Without Steven's realization Severus dropped the spell holding him in place completely as he hurried to say, "But you're keeping Harry prisoner! He doesn't really love you. I'm his soulmate!"

The vampire threw the mortal man across the room at his pronunciation. Steven landed in a heap on the floor. Severus yelled, "Harry is mine! He is my mate, my lover and my husband! He loves me; not you! Accept that now or you will not like the consequences." In a way he pitied the younger man, he was so consumed by his love for another's mate that he was willing to go up against a powerful vampire for him. Alas, his anger at the man was the prevailing emotion and any pity was quickly relegated to the sidelines.

Jones stood up, without any trace of nervousness, Albus noted with interest. He calmly walked back over to Snape and stated, "I know that you bewitched him. I am going to free Harry from your grasp, Death Eater!"

Severus really couldn't help it, he hit the young man, probably broke his nose truth be told. That was not the first time someone had called him a Death Eater or even accused him of seducing his mate but Severus couldn't keep control of his emotions. Rage flowed through him the likes of he had not felt since his days of being bullied by James Potter. Deciding that simply asking him wouldn't give him the information he needed Severus entered Steven's mind. Inside he encountered hostility towards himself and an obsessive love for Harry. Quickly he pushed past it. The child was trying to block him! 'How quaint!' He thought in amusement and continued to rape his mind. Severus found the information he needed very easily. All he required was an incantation to remove the blasted necklace.

(Consider this, Jones; you are aware of Harry's childhood, yes?) Severus felt the affirmative answer even if the man didn't speak, (You were about to rape him. Yes he would have wanted it to a certain extent but that would have been artificial lust created by the potions you fed him. That would not have broken our bond, perhaps weakened it yes. But I have no doubt as to what would have happened; Harry would have broken the rest of the bond himself. He would have blamed himself for your actions. Yes, he would have stayed with him and submitted to your will but he would cease to be Harry. You claim to love him yet you were willing to do all that. You were willing to break his spirit to serve your purposes, your lust. Is that love? No, if you truly loved Harry you would never have done that because to hurt the one you love is to die a little inside. I would rather kill myself than hurt Harry in anyway. And you say that I am simply using him.)

Severus allowed the man to fall to the floor as he removed his mind from the others, "Thank you, Jones." He spat and swept out of the room. Just as he was about to walk through the door he paused, "I believe that you have passed the vampire trial. Albus will you please inform the Wizenmegot that they can have him."

The vampire left the elder wizard to sort out the paperwork for the trial, as Severus was a vampire and a war hero they preferred to ignore his actions to Steven Jones.

When Severus returned to the dungeons Harry flung himself on his lover. Severus quickly said the incantation and handed the necklace to Harry with a soft smile.

Harry took it with a firm hand. Sneering to make Professor Snape proud the vampire snapped it in half and the banished the pieces. He felt his magic again and it was wonderful! The lack of magic was infuriating and also terrifying, his magic had always been a constant, even when he didn't know it existed it had always been there for him protecting him, to a degree.

For the wizarding trial only Harry's memories were needed, sparing the young vampire attendance. He didn't want to have to look Steven in the eye. He knew it was silly but he felt betrayed by the man, they had been friends and he had tried to rape him. In the end it took Harry a few weeks to feel safe on his own. Not that Severus minded really, it was comforting for him to be sure of where his mate was. Harry helped out in his potions classes, the first time he had walked into the classroom after Severus it had been, fourth year Gryffindor and Slytherin. They had been stunned. Why was Harry Potter in their class? It turned out to be a beneficial arrangement; Severus couldn't watch everyone at the same time so with Harry there to aid him there were less explosions.

"Sev? I want to take my exam now. I contacted Master Hardwood yesterday. He said that he was confident in my abilities and would bring the examiners to Hogwarts in two days. They will be here tomorrow." Harry announced Friday night as he and his lover were eating dinner in the Great Hall.

"I am confident that you will pass easily." Was the only reply he received. Inwardly Severus was confident that Harry would be able to pass easily if they caught him as soon as he woke up on the worst day of his life. Harry would ace the exam, no doubt about it.

After a night spent reading over his text books Harry managed a couple of hours sleep before he got up and went into the training room for a little practice before breakfast.

Two hours later Harry was about to leave the practice room, he sensed that Severus was awake and in the kitchen when the door burst open and three men rushed in wands drawn. Harry sprang into the defensive position and flew out his hand, knocking one of the three into the wall where they didn't get up. Harry summoned his wand and pocketed it silently.

The second man was bigger than the first. Harry could tell that he was a Master. Suddenly he realised that this was his exam, they had ambushed him.

(Bastard! You could have warned me!) Harry raged at his husband. The only reply was amusement.

Harry took out the second man with no problems; a strong stunner had broken through the man's shield. Again he took the man's wand. The third, however, was smarter than that. Stronger too. He reminded Harry of his own mentor, Melvin Hardwood. A faint smell was coming off the man as well, it was familiar to Harry. The man moved closer and cast a slashing hex. Harry dodged it and suddenly it hit him where he knew the smell from, his second year. It was Polyjuice potion. Amusement ran through the young vampire as he realised that this was his mentor. (Hello, Master Hardwood.) He spoke to the man mentally.

Hardwood was surprised that Harry recognised him but did not show it outwardly. He stepped his attack up; he was well versed in the favourite moves of his student so they didn't work on the older man.

Harry knew that Hardwood knew his tactics so he changed them. He charmed all the objects in the room to attack the Master while he focused all his energy on one single spell. He let the hex burst forth from his hands; he had never taken his wand out of its holster. The hex hit its target and Hardwood, distracted by furniture flying at his head, fell to the floor, wrapped in thick vines. Harry summoned the man's wand to him and then reversed all his spells. The three men stood up and Melvin stepped forward, "I'm sorry we ambushed you Harry but it is tradition. I am very pleased to tell you that you passed. You are now the youngest Master in the country, notably you also studied for the least amount of time and were never injured so I believe that you passed with full marks. Congratulations Harry."

Harry shook hand s with all the other Masters and then hugged his own mentor. "Thank you."

"I'm so sorry for what Steven did to you. I thought that you had just decided not to come in that day. If I'd have just checked…" The older man trailed off remorsefully.

"You couldn't have known. It is not your fault." Harry comforted his teacher.

Severus chose that moment to walk into the training room with a smirk on his face. Harry merely scowled at him, at which Severus had the gall to laugh outright.

The examiners left soon after telling Harry that his official results would be sent by owl in a few days. Hours later, when Harry had 'forgiven' Severus for his deception he turned to his mate. After kissing him soundly Harry put his hand on his stomach and looked at Severus expectantly.

The elder vampire knew what his mate was asking and silently summoned the potion he had created. Harry downed it, grimacing at the taste. (You couldn't have made it taste nice could you?) He snarked absently, without true annoyance.

"Of course not. You know that." Severus quipped at his husband with a smile.

The next morning Harry woke up deliciously sore. He felt completely normal, that changed as soon as he sat up. It felt as though someone had thrown a bucket of cold water over him. Harry flew out of bed, waking Severus in the process and ran to the bathroom.

Severus rushed into the bathroom just in time to see Harry pay homage to the porcelain god. He bent down next to his husband and held his hair out of his face. When Harry finally dispelled anything he had ever eaten he slumped to the floor and muttered, "I'll take a wild guess and say that potion worked."

Severus cast a cleaning spell on the toilet and his mate simultaneously, "I concur."

The apparently pregnant male vampire slowly climbed to his feet and happily informed his husband, "You're going to have to brew me an anti-nausea potion. I can't go through that every morning. I hate being sick."

"I'll make it this afternoon. I have a free period after lunch. I think we should wait to see if you are sick tomorrow before going to Poppy though." The elder vampire suggested.

"I agree." Harry said before turning the tap on over his toothbrush. His mouth may have been clean but he could still taste the vomit. 'Disgusting.'

When Harry was alone later that day he tried to focus his magic inwards to see if he could feel anything. There was something a little off but he couldn't pin point it just yet. 'Is that our child?' He wondered in awe.

Severus had been a little protective over him that day, even the students had noticed. Normally Harry would wander around the class opposite Severus so that there was someone to aid the students at both sides of the room but today Severus had shadowed Harry's movements, never allowing the young vampire to be more than a few steps away. The seventh year Slytherin's were immediately suspicious. What would make Professor Snape even more protective of his mate? It was in their nature to want to know things, especially if it could affect them. Snape was their leader, their Head of House and they treated him with respect. From that day on the Slytherin House was even more considerate towards Harry Potter.

When Harry threw up again the next morning Severus suggested that they go see Poppy now while everyone was at breakfast.

The two vampires strolled up to the Hospital Wing. As Harry opened the door Poppy noticed him and immediately rushed over asking, "What happened? Where are you hurt?"

Harry couldn't help it, he burst out laughing. The look on the mediwitch's face was priceless. Even Severus let out a chuckle before answering the witch, "Harry is fine, Poppy. We would just like you to check something for us."

The mediwitch perked up and took out her wand, "Of course. What is it?"

"We need you to run a pregnancy test." Severus stated.

"Alright. Where is the young girl?" Poppy Pomfrey looked past them, expecting to see a girl behind the two men.

"We need you to run a pregnancy test on me, Poppy." Harry reaffirmed.

She was taken-aback, "Harry, you know that while Severus' potion allows males to give birth it doesn't work on vampires, don't you?" Poppy asked hesitantly.

The Boy Who Lived smiled winningly at the mediwitch who had healed him so many times, "Of course I know that Poppy. However, Severus also created a potion that would allow us to start a family of our own. I have thrown up two mornings on the trot and can sense something off."

"Okay. Take a seat on that bed and I'll perform the charm, Harry." She motioned over to the bed Harry was intimately acquainted with; it was the one he thought of as his own he had spent so long in it in the past. Intensely curious as to how Severus had managed to get his 'dead' husband pregnant Poppy performed the charm to detect a foetus.

Silver mist swirled around Harry's flat stomach. It glowed orange before disappearing. "Dear Merlin! You're pregnant, Harry." She whispered.

Severus watched as his mate leapt off the bed and ran over to him laughing. (You did it, love! We're going to have a family!) Tears were running unnoticed down Harry's face. Severus wiped them off as he nodded happily.

"I want to know just how you managed it Severus," Poppy demanded, hands on hips.

"Are you telling me that you don't know how babies are made, Poppy?" Severus quipped sarcastically.

"Don't get smart with me, young man. I've cleaned you up after you got into a fight too many times." The matronly woman deadpanned.

Severus flushed a little despite himself. Poppy always knew how to embarrass him, she was like the elder sister he never had. "It is basically the same potion just with a few modifications to allow it to adapt to a physiology that is technically classed as dead. I can give you my notes if you like?"

"I would like that, thank you. Now I will let you get back to breakfast, lessons will be starting soon. Oh before I forget you are aware of the changes Harry will experience right?" She asked brightly.

Harry and Severus suddenly blanched, albeit for different reasons. Harry was remembering what Remus went through while Severus was reminiscing over Sirius' plight for the duration of Remus' pregnancy.

"Don't worry Harry. Pregnancy can be quite enjoyable at times. I feel sorry for Severus though. He is the one who you will be getting mad at most of the time." She teased as she herded the vampires through the door.

Harry laughed at the comment while Severus went whiter, if that was even physically possible. (When do you want to tell everyone?) Harry asked his mate as they wandered into the Great Hall.

(I think we should tell Draco, Neville, Remus, the mutt, Dumbledore, the twins and Ginvera this weekend. We could throw a little party like Remus and Sirius did.) Severus suggested.

Harry knew that Severus must be in a very good mood or he'd have never invited all those people into their dungeon quarters. Harry quickly thought about it. Draco and Neville were fine and could help Remus make sure Sirius didn't agitate Severus too much, while Albus would probably be his usual self. (Sure. I'll fire-call Draco and Nev later.)

After Harry started taking the anti-nausea potion everyday his morning sickness went down to tolerable levels but certain smells still set off the reflex. The Friday before their friends were due Harry awoke and, once the nausea had subsided, walked into the kitchen. However, the smell of Severus' coffee filled his nostrils and Harry shocked his husband by about turning and running to the bathroom to throw up violently. Severus' coffee was the first thing to go.

The second was also discovered that very morning. It was blood. The smell of the blood Harry had to drink every day was repulsive to him. There was only one option; the pregnant vampire would have to feed from his mate for the time being.

The next day came quickly. Harry was so excited he was literally bouncing up and down on the spot. He had received his Master's certificate earlier that week and everyone thought that they were coming to celebrate his new Mastery.

Albus was the first to arrive that night. Salazar let him without the password, Severus had told him to let in all their guests freely.

"Hello, Albus." Harry greeted the aging wizard with a hug.

"Hello, my dear boy. Congratulations on your results, Master Potter-Snape." Albus replied as he returned the embrace. The old but powerful wizard pulled back suddenly with a question written across his face. Harry nodded but held his finger to his lip asking for the headmaster to keep it a secret for now.

Remus and Sirius were the next to arrive carrying little James who Harry instantly took hold off happily giving poor Remus a break from the winging baby. Settled in Harry's arms James quickly quietened and soon enough was sound asleep.

"I really don't know how you do it Harry. You have you're mother's way with children. All of us only good for getting in trouble with Lily." Sirius commented as Harry rocked the child gently.

"Harry, good to see you again. Congratulations over your results." Remus placed a hand on his pseudo-godson's shoulder instead of hugging him as he was currently holding his son.

"Shall we go sit down? Severus and Albus will drink all the good scotch you both like if we don't hurry." He joked and the three men walked over to the couch where Albus and Severus were actually drinking whiskey not scotch but it was only a matter of time, Harry knew. Harry himself didn't drink very often and now he couldn't drink at all of it could hurt the baby.

Fred, George and Ginny were the next to arrive, they flooed in. The youngest red-head flew at Harry, wrapping her arms around him and kissing his cheek in a sisterly manner. The twins were next, the sandwiched the young vampire between them for a quick Weasley bear-hug. They didn't hug Severus but did shake his hand in greeting.

Finally Draco and Neville arrived, "Sorry we're late. Neville couldn't leave his new pet project." Draco drawled as the couple entered. Neville simply stuck his tongue out at his lover. Draco's only comment o that was a softly whispered, "I'd out that back in unless you want me to put it to good use right here." Neville blushed bright red and immediately swallowed his tongue.

"Thanks for coming everyone. I know Severus and I said that it was a celebration for my Defence Mastery but that is only one reason." He paused dramatically. "Severus and I have decided to start a family." Harry noticed that Remus was watching with a knowingly smile. The ex-werewolf could smell the hormones. He continued, "I'm pregnant."

The reactions were amusing to say the least. Ginny jumped up screaming and cautiously hugged her 'brother'. Fred and George were stunned into speechlessness, a sight Severus made sure to capture on camera for prosperity's sake. Neville's mouth hung open; Draco had to close it for him. Sirius was shocked. "You created a potion to let Harry have children and never told us!" He yelled.

"I told Harry, he was the only one who needed to know." Severus stated calmly.

"Sirius calm down. Severus you know he doesn't mean it like that." Remus, ever the sensible one, tried to prevent a fight.

"Can't we just," Fred began.

"Get down to the celebrating?" George finished.

Harry silently thanked the twins, they seemed to be jokers to the rest of the world but to those closes to them they were extremely smart men.

As Harry's pregnancy developed he found that he craved strange things. He had never thought that he would ever find chocolate repulsive and actually crave tripe smothered in blueberry sauce but he did. He had ordered it one dinner in the Great Hall and dug in with relish, unaware that the whole school was staring at him in horror and disgust. After that Severus banned Harry from eating in the Great Hall for the welfare of the student's.

Due to that episode the vampires decided to announce Harry's pregnancy to the school. As a result the Gryffindor and Slytherin students became very protective of Harry Potter-Snape. The two rival houses banded together in a never before seen way to protect this precious unborn child. Harry commented dryly to his husband one night, "I don't think we'll lack babysitters."

Then of course came the infamous mood swings. Harry simply couldn't understand why one moment he was practically crying and the next bouncing off the walls. It finally took him snapping at Severus to decide that maybe meditation would help. From then on he made sure he had time to meditate everyday. Severus thanked all the gods he had ever heard of for that small blessing.

One Wednesday night Harry was alone in the dungeons, Severus was supervising a detention with a Ravenclaw, when he got hungry. He called Dobby and asked for a sandwich. The house elf brought back a pate full of sandwiches, a pitcher of pumpkin juice and an assortment of biscuits. Harry burst out laughing. "Dobby, why have you brought all this?" He asked incredulously.

The diminutive elf blushed slightly and with bright eyes squeaked, "Dobby is going back to the kitchens and because all the other house elves is all worrying about Harry Potter sir we bring you lots of food to make sure you and the little baby is ok."

Harry fought back the urge to cry. 'Damn hormones.' He thought fondly. "Thank you, Dobby."

You really are getting quite disgusting with all this sentimentality. Sam commented from his position on Harry's shoulders. He had taken to winding himself around either Harry's arm or shoulders whenever he left the dungeons, for protection he said. Harry just thought that Sam found it amusing how the school was fawning over him.

Harry was three moths pregnant and already had a rather large baby bump. He arranged to go shopping with Draco and Neville for some maternity robes while Severus was teaching. The trio set off for Diagon Alley by floo as apperating was no longer safe, it was too much of a risk that Harry could leave the foetus behind by accident.

They arrived safely though Harry stumbled like he used to before his turning. His centre of gravity was off balance due to the child residing within him. Not that he would remove it. Harry loved this child already. He sometimes sent his magic to inspect its growth during his meditation sessions. He could tell that his child would be powerful. He could already sense her magic. Harry had begun to think of his child as a her. They hadn't had the gender test yet but Harry knew that this child he carried was the little girl he and Severus had seen and her name could be Cora. Cherished.

Draco and Neville flanked Harry protectively as they walked through the streets of Diagon Alley. They called in Madam Malkin's for the maternity robes. She fussed over the young vampire before pulling out a wide selection of maternity robes for men. Harry, uninterested in his wardrobe, allowed Draco to pick the majority although he put his foot down on some of the more extravagant ones. They left and Harry bounded happily into Flourish and Blotts followed more sedately by Draco and Nev.

After spending an hour in the bookstore Harry finally emerged with a new book on Defence as well as one on male pregnancies. As he walked out of the door he bumped into a familiar red head.

"Potter! Ron yelled.

"It's Potter-Snape actually." Harry drawled. He looked around for Hermione. She was just behind Ron glaring at him. Harry tried to move past the red head but Ron stopped him, "I hear Snape knocked you up, Potter. Funny that. I never knew such unnatural creatures could reproduce. Guess your kid will be as much of a freak as you are."

Harry saw red and it wasn't just Weasley's hair. In a fit of hormonal rage he knocked his old friend across the alley. As he came up to him Ron glared and passed another comment on Harry and Severus' relationship. As retaliation Harry performed a silent and wandless castration spell.

It seems that Ron felt its effects immediately as he went white and then passed out. Hermione was by his side screaming obscenities at Harry in an instant.

"Wow, for a pregnant guy he sure can move." Neville observed to his lover. The whole scene had taken place over a matter of seconds.

They joined the saviour before the crowds covered him. Someone called for the Aurors. Shaklebolt Kingsley and Tonks appeared less than a minute later.

"Something wrong Harry?" Tonks asked as she took in the scene.

"No. Everything's fine. You might want o get him to St Mungos though." Harry replied calmly gesturing towards the unconscious red head.

"I'm afraid you'll have to come too, Harry. I need to take a statement." Kingsley commented.

Harry nodded his understanding. "I'll just let Severus know." He sent his lover a message, (Sev, I'm going to St Mungos for a bit.)

(Why? What's wrong? Is it the baby?) Severus asked in shock.

(No, she's fine. I had a run in with Ron. The Aurors need me to go to St Mungos with them for a statement.) Harry answered.

Severus' interested was peeked, (What did you do to him?)

He could practically feel Harry's smirk as he replied, (Just a little castration spell.)

As Severus' laughter filed his mind Harry allowed Tonks to give him a portkey that would take him to the hospital. Upon arrival Harry promptly threw up. With a wave of his hand it was gone, however, and he, Draco and Neville followed the mediwitch who was charged with the Boy Who Lived's latest victim.

As she cast a diagnostic on him Kingsley asked the vampire what provoked him.

Harry simply answered, "He insulted my child."

The mediwitch and Tonks nodded in understanding but Kingsley just looked confused so the mediwitch took pity on him and explained what Harry's body was dealing with at the moment.

A little white Kingsley turned back to Harry and said, "My apologies, Mr Potter-Snape. I am confident that Mr Weasley will not be pressing charges."

As Harry was about to leave the mediwitch burst out laughing. He turned to the woman, a single eyebrow raised in question.

"You castrated him." She chuckled.

Kingsley winced and asked, "Can you reverse it, Mediwitch Brown?"

She flicked her wand at the red head and then shook her head, "No. It's up to Mr Potter-Snape here."

Tonks and Kingsley burst out laughing at the expression on Harry's face. It wasn't likely that Ron would get the use of his manhood back soon.

Draco spoke up for the first time, "Harry, as much as I really hate to say this I think you should reverse the spell. I understand you're reasoning and under different circumstances I would never recommend that you take it back but what would Molly say if she found out that her son was suddenly impotent."

Harry relented and removed the spell, although it was on a delayed reaction so Ron was still impotent until the end of the month. Never mess with a pregnant powerful wizard.

The trio left and retuned to Hogwarts where they related the story to Severus, Sirius and Remus amidst laughter.

Another side effect of Harry's pregnancy was an overactive sex drive. Not that Severus was complaining. Sometimes they didn't even manage to walk though the front door before Harry attacked him. Harry's nipples also became more sensitive; Poppy informed them that it meant that Harry's body was preparing to nurse. When he found out that he would be able to feed their child Harry was ecstatic though the sore nipples were a bit irksome at times.

Severus noticed that Harry got big quite early on in his pregnancy and only got bigger towards the end of the seventh month. One memory of the problems caused by his protruding stomach always made him laugh. One morning in Harry's seventh month he was distracted as he was dressing. As a result he put on odd shoes. Severus fought to not laugh at his mate, merely kissed him and went to teach his first class. Harry, who by now had been banned fro the Potions lab due to toxic fumes proceeded to walk up to the Defence classroom. When he walked in he noticed the students stare at him and then start laughing but ignored it, they settled down after a few minutes and Remus never mentioned a thing. He was, after all, a Marauder.

When Harry waddled into the Great Hall for lunch and all the students either burst out laughing or smothered their laughter he stormed up to his old Transfiguration professor and demanded to know why they were laughing. Minerva simply conjured a mirror and pointed down at his feet, unable to talk for laughing. In the mirror Harry saw that he had one black and one brown shoe on. Looking down the table and his snickering mate he magically changed his shoes and glared at his husband which made the stoic Potions Master burst out laughing loudly. The vampire was still laughing about it and hour later when they returned to their rooms. It took Harry kissing him to shut him up and the vampire still brought it up occasionally to Harry's consternation.

At eight months one week Harry's waters broke. He was taking a walk around the lake when he felt the first contraction. The expectant father had read up on this part of the pregnancy so he just carried on walking for another half hour before his water broke. The he called Severus to meet him in the Hospital Wing.

Surprisingly little pain, in Harry's opinion, and one caesarean section later Harry was holding his beautiful new born baby girl, "Welcome to the world, Cora Lillian Potter-Snape. Here Sev, take her."

Severus stepped up to take his child, holding her confidently but gently, they had had a lot of practice with James. He stared at her in we, "She's so beautiful, absolutely perfect." She yawned, revealing a set of normal teeth. Her fangs wouldn't develop until she was about six months old, something Harry was quite glad of if he was the one going to be feeding her like a woman would.

Harry took a short nap while Severus went to clean Cora up, giving birth was tiring. When he woke up Albus, Minerva, Remus, Sirius, Molly, Arthur, Draco, Neville, Ginny, Fred and George had arrived to see the bundle of joy.

Severus showed off his daughter proudly. They asked Draco and Neville to be her godfathers and Ginny and Poppy to be her godmothers. All four accepted and the rite was performed.

Cora started to cry, Harry figured she would be hungry so awkwardly brought his daughter up to his chest and guided her to his swollen nipples. He gasped when she started to suck.

"What is it?" Severus asked in response to the noise.

"This certainly feels weird. Not painful, just weird." Harry answered absently, staring at the little miracle in his arms.

Two years later Harry finally took the position of Defence professor at Hogwarts. The little vampire needed blood from one of her parents' everyday and would until she was five.

Cora captured Hogwarts heart from the moment the students first met her. With her raven hair and bone structure from her father and the green eyes of her dad she was sure to be a stunner when she grew up. Severus internally feared the day when his little girl would start dating but Harry always managed to reassure him.

She grew up mainly at Hogwarts but spent all the holidays at Snape Manor and never longer for children's' company. James, being only a little older than her was her best friend. The two were inseparable by the time they were four years old.

When Cora was five Harry and Severus decided to enlarge their family again. They sat their daughter down and explained what was going to happen.

"So I'm going to get a little brother or sister in nine months?" She asked in her intelligent five year old way. Harry and Severus were expecting that she would be a Ravenclaw although it was a tough call as she was certainly brave and cunning as well. She had her two fathers wrapped firmly around her little finger.

"Yes, Cora. You will get a brother. We are going to call him Tristan, how does that sound?" Harry asked his daughter happily, his hand on his still flat stomach.

"Sounds ok I suppose. Can I go tell James?" She asked excitedly.

Severus chucked, "Go on, brat."

"Hey don't call my daughter a brat, git." Harry teased as Cora ran out of their rooms.

"Ok, brat." Severus captured his mate's lips in a brief kiss.

Harry grinned cheekily, still looking young, "Maybe but I'm your brat."

"Definitely. My brat. Forever." Severus agreed.

"Forever." Harry breathed before kissing his husband again.

After Tristan's birth Harry and Severus shared their classes so that they could look after him properly. Harry taught the first to third years Potions and Defence while Severus took the older students. The arrangement worked out rather well. By the time they got to Severus for potions they already knew the basics and the Potions Master knew from his mate who he would have to keep an eye on.

Harry and Severus taught like that for the next 150 years before they retired. The vampires travelled the world extensively, only retuning to the UK for holidays which they always spent with family.

Tristan grew up in Hogwarts, as did his sister, but never lacked for company. Neville gave birth to a little girl, Sapphire, the same year and they became best friends. Harry and Severus' son grew up to be a quiet but playful boy. He and his sister often played pranks on the students. He took after Severus for his seriousness but had Harry's heart. He became a Potions Master while Cora was a world renowned curse breaker. She most resembled Harry but Severus' sarcastic nature was a major part of her. The two elder vampires were incredibly proud of their children.

They spent the holidays with their children as well as their friends and their families. Since they lost them so quickly Harry and Severus liked to be surrounded by family as often as possible. When Sirius and Remus died James and his family still came to Snape Manor for most of the holidays as did Draco and Neville's daughter, Sapphire and her family.

One night, 500 years after they left Hogwarts, Severus walked into their bedroom to find Harry sat on the floor looking at old photos with tears running down his face. Severus took in the image of his mate; Harry had stopped aging at 25, even though he was actually over 500. They made a striking pair he knew. Quickly he went over and wrapped his arms around his sobbing husband, "What is wrong, my love?"

Harry sniffed and whispered harshly, "I miss them, Sev. I miss them all so much." He was looking at a picture of them at Christmas. It was the last Christmas Albus had been with them, just after Tristan had been born.

Severus just hugged his mate harder and said, "So do I but this is the price of immortality. We must watch all those we love who are not our kind grow old and perish. It is our fate. But we get to watch the new generations be born. We get to tell them stories of their ancestors and see amazing things. It is a blessing and a curse. Do you regret the turning?"

The sobbing vampire shook his head violently, "Never. Without the turning I would never have had you and I would have died without ever knowing what it was to be loved by you. To hold my children in my arms. I would surely have died after defeating Voldemort if I had somehow managed to survive the Dursleys."

"What do you mean granddad?" A small voice from the doorway asked. Severus and Harry turned around to see their granddaughter, Tristan's youngest, a 20 year old women name Adeline. She had inherited her granddad's curiosity and careless nature.

"Come here, angel." Harry beckoned. She came in and hugged her granddad then her grandfather.

The two vampires settled down to tell granddaughter about their lives. While they were growing up Potter-Snape descendants only knew what they general public knew about their grandparents lives. Especially the time of Voldemort. When they turned 20 it was a tradition to tell them the family history.

Buy the time they had finished Adeline had tears rolling down her face. "What happened to Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus and Uncle Draco and Uncle Neville?" She asked.

"You know most of what happened to them. They both died when they were 180 years old in bed surrounded by their family. Draco died when he was 190 and Neville the next year, he couldn't live without Draco." Severus answered.

"At least they are remembered." Adeline condoled her granddad.

Harry smiled at his thoughtful granddaughter, "Yes, they are. Thank you Adel. You should go back down to the party now; they'll be opening the presents in a little while."

The vampire nodded to her elders and silently left the room, kissing her grandfathers as she went past.

"Forever is such a long time, Sev. I'm glad I've got you with me." Harry whispered as he snuggled into his mate, purring slightly. He had become even more catlike over the years if that was possible.

"Forever, my love." Severus swore as he bent his head to kiss those delectable lips.

The End