I do not own Yu-Gi-OhGX BUT I do own a ton of cards used in this fic that are completely original and I made on my own. If you wish to use any of these cards in your fics, you may, but ask me first, ok.

A/N GOOD LORD! It has been what, over 2 years since I did anything on Good news is: I'M BACK! Ok, this is a GX fic with a SI in it and most of the cards that my character will use I made on my own so deal with it.

Chapter one: THERE'S A WHAT?

Our story begins with our favorite trio of duelists sleeping in their beds with Jaden talking in his sleep again… "GO, AVIAN! Now where did my lunch go?" Now, this little outburst woke both Syrus and Chumlee, and Chumlee got the worst of it, he fell out of the top bunk and landed nose down. A muffled, "I am defiantly stuffing a sock in his mouth before he falls asleep tonight," said a sore Chumlee. Before Jaden could talk in his sleep again, Dr. Banner knocked on the doom room door and said in his never changing tone of voice, "Students time to get moving. We have a new arrival entering Slifer Red today…" This lone statement made Jaden spring out of his bed and shouted so loud it might have woken up the entire dorm, "THERE'S A WHAT?"


"Students," Dr. Banner began, "this is our new student at Duel Academy, Steve (A/N: LAST NAME CENSORED). He will be bunking in room nine." After a few pointless introductions made by various students to Steve, Dr. Banner had another announcement to make. "Students, due to the fact that the teachers have an important conference with the heads of Kaiba Corp., you may have the day off from your studies, in the meantime, Jaden, I would like you to show Steve around the academy." Jaden replied while sweat dropping and scratching the back of his head at the same time, "Um, ok teach… hey, Syrus, Chumlee, care to come with us." "Sure, why not, we have nothing better to do." And with that, the four Slifer students went off in search of showing the new guy around, or in Chumlee's case, grilled cheese.


"… And this is Obelisk Blue arena, where the Obelisk students duel, and exams, or practice duels, are held," said Syrus, finishing showing how much he really knew about the school. "So, Steve, one question has been nagging at the back of my head since I saw you, what is your deck theme?" asked Jaden, with the hope of getting to duel the newest student. "To tell you the truth, I have more than one deck, in fact, I have ten, each one as powerful as the next," replied Steve, "and if you are thinking what I am thinking, you're on." And with this, Steve pulled off a series of back flips and landed on the arena battle stage. "If you can't beat them, show off." It was at that moment, that Syrus, Jaden and Chumlee decided to sweat drop. Jaden went over to the opposite side of the battle stage and both turned on their duel disks. Steve then opened his Slifer blazer revealing a vest with ten deck pouches strapped to it and said, "So, Jaden, pick your poison, a number one through ten will do." "I pick… four" "Oh, this is going to be fun, I haven't used this deck in about six months, lets hope I am not too rusty with it." That statement made Jaden start thinking, lets look into his thoughts… JADEN'S THOUGHTS "Wait, six months, and he uses ten decks. Ok, if he switched decks on a weekly basis, he might be hard to beat, but six months without using a certain deck; this is in the bag. END THOUGHTS A couple of moments passed before both duelists shouted, "DUEL"

Both duelists' duel disks activated and each one read 8000lp (A/N: I know in the series that they use 4000 point games, but I prefer to use 8000 point games in my fics)

"I'll go first," said Jaden as he drew his six cards. "I kick things with Elemental Hero Sparkman in attack mode, and two cards face down." And like he said, Sparkman appeared, and the back of two cards showed up on the field. "That dose it for me."

"My move then," said the very overconfident Steve. When he saw the card he drew, a large smirk was plastered on his face. "I play one card face down, and play Heavy Storm." A face down card appeared, and then a huge windstorm blew all the cards on the field away. "This destroys my Statue of the Wicked, summoning a Wicked Token in its place…" Jaden then but in, "And destroyed my Draining Shield and my Dust Tornado." "If I may continue, I then offer my wicked token to summon, JATO Warrior…" A five-foot tall robot with a rocket strapped to its back and holding a sword in its left hand appeared. The icon that showed the attack and defense of JATO Warrior read "2000/2500." Syrus just stood there shocked and said, "JATO Warrior. I never heard of that before." Steve just started going into an explanation of his cards. "Allow me to explain, I work for Industrial Illusions, creating cards. JATO Warrior is just one of the hundreds of cards I have made. Back to the duel. JATO Warrior has a nice effect. When it attacks or is attacked, the attack of the monster that doses battle with JATO Warrior decreases by 500. But I am not done yet; I equip my Warrior with JATO Cannon. It can only be equipped to a monster with JATO in its name. This boosts my Warrior's attack by 400 points, and when he destroys a monster, you lose a card from your hand." JATO Warrior's right hand expanded and transformed into a cannon with a 4-foot long barrel that was 2 feet in diameter.

"Oh crap," said a very worried Jaden Yuki, having second thought to his, well, thoughts. "Now, JATO Warrior, attack Sparkman with jet assisted sword strike." The rocket on the back of JATO Warrior ignited and propelled him insanely fast to Sparkman and stopped about a foot from him before JATO Warrior ran Sparky through with his sword. Jaden's life points dropped to 6700. "Now, you lose a card from your hand thanks to JATO Cannon." A large fireball came out of the cannon and blasted one of Jaden's cards, Elemental Hero Wildheart to be exact. "I then play one card face down. I end, for now."

"My draw," said Jaden, with a little worry in his voice, "I play Pot of Greed and draw two new cards, then I summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman and play Bubble Shuffle. This switches both our monsters into defense mode, and I can offer Bubbleman to summon a new E-Hero, so goodbye Bubbleman, hello Bladedge." "Oh, so sorry, but you just activated my trap card, Bottomless Trap Hole, this destroys your Bladedge, and removes him from play." "You know, you are really getting me ticked off, so I throw down a face down and end."

"Now then, I draw, and play Pot of Insanity. With this, you gain 1000 life points, I lose 1000 life points, and in exchange, I can draw 4 cards from my deck." Jaden's duel disk now reads 7700, and Steve's reads 7000. "Now I equip my Warrior with another JATO Cannon, but he won't stay on the field for long. I offer my Warrior so I can special summon my deck's headlining monster: JATO Golem." JATO Warrior disappears in a cyclone of wind and in its place is a 10-foot tall monstrosity of metal. Instead of hands, a missile is there, and strapped to its back is a large rectangular box. The attack and defense read 3500/1500. "Like all my JATO monsters, he has a powerful effect. Like Bladedge, when he attacks a monster in defense mode, the difference between his attack points and your monster's defense points are subtracted from your life points Jaden. The big draw back is after he attacks, he switches to defense mode."

For the first time since this duel started, Chumlee finally said something, "Oh my…" "Well," Jaden said, "If he goes to defense mode after he attacks, I still have a chance to destroy him." "Not before he destroys you, JATO Golem, attack Jaden directly, with mega missile blast" "I activate my facedown card, the quick play, Kuriboh Calling Flute. (A/N a real card, appears in episode 46 and 49 of GX) This lets me summon a Kuriboh or a Winged Kuriboh to the field, so I summon, Winged Kuriboh in defense mode, so I take no damage this turn, and your Golem still has to go to defense mode." The two missiles that were attached to JATO Golem's wrists are launched and destroy Winged Kuriboh. "Not bad Jaden, not bad at all, I end."

"I draw, and play Miracle Fusion, by removing E-Heroes from play, I can fusion summon, even if those heroes are in the graveyard. So I remove the Elemental Hero Burstinatrix in my hand and the Elemental Hero Bubbleman in my graveyard from play to summon Elemental Hero Steam Healer (A/N, shows up in 42) and when he destroys a monster, I gain life points equal to your monster's attack points. Not bad for a monster with only 1800 attack points. Now attack JATO Golem with steam burst." "Oops, I just remembered, when a monster attacks JATO Golem while he is in defense mode, the attacking monster's attack points is decreased by 1000." A cloud of steam comes out of the tanks attached to Steam Healer's back, but the cloud disperses before it can hit JATO Golem, then the pack on Golem's back opens and 10 missiles are fired at Jaden, dealing 700 points of damage to him. Jaden's disk now reads 7000.

Syrus decided it was time to speak up. "That's not fair, you should have told Jaden about all of Golem's effects." "It's ok Sy, I can still manage, after all, we are tied." "Not for long." "I couldn't agree more, so I throw down a face down, and call it a turn." "I draw, and switch my Golem in to attack mode and attack your Steam Healer with mega missile blast." "I don't think so. I activate my trap card, Hero Barrier. When an E-Hero is on the field, Barrier acts as a Negate Attack." "I know what it is… let's hope my Pot of Greed gives me something to work with." As Steve drew his cards, he knew this duel was over. One card was Limiter Removal, a card that would double the attack of his Golem, making it 7000, enough to defeat Jaden in a direct attack. The other was a card he thought he put into one of his other decks, one that gave him a one turn kill if he was lucky. But right now, he would get that one turn kill, thanks to this card, and Limiter.

"This duel is over…" said Steve, but Jaden interrupted him. "Why, giving up?" "No, I just found a way to deal 7000 points of damage, just by playing 2 spell cards. I play Limiter Removal. This doubles the attack of my Golem, to 7000. Then…" Steve played a card that was so powerful, it was restricted to one copy per deck. "…The spell card Death Bomb. By paying 2000 life points, and offering one monster on my side of the field, I can deal damage equal to the offered monster's currant attack points to your life points." "SAY WHAT!" came the voices of three very shocked Slifers. A giant bomb came and JATO Golem walked into a door that opened in it. The second it stepped in, the door slammed shut and fired at Jaden. The resulting explosion attracted the attention of 8 random students that were walking around the Obelisk campus, Dr. Crowler and Dr. Banner. When Crowler entered he screamed, "What on Earth is going on here?" Steve just replied, "Oh I beat Jaden by taking out 7000 of his points in one turn." It was at that point, that Dr. Crowler decided to faint. His last thought was: "7000 points?"