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Chapter 2: Even More New Students?

It has been three days since Steve and Jaden had their little duel and Steve has been getting used to academy life. Steve was sitting in class, one taught by Dr. Banner, with Jaden sitting… "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ," er, sleeping, next to him. "… And that students, is how to successfully counter a life point deck with out using Bad Reaction to Simochi. Class dismissed." Before anyone could leave, an Obelisk blue walked up to Banner and whispered something into his ear. A moment later, he turned to the class and said, "Um, Steve, it appears that two of your "associates" have arrive on the island."

Now, this puzzled Steve, he knew a lot of people, but never considered any of them associates. "Did they say who they were?" asked Steve. Dr. Banner turned to the Obelisk blue that came and talked to him, looking for an answer he did not have. The blue started speaking, "All that they said is that they came to join you here at the academy, and one said, and I quote, 'Tell the master, I have made my deck just as good as his #5.'" Syrus, who was sitting behind Steve leaned forward and asked, "Dose that ring any bells?" "Only one person knows that my #5 deck is my Cat Girl deck, so I think it might be my disciple in the ways of the cat." Now this statement confused all three of Steve's friends. None of them had any idea what he meant, nor did they really care. But none of them knew the surprise that waited Steve back at the dorm.


Steve, Jaden and the others were on their way back to the Slifer dorm. Jaden was asking Steve what he meant earlier in Dr. Banner's class. Steve started to explain. "Before I entered Duel Academy, there was one duelist who was obsessed with my Cat Girl cards. He became my apprentice in the ways of the cat, and now he thinks he is part cat. It has gotten so bad, he says 'Nya' at the end of each sentence, and wears cat ears in his duels." "Man, that guy has a problem," said Jaden. Steve continued, "Not really. He may act like a cat, but his dueling skills are almost as good as mine are. It has been some time since I dueled him, so he might have improved." "I have, nya." A teen, around the age of 18 landed on the ground on all fours. When he stood up, he appeared to be around 5 foot 9. He wore blue jeans and sported a Slifer blazer. "So Marc, looks like you made it to the Academy, who came with you?" "That's a surprise for later on, nya. Also, Chancellor Shepherd says I am your new roommate Steve, nya." "Just like old times." "Wait a moment," Chumlee interrupted, "what do you mean by old times?" "Allow me, nya. About a year ago, both our families disowned us, nya. Me because of my obsession with cat girls, Steve because of his obsession with Duel Monsters and unrealistic hopes of working for Industrial Illusions, nya." Steve continued, "Both of our families then kicked us out of our homes, we met at a local Duel Monsters shop, found a two room apartment and became roommates." Jaden thought about this a while and then said, "So are the two of you…" "Straight, nya."

This five-some continued to walk back to Slifer Red Dorms when Jaden smacked his forehead. "Ok Jaden, what did you forget this time?" asked Syrus. "I was supposed to meat Alexis in front of the Slifer Dorms for a duel 15 minutes ago, come on." So four of the five made a mad dash for the dorms, while the incarnate of a Des Koala lagged behind screaming, "OH COME ON, YOU KNOW I CAN'T RUN!"

Moments later, the five were staring down a slightly cross Alexis with a hand on her hip. "Jaden, you're late, what happened?" "I happened, nya." "…Ok… but seriously, Jaden, we had a practice exam planned so we could be ready for the next field test. But this new student, I would like to see how he duels first." "Is that a challenge, nya?" As Marc said this, he reached into his blazer, and pulled out a green wool cap with cat ears sticking out of the top. Alexis just stood there; more confused that a person who walked in on one of Dr. Banner's lectures with out knowing what was going on. "Ok, what's with the hat, and the cat accent?" Jaden decided to answer this one, "He is obsessed with cats so much, he thinks it is a cat guy, as opposed to a cat girl, which are quite cute if I might add." "In short, he is nuts, but can duel with the best of them," concluded Steve.

Both Obelisk and Slifer took out their duel disks and activated them. "DUEL! (nya)" Both disks read 8000 and Marc drew six cards (A/N: as I mentioned in the last chapter, in this version of GX, I have my characters use 8000 instead of 4000, and e-mail me if you want to use my cards.) "I start with two cards face down, play the spell card Forced Combat, which forces each player to attack with at east one monster each turn, and if you choose not to, you take damage to the number of monsters on your side of the field, times 500 points nya. I now summon, Cat Girl Ara, in attack mode, nya." A cat girl with green hair dressed in a leopard pattern bikini landed on the field. "More of your cards, huh Steve?" asked Jaden. "Take a wild guess, nya. Now, Ara might not be powerful with no attack or defense points, but she can't be destroyed in battle, nya. As an added bonus, if she is attacked while in attack mode, the top card of your deck is removed from play, Alexis, nya."

"And I have to attack it, not bad, but you still lose life points, I draw…" "And I activate a trap card, nya. Sprit Barrier, nya…" "Preventing you from taking damage as long as you have a monster on your field, brilliant, I think you could give Zane a run for his money. But, I have ways to work around Ara's effect. I summon my Cyber Gymnastics (A/N a real card used by Alexis. On another note, this site: . gives all the cards in the GX characters decks, enjoy) and I can discard a card to destroy one of your monsters…" "No, no, no, nya. I activate my trap, Dark Abyss, nya. Like your Gymnastics, I have to discard a card, so I discard my Sangan, nya. In return, I can remove one monster on your side of the field from play, and I gain life points equal to half of the removed monster's attack points, nya." Marc's readout shows 8400. "Then I have no choice but to set one card and end."

"My draw, nya. I summon, Cat Girl Aoi," another cat girl appeared on the field, this one with long blond hair, but in the same style bikini, "and her effect lets me make attacks go 'BOING!' nya." "Um, translation please," said Jaden. "If a Cat Girl is attacked, Aoi can redirect the attack to another Cat Girl, nya. Next I play the spell card, Sudden Tribute, nya. This is the quick play version of Ultimate Offering, nya. Now I pay 500 life points," 7900, "and summon Cat Girl Amnar, like the Sacred Phoenix, she just won't go away, nya. If she is destroyed in battle, comes back in defense mode during my standby phase, nya." The readouts for the three monsters were, Ara: 0/0, Aoi: 0/0 and Amnar: 500/500. Amnar was, like the others, in a leopard bikini, but she had green hair in a ponytail. "Nya nya. Amnar attack, with quick claw pounce, nya." Amnar crouched on all fours, pounced, and scratched Alexis's ribs, bringing her to 7500. "I wonder if you have nine lives too, nya."

"I take it that means my turn, I draw. I summon, Blade Skater, in attack mode." An ice skater in a unitard with blades mounted on her forearms appeared. "Blade Skater, attack a target at random." "Blade Skater, attack Ara, nya." Ara caught the blade from Skaters left arm and threw her back, and then Ara pounced and swiped at Alexis' deck. "And that removes the top card of your deck from play, a copy of Rare Gold Armor, nya." "Then I end my turn."

"My draw, nya. Now I summon Cat Girl Tam'ra, nya. Now all monsters with "Cat Girl" in their name gain 500 attack points, nya." The fourth cat girl had platinum blond hair, and the same bikini. The status bars now read, Tam'ra: 1500/1000 Ara: 500/0, Aoi: 500/0 and Amnar: 1000/500. "Now then, Tam'ra, attack Blade Skater with shining pounce, nya." Tam'ra ran on all fours toward Blade Skater and then started glowing in a blinding light before slamming Skater into the ground, breaking her body. Alexis' life points dropped to 5400. "Now, Ara, Aoi and Amnar, attack Alexis directly, nya." All three cat girls bounded and slashed Alexis, dropping her life points to 3400. "Now, to end this, I play my quick play card, nya. Redouble Your Efforts, nya. By paying 2000 life points," 5900, "and declaring one monster type, all monsters of that declared type can attack twice this turn, and I pick Beast-Warrior, and my cat girls are Beast-Warriors, nya. Tam'ra, Ara, Aoi and Amnar, attack Alexis now, super swipes, nya." The four girls rushed in and started clawing at Alexis, dropping her life points to zero. "Game, nya."

"Well Marc, looks like you made a clone of my cat girl deck." "Ya, nya. Shame I could not use all the cards though, nya." "But seriously, who came with you to the island?" "Not telling, nya. You will have to wait until you get back to your room, nya…"

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