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Danny Fenton fell into bed near one in the morning. He was exhausted and drained. Today had not been good, at all. First he was late to school and Lancer gave him detention, which he had to serve with Dash Baxter. Dash had taken more than the normal amount of frustration out on him then in detention, just stared making the other uneasy.

Then, while chasing ghosts, Sam kept making comments and hints she liked him. Danny had a hard time to keep from laughing along with Tucker. Playing the good friend he tried to work into his way out of the situation. He even talked the two to head on home around eleven. Although, after that, he was attacked and spent a couple of hours chasing the apparition that was decidedly playing hard to get and not to mention, bruise the ghost-boy.

"This really hasn't been my day…" he groaned as he curled up on his bed and drifted off. "Hope tomorrow is… better..." he yawned to himself.


Across town, Dash Baxter was unable to sleep. He tossed and turned before giving up and heading out of his room and to his 'lounge' in the attic. He'd been really good about not letting anyone know what he'd stumbled across in that old trunk. He'd found that on his missing father's side, many had dabbled in things like magic. He curled up on a couch and started to read over one of the journals.

I have found a spell to reveal the reasons for my unrest. Grandmother has given me the ingredients…

Dash blinked. Unrest? Well, he was having unrest. Should he… No. 'Mom would kill me…' he thought to himself. He looked over it anyway, and finding it simple, he rummaged to find it all. After gathering the necessary items, he read over what the girl in the journal had done several times.

"Seems simple enough…" he muttered as he started to follow the directions. He murmured low the words she had said as the herbs and candle burned, giving off a soothing scent.

Several minutes afterward gave way to a slightly disappointed Dash going back to bed, but sleeping soundly through the night, not remembering his dreams of blue eyes and black hair on a pale face.

Danny ran into Dash, literally, the next day on his way to class. "DASH!" he squeaked, trying to edge away to avoid a pounding.

"Just watch it Fenton," Dash muttered, moving around the smaller teen, who blinked and sighed with relief as he ran to class.

"Dash has been acting weird today," Tucker commented to Sam as they went to meet Danny for lunch.

"Really? Cause Danny's been weird too," Sam told him. The two stopped and blinked and looked at each other.

"DANNY!" the cried running off to find out if Dash knew his secret.

"Danny!" Sam gasped as she grabbed him. "Did something happen last night after we left?"

"Look, it wasn't a big deal! So it took me two hours to corner him but I did and he's in the ghost zone!" Danny told them looking confused. "I didn't want to bother you guys with it… Why?" he asked giving his friends a look.

"WE panicked," Tucker told him. "And we're sorry. "

"Over what?"

"Both you and Dash have been acting funny," Sam supplied. "We thought he knew…"

"Guys, that won't happen. I've been really careful…" Danny assured them. "But thanks for the concern." He smiled at them as they headed towards lunch.

After Dinner, Dash went back up to the attic, going over the spell he had cast. Delving a little further in to the old diary, he found no other information, other than the fact it worked. 'Do I need to do it again?' he wondered. He gathered everything again, looking at the quantity.

"That isn't much…" a pause. "Let's double it for more potency!" Dash, being Dash, didn't stop to think of what kind of things could happen if he messed with the spell. Once again he cast the spell, only this time, he was knocked back with visions of himself over a lean, delicate body tasting the pale skin. The other moaned, arching and with shock but not horror, Dash saw it was male.

"Dash, please!"

"Shh… No talking…"

"Ah! No Dash, we can't!"

"That's not what you're really telling me now is it?"

"Not here! Someone could walk in!"


"SO! Dash I don't want one of my friends or your football buddies walking in on us!"

The voices were disembodied, blue eyes floated in his vision before everything went dark as his body rested from the shock.

Across town in mid-flight, Danny Phantom came falling from the skies into Tucker's arms.

"Danny? Danny, talk to me man!" The African American teen was distraught as he sped towards Danny's house and carefully snuck them in. "Come on Danny," he whispered curling up next to his friend.

Danny's mind was reeling in confusion. Something had hit him, though he was not at all sure as to what 'it' was. He suddenly felt drained and slight pain pricked up over his body. The shock and pain, which was steadily increasing, overloaded his senses. Snapshots flashed in his mind, catering to all his senses.

Touch, a small brush of lips against his neck. Smell, a crisp soap and cologne along with lavender shampoo.

Taste, mint and spice and something so unique he couldn't describe it.

Sight, blonde hair and broad shoulders of a muscled male hovering over him.

Sound, a voice coaxing reactions form him.

"What about here? Ticklish here?"

A few hours later, both Danny and Dash bolted upright, panting and shivering.

"Danny?" Tucker yawned sitting up and placing a hand on his shoulder. "You Okay?"

"I-I Don't know… Did I get hit?"

"You just kinda fainted on me…" Tucker explained. "Get some more rest, please?"

"Alright Tuck, you're right. I should get more rest," Danny murmured as he lay down and cuddled up to Tucker. "But, why is it so cold?"

"Dunno, lemme get your blanket," his friend said, sliding away from Danny to get it. Danny mumbled out a good night as was out for the count. "Night Danny…. Maybe I have a chance after all…"

"Blue eyes!" Dash snapped at his computer. He'd gone on the web to the student directory and was wildly searching for a pale, blue-eyed boy.

All at once his search stopped and stared. "Fenton!"

End of Chapter 1