Danny soared through the skies, speeding up and dropping in controlled dives. He was trying to clear his head and he didn't think he could sit still if he tried. He'd left Tucker and Sam a while ago… They'd started to get into an argument of some sort and he just didn't want to deal with it. He flew higher and looked out over the city from his higher perspective. He picked out Tucker's house, and Sam's… their bedroom lights were on so he knew they got home safe. He turned and saw Dash's house and shivered but not in the cold that was surrounding but because of this feeling inside him. It made him warm from the inside out. He just stared at the house until he snapped out of it and looked around. It was darker night and he sped for home, knowing he'd broken curfew by a long way if the indigos and midnight hues were anything to go by.

He sighed and floated up to the ally by his house, transforming back he landed easily and headed out to the front door, sneaking in. It sounded like Jazz was asleep at the kitchen table and peeking in he saw his guess was right. He ran up the stairs silently and slid into his room, locking the door as he stripped and climbed into bed. He sighed and stretched in his sheets. He whimpered at the feel of them. They were cool and rough yet just smooth enough to not really hurt. Squirming as he shivered and arching off the bed a bit, he shyly moved his hands over his own body while he thought of the mysterious lover he had in his dreams. He groaned softly while teasing himself to thoughts of blue eyes and golden hair. Soon he reached his climax, arching off the bed before falling back in a sated heap. His eyes slipped closed and he was asleep with in minutes.

Dash was pacing in the attic, his new safe haven where he could try to figure out how to get Fenton. 'Danny,´ a voice in his head scolded him. 'His name is Danny...'

Dash sighed and sat on an old couch. "Danny," he sighed while rubbing a hand over his eyes. "Okay. Spring Break is coming up and Mom's leaving and Kwan's leaving and Paulina and Star and the Goth girl and Foley, they're all leaving. Most the football guys are leaving, and even Danny's parents are leaving for a conference so only Jazz would be there to pay attention to him and I know there's a big speaker at Casper U so she'll be there because it's some psychologist which means, Danny is free for me to see," he said with a smirk as he picked up the book again and set about trying to figure out something to bring him luck with the plan he was building in his head.

Several hours later, Dash had tickets for two to a concert bought and on the way to his house for him to have. He also had his credit card paid off by hacking into his father's accounts so that he could spoil Danny if he got him to go with him, which he was sure he'd be able to, even without force or threats.

He'd learned by watching Danny and his freaks the kind of music that they listened to and a punk band was coming that he knew was on their playlists. He'd heard Danny agreeing eagerly with Sam that he wanted to go and see the man in the opening band in concert. It was at a small venue, an old theater made into a club, but he knew that Danny would be happy if he could just get to him and ask when his friends weren't around. He'd just have to keep an eye out…find him alone…

Danny woke up and rubbed at his blue eyes with a shiver, curling up a bit he looked at the clock and realized he was waking up way too early. Not wanting to risk going back to sleep, he slid from the bed and pulled on a black pair of pants and dark long sleeved shirt to go under a tshirt to ward off the unseasonal chill that was in the air. He heard Jazz listening to the radio and grumbling about the weather downstairs as he headed for the shower. He carefully snuck downstairs and grabbed some spare change from a bowl near the door where his mother had put extra quarters and such. He always was able to find the quarters and whatever bills happened to be there. He was out the door before Jazz even noticed he was up.

He sighed dejectedly as he walked down the sleep. As much as he put on a front for Tucker and Sam, he hated being alone. He wanted to spend the break with someone and there was no one unless he went into the ghost zone and he really didn't see many of them as reasonable companions. They all hated him or had tried to kill him for one reason or another.

Today was the day that Sam left, which meant she wasn't going to be at school, and Danny was secretly glad. He loved Sam, like a sister and he didn't understand how she couldn't get the hint that he wasn't interested. He'd see Tucker sometime throughout the day and he might talk to him, but he wasn't sure just yet when.

He got to school early, the only people there were nerds inside working on things, and jocks, who were outside on the field running through drills. Danny felt drawn back there and managed to get onto the bleachers near the top and watched with a sub conscious smile as Dash worked in his element. He was really good at football, and he seemed to enjoy it for the most part. There were times when he'd look fed up with everything but he knew that he couldn't just quit. Danny watched, hugging his knees before Dash was sent in ahead of the others to get a shower before school. It looked like Dash had been at it longer than the others. Danny slid from his perch to head into the building. For some reason he didn't find the practice interesting enough to watch without the star quarterback in it. He slid past the locker room and then stopped. He hated this feeling of being pulled but he followed it anyway, carefully peeking in. He only saw Dash and forced himself to keep walking away, a dark blush on his cheeks. Only saw Dash getting undressed and he didn't want to let himself answer the question of why it turned him on so much.

Dash smirked to himself when Danny ran off. He could see the dark haired boy in the mirror in his locker so he enjoyed the look in those blue eyes. Today was the day. He just knew, that he'd get Danny alone today…

Danny sat alone outside during lunch. It was a nice enough day that being outside wasn't pushing it as long as it wasn't for very long. He was under a tree, away from the tables eating his lunch and reading his English assignment for next period. He froze when he felt someone sitting down next to him on the side away from the eyes of others. He shyly moved to look and saw Dash sitting next to him with a smirk.

"Hey Fenton…"
"H-hello Dash…" he murmured with a blush. He leaned away slightly when Dash moved closer.

"So, what are you doing for Spring Break?"

"M-me? Oh well.. Nothing out of the ordinary I don't think," he stuttered out, eyes becoming half lidded as Dash leered at him and he squirmed in his seat. He wasn't sure why Dash was making him react this way but he'd admitted to himself a while ago that he was gay and speaking as a gay teen boy, Dash was hot but he was also a jerk and therefore was not supposed to be making him want a kiss.. from Dash…

"Well, it just so happens, Danny, that I have tickets to Fall Out Boy…"
"You just called me Danny!" he said surprised, not even hearing the second part as a blush deepened on his cheeks.

Dash leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth. "I'll pick you up at four thirty for dinner on Saturday before the concert… See you later Danny…" he smirked, getting up and heading off towards the building as the bell started to ring. Danny threw his things together and dashed off towards the building a few moments later, still flushed.

'He called me Danny…' he thought before stopping in the middle of the empty hall and paling to sickly white.

"Oh my God… I have a date with Dash Baxter," he whispered to himself.


Danny squeaked and ran for his class room, still blushing as he sat down next to Tucker who looked at him concerned.