This story is set 20 years before the great Fireheart leaves his kittypet life. And 15 years before Bluefur becomes Bluestar. Things are a little different:

The Riverclan's River is much bigger without the stepping stones the only way across are a rickety old bridge or swim.

The territories are much bigger, because the land is unsettled (meaning Twolegs are not here yet.)

Thunderclan was in dark times, ruled by an evil and desperate leader.


Leader: Glimmerstar- large fierce she-cat, glossy silver pelt, Amber Eyes

Deputy: Blueriver- proud gray-blue tom

Apprentice: Reedpaw

Medicine Cat: Leaffur- small gentle tortoiseshell tom with green eyes.


Honeywhiskers- Sweet she-cat, golden coat with a few darker stripes, blue eyes.

Apprentice: Skypaw

Snowtail- small tom, solid gray except for the white specks that pattern his pelt, quiet but friendly.

Silverwings- Speedy Silver with black stripes, she-cat with green eyes.

Roseheart- beautiful dappled she-cat (tinged rose-colored) twirled tail, blue eyes.

Rabbitear- unusually long eared tom, dark tabby coat, amber eyes.


Skypaw- gray-blue she-cat very quiet and observant, Blue eyes

Reedpaw- sleek brown tabby tom, bold, green eyes.


Shimmerfur- bubbly calico she-cat, brown eyes.

Morningdawn- quick-tempered she cat, white with black spots. Green eyes.


Bellyspots- elderly tom, all black except for large white spots on his belly.

Sandshore- sandy colored tom, virtually deaf, pale blue eyes. Oldest cat in Riverclan.

With this in mind, let us begin...

Ch. 1: Adventurer

A small ginger kit started to stir. She soon stood up, yawned and stretched her little cramped legs. Mischievously, the young kit named Sunkit looked around and carefully crawled away from the nest that she had slept in with her brother, Moonkit, and sister, Cometkit. They were all the same age of three moons. Once at the entrance of the dark nursery, she looked around again, listening, when her little black-tipped ears picked up nothing but the soft sound of sleeping cats, she relaxed.

Sunkit looked skyward, the sun, which she was named after, was just starting to rise. It was a beautiful autumn day. The watching kit was awed at the beautiful colors that showed in the sky. Then, confidently, she strode out of the Riverclan entrance.

"Streamkit will be so jealous when she hears what I saw. The others will think I truly am the most courageous of the kits and will want to be just liked me," Sunkit purred with delight. Thinking of these wonderful thoughts, she trotted on.

Sunkit enjoyed many sites: a butterfly fluttering past her nose which she chased around, a rainbow, scaring birds and watching the river (from a long distance). Finally after much playing in the reeds, Sunkit came up to an old bridge. It looked like a dead tree and if she had sat and thought about it, Sunkit would have never put a paw on it. However she just tossed her head and said," I wonder what's on the other side. Oh! It passes right over the river; none of the other kits even know that there is a river over here. Hah! The others will really admire me now, I crossed a river!" with that she started across the bridge.

"The river is really roaring!" Sunkit thought out loud, "I can't wait 'till I am over the bridge!"

Suddenly, the board Sunkit was standing on gave way and fell into the river with a splash; leaving Sunkit hanging on with her claws digging into another piece of the rotting old wood.

"Help, somebody help me! I'm going to fall; Help Mom, HELP!" Sunkit howled in terror.