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Sunpaw exploded into the clearing and to her satisfaction, saw that most of Riverclan was charging towards Windclan. Only Blueriver was left, lying on his side, gasping for breath. She raced over to the fallen deputy's side, "Can you make it to Windclan?"

"Yes, I can. Just help me up!" Blueriver meowed determinedly.

Sunpaw pushed the grey-blue tom to his feet, he was covered in drying blood- but there was fire burning in his brown eyes. With the help of Reedpaw, the tom was able to hobble, beginning the long journey to Windclan. Looking around, she noticed that everyone else had left them. Pricking her ears, she could here the distant panic-stricken meows of Thunderclan trying to rescue their leader.

"Where is Glimmerstar?" Blueriver suddenly meowed nervously.

"She decided to travel to Windclan right away, I guess. She told me she would meet us there. The sooner we get there the sooner we see her!" Sunpaw quietly explained.

Blueriver seemed satisfied and tried to limp faster. Far away, Sunpaw caught a glimpse of Windclan's borders. Looking up, Sunpaw sent thanks to Starclan that Thunderclan had not caught up with them yet.

"Blueriver, how are you doing?" Sunpaw asked, anxious for the deputy's well-being.

"I'm doing fine, Sunpaw, now that I am free. Tell me, how many moons are you?"
Surprised by the question, Sunpaw answered, "Well, I am now 11 moons."

"Excellent, you will have to tell us the story, you know," Blueriver replied.

"What story?"

Slowly the sun broke away from the captivating night sky. Sunpaw's namesake struck her pelt with one of its golden rays, warming her thoughts, body and attitude.

"Blueriver, to pass the time, will you tell us what happened?" Reedpaw asked hesitantly.

"Well, only if Sunpaw tells her story." Blueriver meowed.

"Deal, can you please go first?" Sunpaw replied.

"Alright, right after you left, Sunpaw, Glimmerstar decided to stock up on supplies. Everyone was in and out of the camp. Cometpaw went out on a fishing patrol with Mudpaw, and Honeywhiskers. Reedpaw, Snowtail, Moonpaw and I went to patrol our borders, while Streampaw, Skypelt, Shimmerfur and Morningdawn went out to search for herbs.
"While we were patrolling, Reedpaw brilliantly scented a Thunderclan patrol on our side of the river. We went to go check it out and the scent led us to the edge of Sunningrocks. I sent Reedpaw away to tell Glimmerstar what we had discovered. Right after Reedpaw had disappeared, we were attacked. It was an unfair fight, five to three; all of the Thunderclan cats were experienced warriors. With these odds, we were quickly taken captive.

"Moonpaw was finally pinned to the ground by a creamy she-cat. She threatened to make chopped crow food if we immediately didn't surrender. Moonpaw showed no fear- I am sure Snowtail is very proud of him. Instead of whimpering, Moonpaw goaded his attacker on. He snarled that if his sister was able to pin him down in seconds, a warrior should be able to do much better. However, Moonpaw stopped his snarling when the she-cat whipped a paw, glinting with sharp claws, over his ear.

"They brought us to the bridge and made us wait. I felt like a fool, captured in my own territory. Soon, Glimmerstar and the others arrived, captured as well. Then, you saved us and now I am traveling to Windclan." Blueriver finished.

"What happened after Thunderclan chased Darkstar?" Sunpaw asked.

"Streampaw let herself be captured to tell the others about the plan. When Darkstar went for a swim, the clan knew what to do." Reedpaw answered.

"Oh." Sunpaw meowed.

"Now, on your part of the deal, tell us your story." Blueriver said.

With Sunpaw's mind recovering her story, time passed by quickly. Slowly, Windclan's boundaries became nearer and nearer.

"When Darkstar crashed into the water, Blackheart completely forgot about me. He turned tail and raced down after her." Sunpaw completed her story as they passed the Windclan scent markers.

Blueriver suddenly stiffened, "Do you smell that?" he asked as he sniffed the air.

Sunpaw opened her mouth and let the air float past her scent glands located in the roof of her mouth. She sighed in relief when she did not smell Thunderclan. However, she did smell another scent, it was…

Skypelt sprinted towards Sunpaw with two Windclan cats streaking after her.
"I found you! Blueriver are you okay?" Skypelt meowed hurriedly.

"Hi, Skypelt, did everyone make it back alright?" Sunpaw asked.

"Yes, I think so. Blueriver, we need to put some herbs on those wounds!" Skypelt said distractedly.

One of the Windclan cats, a tortoiseshell she-cat spoke up, "Greetings from Windclan, I am an apprentice and this is Stripedfur."

Sunpaw nodded her head in acknowledgement towards the cat and her companion, who had a cream base coat with bold dark swirls and stripes finish. "Thank you, has our leader already told you of our circumstance?"

"Yes, she and Tabbystar have talked it over. Tabbystar has agreed that you may stay until the threat passes." The apprentice answered.

"Will you show us the way to your camp?" Reedpaw asked.

"Sunpaw, do you want to go ahead with the Windclan cats? I can help Blueriver for right now," Skypelt offered.

"Thanks, Skypelt!" Sunpaw replied eagerly before bounding after the Windclan cats.
Windclan territory was untouched by Thunderclan. The vast flat territory with its springy turf lent energy to Sunpaw's travel wearisome body. She felt comforted as they placed much distance from Thunderclan territory. The apprentice and Stripedfur did not talk much, just traveled in the direction of their camp.

When a rabbit darted out from under Sunpaw's nose, she gleefully gave chase. She had never chased a rabbit before but the relief made her carefree. Thunderclan had been so close from destroying Riverclan that Sunpaw felt icy teeth tingling in her heart. She had never really taken such joy in hunting but the experience had made her realize how much she would have missed it.

The rabbit swerved in and out of rocks and shrub and still Sunpaw chased it. Finally, when the already tired Sunpaw began to run out of steam, the rabbit turned the wrong way. It ran straight into Stripedfur and the strange colored cat pounced and took its life before the prey could squeak.

Sunpaw flopped down on the grassy ground and began to groom her ruffled fur.

"Not bad, for a Riverclan cat." Stripedfur snorted.

"Thanks!" Sunpaw meowed in reply.

"Come on Sunpaw! No time to groom yourself, Tabbystar will be waiting for our return." Skypelt meowed.

Sunpaw watched as Stripedfur picked up the rabbit and trotted down a hill towards a thick undergrowth patch. Many cat scents floated towards Sunpaw, meaning that Windclan camp was most likely located in the undergrowth. Sunpaw waited for Blueriver, Skypelt and Reedpaw to catch up before hurrying down the hill and crawling into the camp.

"No wonder why Thunderclan didn't try to control Windclan!" Sunpaw thought as thorns, thistles and fox tails brushed past her, clumping in her fur.

When Sunpaw finally pushed herself through the wall, she found that Glimmerstar was waiting for her.

"Sunpaw, I'm glad that you are here. Do you know where Blueriver is?" Glimmerstar meowed.

In reply, Sunpaw pointed with her tail and said, "Yes, he traveled with me. He's right around the corner."

Nodding, Glimmerstar pushed herself through the defensive brush and disappeared.

Exhaustion hit her like a blow. Suddenly, all Sunpaw could think about was sleep. She searched for a hiding place, where she would not be disturbed. She soon came across a wide stump and behind it there was a flat smooth rock. Crawling up to it, Sunpaw could see that the stump would hide her from view. The tired apprentice stretched out on the rock, stretching her tired muscles. Yawning widely, Sunpaw quickly fell asleep while her ginger fur glowed with warmth from the sun's rays.