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"Ugh…my head." Sango groaned and held her head as she woke up with a terrible headache and to the sound of meowing. Unable to turn over she squinted her eyes open. Her eyes hurt from what little light hit them.

"Ok, ok already Kilala! I am up. Now get off of me so I can stand up." The tiny cat demon hopped off her owner to allow her to stand. Sango quickly rolled to her feet to take the chance to get a better look at her surroundings. What she saw made her frown, as nothing; she saw looked familiar, to her at all.

"Well, this is definitely not the feudal era." Sango commented. She looked down at her companion and asked, "Now, Kilala, can you smell Kagome anywhere nearby?" The fire cat closed her eyes stuck her nose into the air and her ears began to swivel on top of her head. Seconds later, her ears drooped and her eyes opened sorrowfully. She shook her head in a negative manner. Over the years, she had picked up some human tendencies."

"Nothing huh? Well we know that she was sucked in with us so she has to be somewhere in this weird place." Sango picked up her discarded Hiraikotsu and once again slung it over shoulder. Her sword was also lying next to where she woke up. She picked it up and put it back onto her right hip.

Sango stood straight again and looked around her position to see if she could find a high place to look around the surrounding area. She spotted a set of cliffs off to their right and looked down to Kilala. "Look, Kilala, I think I see a cliff. Let's fly up there and try to see what else is out there." Kilala morphed to her big size and flew to the set of cliffs that Sango had pointed out to Kilala. They quickly reached the cliffs and looked around themselves to see what they could spot. They spotted a huge village just about a mile or two North from their location.

"The place looks completely bizarre but if we want to find Kagome we need to go in there and ask questions. Besides," Her stomach at that certain moment chose to growl, causing her to blush in embarrassment, "I am a little hungry. Now Kilala I need you to make no noise whatsoever, do not peek out of my shirt until I say the coast is clear, but if you get a whiff of Kagome then that is a completely different topic. I really don't want the people down there to panic we had enough of that in the feudal era."

-hours later-

Sango finally arrived at the village. She could only look around herself in shock. These people lived as if all of them were poor. She noticed how they seemed to take notice of her right away. They probably were not used to visitors. She made sure that her weapons were on hand in case she had to defend herself.

I reaaallly don't like how they are staring at me. Right now all I want to do is get some food, get information and get out.

Sango walked along like nothing was going on. She could sense someone fallowing her. She decided to pretend they weren't there, as they hadn't done anything yet. Her stomach decided to remind her it was hungry, so she headed to the next vendor to grab some food.

"How may I help you?" Spoke a stern looking middle aged woman behind the stall.

"I'll have two of those round things." The woman raised her eyebrow at her words.

"How will you pay for the hamburgers?" Sango pondered for a moment before pulling out a uniquely decorated silver hairpin. She watched with fascination as the woman's facial expression turned to pure joy.

"It should go for a fine sum."

"Don't doubt it for second dear, though only two hamburgers for something worth of silver. I feel like I'm robbing ya! So here." The gladly woman filled up two bags full of steaming hamburgers and placed them in Sango's arms.

"Uhh… this is too much." Sweat dropped Sango.

"Nonsense young lady. That is so little compared to this small trinket."

"Glad to know, but I'm curious to know if you have seen a friend of mine. She has black hair, brown eyes, wears silver armbands and carries around a sickle, goes by the name of Kagome." The woman shook her head.

"Sorry I see everyone who enters this city and I'm afraid I have never seen anyone with such a description. Sorry."

"Thank you very much for the food." The woman smiled at the polite way she was addressed.

"It was my pleasure. Not everyday I get to see someone dresses as strangely as you do and with such polite manners. Now please be careful you could attract attention.' Sango laughed at the comment.

"I can take of myself thank you for worrying." With that Sango left juggling the bags and the hidden Kilala.

Within a few minutes she noticed that several footsteps and been coming closer and closer which caused Kilala to growl.

"Shhh..." Sango said shushing Kilala quietly. She didn't want whoever was fallowing her to figure out she knew they were fallowing her. "I know, now hold on tight Kilala. I'm going to try to lose them." Swiftly turning to an empty alleyway, she hopped back and forth from wall to wall pushing up until she got to the roof.

Peering below two big ugly guys appeared seconds after she reached the top, searching through the alleyway, but since no trace was found, they began to argue over who lost sight of whom.


A few yards and many rooftops later far away enough from the two men Sango decided to climb down to what she though was an empty alleyway. It was difficult considering that she was juggling two bags full of food and a squirming Kilala. The landing wasn't exactly smooth.

-Hige -

Man, I wish I had some food. It's taking forever for Kiba to come back. If only food could rain from the sky.

Something warm was plopped on his head.


Grabbing the foreign object, he brought it in front of his eyes to give it a closer inspection.

A hamburger? Could it really be true? Can food fall from the sky when you wish for it? What's next? Raining women?

"Oh dear." Poor Hige didn't even have a chance to look for the origin of the womanly voice. A heavy weight on his back pummeled him face first to the dirt floor.

"Surprisingly soft landing."

"Can you be so kind as to get off of me?" Though it sounded like 'humph' it got he job done. The person on top of him shifted quizzically.

"Oh Kami!" the woman so it seemed lifted him from his shoulders to stand on his feet. Hands came up to dust the dirt from his clothes as well as his face.

"I'm sorry I thought there was no one down here. For some reason going up is one thing but coming down is another." The strange woman laughed nervously.

"You okay?" She grabbed his shoulders once again to his steady his wavering legs.

"I will be, as long as no more woman fall from the sky and make me do a face plant into the dirt again." Hige clutched his aching head.

"Though I can't promise you, I'm pretty sure I'm the last woman falling from the sky anytime soon." Both of them broke out in hysterical laughter.

"My names, Sango. The cat on my shoulder is Kilala." Hige looked up from his laughing fit to see where she pointed. There on her shoulder was a strange looking two tailed cat with bright red eyes. He wasn't sure if it was truly a cat by the way it looked. The aura wasn't menacing but its scent was bizarre, nothing like he sniffed before.

"Name's Hige… uhhh, nice cat. Your attire and that thing on your back are unique as well."

"People here dress strangely compared to where I come from. This is a kimono. What do you call your clothes?" she gestured to her attire then pointed his.

"Jeans and a jacket?" Sango raised her eyebrow questionably.

"Kagome told me about those, looks just like she described them." Smiling she offered one of the two bags she was holding.

"Care to join me for lunch?"

"Don't mind if I do." Hige grabbed the bag and took a seat next to her.

"Wow you sure were hungry." Sango spoke watching him practically inhale the food.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Thanks."

"Least I can do for falling on top of you. Besides I had way too much to carry. By the way, I'm looking for my friend. She has black hair, brown eyes and carries around a sickle, even wears silver arm bands." Hige shook his head.

"Sorry I have only been in this city for a few hours and I have seen no one that goes by that description. I'm just sitting here waiting for my friend to come back. Speak of the devil…" Kiba approached them cautiously not knowing if Sango was an enemy or friend.

"Kiba! Buddy! Meet my new friends Sango and Kilala. They even offered me food. Here." Hige handed his friend the half empty bag but earned no response from him.

"So do you see any sign of Tsume or Toboe anywhere?" asked Hige.

"No but I have a feeling they are at the next town over." Hige just shrugged, his friend has never been wrong about this before, so why start doubting him.

"Though it will be difficult trying to get past Jagara's (spelling?) soldiers." Sango interrupted the dim moment.

"You guys know more about this strange place than I do. You also seem to be in a predicament." Kiba looked at her suspiciously.


"So… how about a deal. You wolves can be our tour guide and me and Kilala can be your bodyguards from that… Jagara person. Of course this is all until I friend. Then we can go our separate ways." Both men looked as if someone had walked by and mooned them.

"Are wolves not seen in this dimension? Because where I come from wolves demons practically roam every nook and cranny. But I must say it's strange not seeing the human form without the tails."

"Where did you come from human?" Growled Kiba growled between clenched teeth. He knew they shouldn't have trusted her.

"Well… I come from the feudal era and somehow the aftermath of a demons carcass exploded, landing me here. Kagome was also caught in with me so she should be somewhere around here. She is the only one who probably has enough power to transport us back."

"You don't smell like your lying but that is one bizarre tale. So... Kiba what do you say?" Hige gave the leader one of his legendary grins.

"Don't know how you will help with Jagara's soldiers but I say if you can keep up with us, no complaints. We will be your… tour guides."

"No problem. I should change if we are going to be running. Kilala some cover please." The wolves jumped several feet back when flames engulfed the cat. In it's place was a gigantic cat like creature with fangs… huge fangs.

"What the fucking hell! It's huge! I mean it was this tiny thing and …. BANG! Kittyzilla." Hige motioned with hands his surprise at the new discovery. Sango chose to ignore the comment. Not like she knew what he was talking about.

"Ok Kilala, I'm done thank you." The demon cat shrunk to its mini size. With no cat shielding Sango Hige got a full view at what she was wearing. It looked like skin tight black leather top to bottom giving full view of every curve of her body.

"My eyes are up here hentai." Sango snapped her fingers immediately getting Hige attention.

" Soo…you sure you can keep up with us? We are pretty fast." Hige spoke rubbing the back of his neck.

"Just watch." Replied Sango.

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