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Chapter 3!

"Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore." Kagome woke up in the middle of the afternoon with a sore back and a sickle covered in green demon blood. Somehow the blast from the demon carcass had taken Sango, Kilala and her somewhere other than the feudal era.

Now she and her other two friends are separated in a foreign place that looks to be a similar but poor picture of the 21st century. Worst of all, her steel fans which were usually strapped to her legs were lost in the transport. Kagome saw there was a city not even a half mile away and headed towards it.

Kagome climbed the wall of the city in order to get an overall view. Closing her eyes she spread out her senses passing over cars, buildings, civilians, and even a few stray dogs.

Her mind came back to her body, none of the information she gathered in those few seconds was even useful. Instead of jumping over the wall Kagome decided to take a look around the exterior to see if there was a route to the next town over. However, her nice quite stroll turned out to be a little unsuspected.

"Hold it right there! You have nowhere to hide!" Gunshots were heard in the air.

Kagome made sure her sickle was nice and tight around her shoulders before jumping into the trees. It wasn't long before she came across a clearing where dozens of soldiers holding guns toward a boulder.

Casting out her senses she saw that there were two people hiding behind giant boulder, one appearing to be injured. Quietly, she sat on the branch just above what seemed to be he leader of the group.

Let's see who the good guy is and who the bad guy is. I really don't wish to aid the wrong side.

Kagome looked around trying to familiarize herself with the area from where she sat. Something in one of the bags of the soldiers caught her eye.

Hey! It's my fans. I might as well have some fun. I am getting pretty bored.

"Excuse me." Her voice sounded calm and yet somehow loud against the sound of gunshots. The firing ceased and every soldier was looking around trying to find its source.

"Up here." The helmets were now looking up to view her now standing on the thin branch of the tree overhead.

"Sorry to interrupt your …fun but you have something that belong to me."

The leader cocked his gun and pointed at her.

"What of yours do we have exactly?"

"My Uchiwas(1), it's in your pack. Now if you would kindly return it to me…."

"If it is yours why was it found in the middle of the forest?" Kagome sighed.

"Unfortunately I cannot answer that. Now if I could hav-" the leader fired his gun before she could say one more word. Kagome wavered for a moment making the guy think he got her.

But instead of falling flat on her back on the dry grass she somehow twisted her body around and planted her feet on the bottom of the tree branch. So in their masks the soldiers had their mouths hanging. Who wouldn't when they see a person hanging like a vampire in midair?

"You guys really don't want me angry. Now I'll give you one last chance to give me my Uchiwas, so I can go on my merry way."

"Men, fire!" Round of bullets were fired. Faster than the eye could see Kagome pulled out her scythe from its strap and blocked every bullet, leaving them in a pitiful pile underneath her head.

"Wrong choice." Seconds later about a dozen or so soldiers lay in piles on the floor unconscious. Kagome strapped her sickle back in its strap and walked to the pack that held her Uchiwas.

Oooo… they have interesting things in here… a lighter…and a first aid kit. This looks like a basic camping pack. It even has food and a sleeping bag. I don't think they'll mind much if I just take it.

After much struggle Kagome managed to comfortably place both her weapon and the newly acquired pack on her back.

Half this stuff is going to probably going to be gone by tonight. I'll just separate what I need and what I don't need when I make camp. Huh. I don't see those guys anywhere in the vicinity it seems they must have run off while I was dealing with the soldier dudes.

Kagome walked calmly over unconscious bodies proceeded to find a path to the next city.

Darn it, I'm going to have to find shelter. I don't want to be walking in unknown territory at night.

Kagome decided to look at the side of the mountain to find a cave so she could at least have some cover for the night, instead of sleeping out in the open. It wasn't long before she found a suitable place for a shelter.

Dropping the weapon and the pack, but still keeping her Uchiwas strapped to her legs she went in search for firewood. Kagome stared at the fire's waves of orange trying to decide her next course of action. Aside from the measly little piece if jerky she just had, she was out of luck for food. This weird time didn't have game as abundant as the feudal era.

Seeing, no other option it seems she was going into one of the cities tomorrow to stock on food.

She tried not to grimace at the condition of the streets. Her original time was nothing like this, here it was grey and the atmosphere felt dreary to her. The smells weren't exactly anything to brag about either. The air just smelled polluted, not from cars but from something else entirely, like gasoline and burnt stuff. It was hard to think straight due to how thick it was in the air. She wrapped the cloak closer around her figure making sure to hide her face from view. Now was not the time to attract attention.

She weaved herself through the crowd and looked at the fruits stands. She ignored the glaring vendor as she looked at his items on the cart. Kagome picked up an apple and began to inspect it.

"Hey, you thief!" Kagome's attention drew towards the vendor. There, struggling against the vendors grip was a russet haired boy. His face showed fear as he fought to loosen the street vendor's grip. The boy reminded her so much of Shippo when they first met. Kagoem chuckled, Shippo had also met Kagome as he was trying to steal something.

She walked up to the struggle, removing the bruising grip of the vendor from the boy.

"Aren't you being a bit rough? He is just a kid after all." Kagome noticed that the boy was making a move to run.

"Hey! Come back here and apologize!" Kagome ran after the kid, completely forgetting the street vendor. She watched the boy go from alley to alley with her not far behind. Kagome decided this was getting nowhere and jumped up to one of the roofs.

She watched the boy look around before heading into one of the abandoned buildings. Kagome had no idea why she hunting down a kid for stealing some measly piece of food. It not like it mattered anyway.

Something about the kid drew her to him, that and that he had the smell of fresh blood on him. The blood smelled enticing and she could tell it wasn't from the kid. Meaning, there must have been someone he knew that was hurt.

Kagome threw the pack from her shoulders and stood on the edge of the building. Spreading her senses into the building she spotted two people in the building. One was the boy and there was a male lying on the floor looking to be in noticeable pain.

At time like these Kagome wished she wasn't so curious, but the goodness in her heart won over. The least she could do is find out what was wrong. It wouldn't stop bugging her till she did. She grabbed the pack and jumped down to the front of the building.

Knock, knock

She knew that they were on high alert now she could hear them moving around the room to prepare to strike.

"I mean no harm. I just want to help." Kagome broke through the front door breaking it's already useless lock. She stopped by the same boy that she met earlier.

"Please! I promise I won't steal again please."

"I'm not here for that. I smelled blood on you and decided to follow." Kagome grabbed his hand and flipped it over. Sure enough there was fresh blood splatter on his palm.

She heard a gruff voice from one of the rooms closest to them.

"Way to go, brat! You lead some stray bitch right to us!" Kagome dropped the boy's palm.

"I believe the one yelling may be my patient. My name's Kagome, what's yours?" Kagome grinned catching the boy off guard.

" I'm Toboe and the one yelling was Tsume. Do you think you can help him?" Toboe gave her a full blown smile, eyes full of hope.

"I will most certainly try."

BTW I know that Kilala's name is really spelled Kirara but it's easier for my lazy fingers to write Kilala so please excuse my laziness.

1.) It means fan in Japanese. Or at least I think it does. Anyway I'll be using that word from now on. It sounds much cooler in my opinion.

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