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After Marrow had left the greenhouse Remy stayed in the green, warm silence for a while. He wasn't really thrilled about the idea of going inside the Mansion and bumping into people who very muchly despised him. It seemed that only few wanted him back, and they were not Rogue.

Finally he made his way back into the Mansion, the Place of Misery, through the merciless rain-storm. Almost every-where was dark, but that didn't really bother him. Then he saw warm light coming from the kitchen and heared Marrow's voice call him.

"Gambit, you better come here. I didn't keep the cocoa warm just for fun." her tone was sarcastic, but not mean.

When Remy entered the kitchen, he saw her sitting on the table, sipping her cocoa. Her pinkish hair was still a little wet, but she had changed herself into some warm pajamas.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Your cocoa is getting cold again!" Marrow snapped at him, when she saw Remy just standing there, stareing at her.

"Remy didn't know y' wear pajamas…" he muttered and made his way to kettle on the stowe.

"Well I wear them anyway!" Marrow said a bit annoyd.

Remy didn't say anything, he just poured some cocoa himself and sat down on the counter.

Later, in that night Remy sat on his bed playing solitaire. He had all ready showered and now he was wearing only boxers. The evening, night actully had been odd somehow. His Stormy hadn't been in the greenhouse, not that he had really wanted meet her anyways. But still she was there almost always. And Sarah had been… conserned? She had even made him cocoa and kept it warm for him. She had never done anything like that before, not that he knew about it.

Remy yawned. He was so tired, he felt like he could fall assleep right at that moment, and sleep foever. He gathered the playing cards and put the night stand. Then, after a little while and hard thinking, he took two pills from the brown glass bottle on the night stand. He glared them hatingly before swallowing them. He really hated those pills. They tasted like shit ans made him almost throw up every damn time. He put the brown glass bottle back where it had came from and slipped out off his boxers. After that he curled in to a tight ball pulling some blankets over is naked pody. Soon, he was assleep dreaming abou Rogue and cold ice-field of Antarctica.

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