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'hello' telepathic speech

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Journey back to the Mansion was very quiet and sullen. Nobody talked that much. Storm was crying. Marrow seemed angry and for some reason, worried. Warren felt himself absolutely helpless and useless. And very guilty about everything. Only thing he could do right at the moment was take care of Lucy, the little girl they had saved. Scott and Rogue were piloting the jet, while Jean and Bobby tended Gambit's injuries best they could.

Elisabeth Braddock was angy. She knew that everyone else in the jet, save maybe Warren, considered her as a really cold hearhted, maybe even cruel woman. And partly it was true, but still, she did have feelings. Even if she didn't really like Gambit, she did not want him to die. If nothing else, the thief was very useful part of the team. She knew it, Wolwerine supposedly knew it, Marrow knew it, perhaps the others had thought about it as well.

And, of course, she knew how hypocritical all the X-Men were. She was hypocrcite as well, like all of them but at least she admitted the fact to herself. Rogue, she tried her best to ignore what had happened in Antarctica, what she herself had done. Not only to Gambit, but also to the whole team. Storm, she had apologiced thousend times to Gambit, trying to make it all good again, even if that was impossible and she knew it. Gambit had forgiven her, apologing everything he had done. He seemed to think he actually was guilty to what others said he was. Marrow, she had forgiwen it all, almost, at least, and had a huge crush on the Cajun. She tried to hide it, of course, but some of the others had noticed. Angel, Warren, he did not turst Gambit in the least, but that was nothing new on the face of Earth. After all, Warren had never really liked the Cajun. Jean, she was trying to be professional as well as did Scott, they tried not to have any feelings about the Trial and Antarctica, but in the end they had. Jean felt a little sorry for Gambit, but expecially she felt sorry for Ororo. Scott, on the other hand was extre strict about dicipline when it came to Remy or Rogue. Maybe even harder on Rogue since she had left a team-mate behind on purpose and lied to the rest of the team. Professor Xavier was an old fool, who was trying to denay the truth, that his precious X-Men were in complite diserray, allmost killing each others. Professor just refused to see that, he was blid when it came to his own errors, or errors of his most wonderful X-Men. And Hank, now, was pretty muchly his old understanding and kind self. Too kind, perhaps. He was understanding and kind towards Gambit, wich was very good thing, but bad thing was that he was the same way with allmost everyone in the mansion. Kitty was too childish for a woman her age, too much in love with Colossus, and all too judgemental about others and their doings. After all that girl was all, but perfect and still she judged flaws in other way too eaysily. Colossus was too naïve to be any kind of fighter in Betsy's opinion. If was good at drawing and painting, why couldn't Professor just let him be an artist like poor-boy seemed to want to be. Of course, then Professor would have lost his precios tin-soldier. Jubilee, well, she was young and silly in the way some young girls are. She didn't really have anything against Gambit, but she went whit the rest of the team and studens, who really didn't have any clue what Antarctica was all about. Nightcrawler, he was a good man, but maybe little too religious and guilt ridden. And of course he had bad family issues that desperately needed solving, but all the members of that soap-opera were not willing to do that, at least not just yet. Oh, and Iceman, that boy never grew up. He could be serious at times, but no, he would never become an adult. Bobby Drake had also issues at home, so Betsy could understand him at least a little. And Joseph, or Magneto, they did not know much about him, but he was very mystierios charecter, so why only Betsy herself, Marrow and Gambit had ever questioned him. Gambit, he was young, but not so innocent and everyone always thought he had done the wrong thing, what ever it might be, not considering that he actually might not be guilty. Yes Betsy and everyone else in the team knew he was a thief, that he had worked for Mr. Sinirter, that he kept secrets from the team, things like that.

But the fact was that no-one in the X-Men knew everything about the other members of the team. They were all liars and hypocrytes, they all had chanched the team at least once or left the team. They were no saints.

The Blackbird landed into the hangar. Betsy heard Cyclops ask Rogeu to stay away from the med-lab. Betsy walked out of the jet and saw Hank rushing towards Jean, Bobby and unconsius Gambit with his firt-aid kit. This would be long night for all of them, Betsy thought to herself when she left the hangar heading toward showers.

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