Title: Purple Flowers and Pleasing Faces.

Chapter: Purple Flowers and Pleasing Faces.

Summary: A set of oneshots, some cannon some au, may contain spoilers. Chapter one; Albert is seduced, bringing forth severe consequences and harsh realizations.

Disclaimer: The characters and most of the situations belong to Alexander Dumas.

Notes: the cross-dressing bit I refer to is in the book, anyone else find that interesting?

We drove slowly though the streets of Rome, the carnival raging around us. Harsh, coloured lights flashed and spun over everything giving the city an otherworldly feel. The music was intense, and adding to it were the voices of the thousands of people shouting to make themselves heard.

A girl tossed me a purple flower.

Catching it I turned back and looked at her.

Curly, dark locks spilt over pale shoulders and framed the most attractive face I have ever seen on a female. I couldn't say why I found her so captivating, it wasn't that I had never come across an attractive face before, just never on a woman. Franz for example has a face I could gaze upon for an age, but I am not his intended and he is not mine. That was one of the reasons we came here, so Franz could show me the pleasers that can be derived from attractive and willing women, mainly because I have rarely shown any interest. I would prefer it if he were to show me himself.

The carnival continued and we had not stoped travailing (however slowly). The world would not stop spinning simply because I couldn't get my mind off a girl. I felt as if it should.

For the rest of the night my thoughts revolved around a single flower and a face I could barley remember.

I didn't see her again until the end of the carnival. It did not take her long to give me good reasons to be interested. Not that I took much persuading. I was curious, I found my self attracted to her and I wanted to know why.

They say curiosity killed the cat, and it came quite close to killing me.

But I did learn one thing.

I am not attracted to women.

I was seduced by a boy in a wig and a dress.

For the sake of giving the bandits someone else to chase I shall keep my eyes fixed solely on Franz.

So what do you think?

I'm not going to continue this but I will be writing more oneshots, if you have any suggestions I would be more than willing to listen.

As it is I have only seen the first episode and in other fanfics I have read, mention has been made of a demon, anyone care to though spoilers at me? I'm not even a moving target, just a little purple button with the word Go on it. I promise I'll stand still.