Title: Purple Flowers and Pleasing Faces.

Chapter: Hands.

Summary: A set of oneshots, some cannon some au, may contain spoilers. Chapter two; Mercédès considers her son's hands.

Disclaimer: The characters and most of the situations belong to Alexander Dumas.

Notes: This is a drabble, set in the brown paper room. (Book cannon)

Your hands are so pale, too pale. You cannot, cannot be seen with hands so pale. Yet you cannot be seen to be wearing gloves either. Oh, my son, what is to become of us? You take my hands in your's, telling me that everything will be all right, that we must only part for a short while.

Your hands around mine are warm and comforting, so unlike you father's. Even years after he ceased working at sea his own were still harsh and corse. Yours are soft and pale, the hands of someone who has never had to work for anything in there life.

Stay with me.

Don't leave.