Mirror Image

By SyberJedi with lots of imput from Unit One

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from either Battlestar Galactica or The A-Team. The plot belongs to myself and to Unit One. Original characters are mine. I do own Face, but not Lieutenent Templeton "Faceman" Peck. My Face is a cat.

Author's note: All Colonial lexicon used in this fic is being pulled from the Battlestar Galactica novels that Richard Hatch wrote. This was to give a level of consistancy in the terms used.

Chapter Two

Doctor Ias was ready and waiting for his new patient to arrive from the landing bay.
"Cassie, please pull up Lieutenent Starbuck's medical files and have them ready. We're going to do a full work up in order to completely update his files. Be ready to note any and all changes that have occured over the last five yahrens"
"Already pulling them up and prepping them for updating." Cassie answered. "I wonder where Starbuck has been all this time"
"You're not the only one to be wondering that. I was still just a medical apprentice when he vanished." Ias stated.
"Maybe he will tell us once he wakes up." Cassie said, before adding, "Medical files are ready"
"Thank you." Ias replied.
Cassie and Ias worked together, getting things ready. Decontamination would take care of most bacteria and a good portion of any other inimical micronoscopic lifeforms that the long missing Lieutenent might have picked up over the course of his five yahrens absense. Still, there was a good chance that there could be something that could have been missed.

Down in decontamination, Persephone, the medtech in charge of the team taking Face to the Life Center, was running a scanner over the unconscious man. The others with her were busy divesting him of his unusual garments, very carefully.
A heated blanket was then tucked around Face, as the decontamination process finished up. Persephone and the medical crew then took up positions and hauled the gurney off to the Life Center.

"Walk with me Apollo." Adama requested of his son. Apollo nodded, and moved along side his father. "Have you given any thoughts at all as to the possible circumstances of Starbuck's return"
"I really haven't had time to do so, as yet. He can stay with me in my quarters, since Troy now lives in the barracks. I have plenty of room. Also, there really isn't any place for him to stay currently." Apollo stated.
"Good idea. We need to look at the larger picture though too. We have no idea of what Starbuck has experienced during the five yahrens that he was missing. It might not be that easy for him to adapt back to our society here. There have been changes in how things are done that he would not know about." Adama theorised.
"I'm more than willing to help him adapt. Boomer too, for that matter. I know he would also be willing to help out in anyway where Starbuck is concerned"
"I wouldn't expect anything else from either you or Boomer. You three have always stuck together." Adama smiled. "Starbuck, for the time being, is releaved of duty. It's mainly to give him the chance and the time to adjust, and to catch up on the changes that the Vipers have undergone. Hopefully, he hasn't undergone anything that will endanger the rest of us. He's also confined to the Galactica, for his safety. We don't need it getting out to the civillian population just yet that he's back"
"What about the Quorum?" Apollo asked.
"I'll deal with them in time. At the moment, Starbuck's return is a military only matter, and I plan on keeping it that way." Adama replied. He gave his son a smile. "I suggest you go and fill Boomer in. I have the feeling that the both of you are going to be really busy after Starbuck wakes up and is released from the Life Center. I'll make sure that you and Boomer are notified when he does. Besides, it won't do you or Starbuck any good if you're distracting Ias, Cassie and the other medical staff from their duties"
Apollo chuckled at that.
"Thank you. I'll see you when we're summoned." Apollo then departed in a seperate direction, heading towards his office. Adama headed for the bridge.

Apollo entered his office a few microns later. Boomer was there waiting for him, working on the paperwork that they had abandoned when they were scrambled.
"I was wondering if you were going to return to help me finish this stuff up, or go hang around Life Center waiting for Bucko to wake up." Boomer stated, as Apollo sat down.
"It was pointed out to me that it would be better for me and for the medical staff to not be onhand distracting them.
Also, I was informed that when Starbuck does wake up that we would be notified." Apollo informed his friend, before filling him in on what he and Adama had discussed.
Boomer sat back after Apollo finished talking. He placed his hands behind his head, linking his fingers together, and let out a low whistle.
"I noticed that nothing was stated about what we're up against if Starbuck's experiences have drasticly changed him.
What if he can't adapt?" Boomer pointed out. "What do we do then? Remember that Starbuck, when he gets his mind on something, is a force to be reckoned with and nigh unstoppable. Not even your father and Colonel Tigh can head Starbuck off when he's determined. Especially if he's feeling responcible or it's something that involves you. And if I remember correctly, you nor I are what can be called successfull at it either. In fact, we usually end up getting dragged into it"
"You do have a point." Apollo sighed. "Still, with him coming home, it has to mean that he's willing to do his best to adapt"
"We can hope. But being willing does not mean able." Boomer pointed out.
"Starbuck has always been one to beat the odds." Apollo reminded the other man. "Plus, he has us on his side. With us helping him, it increases things in his favor"
"True." Boomer agreed. "How about we finish up our paperwork, so we're free and clear to spend the rest of the day with Starbuck once he wakes up"
Apollo nodded in agreement, and both men resumed what they had been doing before they were scrambled.

Cassie looked up from her station when Persephone and her team brought Face in. The tall redhead went over to her station and started downloading the data that she had gathered while in decontamination and enroute to the Life Center.
"As far as can be determined, the Lieutenent has not picked up any thing harmful that is known to us. He came through decontamination clean." Persephone stated. "Also from what can be determined, the Lieutenent is sleeping naturally. There are no known substances to us that would indicate him being drugged. Also, there isn't any sign of recent trauma that would indicate unconsciousness. In fact, the only signs of injury that we could find were a couple of scabbed over areas where it looked like he was nicked by something. It's obvious that they're pretty well healed." "Thanks Seph." Cassie smiled at the younger woman. She then got to work, pulling the blood samples that Ias had requested for the needed bloodwork.
"You're welcome Cassie. My team and I need to be getting back to Alpha Bay." Persephone replied, before leading her team out.
Cassiopeia nodded, quickly returning to her work. The blood that she had just pulled was loaded into a scanner, in order to start getting Starbuck's records updated. She keyed in the start sequence, then made her way over to where the sleeping Lieutenent was. Cassie's eyes studied him, her eyes taking in the changes of his hairstyle and the fact that Starbuck did not seem to have aged any at all during the time he was missing. The computer beeped, indicating that it was finished with the updating.
"That's odd. It shouldn't be finished already." Cassie stated to herself, as she went over to check on the system.
She started pulling up the results, and could not believe what they read. Cassie ran the bloodwork again, just as Ias returned.
"Doctor, I think we might have a problem." Cassie informed Ias.
"What is it Cassie?" Ias asked.
"Well, according to the computer, the man that was in the Viper is not Starbuck." The medtech answered. "I'm redoing it just to be certain.
Ias went over to where Cassiopeia was working, and started looking at the new set of results that were coming in. None of them matched the records that they had on file for Starbuck. They were an exact match to the first set of results that had come up mere microns before.
"Start doing further indepth work ups. Starbuck's genetic profile is on record, so we can go to that level on this man in order to compare. Also, see if you can match him to any of the twelve Tribes." Ias instructed.
"Already on it. It will take a few more centari though before it's ready." Cassie responded. Ias only nodded, as he went over to where Starbuck's 'twin' lay sleeping.
The Colonial Doctor studied the man who lay before him. The facial features were identical to the person who had gone missing five yahrens ago. Something glinted catching Ias's eyes, causing the younger man to look closer. A light color chain of some unknown metal winked in the light. A cross of the same material was on the chain.
"Cassie, did Lieutenent Starbuck wear jewelry of any kind?" Ias asked her, as he straightened up.
"No. None. Except his medals when in dress uniform. Or what ever insignias he was required to wear on his uniform. Why do you ask?" Cassie replied.
"This man is wearing a pendant of some kind, with a cross on it." Ias answered. "A cross? That is odd. Crosses aren't usually concidered decoration, since they're torture devices." Cassie was puzzled. The computer beeped, letting her and Ias know that it was finished running the lastest set of tests.
Cassie pulled up the results, and gasped. Ias came over to where she was standing, and looked over her shoulders at them.
"There are no matches with any of the Tribes. Not even partial or remote matches. Also, according to this, there are no known micronoscopic organisms that are known to the Colonies." Cassie turned to look at Ias. "All it will state is that this man, who ever he is, is human like us. There are some slight differences, which exist from Tribe to Tribe, and Colony to Colony. With that being the case, we're looking at someone who can only be from the long lost Thirteenth Tribe"
"Cassie, if you're saying what I think you're saying, I suggest that you pull another blood sample, and start having it analyzed for alien micronorganisms now. Then you need to get him innoculated against every known illness that we have that are native to us. There is no way to tell what can happen to any of us if he were to catch one of our illnesses. His alien system could mutate it into something deadly to us all. By the Lords, I hope he's not carrying something unknown that he has been exposed to but has yet to come down with. We're going to have to come up with innoculations for any possible illnesses that are native to his world, from his blood." Ias started issuing instructions, as he started setting up a whole new set of medical records for the foreign human. "I'm going to be in my office for a bit. I need to talk with Commander Adama right away before he gets here"
"Should we isolate him then, for the meantime?" Cassie asked.
"It wouldn't do any good at the moment. Luckily exposure has been minimal. If the Commander hasn't already issued orders to keep him restricted to the Galactica, that will be the next step. As we work up innoculations for possible illnesses that our visitor brought with him, we can start with the crew of the Galactica, and then deal with the rest of fleet as we go from there. We should be alright since he did go through decontamination." With that said, Ias ducked into his office, while Cassie set to work.

Adama was going over reports when his intercom chimed, letting him know that someone was trying to reach him. The Commander answered it, and smiled with he saw that it was Doctor Ias.
"Starbuck is awake already?" He asked the younger man.
"No. And that's why I'm contacting you. The man that was in the Lieutenent's Viper is not Starbuck. We have not discovered his identity as yet, since he is still asleep." Ias informed Adama. "Starbuck's medical records are still on file, including genetic information. There was no match at all. In fact, our guest does not match in anyway at all, any of the known Tribes from the Colonies"
Adama's eyes went wide at that. "You're saying that this man, who is an identical look alike to one of our missing Warriors, could possibly be from Earth"
"Yes. Every indication I have tells me that. Everything about him on a medical level is alien to us." Ias replied.
"The one thing that does get indicated is that he is human just like the rest of us. We're going to have to be extremely careful with him. I suggest that orders be issued to keep him confined to the Galactica. It would be even better if we could restrict who has contact with him"
"Then you will be pleased to learn that I have already issued orders to keep our guest confined to the Galactica. I've also started laying the groundwork to keep him away from the Council as well." Adama informed Ias.
"Excellent idea. If our guest is really from Earth, this will give us a chance to learn about our new home before we get there. And since we have no clue as to the tech level of Earth society, there is no telling how he is going to react"
Ias pointed out. "We'll have to hold off on anything else, until after our guest is awake." Adama decided. "I'll let you know as soon as he starts showing signs of waking up. Ias out." Ias stated, before signing off.
Adama turned off his intercom, and let out a sigh. He rubbed his hand acrossed his forehead as he let the information that he had just learned sink in better. The Commander was not looking forward to filling Apollo in that the man they had brought back was not the missing Starbuck.

Meanwhile, on Earth...

"That should do until we get to Maggie's." Murdock declared, as he finished rebandaging Starbuck's leg and head. "Neither injury looks that bad. However, Face has a nasty bruise forming on his forehead along with a goose egg sized lump"
Hannibal frowned at that. BA spotted it.
"Face is gonna be okay, Hannibal." BA assured their leader. "He always is"
"I'm not worried about the physical injuries. I'm more concerned about the possible memory loss." Hannibal answered.
"If Face has lost his memory, we'll help him to find it again." Murdock decided on the spot.
"Hannibal, I believe that we've lost Decker. I'm going to start heading us towards Bad Rock now." BA finally stated. "I'll stick with a round about way for now, until I'm completely sure that we've given Decker the slip"
The Colonel nodded, as Murdock slipped back into his seat.

The four hour trip to Bad Rock passed quietly. Starbuck was woken up several times, but he remained quiet. He did ask for water occasionally, before slipping back into an uneasy sleep. During these moments, Murdock would watch him, hoping to see some sign of Face knowing his surroundings and friends. None came though.

"I wish there was a way that we could keep him awake." Hannibal stated, as they rode along. It was dangerous to allow someone with a possible concussion to sleep, but there wasn't a whole lot of choice due to the length of the trip to reach Maggie's.
"He's going to be okay Colonel." Murdock declared, in a hopeful voice. "At least he wakes up when we check him"
"We're almost there Hannibal." BA informed them. "Less than an hour to go"
"Good. I'm not liking Face's unresponsiveness to any of us inspite of him waking up every so often."

Starbuck had used the time of the trip to learn more about the three men he was with, and from them he learned about the man he was pretending to be. Not that John hadn't been thorough in his briefing, but there were still things that he could not cover. Starbuck liked the camraderie that the team shared with one another, with it wrapping around him like a blanket. They were more than just a close knit unit, they had become a family. It was abvious to Starbuck that the relationship that Murdock shared with Face was along the same lines as the one that Starbuck had with Apollo and Boomer. He would be the most dangerous one of the three. As for the other two, Starbuck had yet to completely define the dynamics between Face and them past the obvious. Something gave him the feeling that Hannibal and Face had a relationship with one another that was simular to the one that Starbuck had with Commander Adama, an almost father/son standing. As for BA, that was the one that had him the most puzzled. Starbuck had never experienced what it was like to have a big brother, not even an "adoptive" one. So he didn't have a frame of reference to use. He wasn't worried though, Starbuck would figure it out eventually. He drifted off to sleep, hoping that it would ease the throbbing in his head.

Maggie Sullivan was waiting for them, with a wheelchair ready for Starbuck, when the A-Team arrived. She started barking orders as soon as Hannibal had his door open.
"Hannibal, you hold the wheel chair. I also want you to hold the door open once Face is in it. BA, Murdock, get Face out of the van and wheel him inside quickly. I have everything ready." Maggie instructed. "Has there been a lot of bleeding"
"No there hasn't. The wounds are minor. Face was almost to us when he was hit. Both were grazes." Hannibal answered. All three men jumped to do Maggie's bidding. "He did hit his head though, when he went down"
"Facey has a nasty lump on his forehead the size of a goose egg." Murdock added, as he helped BA pull Starbuck out of the van. "So I see. Let's get him inside, and I can go over Face thoroughly there." Maggie headed on in, heading directly for her little surgery. The guys followed.

Once inside, Maggie had Hannibal assist her with getting Starbuck up onto the examination table. He was then shooed out of the room. She then started examining her patient.
"Hello Lieutenent. Do you remember me?" Maggie asked Starbuck.
"No. Should I?" Starbuck replied.
"Well, you have been here before a few times." Maggie stated. She then examined the lump on his head. "That's a nasty bump you have there. Murdock did a good job with the bandage. I need to remove it, and it's going to hurt since it's sticking to some of your hair. I can cut it, if you don't have a problem with that"
"Feel free. I'm in enough pain already. I don't need anymore inflicted on me." Starbuck replied. "So, who are you"
"I'm Doctor Maggie Sullivan, Face. I've helped you and the rest of your team out in the past a couple of times when you've needed medical attention." Maggie informed him. "How well do you recall them"
"Not very well. I recall their names, and their ranks, but that's basicly it." Starbuck replied, telling the truth.
Maggie frowned at hearing that. She then went over a battery of questions, including some concerning Face's time spent in Vietnam. Starbuck only managed to answer a select few of the questions, and his responces were vague more often than not.
While she asked her questions, Maggie carefully cut away the bandage on Starbuck's forehead, and cleaned out the wound there. She then prepared the area to be stitched.
"Alright Face, I'm going to numb the area of your forehead now, so I can stitch it closed." Maggie informed Starbuck.
"Then I'm going to work on your leg. If you like, I can give you something to let you sleep"
"Please. My head is throbbing." Starbuck answered. He wanted to rub his forehead where it ached, but refrained from doing so. Maggie quickly administered the drug, and allowed it to start working before continuing on with tending to Starbuck's injuries.
Starbuck gave a small sigh of relief as the painkiller kicked in. He also hoped that John and his compatriots of the White Lights had innoculated him against Earth origin micronorganisms. For that matter, he hoped that they did something to protect the Earth humans from any that he might be naturally harboring in his own system. It would not be a good thing to be the origin of new diseases on the planet either, especially since from what Starbuck could see in Maggie's Life Center, Earth medical technology seemed on the primitive side in comparison to Colonial medical technology.
"Okay Face, I'm finished stitching you up." Maggie stated a bit later, bringing Starbuck out of his musings. She had a pair of crutches in her hands, holding them out to him. "I want you to use these when you have to cover any kind of distance, especially outside. For inside, you can go without them in a couple of days. Now, why don't you go join the others, while I see about getting some medications I want you to take. Tell Hannibal I would like to talk with him, please"
Starbuck took the crutches, seeing that there was not any differences in how they looked from crutches on the Galactica, except maybe for the materials they were made with. Very carefully, he slipped off the exam table, making sure that his weight went completely on his uninjured right leg. Starbuck then adjusted the crutches under his arms, before gingerly making his way out of the room.
Maggie watched the younger man, as he made his way out. She wanted to be sure that he wasn't going to have any problems handling the crutches. Face did not seem to be having any problems with them, for which Maggie was glad to see.
She sighed, and then set to work putting together the medications she wanted the Lieutenent to take for the next several days.
Moving with care, Starbuck followed the sounds of voices to where the A-Team was located. Murdock, on seeing him, bounced up and quickly made his way to the blonde's side.
"Feeling better Faceman?" The lanky Earth pilot asked.
"Somewhat. I'm not hurting anyways, at the moment." Starbuck replied. He slowly moved towards where Hannibal was sitting. "Colonel, Maggie asked me to tell you that she wants to talk to you"
"Thank you Face. I'll go as soon as you're settled." Hannibal answered, rising from where he was sitting. He helped Starbuck get situated on a recliner with his injured leg elevated before going to see what Maggie wanted.

Hannibal walked into the examination room.
"You wanted to see me about something Maggie?" He asked.
"Yes." Maggie replied, before starting her explanation. "I wanted to let you know what I discovered. From what I can tell, Face definantly has a case of amnesia. He doesn't remember me at all, not even how we met. He does recall you and the others, but does not recall how he met you completely. Past that, he doesn't recall much about his childhood, other than the fact that he's an orphan and grew up in a religious orphanage"
Maggie handed Hannibal a couple of pill bottles.
"These are the medications I want Face to take for the next week. One is an antibiotic. It's pretty strong, so watch him for adverse reactions. The other is for pain. Directions are on the bottles. He needs to take ALL of the antibiotic"
"Is there anything we can do to help Face regain his memories?" Hannibal wondered.
"Staying in a familar place would be best, but I know that's not possible for you all. If you have a safe place where you can all go to ground for a while that you've stayed at before, that would be best. Don't push him to try and remember.
That does not tend to help any at all. There's a good chance that Face will recall everything once his head injury heals"
Maggie stated in reply. "For now, I prescribe rest and relaxation for all of you. Get some fishing in. Come back in two weeks so I can see how well Face is healing. Sooner if he has a reaction to the medications or if his injuries become infected. And don't be suprised if he does things that he would not normally do"
"Thanks Maggie." Hannibal kissed her. "We owe you one"
"Actually, you owe me several. But don't worry about me collecting on them just yet." Maggie replied, returning the kiss. "Will you all stick around for dinner? I know you can't stay long, but I would like to see Face eat something and keep it down"
"No concussion"
"Suprisingly, no. And I would have figured on him having one with the knot on his head"
"Yeah, we'll be glad to have dinner with you, Maggie. It would be wonderful to have a good home cooked meal for a change." Hannibal agreed to the invite. "Thank you"
"Welcome. Let's go tell the others and decide on what to have then." Maggie replied, before guiding Hannibal out of the room.
The pair walked into Maggie's living room. They saw Starbuck relaxing on the recliner with his leg up, and his eyes closed. Murdock was sitting in on the couch, reading a comic book. There was no sign of BA.
"Murdock, where's BA?" Hannibal asked.
"Moving the van around back. He didn't want it out in the open." Murdock answered, putting his comic down.
BA entered at that moment, coming in through the kitchen.
"The van is all set. I went and put some more gas in it, since it had been a while from when we stopped last. How's Face?" BA inquired.
"Face is going to be alright. No concussion, but he does have an extensive case of amnesia. It's not total though. He does know who you all are, but not much more than that." Maggie answered. "Now, what would you all like for dinner? I've invited you all to stay and Hannibal has agreed"
"Barbeque chicken, potato salad, and the works." Murdock rattled off, not giving anyone else a chance to answer.
Maggie looked at Hannibal and BA with a questioning expression.
"Sounds good to me. Along with plenty of milk." BA agreed.
"I have no problems with it. It's been awhile since I've been able to enjoy grilling." Hannibal grinned.
"Okay. I'll have to go to the store, since I don't have everything needed." Maggie went over to where Starbuck was.
"Anything you would like special to eat or drink, Face?" Starbuck opened his eyes and looked up at Maggie.
"I don't really know. Some juice of some kind, nothing real sweet? And maybe some kind of a confection for dessert"
Starbuck requested. He shrugged his shoulders. "I'll let you pick"
"Okay. I'll do that." Maggie turned to look at the other three men. "My grill is in the shed. It will need to be cleaned thoroughly before it can be used. The key for it is on the wall by the back door"
"Maggie, can I go with you to the store?" Murdock requested.
"Sure." Maggie agreed. "Hannibal, would you get some potatoes and eggs started for a potato salad"
"Alright. Murdock, help pay for anything Maggie gets." Hannibal ordered. Murdock nodded, then followed Maggie out the door. "Face, if you need me, I'll be right in the kitchen"
"Alright." Starbuck replied, as he closed his eyes again.
"I'll go get to work on the grill, Hannibal." BA decided, as he headed for the backyard. He paused long enough to snag the keys. Hannibal set to work on the potatoes and eggs, situating himself so he could keep an eye on the injured Lieutenent. Once they were cooking, the older man went to sit on the couch and relax. Silence reigned for a while. Starbuck allowed his thoughts to wander, while he rested. He found himself comparing the members of the A-Team to his chosen family back on the Galactica. Hannibal was like Adama in that he was a capable leader, and how he looked out for his men. BA kind of reminded him of Boomer, even if it was just a little. Both men liked to tinker, at least that was the impression that Starbuck got when BA went outside to deal with the grill. Murdock, on the other hand, sort of reminded him of Apollo. Both were deep individuals. Granted, Apollo was mainly serious. But there were time when he would pull something that some would call insane. As insane as Murdock gave the impression of being. The extraterrestrial Lieutenent took a deep breath with that thought, and inhaled the scent that reminded him of tuber. His stomach rumbled slightly at the alien yet delicious smell.

Maggie and Murdock walked around the grocery store, the lanky pilot pushing the cart. They were having an animated conversation, with Murdock telling Maggie about Tawnia hiring the team to help rescue her then boyfriend at the time, Brian Leftcourt.
"The Coffin?" Maggie laughed. "What kind of name is that for a river pirate? That's crazier than you"
"Yeah, one would think so too." Murdock replied. He started looking at ears of corn. "Hey, this corn looks really good. Face likes corn"
"Corn on the cob sounds good to me." Maggie agreed, helping to choose several ears. "We need to figure out what kind of meat to get"
"Chicken. And maybe some steaks. It's been a while since I've had a good steak." Murdock suggested.
"Good idea. Plus you can take the chicken with you to eat cold, even if it is covered in barbeque sauce." Maggie counted the ears. "Now, I need to get some sauce, mayo, mustard, eggs, and the items Face requested"
"Doc, is Face going to be okay?" The lanky pilot asked, stopping the cart. "I really need to know, he's my best friend"
"HM, Face is going to be fine, physically. And he should be fine where his memory is concerned, once that knot is healed." Maggie tried to reassure Murdock. "I really can't say more in concern to his memory though. It's too uncertain.
But he should be okay"
"Thanks Maggie. It helps me to hear it from you." Murdock grinned. "Can we get a chocolate cake"
Maggie laughed, and agreed to Murdock's request as they continued their shopping.

BA entered the kitchen, making sure to wipe his feet before walking across the clean floor. Hannibal was standing at the sink, draining the water off the potatoes.
"Face is sleeping at the moment, BA." Hannibal stated, as he looked over at the burly Sargeant.
"Good. Little Brother needs all the sleep he can get to heal." BA stated, as he soaped up his hands, preparing to wash them. "I hope Maggie and Murdock get some charcoal. She's almost out"
"Well, if they don't, one of us can always go back out and get some." The Colonel replied. "While we're waiting for them to get back, I would like you to start putting together a list of essentuals that we're going to need while we're laying low"
"Gotcha. I'll get on it now, and we can add to it over the afternoon and evening." BA agreed, as he rinsed his hands off. Hannibal tucked the potatoes into the fridge. Maggie and Murdock returned at that moment, each carrying a couple of bags of groceries.
"Colonel, how does steak and barbeque chicken sound for dinner?" Murdock inquired.
"Sounds like a plan to me, Captain." Hannibal replied with a grin. "Maggie, did you happen to pick up more charcoal?
BA said that you're almost out"
"In the trunk of my car. If the Sargeant is willing to help unload I will highly appreciate it." Maggie answered. "Where's Face"
"He's sleeping on your recliner in the living room." Came the answer from Hannibal. "I've been keeping an eye on him.
The potatoes and eggs you requested are in the refridgerator, cooling"
BA and Murdock both headed outside to go fetch the other groceries.
"Face is going to be fine, John." Maggie started unloading the bags. "You and Murdock are both being over protective of him"
"We have good reasons to be. Even BA is protective of Face." Hannibal answered.
"Yes, I know. You're all lucky men to have each other." Maggie opened the fridge, and placed a carton of eggs inside.
She smiled when she saw the items that Hannibal had prepared.

Working together, Maggie and the three members of the A-Team quickly got the groceries unloaded and placed away. BA then headed back outside to get the charcoal loaded into the grill and fired up. Hannibal set to peeling the hardboiled eggs, before he cubed part of them and sliced the rest. Maggie set Murdock to shucking the corn, then took a glass of water over to Starbuck. She placed it on a nearby table, then returned to the kitchen to start on the dressing for the potato salad.
Starbuck woke up a moment later, and spotted the water. He carefully lifted the glass, since the medications he had been given were making him feel a bit shaky. Taking a careful sip at first, the extraterrestial found himself all but gulping the clear liquid down. Starbuck marveled at that, since he wasn't a huge fan of water as a beverage. But it had been an extremely long time since he had been able to drink fresh, unrecycled water. Back in the Fleet, it was a valuable commodity, so Starbuck tended to save his water rations for a good turboshower, and he drank other things instead. A pang of homesickness struck at that moment, causing him to briefly wish for his two best friends. Starbuck hoped that Boomer was looking out for Apollo. He gave a sigh, putting the glass down. There was nothing he could do about it currently. All he could do was his assignment, and look forward to the time when he would finally be able to return home.
Noises from the kitchen caught his attention, along with the smells of food being prepared. Starbuck grabbed his crutches, and carefully stood up. A brief, longing look at the empty glass made Starbuck wish that there was a way for him to take it with him, but he knew that it wasn't possible. Moving carefully, the blonde made his way to join the others.
He entered the room, and the one he knew as Murdock sprang up from where he was sitting.
"Face, you're awake. How ya feelin?" The lanky Earth born pilot asked. He moved a chair around for the other man to sit in.
"I've been better. I've been worse too, I think." Starbuck replied. He carefully sat down in the chair that Murdock got for him. "Thank you"
"Welcome Facey. Are you feeling hungry?" Murdock responded. He went back to shucking the corn.
"Yeah, I am. I'm also thirsty still." Starbuck replied. "I finished the water that someone left for me in the other room. Thank you who ever did that"
"I did, and you're welcome Face. Would you like more water, or something else?" Maggie inquired.
"Water please for now." Starbuck replied. "Murdock, what are you doing"
"I'm shucking corn. Want to help"
"Sure. Show me what to do, please"
Murdock showed Starbuck how to remove the husks, and then the corn silk. Once he had the gist of what to do, the two pilots set to work. After cleaning several ears apiece, Murdock flung some of the cornsilk at Starbuck. The alien human responded in kind, and a small battle broke out between the two men. Maggie and Hannibal continued on what they were doing, laughing as they watched the two younger men play as they worked. Hannibal was pleased to see it, as it meant to him that Face should recover his memory.

Back on the Galactica...

Apollo and Boomer were just finishing up the last of their reports, when the intercom chimed.
"Major Apollo here." Apollo answered it.
"Apollo, good. I caught you just in time. Is Boomer still there as well." Adama's voice asked.
"Yes sir." Boomer replied. "We were just getting ready to leave, Commander"
"I need you both to come up to my office, please." The Commander informed them.
"We'll be there as soon as we can, Commander." Apollo responded. "Has Starbuck woken up"
"I have not been informed if he has or hasn't." Adama answered. "Alright. See you in a few centari." Apollo deactivated the intercom. The two pilots stood up, and headed on out of the office. "Let's go see what the Commander wants."

Adama stepped out of his office and onto the bridge.
"Tigh, when Apollo and Boomer arrive, would you please tell them to come to my office." Adama requested.
"Certainly Commander. Does it pertain to Starbuck?" Tigh responded, making an inquery.
"Yes." Adama replied. "Speaking of which, issue orders that access to Starbuck is limited to military personnel only.
He is currently a military only matter, and I will not have the Council harrassing him"
"Anything else?" Tigh asked. "Yes. Apollo and Boomer are hereby detailed to protection duty for Starbuck"
The look that the Colonel gave Adama was puzzled and suprised. "Commander, why would Starbuck need protection and Warrior protection at that"
"I will fill you in later. It's vital though." Adama responded.
"Yes Sir." Tigh answered, as Adama turned to head back into the office. The Colonel sighed, as he returned to his duty station. Starbuck was a good one for causing chaos back before he went missing, and it seemed that was one thing that had certainly not changed after five yahrens. And the man wasn't even awake.

"I wouldn't put it past the Commander to pull us both from flight duty to babysit Starbuck while he gets used to being back." Boomer declared, as he and Apollo entered the ascensior. "Bridge"
The doors closed and they started to rise.
"Good thing you didn't ask to wager me on it. I wouldn't take that bet because I'm in agreement with you after the conversation I had with him earlier." Apollo agreed.
"Why do I get the feeling that I'm about to be dragged into something once again due to Starbuck"
"Well, because you are. But not due to Starbuck. It's my fault this time. However it is on Starbuck's behalf." Apollo answered, honestly. "I told Dad that you and I would be willing to help Starbuck adapt to being back on the Galactica"
Boomer tried to glare at Apollo, but it didn't last for very long.
"You know me too well." Boomer stated. "Because you're correct about that. Without Starbuck around, something has been missing"
"Yeah, I agree with you on that. We've been missing a part of ourselves." Apollo agreed. The ascensior stopped at that moment, and the doors opened. The two pilots stepped out onto the bridge to find Colonel Tigh waiting for them.
"Commander Adama is waiting for you in his office so go on in." Tigh ordered. "No word on Starbuck as yet"
"Thank you Colonel." Both men stated as they headed for the bridge office. The door chimed once and slid open to let them enter. The two pilots entered, and the door closed.

"Apollo, Boomer, would either of you like a drink?" Adama asked, indicating the carafe that stood on his desk filled with a bright red liquid. When both men turned him down, he gestured towards the sofa. "Have a seat. This is informal"
"So, Father, why did you ask us to come here?" Apollo jumped into the thick of it. "It's something to do with Starbuck, isn't it"
"Yes." Adama answered. "First off, I'm pulling both of you off of flight duty and detailing to his protection"
Boomer's eyes narrowed as he noted the phrasing that the older man used instead of Starbuck's name.
"We were expecting that." Boomer admitted. Apollo nodded. "There's something else though, isn't there"
Apollo looked from his father to his friend, confusion briefly visible in his eyes.
"Yes, there is. Doctor Ias contacted me not that long ago. It turns out that the occupant of Starbuck's Viper is not Starbuck at all." Both pilots jumped up from their spots. "WHAT"
"How? It has to be Starbuck. You saw him yourself." Apollo protested.
"The man might be identical in appearance to Starbuck, but he's not geneticly. From what I was told, Starbuck's twin, for want of a better word, does not even hail from the Colonies." Adama answered, continuing. "Ias also informed me that on every medical level that our guest is alien to us. He did comfirm that the man is human, but not of Colonial stock"
"So what you are telling us Sir, is that through some unknown means to us, we have a member of an unknown tribe with us, and he just happens to look like Starbuck." Boomer stated, begining to pace.
"There's more, isn't there?" Apollo asked, never taking his eyes off Adama.
"Yes. Ias also stated that all indications give our guest's origins as being a member of the lost Thirteenth Tribe, and that he most likely comes from Earth." Adama rose at that point, and went over to the carafe. He poured three glasses and handed one to Apollo and Boomer. Neither pilot declined this time, instead they drank them down quickly.
"So, what are we going to do?" Boomer asked.
"Keep him away from the Quorum for one thing." Apollo stated.
"Yes. Also, our guest is confined to the Galactica for now. For security purposes, we'll let them believe that he is Starbuck. An injured Starbuck at that, who has gaps in his memory and other medical problems that require access to him kept limited." Adama decided.
"I have a suggestion that might also help." Boomer added. "The Celestial Explorer"
Apollo looked at the darker man, a smile forming on his face as he realised what his friend was intending.
"Go on." encouraged Adama. "I would like to hear this"
"The Celestial Explorer is almost ready to enter active duty. She's a small, fast ship. If we need to, we can put a crew together that we can trust completely and sequester our guest on her until it's safe." Boomer revealed his idea.
"We'll have to use it as our fallback plan, if all else fails. The Explorer is too small to indefinantly sustain a crew for extended periods of time." Apollo added. "However, if it becomes necessary, we can always use it to return our visitor home, and scout out Earth in advance"
"Agreed." Adama nodded. "Let's go ahead and decide on a crew now, so when the time comes to use this plan, we can have everything in place. We'll need Tigh's imput on this"
The Colonel was called in, and the four men set to work.

Simultaneously, over in the Life Center...

Lieutenent Templeton Peck slowly woke up. The sounds of various machines softly filled his ears. The noise almost reminded him of the sounds that could be heard in a hospital. However, Face could not recall being injured at all. The last thing he could recall was running into an alley in an effort to escape Decker and his goons before everything went black. He opened his eyes, and started to sit up as he looked around. Alien sights filled Face's eyes. He did not reconise anything about his surroundings. Computers were taking readings that were in a language that the Lieutenent did not comprehend one bit. The sandy blonde then realised that except for the silver blanket that covered him, he had no clothes on. At that moment, movement caught his attention. Face looked towards it, and spotted the blonde woman walking by.
"Hey! Who are you? And can you tell me where I am?" Face called out, in English.
Cassiopeia whirled, coming into the room. She saw that their visitor was awake and saying something to her, but she didn't understand what he was asking.
"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're saying." Cassie shook her head.
Face recoiled, suprise crossing his face briefly. He could understand what the pretty blonde woman was saying to him.
Even more, he realised that he could speak her language.
"I asked who you are, and where I am." The Lieutenent replied.
"I'm Cassiopeia, and you're in the Galactica's Life Center." Cassie responded. "I'll be right back"
Face watched Cassie retreat backwards away from him, before she turned around to go. He gave a brief nod of approval,
since it indicated that she knew he was a possible danger. He kept watch through the door, trying to figure out where he was, and how he came to understand and speak a foreign language.

Cassie backed away from Starbuck's duplicate, before turning around and fleeing.
"Ias! IAS!" She cried out, as she moved through the Life Center.
Ias stepped out of his office. "Yes Cassie"
"He's awake. Our alien guest." Cassie informed him. "And strangely enough, he speaks our language"
Ias looked startled. He then gave himself a slight shake, and sighed.
"Okay. Go back to our guest and remain with him. I'll be along in a moment. I need to contact Commander Adama and let him know. See if you can find out the name of our visitor"
"Alright." Cassie went back to where Face was.

Brilliant blue eyes explored the room that Face found himself in. There were no visible windows, but he had the impression that he was in some kind of a vessel. He wished he had some idea of how he ended up where ever it was. Not that that was a bad thing. At least he had managed to escape Decker and his goons again.
Cassie entered the room, catching Face's attention.
"Hello. My name is Cassiopeia." Cassie introduced herself again. "And you are"
Face remained silent, refusing to answer. Cassie decided to try and draw him out.

Ias, as soon as Cassie left, activated the intercom. Adama answered it.
"Commander, our guest has woken up." Ias informed him.
"Thank you Doctor Ias. We'll be there as quickly as we can." Adama's voice responded.
"We, Commander?" Ias asked.
"Major Apollo and Strike Captain Boomer will be accompanying me." was the reply.
"Oh yes. Of course. See you when you arrive then. Life Center out." Ias cut the intercom off.

Ias was waiting for Adama, Boomer and Apollo when they walked into the Life Center.
"This way Commander, gentlemen." Ias lead them to where their visitor was. "Cassie has been staying with him for the moment. There is a couple of things that will need to be done where our guest is concerned. He needs to come in on a weekly basis for innoculations. This is extremely important, since if he catches anything that is common place to us, he can mutate it into something dangerous. Plus we don't know how his system would handle one of our minor illnesses. The other thing that needs to be done is to keep a log of everything he eats or drinks. There is no telling how his system will react to our food or beverages. The log will help pinpoint problems if he has a reaction to something he consumes. Oh yes,
keep him away from the flight decks"
The group came to a stop outside of the room where Cassie and Face were at. Ias cleared his throat just loud enough to let them know that others had arrived.
"Hello. I'm Doctor Ias. This is Commander Adama, our leader." Ias introduced himself. "And you are"
Face looked over at the four men, taking their measure before answering. Cassie headed for the exit.
"I'll leave this to you." Cassie stated. "He won't talk to me, other than when he first woke up"
The blonde medtech left, leaving the four men to deal with their visitor. Adama stepped further into the room.
"It would make things a whole lot easier if you would tell us your name." Adama informed the Earth born man. "This is my son, Major Apollo. With him is his second, Strike Captain Boomer. And you are"
Army ranks, they're using army ranks was Face's first thoughts. Except for the Commander. He took a deep breath.
"I'm Lieutenent Templeton Peck." Face introduced himself. He used the word that came up in his mind for his rank.
However, his name was said in English, since there was not Colonial equivalent to it. "I'm called Face though"
Apollo and Boomer looked at one another when they heard the unusual nickname. Adama, on the other hand, paid close attention to the fact that Face used a military rank.
"Lieutenent, do you know how you came to be where you are?" Adama asked.
"I don't even know where I am. From what I can tell, I'm in some kind of a vessel." Face answered.
"You are currently on my ship, the Galactica. You were found in the cockpit of one of our Vipers"
Face had a puzzled expression cross his face briefly before it vanished. If the three older men had not been as familar with Starbuck as they had been, they would have completely missed the change of expression. "Never heard of a Viper. The last thing I remember I was running through an alley, trying to avoid being captured.
Obviously, that didn't work since here I am." Face finally stated. "Did Decker put you up to this"
Apollo stepped forward. "Who"
"Colonel Roderick Decker." Face watched their expressions. He noticed only confusion on them. "Well, I can see not.
So, what country do you call home"
"Lieutenent, where are you from?" Adama asked, ignoring Face's last question.
"Los Angeles, California." was the answer given.
"Where is the California located?" Boomer struggled over saying California.
"Where are you from, outer space?" Face joked, not realising. "California is part of the United States of America"
Ias held a hand over his mouth, trying to keep from chuckling out loud. Boomer sighed in frustration, while Apollo rubbed his head. The darker pilot leaned closed to the Major.
"He's as good at Starbucking people as Starbuck was." was what Boomer whispered in Apollo's ear. Apollo nodded in agreement.
"Let's just say that we are indeed from outer space, Lieutenent." Adama continued. "What planet are you from"
"That's an odd question. I'm from Earth of course, just like you are." Face decided to play along. He watched the expressions, as the four men's faces revealed shock, victory, amazement and astonishment. "You are from Earth, are you not"
Adama shook his head. "No we are not. Boomer, Apollo and myself all come from a planet called Caprica. Ias is from Piscon"
Face started looking around. "Okay Murdock, Hannibal. Enough with the joke. You finally pulled one over my eyes"
The English words made no sense at all to the four Colonials. Ias left the room for a moment, returning with the clothes that Face had arrived in. The Earth born human realised that no one was understanding what he was saying.
"This is a joke right?" Face asked.
Apollo shook his head no.
"It's not a joke." Boomer answered. "We can prove it to you"
"Lieutenent Face, you are a guest while you are on the Galactica. Apollo and Boomer have been assigned to guide you through our society. They will also protect you from our people if needed." Adama stated, trying to explain things.
"Why would I need someone to protect me?" Face asked. He decided to play along. "It's not like I haven't seen combat.
I've seen plenty of it"
"Here are your clothes, Lieutenent." Ias handed them to Face. "Once you are dressed, you are free to leave the Life Center. I do ask that you return here once a week while you are with us, so that we can innoculate you further. Also, please keep a record of everything you eat or drink"
"We'll wait for you outside, so you can dress in private." Adama stated, before departing the room. Apollo and Boomer followed on his heels. Ias gave Face a hard look before departing himself.
As soon as the room was cleared, Face stood up and quickly dressed himself.

Out in the main part of the Life Center, the three Warriors were having a small discussion.
"We'll take him to the Celestial Dome. That will prove to him what we're saying is true." Apollo pointed out.
"Good idea. Also, I want you to discover what his combat skills are. We need to discover if his people will be able to assist us against the Cylons. I know we haven't seen them in a while, but they're still out there." Adama ordered. "I have another idea. Tonight is our usual family dinner. Apollo, bring Face with you. We can fill him in on more of our culture over a meal. Boomer, you and Dietra are invited to come as well"
"Thank you Sir. I'll inform her and we'll be there." Boomer replied.
Face exited the room at that moment. His manner of dress was completely alien to the Colonials. The staff of the Life Center, along with those who were there for medical treatment noticed the foreign blonde man.
"Apollo, see about getting Face some civillian clothing to help him blend in better." Adama decided on the spot. "He stands out too much in his current clothing. And we don't want it becoming public knowledge just yet that he is from Earth." The Major nodded in agreement, as Adama turned to Face. "Lieutenent, you are invited to dine with my family and I this evening. You can ask me all sorts of questions about what you'll encounter between now and this evening"
"Thank you Commander. I accept." Face agreed. Not that he figured he had much of a choice. Murdock and Hannibal had really gone all out on the elaborite ruse that they were pulling on him. He turned towards the two younger Colonials. "So,
shall we go to what ever it is that you have planned for me"
Boomer and Apollo looked at each other, and smiled.
"Follow us." Boomer stated. The two pilots flanked Face, and they departed the Life Center together.

Back on Earth...

Maggie, Starbuck, and the three remaining members of the A-Team had finished eating dinner and were now relaxing around the table. The three men were amazed at how much food that the blonde had eaten, and at the speed at which he all but inhaled it.
"Geeze Facey, one would think that you hadn't eaten in days." Murdock teased.
"Or else he has been eating stuff almost as bad as the little bit of food that we were given back in the camps, excluding Lin's bread." BA added.
"Well, I don't blame Face one bit for eating as much as he did. How often do you all get to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal?" Maggie defended Starbuck.
"We don't get to that much. So you do have a point Maggie." Hannibal agreed. "Everything was excellent"
Starbuck sighed, a slight smile on his face as he listened to the banter. He wished that Apollo and Boomer were with him and able to enjoy the wonderful food. While quality of the food in the Fleet had eventually improved over time in both quality and in amount, he could recall all too well the strict rationing and the barely edible meals.
"Yes it was good." Starbuck agreed. He sat in his spot, drowsing.
Hannibal stood up at that point. "Come on Murdock. You and I have dish detail"
"But why Colonel?" Murdock rose from his seat, protesting. "The Mudsucker helped make the mess"
"I also scrubbed Maggie's grill before hand, and cleaned it off when the food was done grilling." BA growled.
"And since Maggie was gracious enough to take care of Face and invite us to stay for dinner it falls to us, Captain"
The Colonel pointed out. "And don't even bring Face's name into it. He needs to stay off that leg"
Starbuck opened an eye, listening with amusement. He liked these men a lot. He even liked Maggie. The Colonial wondered if it ever got to the point where the members of the A-Team could no longer live within their society, even as fugitives, if they would be willing to join the Colonials and the Fleet.
"Come on Face, let's get you back to the front room where you can relax in the recliner." Maggie suggested, breaking Starbuck out of his reverie. She handed him his crutches. "You'll be more comfortable that way"
"Good idea." Starbuck accepted the crutches, and used them to help stand up.
"Don't go back to sleep Lieutenent." Hannibal ordered. "We're going to have to head out once we have things situated.
It's too dangerous to remain here any longer"
Starbuck started to nod, but thought better of it. "Alright Colonel." The blonde carefully followed Maggie out of the dining area.
Once Starbuck was ensconced back in the recliner, Maggie went over the medications she prescribed with him. BA soon joined them, toting the supplies that Murdock had picked up earlier. He sat on the floor near Starbuck and began to empty the bags. Once they were finished with the dishes, Hannibal and Murdock joined the others. The Colonel pulled up a chair,
while the Earth born pilot took a seat on the floor as well. Maggie withdrew, moving back away from the four men as they worked.
The three members of the A-Team bantered with one another as they worked. Starbuck watched it all, fascinated. He added his own comments occasionally to the mix. The mess that had formed around them eventually evolved into neatly packed gear that was ready to be loaded up. Murdock and BA then climbed to their feet, and began to haul the stuff out and load it into the van. Hannibal handed Starbuck his crutches, and extended a hand out to the other man. Starbuck accepted and allowed the Colonel to help him to his feet.
"It's time for us to head out Maggie. We'll see you in a couple of weeks." Hannibal informed her, going over to her.
"It was good to see you all again. Face, remember what I told you." Maggie reminded the younger man.
"I will. Thanks Maggie." Starbuck replied, as he headed for the door. Murdock was just getting ready to open the door when the Colonial pilot was. "Come on Face. I'll help you down the ramp if you need it." Murdock offered, knowing that Hannibal and Maggie would want a moment alone.
Once the two younger men had departed from the house, Hannibal went over to where Maggie stood. He placed his arms around her, and pulled her against him in an embrace.
"Thank you Maggie." The Colonel told her, before kissing her.
"You're welcome." was her reply, once he let Maggie come up for air. "Don't wait until one of you are injured before coming for a visit"
"We'll try to do better. We don't want Decker and the Army to know about you. It's better to stay away"
"I know. And I understand. It doesn't stop me from missing you though." "I have to go. See you in a couple of weeks." Hannibal opened the door and walked out through it. Maggie followed him out.
"I know that too. Take care of yourself." Maggie instructed him. She then raised her voice for the others to hear.
"That goes to all of you. Bye"
"Bye Maggie!" The guys in the van called out together. Starbuck waved from his seat next to the van's sliding door.
Hannibal pulled it closed before climbing into his usual spot riding shotgun. With one last wave from him, the van then vanished into the night.
Doctor Sullivan stood on her porch, watching them until the van was completely out of sight.