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I didn't mean for this to happen.

I didn't mean to lick him. He just smelt so good.

The next step in the game was for me to beg. My paws up in the air and there was to be more whining. But after I pressed my nose against his stomach something came over me. He has a nice smell and I wanted to smell more of him. His scent got stronger as I went up is body. I took a good whiff of his cheek, then down to his neck. I breathed the scent in deeply. Like a drug it made my head spin. I nudged his nose, to tease him I guess or maybe to make him relax. I'm not sure, but I did it.

I need to taste the scent was my next thought. Before I knew it I had licked his cheek, luckily I didn't go straight for his neck. I worked my way down giving his jaw quick licks.

I needed to stop myself from going to far. For some reason, at the time, I thought sticking my nose in his ear would stop me. And in the end I guess it did.

Maybe he feels the same way about me. Maybe he's deeply in love with me. Maybe we'll confess our deep desire for each other, get married, have 2.4 children, and live happily ever after.

I came back to my current situation, "Yay, Moony! You WIN!" James congratulated. "How'd you do it?"

I blushed at the image that had popped into my head . . . again. Who would have that I, Sirius Black, would be brought down by my loves erection?

"Moony is just very persuasive," I answered.

After that everything went back to the way it was before the game was played. Okay it didn't exactly go back to normal, not for me and Remus at least. He was staring at one spot in his book, eyes unfocused, and breathing deeply. I, on the other hand, was marveling at how cute he was when he breathed like that and with the light blush on his cheeks.

I was laying at the end of his bed in dog form, watching him, when my Remmy put his book down and stood up. His breathing was normal and his cheeks were no longer flushed, all and all he was back to normal.

"Ready to go?" The werewolf asked, as he smoothed his pants with his hands.

I jumped off his bed and mid-jump I transformed into myself, landing on my feet. I'm pretty sure I heard James mutter "show off" before I said, "Yeah, I'm good to go."

It was still before curfew, so we were free to walk where ever. We walked in silence. Moony was watching his feet, he didn't even look up when Evens said hello as we walked by. I smiled and he muttered a quick hey.

This whole "awkward silence" thing isn't working out for me, we need to talk about what happened. He's too shy to start the conversation, so I guess it's up to me. Luckily I'll have him alone, to myself, when we get to the Shack. We'll talk then.

Wow we're at the Willow all ready, when did we even leave the castle? Oh, well! Remus pushed the knot on the trees root, and the willow stopped it's wild thrashing.

How am I going to start THE conversation? . . . So, Remus, about your erection earlier. . . No that sucks. Were you horny for me or was that just a REALLY good book you were reading . . . There's only one thing wrong with that opening sentence . . . . I had had my head in his lap after he had set the book down and there was no warm bulge then. So I'm the one that made him hot.

We're in the Shack now and walking up some stairs. My werewolf turns right and heads into the room. I follow him into a bedroom that looks like a twister hit it. The window is boarded up and there are missing floor boards, maybe there's a connection? Doubtful, but I don't want to think about the task at hand.

I take a deep breath and sit next to Remus on the king size bed. The bedspread at one time must have been silk, but now years of wear and tier have left it frayed and a faded green.

How was I going to start this conversation again? Oh, yeah, I hadn't come up with anything yet. Damn it!

"Um, about earlier Remus . . ." I felt him tense next to me, "I didn't mean to get you so . . . um . . . worked up." I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, "but you did look beautiful with your cheeks so flushed." THERE I SAID IT!

"What do you mean by that?" I heard him ask, in a slightly nervous but hopeful tone. I opened my eyes and looked over to him. Damn, he's beautiful, sitting there on the green silk, looking confused, blushing, and excited at the same time. I need him!

"I mean something around the lines of this . . ." I said softly. I cupped my hand around his soft cheek. Watching his golden/amber eyes as I moved closer, licking my lips in anticipation. I moved my eyes down to his lips and watched them part, wanting what was coming.

Then it happened, our eyes closed and our lips met. I felt fire works explode everywhere I was touching him and also in my groin. As quickly as I had started it, I ended the soft encounter. Slowly I pulled away, licking my lips and tasting Remus there.

I looked him in the eyes waiting for a reaction. And, damn, did I get one.

Remus, my Remmy, master of all things gentle and kind, (Except for during a full moon.) pushed me back onto the bed. Lying on top of me and pinning my arms above my head. Then he proceeded to kiss me full on the lips. I eagerly kissed back wanting more. The kiss broke into another and I took the opportunity to lick at his lower lip. Remus parted his lips, so I slipped my tongue past his lips and then licked at the roof of his mouth. He moaned in pleasure as I hit a sensitive spot.

Our tongues danced as he moved his hands form my arms, down my chest and up again.

Moony sat up, placing his knees on either side of my hips, after he broke the kiss. "I need you to tell me what this is. I'm I one of your one night stands or will you break this off in a week or two?" He asked with worry on his face. I propped myself up on my elbows to get a better look at his face. From the look on his face I could tell he actually believed I would treat him like that. Like I would use him and then throw him a side when I was finished, I thought.

"I would never treat you like trash Remmy, you're my best friend and I'm in LOVE with you!" I snapped at him, not believing my ears.

"You said you loved all those girls: Sarah, Mayi, Rhea, Catty, Natasha, Selena . . . . . but you got rid of them with in a week. Then you got rid of Angi, Patria, Kaley, Shelina and Maria once you left the closet." He snapped back at me.

"I went out with all of them to keep my mind off what I couldn't have. YOU!" I blushed and looked away. I couldn't believe I was actually telling him this, but I NEED him to trust me. "Also I couldn't believe that I was gay so I snogged one girl but I wasn't attracted to her. I thought that if I could just find one girl I liked and was attracted to . . . I wouldn't be gay." I sighed. It was like a weight that had been crushing me was finally lifted from my chest.

"Did you ever find some one?" The boy straddling my lap asked. Worry slipped into his voice.

"Only you!" I smiled at him. "I want I full relationship with you. Unless you don't want to?" I asked.

"Of course I do." He said pushing me back to the bed in a lip bruising kiss. I was quickly back in his mouth. Damn does he taste good, like the chocolate he always eats. Only creamier, with a hint of cinnimon.

I have my hands wandering his back as he's kissing my jaw. I moan out his name when his lips open mouthed kisses down my neck.

My love starts nudging his nose into my neck, and sniffing. He then thrusts his hips down on mine and grinds our hot erections together. I throw back my head in pleasure, groaning as Remus continued to rub his clothed manhood against mine.

Remus kissed my neck once then bit my skin. . . HARD. I could barley feel the pain through all the pleasure he was causing me.

"Remus . . . Ouch!" Was what I moaned out. I tried to get him off my neck, but all he did was growl and push harder against my hips. I eagerly pushed back.

That's when it hit me, what time of month it was and why we were there in the first place. My dear Remus was fastened tightly to my neck. I was afraid he might be drawing blood, would I be a werewolf then?

I couldn't shake him off me, so I did the only thing I could think of. I transformed into Padfoot. This way I might not become a werewolf.

Moony bit harder, the pain I feared, never came. But instead an immence pleasure corsed through my veins. And I knew, I don't know how I knew, he would love me forever; only me, no one else. In that moment I promised myself to him and no other.

He suddenly let go and rolled away from me, screaming in agony. It sounded as if someone had put the torture curse on him. I would know what that sounds like because of the way my family is.

I scrambled off the bed, and backed away slowly. I whimpered in the far corner of the room, pain ripped through my heart at the sound that came from my love throat.

I hid in my dark haven waiting for Remus' transformation, more like hell, to be over. I couldn't even watch. I had my ears flattened to my head, but I still heard the sound of breaking bones and the howls that the screams of agony had turned into.

There was on final howl and then silence. I whimpered, afraid at what I might find and also at the pain of my neglected erection.

I took a hesitant step forward wanting to know if my lovely was alright now, and out of curiosity as well.

In a blur, a large body of fur, a little bigger then myself, jumped off the bed and landed right in front of me. The wolf was growling at me, a fierce look in those amber eyes, and lips curled away from the teeth.

'This is my territory, your not allowed here,' The wolf growled at me.

I stood my ground, standing as tall as I could to show strength. 'Your other half, the human half, invited me here,' I barked smoothly.

The bristled fur on the wolves back settled. Moony's gnarled face smoothed into a look of understanding. 'You're the one,' amber eyes cooed more than barked.

I gave the wolf a confused look hoping more would be explained.

Instead wolfy stepped back into the brighter beams of the moon light. I felt like I couldn't breathe. The sight literally took my breath away. Moony's amber eyes glowed brightly in the creamy light, along with brown fur that shimmered silver when swaying. And a long tail that twitched while it waged.

I walked forward, knowing what needs to be done. I needed to say the proper hello! So I walked to her hind end. The wolf had already lifted it's tail for me, and I got a good look at the pink anus, and got turned on.

I took a good long sniff. Something about the scent was off, according to my dog side. The scent was saying that the animal in front of my was a female.

Remus, the human side, is undoubtedly male; I've felt that one for myself. So I lowered my head to make sure this side of Moony was in fact a girl.

Yep, she's a female alright. Damn, she has a nice underside, were my thoughts as I raised my head and waited for her to check me out. I wondered if Remus knew he was part girl as Moony headed for my ass. A nip at my tail brought me back to my current situation. I lifted my tail and could feel her suck in air as she sniffed my scent.

Apparently, she likes how I smell because I jumped when she put her moist nose on my warm anus. A whine escaped my throat at the sudden contact and the rush of pleasure to my pulsing cock, causing me to shiver in delight.

She took her nose away and walked over to stand in front of me. I got caught up in her eyes, gazing into a world of endless love. Both emotional and physical love. I was getting very horny just staring into her eyes. It was like I was in a trance.

Slowly she lowered herself to the floor and rolled onto her belly. I was enchanted by her eyes and how her fur was splashed around her, creating a glowing halo around her.

Driven by my desire to romp around with the goddess that was offering herself to me, I stepped over her and licked her muzzle. Thus the start to a long night of howling pleasure.


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