Temporarily Untitled

Camryn reached for the doorbell when, all of a sudden, Mrs. Parker-Nichols flung the front door open, "Hi, Camryn! Come on in!"

"Hi, Mrs. Parker, is Drake up, yet?" Camryn asked, politely with a cheery enthusiasm.

"Well no, but you're welcome to go up and wake him. I'm taking Megan to the mall and Mr. Nichols is gone all day so it's just you and him until Josh comes back…keep that in mind…Josh is coming back…" Mrs. Parker smiled, with a slight laugh.

"I have the perfect way to get him up." Camryn laughed. "Don't tell Megan this but if you plug in his guitar, crank up the volume, and then strum down hard over all the strings…works really well!"

Mrs. Parker grinned, "I'll try that…but when you go upstairs can you send Megan down for me, thanks, bye!"

"Sure…" Camryn said, walking towards the stairs. She walked down the hall past Audrey and Walter's bedroom into Megan's room but noticed something weird in the bathroom… Drake was lying on the bathroom floor!

"Drake! Are you okay!" Camryn exclaimed, rushing to the teenage boy's side.

Drake was lying on the bathroom floor, blood trickling down his seemingly-tired face.

"What happened!" Camryn screamed, in a very worried tone of voice.

"I don't know! I was coming in to take a shower and something fell on my head!" Drake explained, in a confused tone.

"MEGAN! Get in here!" Camryn yelled, furiously.

Megan came running into the bathroom. "What happened to you?" she smirked, knowingly.

"You hurt Drake, that's what. You could've seriously hurt him, Megan!" Camryn exclaimed.


"Not cool! Help me get him back to his room."


"Megan! Be nice to her!" Drake demanded, attempting to sit up by himself, but failing.

"Its fine, Drake." Camryn said, quietly.

"Cam, no it's not! She has no right to talk to you like that! Megan, apologize!" Drake exclaimed.

"Uh…no! I'm going to the mall with mom." Megan refused. "Later, boob!" she stormed down the stairs, out the front door and into the car.

"Sorry, Cam. I don't know what's gotten into her, she's been playing extremely cruel pranks and she's had a serious attitude…" explained Drake.

Camryn helped Drake up to the platform holding up his bed, "Do you want something to wipe off your face?"

"If you don't mind…" Drake smiled.

"Of course not!" Camryn said. "Just relax, I'll be right back."

Camryn walked slowly back to the bathroom. Her cell phone started ringing; she shoved her hand in her pocket and put it to her our, "Hello?" It was her older brother, Chris.